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Wentworth Miller's New 'Prison Break' Promos

Wentworth Miller's New 'Prison Break' Promos

Pictured below: Wentworth Miller returns as Michael Scofield, Amaury Nolasco returns as Fernando Sucre, Chris Vance joins the cast as James Whistler, Robert Knepper returns as T-Bag, Danay Garcia joins the cast as Sofia, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe joins the cast as Susan B. Anthony, Robert Wisdom joins the cast as Lechero, William Fitchner returns as Alex Mahone, and Wade Williams returns as Brad Bellick.

Susan B. Anthony????????

Prison Break Season 3 premiere episode “Orientacíon” airs on Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX! Check out the first 17 minutes of this episode here with screencaps.

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Photos: Patrick Ecclesine/FOX
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  • A:L

    Where’s the boyfriend? Tee-hee.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Went is sexy!!!!

    I miss prison Break

  • Bite me

    so cute

  • yomama

    Love him even more now that he’s out.

  • nanana

    How can such a HOT guy be gay??????

  • Tara

    Love him so much…………..

  • Vanessa

    When did Wentworth Miller say he is gay? I haven’t seen this anywhere. Help me. Oh, dear. I thought he said back around 4 months ago that he was firmly not gay.

  • Jocelyn

    He hasn’t released any kind of statement that announces that he’s gay. But he’s finally starting to go out in public with his boyfriend. I don’t know his boyfriend’s name. But he’s hot and he’s the ex of T.R. Knight.

  • Chills

    can’t wait!!!

  • Giulia

    oh nics promo pics!! Scofield rocks!! Wentworth is so damn sexy!!

  • Chills

    gay or not gay
    he is still hottt

  • marie

    My heart broke so badly when i saw the pics of him and the ‘boyfriend’ but i’m still a HUGE fan and can’t wait for season 3…he’s soooo hot…why are the hot ones gay ?

  • Vanessa

    So, why are people claiming he came out? Just because someone is with someone down the street does not make them TOGETHER. Oh, gosh. This is ridiculous. Whatever. Looking forward to Prison Break.

    I miss Sara. I hope she comes back soon.

  • jenn

    he’s so gorgeous…and if he is gay, im not believing till he makes an official statement ;) he’s still drop dead gorgeous even if he is :)

  • Lola

    I can’t beleive he is gay……..i saw the pics of him yesterday out with that other gay guy…..i am in complete denial….but then i think ….why would he take a walk and go to a museum with this guy????
    oh what a waste :(
    I don’t think I ever saw him with a woman……i wonder if the network would appreciate him coming out!!!! it must be very hard for the young fans to drewl over a gay guy………

  • yomama

    to all the ppl saying that he’s not gay.
    here are the clues:
    wenty and luke spend most of their free timer together and are thinking of moving together.
    luke is the guy he is rumoured to be with for at least 8 months.
    luke accompannied wenty to japan when he was shooting an adverty and they stayed in the same hotel room.

  • Stefanie

    NM:Where is Sarah?

  • Jocelyn

    Yikes, Vanessa. Maybe b/c of people like you, Went stays in the closet. You seem to not want to accept the fact that a gorgeous, successful actor could posssibly be *gasp* gay. You are in denial darling. He’s been seeing that guy for a few months. But if you want to believe that he’s just “walking with a man” in the pics, go right ahead. Vanessa, don’t be alarmed but…a lot of people are gay. They don’t have to announce their sexuality to the world. I never heard Jessica Alba announce to the world that she was straight. She just is. And Went just is gay.

  • Meg

    Lola, he probably also doesn’t come out b/c the show is based in jail and , well, there are too many abvious puns in the fact that he’s gay and in jail. Like, he probably like it in jail, he drops the soap on purpose, etc..

  • eustacia

    He hasn’t released any kind of statement that announces that he’s gay. But he’s finally starting to go out in public with his boyfriend. I don’t know his boyfriend’s name. But he’s hot and he’s the ex of T.R. Knight.

    His boyfriend according to….who? Those of us who speculate here on the internet?

    It’s amazing how much drama a few pictures can provoke. I know those pictures prove that he’s most likely gay, but let’s wait for him to say so before we speak on his behalf.

  • Pati

    Actually, he was pictured out on a date with some blonde woman back in I believe it was either March or May. The photos appeared in a few magazines both in the United Stated and Internationally. And there was also a photo of him from back in early December on a date with some brunette woman.
    Add to this the fact that he was quoted from an interview he did down in Sydney, Austrailia last December. Where he stated, “No, I am not gay!” So until the day comes that he does his own “Yes, I’m Gay” article in People(as both Ellen Degeneres and Lance Bass did), thereby retracting his previous statement of “No, I am not Gay!” I will be believing what the man himself said, and not what a bunch of gossip hungry, rumor mongers say.

  • nicole

    here we are new prison break promo pics. the question is : where is went now?is he with luke? went why are you gay? went u look so cute in these pics. can’t wait for season three

  • Vanessa

    I will too. And, I am not in denial, but heck, I thought this was all out and it is not. Perhaps you all are in denial. I am not. I just don’t want something said about someone, who I know for a fact discounted in May or March of this YEAR!

    It is not right to do this. Poor guy.

    Unlike other gay celebs, who came out of the closet, they avoided the question or steered away from it for years. Wentworth did not. Just like Ryan Seacrest. They say it and they go on.

  • eustacia

    I never heard Jessica Alba announce to the world that she was straight. She just is. And Went just is gay.

    Your comparison is a stretch. I don’t mean to offend but straight people don’t need to announce that they’re straight because that’s the natural order of things?

  • Davis

    Ummm. I bet most of you don’t live in WeHo like I do. I see all the action first hand. He is gay. It’s not even a big deal. I know most of you that are in denial don’t see Went out and about in your neighborhood. If you did, you’d know he was gay. Ask anyone that lives out here. It’s not a big secret.

  • lily

    Mahone’s head looks huge.

  • Jocelyn

    It may be a stretch to you. Most likely you are a straight. If you were gay, you would never feel the need to come out and announce it to the world, either.

  • Vanessa

    Davis, I live there, and what are you seeing? Call me blind but I am lost. What are you talking about exactly?

  • Pati

    Has anyone taken the time to look really closely at the photos of Went and Luke together. Of the 23 shots of them “together”, one features just Luke by himself, and twelve shots of just Went by himself. Of the ten photos of them “together”, in none of them are Went and Luke showing any signs of being a couple on a date. In these photos Went in either walking a few steps behind or off to the side. At no time are they looking at each other, holding hands, or showing any signs of a loving couple. In fact the only time that they are smiling is when they are looking directly at the cameraperson. And even then, with the exeption of one photo, it seems to be only Went smiling. Also, four of the twenty-three shots of them “together”(where it features only Went by himself), are of Went from an entirely different day. In these four photos, he in wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes. Where as, in the photos of him “with” Luke, he is wearing a blue shirt, khaki pants, and sandals. Also, in the photos where he is wearing the white shirt and blue jeans, he appears to be at an airport.

  • Vanessa

    The photos do seem weird. None of them seem to match. They are not talking.

  • Naima

    I’m crushed that he’s gay and really its no one’s business but why would he go through all that trouble denying that he’s gay. He went as far as saying that he wants to have children with a woman and that the media makes up things. He should have just said nothing, because it makes him look dishonest, I’m a bit confused by all this, not as confused as he must be. I hope he’s able to come out peacefully cause I can imagine how it must be, look at Tom Cruise, maybe that’s why he’s lost his shit.

  • katie

    they’re not talking but they look like a couple. I think that went is coming out of the closet

  • blabla

    It’s getting closer :). OMG I can’t wait. I saw the 17 minutes, so exciting.

  • Pati

    Let’s examine photos we have seen of gay couples that are actually out. Couples like Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi and Rosie O’Donnell and her wife. In any photos you see of these two loving and openly gay couples they are holding hands, they have their arms around the other, and in most they are at least looking at each other smiling lovingly at one another.
    Now lets look at the photos of Went and Luke “together.” Of the ten photos with them together, they are not only not talking as Vanessa said. There is at least a foot of space between them as they are walking and in a few of them Went appears to be walking at least a few steps behind Luke or off to the side. There is no hand holding, no arms around the other, they at no point so much as look at one an other. And of the photos of them together in the car, Went has his right leg crossed over his left, which in affect distances him from Luke, rather than the other way which would put him closer to Luke.
    I showed these photos to my psychology teacher, who said that based upon their body language, they look like no more than a couple of freinds hanging out together. And when I pointed out that Luke was gay. My teacher’s exact words were, “What does that have to do with anything?” In other words, just because one person is gay does not mean that the other one is.

  • Vanessa

    Pati, another reasonable person, like myself :)

  • LL

    Well said, Pati!

  • gemma

    if you look at the full screen pic of went it looks like he has had a manicure because no mans nails look like that a bit more proof he is gay lol

  • kim

    I just wanted to say Pati thank you for being the voice of reason on this matter. I’m so sick of everyone automatically assuming he is based on a few photos. Until he makes an official statement I’m choosing to believe his words back in March with his Sydney interview.
    And if he is, then just let the man live in peace. It really is no one business and shouldn’t affect his work on PB.
    By the way can’t wait for the new season!:)

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    Oh god the denial ville machinery is still in working..or maybe it’s the fantasy of Went showing up at your to door and rescue you has completely evaporatd *Puff*..sorry girls he ain’t interested in your parts. LOL! He’s gay…and what’s more he’s into a much hotter younger very much gay guy!

  • the_original_nika

    Im with pati. PB is almost here.

  • Two Buck Chuck

    Gay, gay and it’s OKAY! Christ, there are worse things to be!

  • blah

    oh patti, you are retarded. i can’t possibly believe you would take these pictures to your psychology teacher for an analysis. they must think you are a complete and total nutcase, as do i. of all the stupid things i’ve read your analysis is on the top of the list. not every couple feels the need to grope and make out in public like some straight couples, especially if they are in public denial of their relationship. take your beloved brangelina, they showed no chemistry whatsoever in any of their smith promos. if i have to see one more groping couple on the subway i’m going to beat them with my man-bag. denial on this site is as strong as a britney fans claiming she’s making a comeback. wait, it’s probably the same people saying both things.

    pb sucked hard last season, it will this season too no doubt- whether wentworth comes out or not.

  • Two Buck Chuck

    Wait, blah. Are you saying… are you saying Britney WON’T make a comeback???? **sniff!!!

    *rolls eyes and totally agrees with everything you said. Oh, and I bet your man-bag looks hawt!

  • Brad C

    Went is gay. I live in weho and a couple of my close friends have known him for longer than he’s been famous. That is his bf and he’s very closeted for all the reasons above. He doesn’t go out to gay bars or parties for obvious reasons. I am happy he’s starting to come out…btw, they are way hotter than Reichen and his piece.

  • Lola

    Gee, my statement of denail should maybe not have been made that weay…all i was feeling was wow i would have never noticed (not that it really maters) Gay or not he is a freat actor….i just thought it would be difficult for the young girls (such as my teenage daughters) to talk about him the way they do …that’s all i meant by denial……… britney had nothing to sdo with this blah.

  • Cathy

    Wow- I’ve just have been reading all those comments! Nearly died when I read the comment which said something like “I love him even more now he’s come out”. Then I realised he hadn’t actually made a statement to anybody!

    So yeah he could be gay. Then again just as equally he could be straight. I’m not in denial but I’m not going to just assume he’s gay because of rumours and photos which have been cropping up everywhere!

    People are saying it makes him seem dishonest (if he is actually gay) because he’s been saying that he definetly is not gay, but all it makes him is worried and possibly scared about coming out. After all it would be a scary thing- for us (who aren’t famous) it’d be difficult enough to come out to our friends and family. Went would have to do that AND his fans also.

    So I’m just saying we should all stop worrying! It makes no difference! Girls who fancy him- most of you would probably not end up going out with him if you met him anyway so just keep fantasising!

    Gay or not I’ll still love Went and be a HUGE fan! Always always dream to meet him someday!


  • http://donthave Roary

    OMG NO WAY HES NOT GAY !! NO WAY :(:(:( hey wat happend to Sara?

  • Pati

    Okay Blah, first of all you apparently need to get your hands on a dictionary. The exact definition of retarded means as follows: 1)To slow up especiallly by preventing of hindering advance or accomplishment; 2)to delay academic progress by failure to promote; and 3)a musical suspension, specifically: one that resolves upward. It is in no way indicative of a persons intelligence or lack there of.
    As for my bringing the photos to my psychology teacher. I did not bring them to him. I was looking at them during a break in class and he had coming over and was looking at them over my shoulder. And offered his unsolicited opinion of the matter, since we had been discussing the subject of reading a persons body language in the class before.
    As for couple gay or straight feeling the need to as you say “grope” in public. No, I do not believe that couple should feel the need to show public displays of affection. And in some cases it is even highly inappropriate. But as I have stated before, physical contact aside. They don’t even so much as look at each other, or smile in each others direction.
    Finally, I am in no way a Britney Spears fan. I could care less if she makes a comeback or not. So how my statement connected my to that issue, I will never know.

  • Lola

    way to go pati!!!!!!!could not hAVE SAID IT BETTER myself!!!! bravo:)