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Zac Efron Pumping Gas... And a Whole Lot More

Zac Efron Pumping Gas... And a Whole Lot More

Zac Efron swirls his car keys around and flashes photographers a rare smile as he pumps gas into his dented Oldsmobile Alero at a Beverly Hills gas station on Saturday. (He wore a “MATE OF STATE” t-shirt, supporting the American indie rock duo).

The 19-year-old High School Musical star has recently been tapped to host the 2007 Nickelodeon Australian Kids Choice Awards in October, along with sister singing duo The Veronicas.

“I’m so excited to be coming to Australia to host Nicks Kids Choice Awards,” Zac said. “I can’t wait to get down there and slime all the Aussie kids – it’s going to be a blast.”

Zac and his High School castmates are expected to open tonight’s Teen Choice Awards. Tune in tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!

Bigger gassy Zac pictures inside…

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zac efron pumping gas 01
zac efron pumping gas 02
zac efron pumping gas 03
zac efron pumping gas 04
zac efron pumping gas 05
zac efron pumping gas 06
zac efron pumping gas 07
zac efron pumping gas 08
zac efron pumping gas 09
zac efron pumping gas 10

Credit: The West; Photos: Andrade/Shawaf/
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  • Lillianne

    Cutie Pie

  • nicole

    so chic, so beautiful

  • chay

    thanks Jared!

  • angel

    thanks jared!gawd. he is so hot!

  • Iris

    I didn’t know he was visiting us here down under. I didn’t think anyone knew who he was here.

  • jj

    Ya know at first it was interesting now it’s just pervy and pedo. What’s up with your double entendres about this young boy?

  • Juliana

    aaaw, how cute. I love him

  • danira

    he finally flashes a smile at the photographers.
    ITS JUST A MIRACLE!!!! *rolls eyes*

  • Maddie

    God, i love him!!

  • Claire

    Cutie. I love it when you post about Zac, Jared. But can you give the kid a break soon though? He does deserve some privacy. Same goes for when he’s with Vanessa.

  • isabelle

    i wanna watch teen choice awards but i stay in malaysia, can someone tell me which channel i can watch it and when!!

  • Caroline

    I love him! So hotttt

  • liz

    i think it’s cool that he still drives a “regular” car and hasn’t already bought like a bmw or lexus or whatnot.

  • isabelle

    please can anyone tell me!!!

  • chay

    Claire – it’s not Jared that’s taking the pictures. You do know that right? If it’s not Jared, another site will post these pictures. Zac (and to some extent Vanessa) is the target du jour of the paparazzi.

  • myluvs

    I think someone hasn’t done laundry in a while. He’s worn the same pants for 3 days now.

  • Hulla

    I don’t get what’s so hot about him?!

    He doesn’t have a beautiful face at all. Just imagine him without hair – ewww.

  • Carol

    Now this is getting ridiculous. They are now taking pictures of him pumping gas? Is this a slow month for the paparazzis or what? Jared I love you for all the Zanessa pictures u post but please chill out with this kid. I am beginning to feel sorry for him.

  • jane

    he has helped me get over emotional things in my past

    he really is a great person

  • Nessa

    OMG!!! Thanks Jared, I love youuu!!
    Zaccc is so damn HOT!


    Lols, nice pictures, don’t you think the position Zac is in (leaning against the car with the pump in the tank), it looks like the pump is a p3n!$, just an observation.

  • LIndalis

    he is soooo hot.. love that smile:D…love him… √§lskar dig zac efron

  • http://justjared Bri

    On the 6th pic you can see a glimpse of his ring if you get the bigger image of it.

  • gini

    very cute!

  • ALI


  • Ness

    lol he has an olds =)
    well…at least he has a car…
    even if it does have a purple stripe
    and thanks for telling me about that Bri! I noticed, it was hard, but still you can see it, so thanks =)
    Thanks Jared!!!

  • sarah


  • Violette

    that 2nd pic could be a photoshoot! he’s gorgeous.

  • S

    HOTNESS. Oh and about the paparazzi thing and all, im sure he was aware of it before he started the movie business. i mean, it comes with being famous in hollywood and all. but i know what you guys mean, it sucks that he doesnt have privacy anymore.

  • Le



  • Ms. Waverly

    His studios have just finished making a huge publicity push, so it’s not surprising that he is the flavor of the month for the paps. Things will cale down in a couple of weeks. But I think that the car is contrived – his image makers have probably asked him to not get a flashier car, because it gives him a more “normal guy” aura. I bet he’d rather be driving Vanessa around in something like a Bentley Continental GT :)

  • Jennifer

    You’re the only website I’ve found that always has the first pics of Zac on a daily basis, thanks!


    omg! luckkyyy aussie kids! i wanna c zac host the australian kids choice awards!

    heee issss sooooo cuttttttteeeeeeee!

  • jen

    he’s gay

  • duh

    Uh, it’s time for a reality check. It doesn’t really matter who took these pictures…. except that they are the ones basically ripping Zac off, because unlike when he’s a movie or doing his job of acting, he actually gets paid to have his picture taken. But, the thing is, and tust me on this the paparazzi and their agencies keep very good track of who buys or reposts illegally these types of photos, and the more sites/blogs who do it, and the more “thank you, he’s so hot, keep ‘em coming” comments there are for them to see, the HIGHER the price for these pictures go up, and so the more they will follow Zac. It is all business to them as opposed to being Zac’s life.

    And that’s kinda sad and scary because not all of Zac’s fans here and otherwise are 13 and harmless. So by posting with the pictures where he was, what diner, pictures outside his home, etc., that is basically giving crazy stalker fans all the ammo they need.

    I know, I am a hypocrite too to a degree because I am here, but honestly, when people say the paparazzi needs to leave him alone, to a degree, so do the fans. Fans can’t demand the paparazzi respect Zac when they basically choose the paparazzi over Zac by praising these pictures and drive up the price/demand/bounty on Zac.

    And for those who think Zac asked for this when he became famous, um, hello. He made a Disney movie when he was like what 17? You think he honestly thought then or thought ahead enough to think “by making this cheesy musical I am asking to have people watch every move I make — sweet!” He won’t even admit he and Vanessa are a couple, and you don’t think that maybe, just maybe, because NOW he realizes that WOULD be asking for this that’s why he won’t?

    And since I know a lot of you here are over 13, imagine living your life like this at 19. People in their 30′s can’t handle it, but 19? Who didn’t do laundry and wear the same pants for several days when they were 19? Imagine having to like seriously ponder that kind of decision at 19. Being under constant watch and analysis. Having people you don’t know constantly judge you or say mean things you’ll never understand why they hate on you. Having to ALWAYS look over your shoulder. Having to warn your friends about paparazzi, having to constantly worry about your loved ones just being left alone. Imagine having to have that kind of maturity and thick skin AT 19. It wouldn’t shock if he’s a hermit by 21, sadly.

    And also, for the so-called fans, if you think all of this is helping Zac’s career, it’s not and I bet money Zac’s people feel the same way. All this overexposure of personal life CAN hurt an actor professionally — see Angelina Jolie and how Mighty Heart bombed because people were so sick of her, and they know SO much about her off screen they couldn’t buy her as another real life woman. Shia doesn’t seemed to be followed daily at look at the difference between his career and Zac’s at this point. Zac needs to be taken seriously off camera to be taken seriously an actor, and as fans, that’s all we should want.

    I don’t mean to be a downer, I really don’t. Zac has awesome fans who make him the star he is, and you he is grateful for them. Zac is cute, and so is Vanessa. They are cute together and seem like good kids in today’s sucky celebs, so it’s fun and great to discuss them. But do we really need daily pictures of Zac trying to just be a normal guy to do that? Whether Zanessa’s real or an awesome fantasy, it doesn’t really matter. What matters are Zac and Vanessa are human, and while we think we know them or should, we don’t, and we can’t. So just maybe remember that paparazzi aren’t the only ones who need to respect boundaries here.

  • Lexie

    He’s wearing the ring again!

    : D

  • Las Palmas

    To duh: Powerful and passionate comments. A good deal of what you have posted is true. However, I don’t completely buy into your use of the failure of ‘A Mighty Heart’ as an example of star overexposure. Part of its failure was its uneven portrayal of the central couple (especially of Daniel Pearl), and part of it was a terribly-conceive marketing and distribution plan To have opened a film of that nature on almost 1500 screens in the season of ‘Transformers’-type blockbusters was either the height of folly, or worse. No actress, not even Katherine Hepburn risen from the dead, could hae overcoe this film’s shortcomings.

    Second, I think that your comments overlook the base fact that many in Hollywood do buy into the maxim that “all publicity is good publicity”. It’s very possible that Zac Efron is being manipulated my adults who want to use the heat of his current popularity to advance their own projects and careers. Frankly, I think that your argument is with them, not with the people who read and enjoy sites like

    And as for Shia LaBeouf, you are dealing with an exceptionally mature and grounded individual there. My guess is that he and his adviser take a much more measured view of exposure and publicity. Shia himself has stated something like “you shouldn’t expect to hear from me in the press unless I’m talking about my work” and I for one greatly respect that attitude. But the Shia comes from a radically different familial background, and his life experiences up to now have better prepared him to deal (and be in control of) his fame and his interaction with his fan base.

    Still, you raised some good food for thought, and Zac Efron’s fans of any age would do well to think about them (even if they don’t agree in the end). Thanks.

  • zac lover

    KEEP POSTING MORE! i cant get enough of my zachary :)

  • courtney

    i’m going to be real honest here, zac is really hot. i don’t know what happened between last year and this year but he got hot.

    the problem i see though is that this poor boy doesn’t own any other pants or flip flops. i’m all for using your money wisely (even though you’re a celeb)… you know, you can wear the same thing more than once, normal people do. plus, you don’t need to blow all your money on cars and every thousand dollar handbag but come on. he’s wore those pants and flip flops in almost every photo. that means he basically wears them everyday.

    i’m hoping he just has 5 pairs in the same color lol.

  • Jeanette

    Zac is so Hot i love it when you post about Zac Jared Because i am a huge Zac fan!

  • Nikki Rae

    I Really Really Really Wanna See Zac
    And Vanessa Tonight! I Hope Shes Wearing
    Something Cutee

  • Paulie

    Young boy?!? lol, since when is a guy who will be 20 in October a young boy?!?

  • anthony

    he must of thought he looked good that day or was wearing makeup, so he didnt try to hide. Its good to see him smiling. Poor kid though he looks exhausted.

  • anthony

    also he must have 300 pairs of the exact same pants >.

  • YoohAreStoopid

    BRI- I thouhtyou could see hs rig too, but if you look closesly it’s pasrt of his keychain. The rest of the circle goes across his hand. They aren’t broke up though, he just sometimes doesnt want to wear it. i always feel sorry for zac because he looks so miserable! But he’s smiling which makes me fee a little better about it.

  • YoohAreStoopid

    Duh-i agree with most of what you stated as well. However I also agree with the person under you. By us looking at it does not by any means take away from anything. Zac does deserve some privacy, he’s not completly comfortable with the whole sex synbol thing and thats okay. He’s a 19 year old guy who loves acting. I look at him as a normal guy, should I run into him in La a smile would satisfy my urges. I look at all celebs as normal people, I dont even like calling the celebs. Every actor ive seen i say oh look, jason alexander(or whoever it is)…”and i’ve kept walking. I a a HUGE HUGE fan of zac and vanessa and their work. But if i can give them normalcy in the slightest way, I’d so so by not jumping them like a fan would for autogrphs. I thin the concept of it all is stupid too. If you meet one it’s in your heart forever, do you really need a picture and autograph? I can understand wanting a picture more so than an autogrpah, but that’s just me.

  • bettybaby

    hey 34 & 37,

    i like your insightful points, and agree with most of what you have to say. i have to admit that i totally enjoy the pics, but it is a catch 22 in terms of the more people love the pics, the more the celebs will be stalked. at least, for the most part, on this site people are pretty well mannered in their opinions, as compared to others–cough–perez hilton–cough. i really hate to see some of the vile comments posted about zac, or any of these people. there’s no reason to get so nasty!!!! but again, go zac go, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

  • Diana

    I LOVE HIM!!

  • Monique

    OMG Thank you so mutch Jared, I LOVE YOU!

  • Aimee

    dude zac’s like on this site almost everyday! kudos jared! lol who knew he’d look adorable pumping gas??