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Miss South Carolina's Second Chance

Miss South Carolina's Second Chance

Miss South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton, tries to explain her nonsensical answer from the Miss Teen USA pageant, which has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Lauren is shown the footage of herself for the first time and explains she was nervous because it was her first time on National TV. She admitted on The Today Show, “I am nervous just sitting here, on national TV again. Everything did come at my once. I was overwhelmed and I made a mistake. Everybody makes mistake. I’m human.

“Right when the question was asked to me, I was in complete shock. I was overwhelmed that I seriously think I only heard one or two words of the actual question itself. I misunderstood and drew a blank.

“Looking back, I am sitting here laughing at myself because I feel like, ‘Is that really me?’ It’s like I’m not in my actual body… Let’s just go back in time and redo everything. [laughs] I am 18 and I believe that I’m a very strong person, very strong character, and my parents raised me very well.”

Today co-anchors Matt Lauer and Ann Curry tell Lauren that she shouldn’t worry as they flub on National TV all the time too. They even give her a second chance to redo answer the original question, which was “Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?”

Lauren‘s much more sensible, rehearsed answer was: “Well, personally, my friends and I, we know exactly where the United States is on our map. I don’t know anyone else who doesn’t. If the statistics are correct, there should be more emphasis in geography in our education, so people will be able to read maps better.”

As for her future? “My goal is to attend Appalachian State University, major in graphic design. Once graduated from there, go to L.A. and go into the International Academy of Design and Technology and major in special effects, learning to design special effects and movies and television.”

DOES MISS SOUTH CAROLINA even own a computer or a map?

Miss South Carolina‘s Second Chance – The Today Show, 8/28
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  • Ava


  • Two Buck Chuck

    Uh, why is she getting all this press for being a retard? And she was a runner up, right? God, we really are a simple culture if this is entertainment.

  • Anita

    Even though it was a complete blunder and that new answer was obviously rehearsed, I will take up for her a bit…I have said really stupid things by accident before and that was without the pressure of being on live TV, in front of millions of people watching…we are only human and everyone makes mistakes…unfortunately for her, that mistake came at a really bad time…people shouldn’t be too hard on her…unless you are free of speech blunders yourself, no one should have any right to jump her case…I say let it go and move on…

  • boredtodayboredtomorrow

    she’s an idiot..plain and simple..ok, next.

  • [~Famous~]

    why are they letting this tardo explain?!? she didnt win, she’s a loser. now they giving people 15mins for being fucking dumb? lmaoo

  • Orchid

    On Fox and Friends they called it an “extreme blonde moment.”

  • Tina Marie

    She’s only 18 isn’t she? And wasn’t this only the Teen USA Pageant? This story should not even get the attention it is. So what if she screwed up an answer? I am sure everyone here has done the same. They need to leave the girl alone and move on to real news stories. All the morning shows anymore cover all this fluff on their programs rather than focusing on serious stories. Such a waste!

  • Janey

    Blonde and dumb.

  • bagel

    lol what is the point of letting her answer it again, now that she’s had the time to rehearse and get the answer from someone smarter than herself?

  • angelina

    My mom and I were taking about the question and it just seems obvious that when you look at a world map you dont see it say “US or United States” it say “North America” which people might not be looking for.

  • mouche

    I absolutely believe her when she says she was so nervous that she was in “complete shock”. She sounded like she had a kind of “blackout”, and just rambled on. Poor girl! Stage fright can strike the most experienced entertainer sometimes!

  • Brabbigan

    She has a fish face.

  • Chan

    She gives blondes a baddddddd name.

    She did’t win so why is she gettin attention for f*kcn up!

  • greenpeace

    My goal is to attend Appalachian State University, major in graphic design. Once graduated from there, go to L.A. and go into the International Academy of Design and Technology and major in special effects, learning to design special effects and movies and television. whoa,,,,she actually knows ‘graphic design’! now, please ask her to use Macromedia Dreamweaver for a start. Next, she’s gonna explain that “I’m still in the process of learning to use Microsoft Word.

  • kat


  • Mmmmmm

    She got to where she is by her looks, nothing more. I cannot believe she did not come up with a better answer even after she has plent of time. She will always be a Dikc hire.


    oh, poor thing.

  • Sarah

    I usually hate these type of women, but I do feel sorry for her here. She got a little nervous which turned into an international thing. But yeah, she’s pretty dumb.

  • Jekka

    In her defense, I do think that people were a little hard on her. Watching the video of her rambling she was obviously really nervous and wasn’t thinking. So I don’t think it’s fair that people are calling her dumb because she got nervous and blanked.

    However, her answer to the same question after she’s had time to think about it really disappoints me. She didn’t have the depth to think about the question in terms of anything other than surface value. The fact that one fifth of Americans can’t locate their own country on a world map runs a larger issue than just geography.

    Now, I don’t want to start the whole “American’s are dumb” debate again but I do think they seriously lack knowledge in any topic outside the United States. For example, I’m Canadian and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve travelled to the US and they don’t know where Canada is (even though we are their largest trading partner and right next door!) or how many of them ask me what its like to live in an igloo. And oh, how I wish I was making this up. But I mean seriously, come on people! Respect yourselves and your own intelligence enough to take the time to learn about the rest of the world. The world has so much to offer outside of the US and it would really benefit you to learn about it.

    I think that is the issue that should be coming out of the question not just that more American’s should own maps. Shallow response Miss South Carolina on your second time around.

  • ME!!!

    she’s just a dumbass. there’s nothing to explain. pagents are their chance to show their “real” (albeit rehearsed) selves. they practice, practice, and then practice some more. there’s no reason for her to be nervious, national tv audience or not. and being on the Today show doesn’t make her nervous? yea right! it’s audience is better than the teen USA pagent could ever dream of. she clearly got people to train her and write her answer. at least she could memorize.

  • looloolool

    please this idiot doesnt need more air time, she is an idiot. there are many beauties with brains, let them have airtime.

  • the_original_nika

    lmao #6.

    “DOES MISS SOUTH CAROLINA even own a computer or a map?”
    hahaha, jared you crack me up.

  • looloolool

    angelina its says united states, you obviously had a map that has the name of continets, not the country names.

  • john

    lol she is such a dumb girl, I’ll fuck her, and come in her mouth, but will nevr call back. I would be a ashamed to be seen with her in public. she is the type you wanna use, and abuse.hahaha easy target.

  • lucy.

    how many guys did she fuck to get this far in this competion.????

  • Your Mama

    “Little Miss Sunshine”

    If you haven’t seen it – you must watch it!

  • ana

    She’s cute, I like her… she seems nice

  • EbolaHater

    lol thank you very much Jekka! Finally a blogger with a brain other than to insult people based on appearance. We live in a shallow society and love to watch people fall flat on their faces when they are down. Give a girl a break. She made a mistake. Now, she had a second chance to redeem herself and as a result solidified why she did NOT win the contest. Better luck next time.

  • Hot Blonde No Brain

    Okay so she freaked. So do the other 1million other teenagers who are on tv, play sports and are put in position of light. She had time to rehearse, she had the questions, and she not only jacked that up, she made the rest of us look like we’re from the same school she and the president came from. The University of Hot AIR!

    Does she deserve what she gets? YES, she planted the seeds of vanity and now she dosn’t want to reap the benefits of what she created. Her concsiousness didn’t leave room for that…

  • roan

    Why is it getting press ???…
    NBC- (The Today show) is co-owner of The Miss Teen USA Pagent
    ITS FREAKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Media is bias…Throw your tv away.

  • Joan

    Are her parents wealthy and socially connected?. Why was air-time wasted on this nonesense?. Her answer was a clear example of why 1/5 of Americans can’t find our own country on a map because, some of us spend more time choosing lipgloss that reading a book.

    DOES NBC THINK THIS INCIDENT WILL DRIVE SPONSORS AWAY?. If anything, the next batch of contestants should be motivated to be a little more intelligent in their answers.

  • allison

    did anyone else notice that matt kept calling her Caitlin?

  • allison

    lol never mind – that is her middle name.

  • bataglio

    wasn’t there a recent article out about how scientists found a part of the universe that is complete, absolute nothingness — and it completely freaked them out? i don’t recall the article mentioning that the location of this vacuum was this blondie’s head though… huge oversight, cnn.

  • callgirl3

    Pretty moron. Nerves she says? How about a culture that tells girls that it’s sexy to act like a drunk nitwit baffoons.

  • El Gordo

    Why is so funny? you make this mistakes too! Once again Canadains “OOOH! WE ARE SOOO SMART! WE ARE OF CHOSEN PEOPLES! WHY AMERICANS SO DUMB? WE ONLY GOOD SMART PEOPLES!” When you time comes an attacked, watch who come savid you sorry A**! “Dumb” Americans, That’s who! “OOOH WE SO GOOD! DON’T NEED SOMEBODY! WE SMARTEST OF HOLE WORLD! Why es you people so obnoxious? “OOOH! LOOKIT ME! I CANADAIN! I SMART! I BETTER! Grow a mole and cry in you igloo!

  • kate.

    she was second runner up?
    what does that show you about americans?

  • remember da truth

    I cannot believe anyone defending this numbskull!!! And the people not wanting her on the Today show are CORRECT!!! She should be made to fade away, go back to school, and get an education before trying to represent America.

    Those who say she’s only 18 and it was live TV – that’s the whole point, dumbasses!!! Could she think on her feet? NO!! Everyone else could, though. When she didn’t hear correctly (yeah, right) did she ask for the question to be repeated? NO!!! Could she stand the pressure? NO!! And even if she didn’t hear correctly, the answer was not a ‘mistake’ it was a rambling, nonsensical collection of random words. She didn’t say something simple that just happened to not pertain to the question. She was a complete DIPSHIT!!!! And so what if a couple of days later after thinking about it she can come up with a completely trite, and equally revealingly stupid answer that just happens to be a complete sentence? SHE FAILED UNDER PRESSURE when asked a reasonably easy question.

    Anyone who defends this idiot is just as stupid. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity except to prove the point that Americans are ignorant.

  • Ash

    If the new answer was rehearsed, couldn’t she have come up with something better than that?

    Statistics show that Americans can’t find America on a map and all she has to say is that her friends can find America on the map?
    Come on.


    To El Gordo
    I’m not banking on America ever coming to save us if we’re attacked. Mainly because they won’t be able to find us.

  • ike

    Angelina, dont you think that people should know where their own country is located even if the name isnĀ“t shown on the map? I suggest that you and your mum think this through, there is a better answer to this question than the one you came up with.

  • remember da truth

    Ike, you were much kinder than I was going to be!! I was dumbfounded when I read that! So you can’t find the U.S. unless it’s printed in big letters? That doesn’t mean you found the country on the map, it means you looked for a recognizable word! IDIOTS!! And her mom also thinking it’s a normal thing not to be able to find the United States on a globe — no wonder her daughter is so ignorant! At least they were looking for it. Maybe now they can learn where one of the largest and most important countries in the world is located.

    Thank goodness they figured out it was in North America! What next? Will they try to figure out if New Mexico is a state or not?

  • (‘@’)

    You don’t need to know how to point out America on the map to know that nicely ask the questioner to repeat the question if you didn’t get it the 1st time. I can’t beleive nowaday, there are still girls would like to be a bimbo…God bless America…..

  • Thomas R.

    Quit excusing this unitelligent idiot. She is obviously the product of American high schools who are substandard to say the least. Most maps DO NOT say North America only unless you are looking at the political map version. Quit feeling sorry for this spoiled brat. Plus, havent most of your had geography in school?… oh no, I forgot, it’s not mandatory in American high schools so most kids grow up to be ignorant about world affairs, geography, politics, history, etc.

  • Pedro

    oh my god, what an idiot.