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Sleeparound Sienna Strikes Again?

Sleeparound Sienna Strikes Again?

Sienna Miller grabs lunch with Welsh actor pal Rhys Ifans last week in West London.

The pair, spent an hour in each other’s company, sipping wine, before Sienna left to meet up with some friends in trendy Notting Hill Gate London.

Sienna, 25, has denied sleeping with Rhys, 39: “I always hear things about me and different men. Is my nickname Sleeparound Sienna? I can assure you I’m not. And Rhys is crashing on my couch – we’re not sleeping together.”

10+ pictures inside of Sienna and Rhys lunching in London…

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44 Responses to “Sleeparound Sienna Strikes Again?”

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  1. 26
    Smilehexe Says:

    And so far overrated you have to add, as she’s not worth one word being said about her. But it says a lot about our times that there are still people who adore that person.

  2. 27
    pancakebottom Says:

    they look good together…lol

  3. 28
    depeche Says:

    NOO, Rhys cant be gay.

  4. 29
    Dirty Cougar Says:

    I like Sienna too! Live & Let Live!

  5. 30
    Shauna Says:

    Sienna has taken more than her share of blog bashing. Curiously, it was Jude who was the ‘sleep around ****’ in their relationship. She may have hopped around a bit afterward but I could hardly blame her after such a public humiliation. I think she is refreshingly original, and different from the cookie cutter Hollywood types. I wish her happiness.

  6. 31
    RickHatesSienna Says:

    sienna is exactly like every other hollywood type. she says she hates being photographed but ends up getting her shot taken everyday. if she really hated it then she’d avoid it. i see the dykes and sienna’s pr firm are out in full force tonight. where can i get on the payroll to build up this slag. sienna you oozze sleaze. thank god you’re in london and not here. just don’t follow the beckham’s idea and come here, at least david is something to look at.

  7. 32
    diddy'sslut Says:

    remember sienna before nanny gate? me either. the end!!!! slag!

  8. 33
    Ick Says:

    justjared you used to be cool, now i have to come to look at this???please stop.

  9. 34
    Ick Says:

    i can’t wait until kiera gets the oscar next year for the edge of love and sienna is left crying in a pile of her dogs shi t. lol and yes that will happen. kiera has class to share,sienna has only a s s to share. lol lol

  10. 35
    Yily Says:

    I love what Sienna is wearing in these pictures. Always the fashion icon she is.

  11. 36
    girl from kazahstan Says:

    Who The **** is Rhys Ifans ?

  12. 37
    depeche Says:

    hey, Rhys Ifans is a very talented welsh actrot, well know in british films and on stage

  13. 38
    depeche Says:

    Hey, Rhys Ifas is a very talented welsh actor, wellknown in british films and on stage. He is an actor, not just a paparazzilover like Sienna

  14. 39
    Belinda Says:

    Rhys may be a very talented welsh actor, but he looks like **** in these pictures. Didn’t he used to be fairly nice looking? Wasn’t he in Notting Hill and Vanity Fair? What happened? I think he’s been hanging out with Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty.

  15. 40
    prison break fanatic Says:

    i have jsu relasied that men are not the problem( iam a girl) women are. instead of trying to empower each other you just bring each other down just becasue she is living with a man right now doesnt mean she is sleeping with him. arent women always complaining how things have not been equitable in a long time. and yet you call someone you dont even know a ****? i guess things will never be equal unless women stop bitching. it doesnt look convincing so far though

  16. 41
    b_ Says:

    i love Sienna so much.she’s very beautiful,she’s a good actress,she has a really great style and i’ve saw a lot of interviews and she has a very funny sense of hero!
    otherwise i have never heard about Rhys.

  17. 42
    ('@') Says:

    EW!! Who is that nasty looking man??

  18. 43
    Liliya Says:

    Rhys Ifans looks soooo different. Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen Notting Hill, but the thing I remember him from is “Once Upon a Time in the Midlands” and he was amazing but he played such a square, he’s unrecognizable in real life!

    i don’t get all the Sienna bashing. for me as an actress she’s neither here nor there, but there are far more untalented & annoying actresses that don’t get this much rage. Barton, Lohan, Johansson, Alba, Duff, Spears, insert name of it girl, they’re ALL wildly overrated beyond their actual abilities. Sienna I can deal with, at least she’s funny

  19. 44
    Sally Says:

    Rhys is very talented actor!Probably he’s one of my fav British actors.My fav his films :The 51st State, Little Nicky, Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, Chromophobia, Hannibal Rising, Enduring Love. I think he’s amazing.Let men to have a good time)

    Greetings from Russia.

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