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Brad & Angelina High Tail it to the Hamptons

Brad & Angelina High Tail it to the Hamptons

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie high tail it out of New York City and catch a helicopter ride to a charity dinner in the Hamptons on Saturday afternoon.

The wind created by the helicopter blades blew up the back of Angelina‘s blouse, revealing her lower back tattoo. She toted around her fave handbag of late — the Valentino braided leather shoulder bag.

As reported earlier this week, the Hamptons dinner is to raise funds for Brad‘s work in helping rebuild New Orleans.

Earlier in the day, Angelina took the kids to Central Park.

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brad angelina hamptons dinner 01
brad angelina hamptons dinner 02
brad angelina hamptons dinner 03
brad angelina hamptons dinner 04

Photos:, Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splash News Online
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  • LLM

    199 bdj : 08/26/2007 at 9:28 am
    I also wish JJ has the “Ignore” button on this site, lets them talk to themselves because we won’t see what they write.

  • bet

    Ewe her back look terible. No weast and ass at all.

  • Naomi

    oh please stop the brangelina threads. it’s not like they do anything exciting. far from!

  • tondogirl


    Angie’s waist and ass look better than your face and chinnifer’s combine…get a grip horse-faced !!! Your face needs complete overhaul.. just like The Long CHIN anuston..

  • Adreani

    Angie always look so fabulous! Brad you lucky guy.

  • Naomi

    she’s still a skeletor an she doesn’t look as good as she used 2. that’s a fact. get over yourself an see tha truth! her body is bones bones bones!

  • diana

    I been waiting for this pictures!!!!! They look hot!!!! I love Brad and Angie!!!

  • KK1

    201 LLM : 08/26/2007 at 9:37 am

    I also wish there was an ignore button on this site.

  • the whole truth

    JJ, we need an ignore button or something like it.

  • tondogirl

    hey nobody asked you to come to Brad and Angelina’s thread.. you can skip the jolie-Pitts thread at anytime.. GO BRAD and ANGELINA… The most gorgeous couple ever..Haters/Trolls/Paid Chinny’s Trolls, do yourselves a favour, eat dust..and be gone forever uglies!!!

  • lmao @ loser

    lmao at naomi saying how much she hates the threads of the jolie-pitts but while posting on both of them over and over.

  • tondogirl

    #206 Naomi

    give it up horsey…Angelina was born to be skinny..she’s going to be skinny no matter what she eat or does everyday..and even if you want to share your body fats with Angelina, it will never work. You wanana know why??? beacause your body fats contain toxic and smelly ooze like dead rat..get it horsey face??? Go tell Chinny Chin Chin to chop her saggy CHIN.. and i bet you are as ugly as Chinnifer..that’s why you’re hating on Angie because Angie is natural born pretty while you were born ugly and retarded..

  • truth


    So cute. Thanks for posting LLM.

  • tondogirl

    wow mommy and daddy JP are simply beautiful..I wish them all the best in life together with their little angels.

  • positive

    Let’s keep the thread positive, the Jolie-Pitts are doing the Americans proud.

  • Naomi

    1.eumh, my body is more in shape than yours ever will be.
    2. i try 2 post on every item if i wanna. i post on zac, britney, katie price. i give my opinion. ‘sorry’ that i don’t agree with the angelina

  • me

    Its obvious that Brad got “into” charity as a way to counteract his image as an adulterer. It worked for Angie. Of course, she wasn’t the adulterer she just couldn’t keep her hands off what wasn’t hers.

    by the way that is an ugly tatoo. Is it a form of self=hate for someone to mark themselves up with ink?

  • carmen

    Lovely family and she got nice back. Brad is always handsome..

  • tondogirl

    happy sunday to all..specially to all my fellow Jolie-Pitts fans..I hope they collect a lot of money from the fundraising event for te victims of Katrina..GOD Bless Brad and Angelina and everyone who donate for NOLA.

  • tondogirl

    #216 Naomi,
    yeah your body is full of greasy oink oink…piggy…horsey

  • Orchid

    203 Naomi : 08/26/2007 at 10:02 am
    Go to another thread that excites you.

  • Marta

    sorry to say (i really think Angie is gorgeous) but she looks like skeletor

  • lookwhaticando

    Thanks for the two new threads, I will never catch up, Just poped in before I go to the mall. Will be back even if I will be far behind

  • Sisi

    WOW she looks panifully thin,its scary to look at her legs-hips.etc,those poor trousers are hanging off her.So unattractive.And i dont care what people around here say,i am not a hater,i always liked Angie but she doe snot look healthy.

  • senior

    The attraction to Jacqueline Kennedy is generational. Many of the people who were in their 20′s, 30′s, and 40′s,on (11/22/63) were truly moved with the grace and dignity with which she handled her husband’s assasination, swearing in of the new president and planned and executed his funeral at a time when the entire nation was in shock. Only the people who were teenagers and in their 20′s remember now and the older ones are probably not posting or have move on to glory. Jackie was 32 when her husband, the president of the US brains were shot and landed in her lap. She was a lot more than just a list of her sins to people of that era. America has been trivialised, leaders are a joke now. Jackie however, showed true grit and faced the ultimate test as a public figure. It has not happened since, thank God. Hopefully no other first lady will have to face that. So that is the attraction of Jackie O for many of my generation. Also, to her death she never discussed her personal life or wrote a tell all book. In addition she was probably the first person to be stalked by a paparazzi. Her dignity and grace that tragic weekend in November is what her real attraction was.

  • whatever

    224 Sisi

    Oh please look at the pictures and video from that morning with the kids. She is not painfully thin. She certainly is beautiful in the pictures. You may not call yourself a hater but your comments are stupid

  • SISI

    That ´s my name and everyone knows i´m a fan .


    love the family !!!

  • the_original_nika

    oh what a fashionista she is :). Im surprised that she hasn´t released a clothing line already, maybe she doesn´t want to.
    Probably this has been asked (sorry), but, whats her back tattoo?

  • tondogirl

    #222 Marta,
    Thank you for feeling sorry about your stinking hideous skeleton ranting about Angelina…and in my world, it takes one to know obviously you are talking about yourself…because i’ll tell you one thing,i can smell your skeletal remains right where i’m sitting right now…word of advice for you Muerta Marta, go and smell Chinny’s stinking aging crotch. I bet you weigh 200 pounds and still gaining right??? and you’re jealous of skinny women like go figure!!! you got a problem..

  • senior

    Angelina is fabulous in any color, they both look wonderful. God bless both of them and their family.

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    u know if u all r so concern about angie weight..then pray for her..of course the haters like the fact that she’s thin gives them more reason to insult her calling her names..thats just petty..skeleton, bones, wheres her butt,maddox weighs more thean her..ENOUGH what is all this going to solve..oh yeah, make u haters feel better..u ppl must be really sad

  • tondogirl

    #217 me,


  • Pittstop

    100 well…. : 08/26/2007 at 2:15 am
    94 hkn

    There are no pictures of them after the helicopter ride (as of yet). But I’m glad you can see the future.

  • Chan


  • Hottest Couple Ever

    I can’t seem to keep up anymore. Angie looks good in any color.

  • tondogirl

    Angelina can wear any colour and she will always look stunning in any of them..why?? because she is the true goddess of beauty..Haters are simply jealous of her for God gave her so many gifts…number one is her beauty..secondly is her good kind heart…third is her brain…and many more…she is so normal and down to earth..there is no divaness in her..she’s a loving person..BRAD must be proud and very lucky to have her in his life..and don’t forget, SHE is a very good and loving mom to their children..and she obviously loves Brad to the max.

  • :)

    She put on weight? Kiss my a.s, where is it? Uuppss I got it, her eye lashes look bit fatter…..

    She is skinny and her body looks yeaakkk. But her face is still beautiful.

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    236 tondogirl….very well said.

  • sharon

    236 tondogirl : 08/26/2007 at 12:09 pm
    Angelina can wear any colour and she will always look stunning in any of them..why?? because she is the true goddess of beauty..Haters are simply jealous of her for God gave her so many gifts…number one is her beauty..secondly is her good kind heart…third is her brain…and many more…she is so normal and down to earth..there is no divaness in her..she’s a loving person..BRAD must be proud and very lucky to have her in his life..and don’t forget, SHE is a very good and loving mom to their children..and she obviously loves Brad to the max.

  • Euthule

    I guess some of the people who visit in this site are just here to
    critcize and stir up negative statement about Brad/Angie and their children. It does not mean that we who love them should start name calling or bashing them either. You see Brad and Angie already set an example to us to ignore this haters and go on. We need to be positive and keep this site friendly and talked about the couples accomplishment. Haters will always have some negative and hurtful things to see about this couple because they refure to see how happy, responsible and matured Brad and Angie. You see Brad and Angie are far beyond Hollywood stars; they are activist, philantropiest and couple who have goals in life which maybe the haters don’t have.
    Will I want to say is thank you JJ for this site and thank for updating us as to what is going on with our lovely couple(Brad and Angie and their kids) For Brad and Angie just want to say to them that we love you and so proud of your accomplisment and what your doing.

  • Ellen


  • captd

    Amy 241 You have seen all the recent pictures of Angelina. She looks great. She is strong and healthy. Don’t you have anything better to do?If you don’t like Angie, don’t visit her threads. If you are just concerned about her, don’t be. She has Brad to take care of her.

  • Ellen


  • to 1686

    Euthule—ITAWU, I don’t think we have ever met just wanted to say hello :-) One of cuyber-friends LOVE ANGELINA made this video, it is so approriate for the JP’s.
    They ignore their critics, the lies written about them and the people who seem to hate them for no apparent reason. If they can do it as their fans we should as well..

  • Ellen

    #241 – What are you talking about ?
    NOTHING TO STEAL ! It was a loveless, and unhappy UNION ?

  • Ellen


    Good posts !

    Are you still here ? Glad to hear from you.

    Be safe and take care !

  • :)

    It’s said that white color makes you look fatter than you happen but this doesn’t include Angelina and she is extremely skinny even in white.

    Brad loves her and they seem very happy together, she seems to be a good mom to all of her kids. She has the most beautiful face in this planet and she has been always slim BUT all these don’t change the fact that she needs to put on weight.

    Did you see the Jennifer’s body on surf in the sea in Hawaii? Jen’s face is not beautiful at all; she is almost ugly but her body looks much better than Angelina’s recently. Very sorry to say that.

    I love tha way she looked in Lara movies. Her beauty was completed with a great body. On the other hand, Brad loves skinny women :)

  • fyi

    I just finished watching the episode with Dave Chappelle on it for the third time….and each time I learn something new…mostly because Dave was soo honest and open….really spoke from his heart…loved it!! Dave is also a really intelligent, passionate person. And James Lipton, this show would not work if it weren’t for him! James Lipton is excellent, superb, an interviewer’s interviewer kinda like Larry King and Charlie Rose but in his own genre..

    something poignant was said that America needs to have discourse…ages, races, genders, class…that we aren’t honest with ourselves and I believe that this is soo true…one of the main reasons why reality shows, blogs, celebrity tv work is because deep down people have a need a to communicate with each other but in this country there exists soo many barriers and invisible boundaries which cause this to be a huge challenge….more tv shows which educate and teach in an entertaining way….i applaud bravo for being brave enough to jump out of the box this is why I feel that channels like HBO, USA, Showtime have become more integral ..i almost never watch regular channels too cloned, atypical, predictable, same thing re-hashed, no life nor newness

    I really liked the last thing that Dave said as a response to a student’s question…truth is truth and everything else falls by the wayside

  • buggey

    I’d like some of BRAD’S JUICE so I could be skinny too. Angelina is “THE BADDEST BITCH” OUT THERE!

  • guli

    Hello BAMPZ Fans!!!! How is everyone doing? Happy Sunday to you all :-)

    The big debate at JJB was Angie’s new tattoo and what it meant. Well they solved the mystery I think. Here is Angie’s tattoo.

    This is roman numerals for..

    XIII = 13
    V = 5
    MCMXL = 1940

    Credit goes to Oldie07 and driesvnoten

    And they think it’s significance is from Churchill’s speech on that day:

    First Speech as Prime Minister
    May 13, 1940
    to House of Commons

    On May 10, 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. When he met his Cabinet on May 13 he told them that “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”