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Jared Padalecki @ Teen Choice Awards 2007

Jared Padalecki @ Teen Choice Awards 2007

When Jared Met Jared

Like all of the other celebrities, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki and his actress girlfriend Sandy McCoy ran quickly past the butt end line of press at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

I didn’t think much of it until I noticed Sandy‘s keen roving eye light up at the sight of the placard on the press gate. She quickly pointed it out to Jared, who glanced over my way, smiled and nodded. I smiled and nodded back. (It’s a Jared name thing, you wouldn’t understand.)

Celebrities started bottlenecking after walking through the metal detectors before entering the Gibson Amphitheater. I seized the opportunity to flag Jared down and get him to pose with the “I LOVE JUSTJARED.COM” sign. “Sure, of course!” he said. Jared even made me take another photo with me in it! Double Jared!!

Right before Jared and Sandy took off from the show, they were kind enough to pose together for a great candid shot (see below).

Jared, 25, and Sandy, 28, met on the set of the 2005 horror movie Cry Wolf.

More pictures inside of Jared at the TCAs…

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jared padalecki teen choice awards 2007 01
jared padalecki teen choice awards 2007 02
jared padalecki teen choice awards 2007 03
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jared padalecki teen choice awards 2007 06
jared padalecki teen choice awards 2007 07
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Photos:, Frank Micelotta/Frazer Harrison/Getty/FOX
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  • Lillianne

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  • Lillianne

    And you shouldn’t be Just Jared. You should be THE Jared.

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    jared and sandy make a cute couple! :)

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    LMAO #9.
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  • Jack Jett

    Very cute couple.

    Great swag….where did you get it?

    I surf this internet high and low and I can tell you that everyone love Jared. It makes me wish I were young and cute, instead of old, tired and washed up.

    jack jett

  • Jen

    Cool pictures! I loved Cry Wolf and i didn’t know they were dating!

  • Iris

    I love both Jareds!

  • Marie

    I LOVE Dean!! I’m so glad Jared has found a career after Gilmore’s. He was so good in that role, and I always wished he had more air time. Yay!

  • Shorty

    Jared: Excuse me, but does your Mum know you’re out and about with all them old people? My goodness, you’re a baby

    Thanks for all the great pictures Jared!!

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    You’re the best, Just Jared! And cute too…

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    NOW it’s obvious why we see Heidi and Shark Teeth here every day – Jared is 12 yrs old and probably loves The Hills. Your pic explains it ALL. I will never ask “why” again. LOL.

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    Beautiful Sandy, Cute Jared.

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    Jared Padalecki is cute. I love Supernatural.
    Hey JJ is nice to see a pic of you…Thanks for everything. You are really young and you are doing a great job wiht the site. Congratulations!!

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    double Jared xD
    thx a lot for the pics

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    Jared…you are so lucky that you got to meet Jared lol I am so jealous!
    Him and his girlfriend are so cute. I’ve never seen them together actually.

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    They make such a cute couple! I’m sooo happy for them. Even though I’m hella in love with Jared…lol. I think they are soooo cute togehter!

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    I went to school w/Jared and his sister… Megan. She designed one of the yearbook covers….pretty cool.

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    ohhh my god!
    I wish to be with him!!!
    you’re so great!!
    congratulations! you’re site is the best!
    you should be “jared, the one” xD
    ah! and I know, it doesn’t matter but I hate sandra!

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    OMG! Supernatural is an AWESOME show! I think it should go on many more seasons! Yay Jared!!! :D

  • =)

    This man is S E X.

  • deansmissionsam

    Beautiful Jared is just “a big kid” (as Jensen had said before!) Is it true that Sandy’s 3 years older than Jared? He’s ‘always the baby!’ Jensen and Jared were just born for the part of Dean and Sam!! So happy S3 is now on. God bless Jensen,Jared and EK for doing an awesome job on Supernatural!

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  • deadbeat

    Thanks for publishing your shots of the much older Jared Padalecki. I haven’t seen your site before, but if Just Jared gets more info on Jared and Jensen from the awesome Supernatural, I will definitely be coming back. I think it is so cute that Just Jared posed with Jared. Sandy and JPad look like a great couple… I hope it lasts *sigh*.

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