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Papa Pitt's Playground Family Fun

Papa Pitt's Playground Family Fun

Brad Pitt takes three of his four kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 — to a park playground on New York City’s Upper East Side on Tuesday.

Mad, Pax and Z climbed across the monkey bars, dropped down the fire engine poles and slid down the spirally slides. Looks like everybody had a blast with good dad Brad!

Here are some details about Brad and Angelina Jolie‘s dinner in the Hamptons, which they flew to via helicopter. E! Online reports, “The intimate four-hour soiree was attended by about 70 people, including Christie Brinkley, Pitt‘s Oceans 13 costar Ellen Barkin, Donna Karan, music honcho L.A. Reid and hotelier Andre Balazs. The New Orleans-inspired buffet menu—prepared by [hosts Jane Rosenthal and husband Craig Hatkoff's] personal chef—included crabcakes, salmon, lamb, lemon pound cake and grilled peaches.”

More Pitt playground pictures inside…

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brad pitt kids playground 01
brad pitt kids playground 02
brad pitt kids playground 03
brad pitt kids playground 04
brad pitt kids playground 05
brad pitt kids playground 06
brad pitt kids playground 07
brad pitt kids playground 08
brad pitt kids playground 09
brad pitt kids playground 10

Photos: Asadorian-Buxo/Jason Winslow/Splash News Online
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  • Naomi

    Yeah, he’s such a great dad, his bio kid’s left home while he takes the others to the park. And he’s such a great dad he allows them to be draggeed all around the world so they have zero sense of stability. Great dad.

  • curious

    152 Naomi

    blah blah blah,I know you prefer to see him with your idol`s child not adoptive and angie`s child.but sorry your idol lost this great dad.and even If they travel alot,It seems their kids wouldn`t hurt at all b/c they have a caring parent that let them enjoy the times they spend in those country and city.

    and now b/c brad seems happy and kids also smile a lot,you racist people can`t find anything wrong about them just worrying about their stability.and don`t worry about shiloh she has her lovely and great mother by her side.

  • From the other thread

    Since we are going to hear the whining again about Shiloh here is a great response from another thread.

    674 Schlumberger : 08/26/2007 at 9:12 pm
    This hater faked her concern that Shi was not seen much. Let me tell you, it’s the AGE !!!! You should read any child developmental book. Children this young, makes a big difference in a lot of the motor skills, and daily schedule. It is this daily schedule which dictates how convenient it is to take them outside the house.
    A child 12 months is totally different from a child 11 months or 13 months old even it is only a month apart. Also, sometimes the child may have a cold or ear infection. As any mother knows, it’s better to let the child rest at home.

    1) Shiloh, only 15 months old as of today, still takes at least 2 naps a day. Sometimes, it would be very inconvenient to haul her out when it’s so close to her nap time. Ask any mother, they will tell you. But of course, those low life tab magazines which sells to tweenies wont know enough to tell the difference.

    2) If you look at the following URL, you will notice that while Mad was in many of the outings , Z was not BECAUSE she was too young at that time . Note her age when she was absent on those outings and also note what kind of outing it was and decide for yourself if that was necessary to bring her along.

    3) One hater mentioned that we saw a lot of Z in India. Again, think about Z’s age !!!! age !!! Z was like 21 months old while they were in Mumbai. Still, if you go to the archive, you’ll notice she was absent in the 1st rickasaw ride in India.

    4) I’m sure once Shiloh takes fewer naps and has a longer awake time, she will be seen in many of the children’s outings.

    5) You haters just want to smear Angie and bring her down. How pathetic !!!

    Below are the URL which I extracted from justjared’s archive. I exclude any of the to and from airport pictures when the whole family were seen together.

  • From the other thread

    Below are the URL which I extracted from justjared’s archive. I exclude any of the to and from airport pictures when the whole family were seen together.

    7/25/06 Brad and Angie took Mad out to lunch and walked on the beach. Angie walked without shoes on Z (18 months) was ABSENT.

  • From the other thread


    5/21/06 Brad took Mad and Z on a bide ride in Namibia. Z was 17 months old.

  • Ellen

    Good Morning to all !

    Lovely kids, glad to see them having fun with Daddy Brad.
    Angie stayed with Little Shiloh, what a great family ?

  • From the other thread
  • curious

    I went to google to search about brad`s green project and I found something really outta touch and NL & PC and other gossip sites become worried about angie`s a**.why she lost it and If shewant to do plastic surgery.I couldn`t stop laughing.


    This is what women should appreciate! A man love spending time with his children! Alot of people call Angelina a home wrecker, but the truth is: If brad didn’t love her, he wouldn’t be with her, and adopting kids! This is something that he wanted! He wanted kids..MANNISTON wanted to be around that fake hollywood scene..Brad tried to hang in there, but he couldn’t! He saw something that was appealing to him, and that was AJ.! I love seeing pix of them!
    But if they believe in Scientology would you love them then? I would!

  • Francophile

    Bit…but…the JP kids never laugh, let alone smile (sarcasm) !!

    Go Miss Z, do ya thang !

    Those kids are the most alert, mischievious and playfull of all celebrity kids ! They are lucky to have Brad and Angie as parents involved in every aspect of their young life including the “playing” part so important for the healthy emotional development of a child !

  • curious

    the first picture is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen fromthis family.JJB has this photo from front and brad smile and seems happy about it while he taked pax hands with his another hand.and I can tell you in that photo pax is the cutest boy I have ever seen.

    but I can`t send that photo here please If some one can post that photo I will be appreciated.

  • anustin

    werz momma jolie?

  • curious

    162 frtnoool

    you are the funniest troll we`ve got here doctor b1***.

    do you know autist syndrom?really I ask you If you don`t know don`t try to copy what other people always say.

    go and see photo of Shiloh in Chicago in boat and then please take your a** out of here.b/c Shiloh expression when she looked at papz wasn`t at all like autistic people.

    those people are not attracted to anything and they have a special expression I know that b/c I`m a doctor .even me If I want to say that one kid has autist I will ask her parent to take her to my office and I spend at least 2 or 3 hours with that kids until I figured that she is patient or not.

  • anustin

    #152!!!!kidiot!too early.wash ur face.

  • black


    This is truly the shot of the day!

    Ladys and gentlemen——–PAX IS SMILING!!!

    Cool picture.

    But have you heard of Owen Wilsons suizide attempt?
    Now that´s something I can´t believe!

  • Naomi

    my prayers are with owen an his family.
    may he get better soon.

  • gena

    What is BRB? Love this family! Brad is such a great dad! Glad how on the video the police are there to control the papz! The papz is not all in their face! Glad Angie and Shi has time alone. She really needs Brad help with the brod! They are a handfull. They do a great job! Just love this more each day! Glad to hear them laughing and playing like other children. They deserve that!

  • Naomi

    oh an the 151-hater wasn’t me. i just got here an saw the owen wilson-thread an i’m gonna post ‘my prayers are with owen an his family.
    may he get better soon.’ on every thread until he gets better soon.
    thank you.

  • black

    Oh and….tell me again that Mads hair isn´t receeding.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. BP and AJ are good parents.
    Both set of playground and Park pictures are too cute.

    Some of these haters are not worth commenting on. Their hate and ignorance knows no bounds. They must live sad miserable lives. BP is fulfilling his dreams of being a Father after waiting so long and you tell by the pictures that he is enjoying being a dad.

    Haters can rant and smear all they want; they are only projecting their own miserable state and pitiful lives. Shiloh is a well-loved,active and pampered baby. She is a cutie and has the attention and love of both parents. She will never be the ex sitcom star’s baby, so haters go on the attack. Very simpleminded and juvenile of ya. However, that doesn’t stop BP and AJ from doing with is best for all four children. Some of you hens really need to get a grip on your hate and move on with your lives. Best wishes to BAMPZS and Peace to all.

  • gena

    Picture #9 – Brad looks so hot!!! Heart be still!! One fine man, one fine dad!

  • angel

    hi bampzs,adorable kids,love the jolie pitts

  • http://deleted Lady G

    EXCLUSIVE** Brad Pitt and his children Maddox, Pax, and Zahara return to their midtown Manhattan hotel. While they were entering, his son Maddox rushes through the revolving door while his sister Zahara was behind him almost injuring her hand but Daddy Brad Pitt prevents it, by stopping the door from spinning almost injuring himself.

  • angel

    people who know brad and angie always have good things to say,i hope they made some money for the project

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Second video from the park….

  • gena

    There appears to be two separate sets of pictures. In the auto in the WENN shots do not have the stickers that are on the photos of the other pictures. There three stickers. On WENN there are no photos. Plus when did the man get into the front seat with the driver. In WENN picture the driver does not look Black while in the other you can definitely tell he is black. Just a little confused as to when each were taken. The second group of pictures it appears to be a “Lexus” it is written on the window where Angie is seated. Very difficult to see the WENN picture, not very clear.
    Any way, in the second group Brad looks tired but contented. The dinner was a success. The article from E’ said that Brad and Angie were the last to leave, the dinner ended at 11:00 P.M. which means they probably didn’t get home until around 12:30 or 1:00 A.M. I think they both deserve to look tired; especially Angie she had just 2 hours earlier taken the kids to the park for fun and ice cream!

  • gili

    cute happy children.. the hottest dad in ther world :)

  • anustin

    what owen wilson?bwahaahaa what happen to his movie with miss aniston!nah!madonna said,HANG UP!

  • Johanna

    The second video at splash is adorable. Mad and Pax are the cutest thing ever.

  • angel

    lady G,thanks for both videos,brad is such a good dad,my heart just melt when i saw how the kids interact with him.may God continue to bless them

  • Naomi

    :( how disrespectful. a man tried 2 take his own life. ok just whateva. y’know i maybe a so-called ‘hater’ but i never wished death 2 the brangelina-family.
    peace an respect.

    oh an my prayers are also with the hogan family.

  • Jolie-pitt 4ever

    lk at pax big smile

  • angel

    i hope owen is doing okay,am sure the stupid tabs will have a field day with it,noami, please leave

  • uke-chan

    the smile of a child is really beaultiful ;-; it melts any heart

  • angel

    184,so true,i really have a good morning today

  • Mediterranean

    This guy loves to be dad. He seems like enjoying every second of being father, finally!

    I think that Pax is the most bold one of all.

    Hi to everyone of you who knows of me. For the new fans, a belated welcome. For the haters, still?


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    Optum sizleri

  • Lillianne

    I’ve been waiting for a big smile from Pax and there it is. Looks like everyone in the playground is in a happy mood. These are the best pictures ever.

  • angel

    will be back later

  • Fun week for gossip

    Ladies today it’s going to be fun! yesterday it was owen wilson, we’ll today Jake Gyllenhaal is coming out of the closet!

  • http://deleted Lady G

    A post from IMDb:

    as yall should know brad and anjelina came to the hamptons for a hurricane katrina benefit…

    my grandma is the one that drove them in a taxi cab to the benefit from gabreski airport, where there helicopter landed. even though yall probably think they took a limo, they didnt. she said they were very very nice and laid back, and normal like the rest of us. They are perfectly well and are still together and the shattered the rumors about breaking up(the rumors are not true).

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Credit JJB and pejaluver

    Thanks Fati,1186759,1186835#msg-1186835

    Totally OT: Brad Pitt and Kids in our playground today
    Posted by: Andie
    Date: August 26, 2007 09:00PM

    We were in our neighborhood playground (live in NYC) and all of a sudden I saw all of these people running close to us with really big cameras. I looked up and there was Brad Pitt and his son and daughter (and bodyguards).

    I actually felt really bad for them…as he was just trying to have fun with his kids in the playground and paparazzi were all over them. After a short while, one of the parents called police to get the the paparazzi out of the playground as in NYC, you can’t be in a playground if you don’t have a kid with you. So, all of the camera men left (stood outside the park) and they went on playing. Of course, all of the parents were either trying not to notice (like me…not really a Brad Pitt fan) or pushing their kids in their direction to get them to play together.

    I know it is part of the life that they signed on for but I did feel bad for them…especially the kids and they did not sign on for the attention.

    Anyway…an eventful day at the playground!

  • captd

    We fans did really well in ignoring the haters and just responding to the phots and the happiness, but then some of us could not refrain themselves. Please we have to work harder. The haters get really frustrated when we do not respond and then get so outrageous with their lies it is almost funny. So let them go. Maybe they can have a haters award for who can make up the biggest lie? Prize their own JA thread. So maybe they will go away. Love the JoliePitts

  • African Girl

    Good Morning all,
    Okay….these have got to be the most adorable pix yet. It’s so nice to see BP having fun watching his children have fun. If this isn’t a man made for fatherhood, I don’t know who is. I haven’t read the threads yet but I can already hear the echos of the National Self Appointed Guards/Protectors of Shiloh or NSAGPS.

    “Where’s Shiloh? Why don’t bring Shiloh? Why did they bring out in Chicago and not New York? Are they discriminating against New Yorkers….Oh my God, they must be State-ist. Ha ha! I knew their humanitarianism shctick was just that….a Shctick! Na na na na na *Do the Happy, Happy dance for finally finding something to use against the JPs*

    Goodness, Fanistons are Stupid.

    Anyway….thanks Jared.

  • Chanel

    OMG, the one with Z and Brad is just too cute. Love it!!

  • rosafay

    Oh, my…I just love the way they carry their kids. These couple do not have to dress up in a glamorous way but they look hot no matter what they have on. That is what you call beautiful people. It makes you feel good that you don’t need to wear high heels, super thick make up, blings that blind you and all those brand name accessories to feel good about yourself. May God Bless them always.

  • http://yahoo Yes


    Happy Bank Holiday to All Brits!!!

  • Mediterranean

    to the irrational haters,

    Has it ever occured to you that Shiloh’s being is none of your business? Shiloh is the child of Brad and Angie same as Maddox, Pax and Zahara; they do whatever they wish with them and for them.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Priceless pics, cutie!! I love ‘em all especially pic 1 and 3!!

  • diana

    What a wonderful pictures…so sweet and loving!!! brad pitt was very attentive specially with Z, what a doting father. paz probably tppk off his shoes…the bodyguard was holding it..I’m sure the kids had a fabolous time. Only in New York, only in NY!

  • Deb

    166 Naomi : 08/27/2007 at 7:44 am
    my prayers are with owen an his family.
    may he get better soon.


    My prayers are with Owen and his family too.

    Has anyone heard updates from Meli??
    Meli – I am praying for you, your family and the country of greece!