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Papa Pitt's Playground Family Fun

Papa Pitt's Playground Family Fun

Brad Pitt takes three of his four kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 — to a park playground on New York City’s Upper East Side on Tuesday.

Mad, Pax and Z climbed across the monkey bars, dropped down the fire engine poles and slid down the spirally slides. Looks like everybody had a blast with good dad Brad!

Here are some details about Brad and Angelina Jolie‘s dinner in the Hamptons, which they flew to via helicopter. E! Online reports, “The intimate four-hour soiree was attended by about 70 people, including Christie Brinkley, Pitt‘s Oceans 13 costar Ellen Barkin, Donna Karan, music honcho L.A. Reid and hotelier Andre Balazs. The New Orleans-inspired buffet menu—prepared by [hosts Jane Rosenthal and husband Craig Hatkoff’s] personal chef—included crabcakes, salmon, lamb, lemon pound cake and grilled peaches.”

More Pitt playground pictures inside…

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brad pitt kids playground 01
brad pitt kids playground 02
brad pitt kids playground 03
brad pitt kids playground 04
brad pitt kids playground 05
brad pitt kids playground 06
brad pitt kids playground 07
brad pitt kids playground 08
brad pitt kids playground 09
brad pitt kids playground 10

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1,048 Responses to “Papa Pitt's Playground Family Fun”

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  1. 126
    paulina Says:

    where is Shiloh again ??
    don’t you think that they are treating Shiloh and the other kids in a different way ? If she is heaving a nap why they don’t plan a family time when she is awake ?
    strange. In the beginning you could see Brad match more with his youngest one …

  2. 127
    LYB Says:

    oh, and pic 6, Maddox’s pose looks like he is modeling for something..he is such a handsome little kid..Zee’s facial expressions are always so cute and funny…
    Looks like they had a blast with daddy..

  3. 128
    Love Song Says:

    FOR ALL we know Shiloh could be sick and needs to rest so stuff it with the stupid theories. Brad and Angelina love all their children equally, and there is no ounce of proof that says otherwise!

  4. 129
    paulina Says:

    I love angie and brad.. and i thing they make a great couple and fantastic perants.
    I just hope that Shiloh i kept out of the spotlight because there is too mutch fuss over her.. Not because she is privileged above the others

  5. 130
    curious Says:

    128 paulina

    no you shouldn`t say that.b/c If angie doesn`t take shiloh out you always say angie doesn`t love shi ,and now you should treat the same .the reason which brad didn`t take shiloh out is b/c he doesn`t love her.why you always have a double standard for angie?stupid.

    you are not in their hotel and you don`t know what is really going on there If you say they treat her in another way I will say no Shiloh might get a cold from boat and they should take care of her in hotel until she feel better.

    and another one If you have four kids and your husband or wife was tired and want to stay home and you want to take kids out and you can`t take care of four of them well what will you do?

    you take the one with you that can`t play any of those entertainment and another reason she is 1 year old and she need all of your attention in those place .b/c she still can`t walk well what will you do?you take her with yourself just to makes people happy.

    you know what?I think you are so young and don`t have any kids and you just speak without any thought.please first think about every thing and then talk.

  6. 131
    me Says:

    pitt is an amazing dad

  7. 132
    paulina Says:

    I do have kids.. in fact the age of shiloh and she don’t walk yet also…and i try to take her everywhere i can…
    And ok i’m not there in the hotel but it look like you are ?????
    You know shiloh is sick ???
    I someone needs to shut up maybe is you ?

  8. 133
    Love Song Says:

    so what if you have kids. is there a law that says parents should raise their children in ONE particular way? just because YOU DO certain things as a parent dsnt mean angie and brad should do the same thing you do! they are amazing parents period.

    and is your comprehension skills lacking or what? i said FOR ALL WE KNOW … meaning shiloh not being there could be because of a number of things. so speculating that they dont love their children equally because shiloh wasnt in this outing is just plain stupid!

  9. 134
    curious Says:

    134 paulina

    but still I think you should shut up b/c you have kids how many?four or just two or one.ok If you don`t have four please shut up.

  10. 135
    curious Says:

    beside that you were the person who decided to judge why they didn`t take Shiloh out not me.and I said that If you told that I will say this doesn`t means that I know what is really going on in their house.

  11. 136
    Lenneke Hoope Says:

    Why do they never put their kids in a stroller? They seem to heavy to carry, don’t they? Is a stroller out of fashion these days? Must not look cool or something.

  12. 137
    truth Says:

    It seems they are preparing these kids for shared custody after their seperation.that`s why we can`t see both mommy and daddy with their kids.

  13. 138
    FYI Says:

    must be nice for brad to finally have children

  14. 139
    iren33 Says:


  15. 140
    jill Says:

    why angelina or brad don`t accompany each other in family fun?Is sth wrong with them.

  16. 141 Says:

    Too fabulous. Those kids look like they get a lot of love at home. Their faces are so bright with joy.

  17. 142
    jill Says:

    oops didn`t not don`t.

  18. 143
    org Ruth Says:

    to 139 SOOOOO what was that little boat trip they all took in Chicago including Shiloh, I might add,JEEEZ can you people give it a rest for one freakin day.

  19. 144
    curious Says:

    142 jill

    why jennifer garner takes her kid out alone without ben alot?why victoria beckham takes her kids out alone most of the time?why ben affleck takes his kid out some times?why courtney cox never takes her kid to play ground?why katie holmes takes her kids out alot without TOM?and …

    do you go to their thread and always ask the same question?

    b/c angie was so tired from last night and she needs more reasting time than brad b/c she went out with her kids yesterday to let brad prepare for his speech.understand now?

  20. 145
    frtnoool Says:

    brad looks always pissed when he is with his children, he laughs mostly only when he can promote himself alone or with angelina, but only when his causes are involved!

    i dont know, i dislike him more and more, and i hope angelina is not that dependant on his “love”

  21. 146
    OHH! PLEASE Says:

    aww, these are super cute, and it seems they all had a great time.

  22. 147
    always the same Says:

    I don’t know why you all respond to these trolls. Once they are proven wrong they just go to the next whining complaint.

    Ritzy Stop changing names.

  23. 148
    From the other thread Says:

    674 Schlumberger : 08/26/2007 at 9:12 pm
    This hater faked her concern that Shi was not seen much. Let me tell you, it’s the AGE !!!! You should read any child developmental book. Children this young, makes a big difference in a lot of the motor skills, and daily schedule. It is this daily schedule which dictates how convenient it is to take them outside the house.
    A child 12 months is totally different from a child 11 months or 13 months old even it is only a month apart. Also, sometimes the child may have a cold or ear infection. As any mother knows, it’s better to let the child rest at home.

    1) Shiloh, only 15 months old as of today, still takes at least 2 naps a day. Sometimes, it would be very inconvenient to haul her out when it’s so close to her nap time. Ask any mother, they will tell you. But of course, those low life tab magazines which sells to tweenies wont know enough to tell the difference.

    2) If you look at the following URL, you will notice that while Mad was in many of the outings , Z was not BECAUSE she was too young at that time . Note her age when she was absent on those outings and also note what kind of outing it was and decide for yourself if that was necessary to bring her along.

    3) One hater mentioned that we saw a lot of Z in India. Again, think about Z’s age !!!! age !!! Z was like 21 months old while they were in Mumbai. Still, if you go to the archive, you’ll notice she was absent in the 1st rickasaw ride in India.

    4) I’m sure once Shiloh takes fewer naps and has a longer awake time, she will be seen in many of the children’s outings.

    5) You haters just want to smear Angie and bring her down. How pathetic !!!

    Below are the URL which I extracted from justjared’s archive. I exclude any of the to and from airport pictures when the whole family were seen together.

    7/25/06 Brad and Angie took Mad out to lunch and walked on the beach. Angie walked without shoes on Z (18 months) was ABSENT.


    5/21/06 Brad took Mad and Z on a bide ride in Namibia. Z was 17 months old.


    5/14/06 Angie heavily pregnant took Mad out to a store to buy art supples in Namibia. Z (16 months old) was ABSTNT


    4/3/06 Angie took Mad to a supposed photo shoot. Mad had face painting. Z (15 months old) was ABSENT.

    3/31/06 Angie took Mad out in the streets of Paris (with bodyguard). Mad had baloons etc. Z( 15 months old) was ABSENT.
    3/29/06 Angie took Mad out shopping again in the afternoon. Z ( 15 months old) was ABSENT.

    3/7/07 Brad took Mad to dinner in Berlin. Z (14 months old) was ABSENT.

    2/24/06 Angie and Holly took Mad and Z out in the playground in Paris. Z (14 months old) was ABSENT

    2/23/06 Brad took Mad to the toy store in Paris. Z (14months old) was ABSENTt.

    2/21/06 Angie took Mad to the museum. Z (14 months old ) was ABSENT.

    2/21/06 Brad and Angie took Mad and Z to the carousel in Paris. Z did not go on the carousel. Brad carried her all the time while Mom and Mad took the ride.


  24. 149
    Louise Says:

    These kids are so cute. It’s funny how Brad has to get Z when she wouldn’t go down the slide. I don’t understand why people think it’s a big deal that Shiloh isn’t there. We don’t know anything. She may be sick and they want to keep her inside. Since she’s younger and can’t do much it’s easier to let the older kids to do what they want.

  25. 150
    BeeLoved Says:

    There are a few broken records that seems to be playing the same awful tune. :( i just wish they can’t play anymore.

    Thanks Jared for the many lovely threads that you have created on our lovely family. :)

    i wish there are some pics on the Hampton event….. ‘cos the comments was “Brad and Angie are adorable” :lol:

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