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Sienna Hops in a Cab

Sienna Hops in a Cab

Sienna Miller leaves her house in London to get a cab to Paddington Railway Station.

The 25-year-old actress has denied the rumor that she is dating Welsh actor Rhys Ifans. Sienna Miller has been linked with numerous love interests, including Diddy. She claims that the living arrangement with Rhys Ifans is innocent and that he is sleeping on her sofa.

Sienna recently modeled for Pepe Jeans.

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Dennis Gundlach,
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  • Dirty Cougar

    Sienna! What can I say. She looks fabulous! I like her personality. I like Sienna! My husband likes her pooper!

  • Lillianne

    What a cute little dress.

  • Frances

    Yes, I think it’s entirely possible for a man and a woman to have a platonic relationship. I have guy friends and girl friends who are roommates! Go, Sienna! Cute dress!

  • a realist

    What a hard looking woman.

  • Maxim

    Very pretty lady. Should have left the bags at home tho.

  • J.R.

    oh my! sienna actually looks good!

  • Courtney

    I dont get all the hype on that woman. But I do really want to see her movie Factory Girl!!

    (please check out my site, in case you care I have new pics of brad, angie, and the kids, click my name)


  • Michael

    Sienna looks great here! She’s so edgy when it comes to fashion. I recently got a copy of Vogue’s September issue and Sienna was on the front cover. I look through the photos and I got to admit, Sienna is definitely the hottest IT girl right now. She’s look so edgy in the photos. I heard somebody here say that Anna Wintour worship Sienna and I think so too. Vogue love Sienna. They always put photos of Sienna in the magazine.

    I saw Factory Girl. Sienna definitely can act. I want to see her new movie Stardust and Interview. I heard they’re both really good.

  • angie

    Ummm…let me check…nope, just not feeling it!!!!

    This girl needs to get some rest! I know she’s not that old!

  • Yily

    Is it me or is it ever since Sienna started wearing those red Ray-Ban wayfarer frame sunglasses does all of Hollywood copycat started wearing them? Interesting….Sienna is such a trendsetter. I think if she wear something really hideous, it’ll still catch on.

  • depeche

    Why share this b*** a home with MY RHYS IFANS?????????????

  • - -

    i live next door to her london apartment, and she is really down to earth

  • jane

    she may always look stylish and the only reason is because so many designers send clothes to her, and she doesnt even buy them, she just wears them, and they really want her to. she’s really lucky.


    She is the most beautiful,faboulous and talanted actress ever :)

  • RickHatesSienna

    Sienna’s a fame whore who rode the waves of jude law. enough said. i’m sick of this bitchy cunt!! i’ve done research on her last 5 movies. all of sucked at the box office. nadia, you’re a lebso and the rest are all paid employees of sienna to come here and build her up, cause she can’t do it on her own. hate , hate, hate this girl and everything she’s done. sienna you’re a nasty slag.

  • FameWhore

    Sienna go back to being a bag lady on the streets cause that’s about what you look like with that greay hair due and ugly ass shoes. Hoe bag!!

  • Sluyttinenna

    miller’s a dyke trying to be straight. can’t wait for her to come out of the closet.

  • Lily

    all females who like sienna are dykes and men are just horny. nothing special about this slag. the end.

  • Sarah

    Wow everyone is so horrible to Sienna, why don’t you all just go jerk off to Sluttelina Jolie.



  • Pole

    She’s pretty but I don’t like her. I think there are many other actresses out there who are far more talented than her so she’s mostly famous because of the men she’s been with and her style is harly unique – she’s very good at copying Kate Moss.I hope her 15 minutes are over soon.

  • depeche

    Pole has the point!

  • patricia night

    I agree with #21!

  • Just One Word


  • Nadia

    ewwww sienna

  • Shauna

    Oh course men, and women can just be friends! Rhys, and Sienna have been friends for a long time. If he is camping out at Sienna’s then it looks like Rhys is having marital problems which is too bad. I think Sienna has started several fashion trends. I see young Hollywood imitating her a lot more than I have seen them imitating Kate Moss. Really. I hope she finds a decent man in her life. She has certainly been through a lot in the past few years!

  • Yily

    i agree with shauna. i don’t see anybody copying kate moss’ style. but sienna on the other hand, most of young hollywood it girls are copying her fashion sense left to right. kate and sienna have totally different style. they’re not the same.

  • snoopy

    uh sienna copied kate moss style completely duh!

  • diddy’sslut

    People are not copying sienna, remember most hollywood starlets have stylists. so the stylists are copying sienna and putting their clients in seinna type garb. most the these girls probably don’t even know who sienna is. sienna need to go and hide in her big gay closet.

  • Sluttyienna

    perezhilton calls her sluttyienna, i think he’s funny! lol

  • Agreed with #29

    well said, diddy’sslut. Hollywood girls don’t usually dress themselves for events, so their stylists for some god awful reason choose to dress their clients in siennas style. sooner or later she’ll become a dried up old hag and the world will be a better place.

    ps. this is a message board. all messages do not have to be happy happy joy joy. i speak my mind and “f” off to those who don’t like it.:)

  • Yily

    Jenna Jameson, queen of pornstar, want Sienna Miller to play her in a bio pic movie. Interesting choice! I didn’t know Jenna Jameson was a fan of Sienna Miller.

  • Susan

    That Sienna, always has the most amazing handbags- does anyone know what brand she is carrying?

  • Yily

    Probably, Balenciaga.