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Kelly Clarkson @ Teen Choice Awards

Kelly Clarkson arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

Avril Lavigne, Fergie and Kelly Clarkson are all scheduled to perform this year.

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  • Jen

    I think Kelly looks really good in that dress! I am def. a fan of the hair color change! Her performance rocked as well!

  • Stacy

    Ashley looked better in that dress when she wore it a couple weeks ago to the HSM2 premiere. I do like Kellys new hair style though.

  • Really?

    :( …Kelly..sweety what happened? That’s not really flattering ..its a beautiful dress..but not flattering for her

  • Yily

    omg…what happen? Kelly look so fat! did she gain weight?

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    She rocks plain and simple

  • teddi evans

    kelly is the best! she looks beautiful with her new hairdo. i love her performance!

  • Yily

    her performance doesn’t have anything to do with how fat she look! i’m stunned!

  • lara

    OMG she would never win american idol with her crappy on range voice if she was on now and that crappy song she sings. No wonder she has to go record a new cd after if flopped miserably! Fergie was way better and so is her CD.

    BTW Kelly looks like a fat old frog.

  • Anonymous

    Lara, FYI Kelly cleared the rumors on extended etalk interview. She will not record anytime soon for a new cd. She just shot a video for “Dont Waste Your Time”, and it will be released the end of september. And I dont care if she looks like a pig, I still like her.

  • Anonymous

    And you just think Fergie is better because she’s skinny. If just if Fergie was 50 pounds heavier, you would be hating on her as well.

  • Meg

    Kelly looks okay, not the best look. Fergie has a hot body but definitely looks like a man. She can’t sing either, I saw her on tour and she was so out of tune. At least as fat as Kelly is, at least she can sing ballads really good.

  • jarad

    She is one fat ugly concieted snot lately.Dissing clive Davis who made her a star and calling him too old. Well when her crapo CD flopped and she already has to go record a new one, she finally came off of her high horse and apologized.

    She is fugly and fat and she sings like a one note screaming cow.

    Her new song sucked and she suckeed live and as usual screamed her fat face off , like she always does.

    Fergie is touring her butt off. I saw her in Minnesota last night and she rocked and she has a powerful voice, she was hoarse tonight, you could tell when she talked.

    Unlike fat concieted Kelly, who had to cancel her tour because she could not sell tickets, Fergie has been touring and working her butt off. And Fergie started at 7 years old, and worked her way through bad stuff.

    Kelly went on amateur hour and became a star overnight and now is full of her fat self. She finally had to admit she is wrong .

    BTW Fergie wrote Big Girls dont Cry and Finally which rock on her CD. Kelly wrote that horrible crap “Never again”which is nasty and one note like she is.

    She is a fat fugly boring loser with a crappy voice.

    Fergie is pretty sweet and humble, something fatso Kelly has yet to learn to be!

    Fergie has beat Kelly in the amount of CD’s that hit at least #2 on Billboard – she is the only female to get 4 hits off of a CD since Mariah in 1990.

    So fugly Kelly needs a reality check, Fergie is hotter, works hard on her body and her career. Kelly is a fat concieted lazy untalented crappy song writer, who screams instead of singing.

  • Meg

    Okay first of all Kelly had 5 hits off of Breakaway and she is the only female besides Mariah. Secondly, Fergie looks like a freaking man. Third, did you watch Fergies other performances of “Big Girls Dont Cry”, it all sounded out of tune at some point and not so great (examples-Much Music Awards). I really dont get why some people always makes the assumption , their sick or theyve been touring just because they didnt sound good. Most of the song Fergie sings is always either spoken or she raps. Yeah she sold more albums, no duh she has released her album since August 2006. And who cares if Kelly’s screaming, obviously she has admitted she always somehow scream in every upbeat song performance but she sings ballads beautifully. And who cares if she’s fat, at least she doesnt look like a tranny like fergie does. And she maybe fat but at least you can tell she’s not some anorexic bitch like some people are in hollywood. And obviously she doesnt care what people think because if she does, she would have lost some weight. And if you think kelly took easy way out, yes maybe she did, well she worked really hard also to make her last album a success. And she is not conceited, I mean how the hell would you feel, if a person told you what to do like clive was to kelly, I would be pissed. Kelly has said that it doesnt matter if she flops, the only thing she cares about is that she is happy with her album. And another thing she wont be recording any album soon. her third single is dropping at the end of september.

  • Janelle

    wow, some cat-fight in here. Anyway Kel looks great and sounded awesome. Fergie is also good, nothing against her. but just to make things clear, I’d rather be fat than look like a man. :)

  • Janelle

    Oh yeah Jarad, Kelly and even RCA said a third single is being released. My friend actually worked on Kelly’s new video, coming the end of september. And she also confirmed to etalk, she will not be recording soon for a 4th disc even if this is a “flopped” or even with the fight. I dont get how come people come up with this stupid stories sometimes, just because somebody started it. Or a mag said, or even Perez said it.

  • Chocolate FIYAH

    I’m SHOCKED that Kelly C. hasn’t starved herself to death yet…. by Hollywood’s standards & some of the immature ppl on your board… she’s a biggie!


    awwwwwwwwwww i love kelly
    fuck the shit talkers.. anyway
    omg her performance was amazing!!!!


    omg jarad shut the hell up
    u dont know shhhi*

  • rockerdude22

    jarad, dude..if only i knew who u were..
    ill f**k u up man.. seriously.. i wish u can tell me where u live.

  • vegala

    I think Kelly is fugly and overrated and screaming is not singing and she does it all the time. She only sings high and low notes, and she is a concieted fatso dissing Clive Davis, and needing to apologize.

    Where are her vocals so good, even on CD she has lousy low notes and screaming at high notes?

    Kelly is no prettier than Fergie and Fergie is not concieted or fat like kelly, and actually worked for her success for years, not some stupid american idol crap that made Taylor win and Daughtry lost, and Jennifer Hudson lost.

    She does NOT have a great voice and she is fugly.

    BTW Fergie did beat her about singles from a CD, it’s on billboard’s site. FErgie did what no one did since Mariah, and Kelly’s CD was a flop because she got too full of herself and thought someone suddenly was too old to tell her what to do. She also had to cancel her tour because no one cared.

    Fergie has been touring like crazy and was here in Minn the night before and rocked it very late.

    I don’t love Fergie, but she has a better voice and did break many billboard records.

    Kelly needs to get a grip, and realize her new stuff sounds like she is in PMS.

  • Janelle

    Jarad and vegala are so the same

  • David

    Janelle, lmao. Obviously it’s the same person. They made the same lame-ass argument in each post.

  • rayann

    I do not care about Fergie, but her stuff now is better than Kelly’s. I think Kelly just has to finally make it on her real ability now, and she is flopping.

    She had to cancel her tour and her new stuff sucks like crazy since she wrote it herself and thought she was too good for Clive David who made her a huge hit.

    Kelly is so living off of her American Idol fame, and she is ok, but not as good as she think she is.

    Her vocals are not that amazing and the latest album sucks.

    She also thinks she is skinnier than ehe is.

    someone needs to tell her she is not thin and she needs to dress to make herself not look so fat.

    And facially, she aint pretty.

  • mrshopkins

    She wore a different dress onstage. I think it was black, maybe. The cut of the dress was very odd.

  • me

    *whew* I think it’s awful that people base overall personality on their WEIGHT!! I think Kelly is beautiful fat or skinny and I’m glad that she’s showing the world that she will not be consumed by the “Hollywood” lifestyle and starve herself for a label or record deal. She is who she is… her or hate her, you’re still thinking about her :)

    BTW: Fat or skinny, that doesn’t change her voice and I think she’s wonderful. Keep it up, Kelly :)

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Kelly rocks!!!!
    She’s so strong for not conforming to what we all expect her to be. H

    Hey Kelly… go get your boobs done. At least that way you would have T AND A!!!


  • Janelle

    Agreed ME, just because your fat, doesnt mean you are a bad person or ugly. And I so applaud Kelly because you would think with people scrutinizing her about her weight she would start starving herself. But she is true to herself and keeps it real. And all of us have different opinions of other people’s work, and Kelly thinks her album is great and does not care about it flopping then good for her. She also doesnt think shes skinny, I guess Kelly is like Monique, shes fat but she shows off her fatness. And to some people fatter is beautiful to them but obviously some people cant except the fact that other people just dont care if they gain weight or not. So obviously Kelly doesnt care shit about people calling her fugly and a whale, kellys quote


  • rockerdude22

    rayann is obviously vegala and jarad.
    fuck*n looser.

  • Anon

    She needs to go on a diet. FAST

  • Naomi

    Does anyone know where i can get hold of this BCBG dress that kelly clarkson wore to the teen choice awards?

    Thanks, Nomie xx