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Jessica Simpson Beach Parties It Up

Jessica Simpson Beach Parties It Up

Jessica Simpson arrives at the LG House Malibu with her assistant pals (hairstylist Ken Paves and stylist Jessica Paster) to party at nightlife queen Amy Sacco‘s beach bash on Saturday.

Currently working on Major Movie Star, Jessica plays a down-on-her-luck movie star who tries to change her life by enlisting in the U.S. Army. She was recently shooting scenes in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jessica will star alongside Olesya Rulin and Vivica A. Fox.

Jessica Simpson has also tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and recently launched her own Fall collection for 2007.

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Credit: Just Jesse (Guest Blogger); Photos: Rodrigo Marques/Splash News
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  • Bite me

    theres something off about her face and upper body

  • Ashley

    Is she pregnant? The last two postings she has been covering her belly.

  • Jesse

    A bit man-ish?

  • desdemona

    Maybe she’s insecure about her body image? Which is ridiculous.
    Ugh, she should stop trying to suck it in. she’s skinny ENOUGH.

  • Cynthia

    Someone needs charm school, first pic she reminds me of Jada when she’s performing with her band. She doesn’t look mannish as far as her nose is concerned.

  • shasha

    what’s with her holding stuff in front of her stomach and “sucking in” lately? she’s definitely not gaining weight or anything, but….baby bump watch?? hmm…

  • Rose

    Here face looks very weird.

  • Annie

    She did something to her nose and now it has thrown the whole look of her face off. She does not look good.

  • Hulla

    She’s already totally plastic.
    In a few years she’ll look just like Jenna Jameson.

  • Barbara

    I can’t figure it out either. Her face looks very different and I don’t understand what’s been done. She used to be soooo cute, sweet little face. It’s not just the fish lips either. I wish I could compare to when she was on the reality show.

  • TG

    When will this girl go away?!!!!!! Her movie Blond Ambition is a bomb, and went straight to video. I’m pretty sure Major Movie Star will follow suit, because lets face it, SHE CANT ACT!!!! Does anyone even buy or care to buy anything from her clothing line? I hope after this year, and her lack of success in the acting world, she will start to fade away. What else is there for her to do; she can’t act, sing, whenever she has hosted something (last years Teen Choice awards for one) she acts like a complete idiot. I am soooo waiting for the day when I can look through a magazine and not see her face or her name mentioned.

  • kelana


  • Raichill

    Yes, I have to agree…she looks masculine. She and Katie Price could be sisters.

  • Anonymous

    Her nose is what looks different… she broke her nose on the set of her movie, so she needed to get a rhinoplasty or something. And she’s a lot more toned because of training for her movie. I personally think she looks good. Healthy and happy. And her interview with Self Magazine this month was so incredible!

  • ShimmeringDew

    She is most likely toned up for her movie…her movie sounds like it might run the course of something like the old Private Benjimin movie…? Down on her luck so join the army?
    Don’t know but this is also the same images everyone has been showing of her covering up her stomache…so its not about her covering it up all the time lately. Its just the same day pics we are seeing. She is also carrying a purse a bag and a sweater could be as to why she holds it infront.

  • Nell

    I wish she’d wear something pretty and feminine for a change, like Paris and Nicole do. It’s either the jeans and a tank top, or a hustler dress. Is it because she has to wear her crappy cheap endorsements? Get a new manager Jessica, or you are soon to hit the wall.

    I agree, she looks like a dike.

  • kellygrrrl

    Aren’t we all supposed to start speculating that she is kocked up with John Meyer’s kid now? I mean, she is holding that coat a little close to the belly. I actually really feel sorry for this girl, for some reason.

  • kellygrrrl

    Nell, She CANNOT wear feminie clothes. She looks like a tranny everytime she tries. She is definitely a “less is more” – she looks best in a t-shirt, ponytail and minimal make-up. She seems to be finally understanding this about herself. Maybe her new gay bff Harley is tutoring her. That Ken Paves certainly wasn’t doing her any favors. He had her looking like a clown

  • SkankyHO

    her face looks fug. almost like a duck or something. and b*itch needs to stop holding in her stomach because we can tell dummy.

  • Nell

    kellygrrrl, I’ve often wondered about Jessica’s perception of her sexuality. Either it’s a come-on-baby fuck me look, or a tom-boy lets play ball look. I really think she has issues as to her femininity and at 27 she needs to start facing the fact that she’s not daddy’s little girl anymore. Instead listening to her new gay bff, a few sessions with a therapist for some self discovery might do this gal a world of good.

  • BBperfume

    The thing with Jessica’s face is she’s not wearing make-up. She has been marketing herself post Newlywed as the sexy blonde, covered in make-up and full of extension. Eversince she got with John Mayor she has toned down all of that.

    That is the problem,SHE IS WITHOUT MAKE-UP! She looked like that on her Newlywwed episodes when she woke up or was just hanging out out home a la naturel.

  • j

    she’s too young for all that plastic surgery….

  • Omg

    Stop doing that mary-kate & ashley pout!!
    It’s really unattractive..hasn’t ANYONE told you that!

  • Better wear good sunscreen

    She looks odd because she’s not aging well. At 27 you really start looking different (more mature) and whether you look good or bad is a portent of how well you’ll age. Jessica’s not – she’s really getting a “hard” look to her face. Should’ve stayed out of the sun and/or tanning beds.

  • lj

    She thinks she looks good. Nothing matches color wise. She’s probably trying to show off her body but she always looks off. And why is she holding something in front of her stomach again? I agree with TG, when will she go away? She’s clueless.

  • WTF

    The only good thing is she is too stupid to suck in her gut and make a stupid face at the same time.

  • Barbara

    #14 – no no no totally wrong. I live in Shreveport and my daughter was working on the movie that day. She DIDN’T break her nose, in fact nobody even saw her smack herself in the nose with the (pretend) gun. Everyone was saying they thought it was going to be her excuse to get a nose job. But it only happened 10 days ago maybe 3 weeks now. She’ll probably made a big deal and say now her nose has to be fixed to make breathing easier or some lame excuse. She didn’t go to the doctor or hospital or anything just made everybody look at it.

  • Tilly

    Is anyone else totally over Jessica Simpson by this point? She’s just not interesting anymore.

  • lizzie

    oh stop – what is interesting about Jessica Simpson now is that she is currently ‘over’. That’s sad and pathetic, and she knows it. She is working hard on her body, she has always been a hard worker, even when she didn’t understand what she was doing.

    Aging sucks in any world, but in her world – oh its like death. (The French have a saying “A woman dies twice, and the first time is when she realizes she is no longer desirable”. Hopefully Jessica will discover pilates/yoga/hormones/peta and will go off to a farm to age gracefully. Once she has learned the ‘meaning of life’ then she might make a come-back in a remake, or a comedy. There is no shame in that. Certainly there is money enough for her to live small but mighty.

  • Nadia

    she looks like she’s sucking in her belly all the time

  • ??

    her lips are pumped again for sure..

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    who doesnt suck in their gut?

  • yami

    she is hot
    and the best thing is that she doesn´t care what you all losers say

  • Casy

    I agree she looks like a dike. Making a big fuss over her nose seems like she is leading up to an excuss to have a nose job and tryin to get people on the set to agree with her. This chick is so stupid and I’m just sick of her in the public eye. Look at how she can’t stay out of the paps camera yet she do not feel good about herself so she grabs purses, jacket, blankets and everything else but still runs in front of the camera, what a sick freak! I agree with you Jessica you look like hell cover yourself up, better yet stay home we don’t want to see you.
    P.S. My friends and I will never she your movies or buy any of your junk.

  • Cynthia

    Her nose looks different, her nose has some bruising. Her upper lip looks to have some bruising. Her nose looks flatter also, somewhat smaller than usual. I no longer see her signature ‘hump’. It’s gone. Vivica said in an interview that she did get hurt on the set, Jessica said it herself in an interview for In Touch magazine.

  • ♥yes♥

    NOSE JOB. Hello – it’s really obvious

  • Alice

    She is a slut with a plastic face and a perverted dad who has probably slept with her.

  • (‘@’)

    You know, by sucking in the belly creates firmer boobs and smaller tummy. That’s why she needs anyway.

  • Deede

    Her face looks fine. She just doesn’t have too much makeup on if any at all. Her lips are okay also. She did have a reaction to the lip plump but thousands of women doe that so …. so what?? It’s all gone now and she looks pretty.

    She is really muscled up for her role. Good for her getting in shape and all. Gives all the haters something to hate on her about.

    Too bad you people can’t see a girl that’s in pain….