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Jessica Alba has the Sexiest Wiggle

Jessica Alba has the Sexiest Wiggle

Jessica Alba takes a walk around the Venice Canals in Venice with her parents.

The Fantastic Four actress and sex symbol was apparently looking at houses in the upscale beachside community.

According to British mathematicians, Jessica Alba has the sexiest wiggle. The mathematicians have concluded that a waist circumference that is 70% of the hip circumference is the most attractive and that Jessica Alba has exactly that ratio. Apparently this ratio provides the body with a more bouncy walking motion. The study reported Marilyn Monroe had a ratio of .69.

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News
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  • Jill

    Well that was just what I wanted to know.

  • Doug


  • Dieter

    I´m not to fond of her ass – Cam Diaz still has the best pooper along with Nicole Kidman and Sophia Bush !!!!

  • john

    I don’t know about the hip ratio nonsense..but she looks hot.

  • looloolool

    she looks to skinny to have any hips, she looks flat everywhere. her body type would be a rectangle.

  • john

    i dont see any hips on this girl, now briteny spears wow thats what i call nice hips and booty.

  • hihih

    You call that hip sexy? For christ sake…Her body is of a boys.

  • Observer

    I go measure myself.

  • Observer

    He said, that’s the British mathematicians’ view.

  • jan

    I do see a small waist and hips. She has boobs also. She is very thin but still looks healthy. Plus she is femenine. Cameron Diaz body is boyish and so is Nicole’s. Britney has to much fat all over.

  • Souhila

    Her body is just perfect , and so is her face !

  • pooh

    she is hotter than HOT!! BAUTIFUL BODY

  • Rii

    Pretty girl, I like Jessica.

  • Doria

    Kidding? She still has round bottom and nice boobs.Jealuos everybody?Angelina is missing bottom,her arms are like from horror movie,fake teeth.Still they have st common.

  • phoenix

    I like how people have to bring Angelina in to everything just so they can criticise her. WTF does this have to do with Angelina – no one even mentioned her.

  • Doria

    No,nobody,but they look the same.Beautiful.Call them skinny or so they have something inside.Have i hurt some AJ fan?Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!xxx

  • doria is horrid-ia

    #14 stop talking bout your jealous haglet leave AJ’s name out your fa.t piggy mouth. And see a dentist big gurl. Stop projecting your own body/health/teeth issues on AJ., and exercise and fix your snaggle puss -up okay. I like JA’s shoes.

  • nicole kidman fan

    Overly large heavy chicks like Doria are sad,angry and full of envy, as well as shiz. Anyways Jessica looks depress and aged.

  • Doria

    i love you what next?just the language,love you DM

  • Doria

    have seen my cheecks?you had the luck of your life!so fuuunnnyyy!!!

  • Doria

    did i scared everyone?

  • Doria

    My teeth are beutiful.All still mine.Natural.And yours?I heard Americans have terrible teeth and they are fat.Is it true?

  • Doria

    Anyway i am happy merried and very happy girl with my little kindergarden.

  • Allison

    Sweet i have 72%

  • Jonny Depp is da bomb

    Just read this Doria freak comments.Gosh big Doria is such a liar that’s why she is here being nasty and stalking us posters..she must trully be miserable…lonely over weight Doria..hahaha.., she’s so happy, she’s here on JJ’s lying and replying and stalking.. and making up stories…hahaha..LMAO!!
    BTW Jessica’s red hair not fitting her face,I like light brown for her.
    Hey JJer’s Doria seems to hate us Americans.hahaha as if we care..

  • Anna

    Can you all please leave your petty bickering out of these comment pages. They’re not here to insult each other. Grow up.

  • Miapocca

    the mathematician must loooove prepubscent adolescents…..long live pedophilia…at least she is better than ally mcbeal…ahhahaha
    So is it true she has herpes, or was it cash warrens way of embarrasing her, I hear his assistant gave the news away about filling her precriptions….someone splease see it isnt so….who the heck did she get unlucky with, that person mus thave been boinking paris hilton.,..but then who hasnt, seems like the local LA and NY cess pool is Hiltons crotch…all these girl in hollywood better put a stop to hilton or they are all going to be swimming in that cess pool


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    Get on in the CLUB if you wanna have fun –

  • Doria

    Jonny Deep is da bomb,I love you.I need more comments like yours.You who live the fake life of your idols.My children are asleep.I love them.And I love u too.

  • Doria

    Dieter.You my boy.Cam is great.NICOLE IS MY FAVORITE;Still;Angie’s teeth are fake.No teeth grove naturally that way.

  • Doria

    I like the 17.Can he-she say something more?I love U already!

  • Doria

    It is holiday.Still children have to go to bed.So…i have to clean my children theets,put pyjamas on,read one by one stories.Can take a while…
    Sory for mistakes.But i am not english speaking person.I had great fun.The lovers of AJ are like pyranas.

  • Marisleysis

    Let’s talk about the real story here. It’s obviously a lie that Jessica and Cash got back together. Why else would she be out shopping for a place of her own with her parents, of all people. This tells me that she is still depressed over the break-up, Cash refuses to get back with her, so here come her parents to help their little girl get back on her feet and move on.

  • Doria

    15,17,18,25.I’d love to have your email addresses.I really would like to know you better.No joke.I like to know people who are so fast so deffendive and so stubborn.If you can excuse my english.Nothing against you but you are the persons i picked up.Thanks.

  • bataglio

    doria, up your meds, darling

    …not that you’ll even know what that means.

  • Dirty Cougar

    I love her jeans! I wonder what brand they are? Rock the Republic?

  • Jeanette

    Jessica Alba is so pretty!

  • Hulla

    She has the perfect body imo.
    And her legs look great despite wearing flats.

  • Nadia

    skinny whore!

  • Doria

    35,aha;so why you said so?to be interesting?Laughing at my english?Ts,ts,take your idol-she can not speak her own children language.Furt.Grow up;kiddie!

  • Doria

    is it really about frustered teen children here?I feel like granma with my kids aside.

  • fizzyg

    It’s a ratio…lots of people, skinny or not, can have it. I wear a size 12 and have about this ratio as well. It’s not that uncommon.

  • tzy

    how do you work the ratio out??

  • sophieesthie

    yeah how does this ratio work?

  • Shauna

    She is very pretty, but I have to admit that she looks like a lot of girls in high school. She has a youthful beauty that displays to perfection, the 16-21 yr old in tight jeans appeal. I imagine that she is the ideal for young men of the same age. There is a difference in her appeal versus someone like Heidi Klum, or CZJ. To each their own I guess!

  • Miapocca

    Ratio measurment

    1: Take your hip measurement eg 40

    2: Multiply by 70/100 or .7

    3: If the answer to 2 is exactly your waist measurement then you are supoosedly perfect…thing is almost all women have this measurement unless you are soooooooooo obese and deformed that you cant put a tape around your hip

  • Dieter

    Cougar – these jeans could also be “rich and skinny” – don´t know !!!

  • Dieter

    Her pooper never made me a hard-on. Don´t know what the fuzz about that bum is !!!

  • Cinthia

    Those stats are a joke. But other than her so-called great body, her face is pretty plain. She was much prettier a few years ago; she doesn’t seem to be aging all that well. Unless her body stays the same, those boy fans of her are gonna be disappointed pretty soon.

  • kokanee

    hey does anyone know the make of her bag?? i absolutely LOVE it…maybe botkier?