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Sophia Bush @ Teen Choice Awards

Sophia Bush arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

On the hit drama ‘One Tree Hill‘, Sophia Bush plays Brooke Davis, a feisty cheerleader and temptress.

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  • anaya

    congrats………………… you deserve it

  • Yily

    i don’t see the appeal of sophia bush.

  • Sara

    She looks gorgeous! Love the hair!

  • Astrid

    i love her!! she look stunning as always!!

    thanks Jared

  • James

    she’s amazing!
    Deserved all 3 awards

  • Josh

    love her great actress could have wore something better…

  • #2

    I love Sophia Bush.. She looks so stunning.

  • vanessa

    she deserve it!
    and she’s so beautiful as always!
    love her!!!!

  • Janice

    she cant act and she is not even pretty.

  • nessa

    wow rude… i’m totally disagree with you ! she CAN act and sorry but she’s really pretty.. maybe jealousy hahahaha, loser!

  • amy

    she’s the best one on OTH!!! she’s educated, well mannered, polite, and gorgeous!

  • nessa

    totally agree with you amy

  • Astrid

    she cant act and she is not even pretty

    you´re blind or what?? she´s an amazing actress

  • the_original_nika

    beautiful lady

  • Christina

    lo0o0o0o0o0o0ove sophia and im so0o happy that she won =))) GO SOPHIA!!!

  • EatYourVeggies

    She’s beautiful and deserved all three of those awards tonight. Nice job.

  • aubrey

    totally rockin! not only pretty, but she’s also well-educated and really talented love her!

  • natalie

    in your face CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY haha


    @ Janice: OH. MY. GOD.

  • Sam

    I’m so glad Sophia won ALL three. Haha bet all you haters are sulking. Some people are so stupid they can’t even see talent like Sophia’s.

    Beauty, brains And talent. How many of you haters can say you have any of them?

    Get a freaking life, Janice. You are so pathetic I’m not going to waste any more of my time on you.

  • LYB

    wow, she looks so gorgeous! the dress, the hair, she looks flawless.. love her, hope to see more of her at JJ

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Julie


  • HJ

    She is so hot and talented.

  • kelly

    I love Sophia. She is so beautiful, just a natural beauty. She can act and also seems like such a genuine, smart person. Best of luck to her xx

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Chad mIcheal Who??????

    Haha, he hand his teenager girlfriend can go to prom together. She’s busy winning awards!

  • Melissa

    I am so glad she won all three awards last night!
    she really deserved them. i screamed everytime she was on screen.
    haha. especially when she won. i’m so extremely happy for her.
    & wow she looked absolutely stunning.

    & Janice i think you need to get your eyes checked ;)

    If she “cant act” then why the hell did she get 3 teen choice awards? She obviously has a lot of fans for the amazing work she does. & have you even looked at the girl? she’s gorgeous. It’s pathetic that you can’t even admit it. It’s also pathetic to bash someone you don’t even know. & if you’re just saying this stuff to piss us fans off, you’re even more retarted.

    Beauty, brains And talent. I agree with you 100% Sam.

    anways, i’m not going to waste my time explaining how great sophia is, when it’s cleary there if you just look at her. You’re pretty dense if you can’t comprehend that =)

    - # 1 Sophia Bush fan.

  • narc13

    What??? Her performance in JTMD beats Kathrine Heigl in her performances for Knocked Up??? WHAT??? so was her performances also better than Abigail Breslin in “Little Miss Sunshine”, and Helen Mirren in “The Queen” too?? Well, thats how far Sophia Bush will ever go from getting close to an award. She will never be as close to an oscar, nor, will she ever get nominated until she does one good movie. So until then, If can keep making nothing but kiddie movies, and keep winning awards like this one… maybe a razzie???

  • Lise

    Narc13, bitter much?

    She looks hot! Flawless, chic, and graceful… probably the most dignified person there. It’s a fun award and she took it as such. While other actors think they’re too good for the TCAs, she shows up and shows gratitude for the acclaim she’s gotten. Who cares if she’s got teeny movies under her belt? She has fun, these kiddos obviously enjoy her movies, and she pays respect to her audiences. This girl is great!

  • meeeeee

    Sophia bush > Rachel bilson.

  • steph

    rachel bilson
    2007 in the list of 50 people most beautiful
    # 39 maxim’s hot 100
    # 88 on fhm’s sexiest
    teen choice break-out female nominee
    # 3 on teen vogue’s most stylish stars
    2006 in the list of 50 people most beautiful
    teen people’s best eyes
    teen people’s top 10 most beautiful stars without make-up
    teen choice choice tv actress drama
    teen choice female hottie nominee
    # 77 on fhm’s sexiest
    # 24 maxim’s hot 100
    2005 # 6 on maxim’s hot 100
    teen choice tv actress drama
    teen choice chemistry
    teen choice female hottie
    2004 teen choice tv actress drama nominee
    teen choice tv break-out female
    teen choice fress face nominee
    have been covers of vanity fair,3 cosmopolitan,3 teen vogue, 3 lucky magazine, fashion magazine, 2 elle girl, 2 teen vogue, 2 flaunts, first female cover girl of instyle, 2 dolly, have been a solo maxim covergirl with herself only not with any co-stars, international covers of japan dokyu,australian most beautiful,russia,canada,have been a philippines’ cosmopolitan cover girl…
    TURNED DOWN Nbc offer of a sitcom after the o.c.
    TURNED DOWN teen film offers
    have been most watched style star…perez hilton doesn’t hate her…has a 7.1 likabilty star magnitude on…
    2007 filming a trilogy multi budgeted JUMPER of 20th century fox
    TURNED DOWN josh schwartz offer to be on Chuck an upcoming series on nbc..she wants mature roles like what scarlett and natalie has…
    she TURNED DOWN lots of tv offers and teeny bopper film offers cause she don’t wanna be type-cast as a teeny bopper roles..
    she’s the daughter of danny bilson, famous for the sentinel movie, a producer,director and writer…and grand daughter of bruce bilson RKO productions company…
    the o.c. was axed not her fault but due to the boycotting fans of mischa and ryan and marissa fangroups that made the o.c. from season 1 average of 10 million ratings to season 4 4 million ratings…
    look…i love sophia bush really, i’m a fan of her from oth..she deserves those awards of what chad murrray did to her,,,she won awards with oth is not involved…but i also love rachel bilson…and when she got famous she didn’t make a big deal out of it…she stayed grounded and when she was interviewed by enews when teen vogue told her she was the it girl when she graced the cover for the 2nd time..she replied..” ahh nooo,,you see dakota fanning right there,.,,she’s the it girl…” i mean she’s really down to earth,,,she made her relationship with adam private and when it ended it was cheatings are involved…rachel fansites from france to germany are congratulating sophia for winning…i mean were sports..we accepted it..bec . i think sophia really deserved those awards from everything that she went trough with chad…before she was just known from being chad michael murray’s wife and co-star of oth but now she’s a teen choice award winner…

  • leanna

    hey i dont know any of you but it comes across in some of your comments that a lot of you are jealous. this girl is beautiful yes and stunning. Fat? no way shes healthy and eats once in a while. do we see her all over the papers and magazines falling on her ass, being drunk or sleeping with anyone whos around?? No. so listen everyone whos goin around dissin her grow up!! its not like anything she does matters to you all just seem envious of a life shes made for please spare us your childish insecure comments and try to be nice. no one likes a *****

  • zoie

    haha i cant believe you all picked her. she sucked in all her movies and she is not pretty at all, oh and why would we want to be like her? she is only famous for who she sleeps with. she is like paris hiton but no one cares about her. CMM is way better off without that slut. she will never win a big award because she cant act and she cant talk. oh and i dont know how fat you are but that is not a thin girl, you could hear the ripping as she was sraching her way through her speach. get a life, find someone with talent and looks.

  • Monique

    i love her dress.