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Gimme More, Britney, Gimme More

Gimme More, Britney, Gimme More

Britney Spears upcoming single is called “Gimme More,” reports EW.

The upcoming single off her fifth studio album will debut as soon as next week and is an up-tempo club cut produced by Timbaland protégé Nate ”Danjahandz” Hills (Justin Timberlake, T.I.). Britney reportedly shot the ”Gimme More” music video back in July.

”People are going to love [the new single],” raved one source. ”It’s like when Justin came back [with FutureSex/LoveSounds] – she’s got a whole new sound. She’s funky.”

Another source gushed, ”It’s a smash! She’s going to come out strong. The only question is, with all the drama, are people going to want something fun or something more serious? This is a dance single.”

Pictured: Britney, in her fave brown boots, shopping at Club Monaco on Tuesday.

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  • KrungKrung

    stupid and
    irresponsible mother

  • susan

    did it again

  • Slayer, The

    I honestly can’t wait to hear her new single.

  • Dirty Cougar

    OMG! Ooppps! I’m a total mess again! LMAO!

  • the_original_nika

    Lmao dirty cougar.

  • [~Famous~]

    Shetney’s first two songs – absolutely horrendous!!! This one – Even worse.

    Shitney’s second single – Child Abuse.

  • Pam

    I hope it fails. She needs a wake up call and as dunce as she is she might only feel it through rejection of her music. If I knew her personally I would cause her to swallow her teeth. But that’s just me because I feel that your kids come first, PERIOD!!

  • [~Famous~]

    Owen Wilson’s in better shape than Shitney.

  • Toxico

    lol the haters..get a life

  • Pam

    That’s right Toxico, and you continue to support Britney when even her own mother and closest friends don’t. You know more then them right? You are with them behind closed doors right? You know more then family and friends because you are her biggest fan! Those that really do know her are hiding instead of coming forward and defending her. Why? Because they have nothing good to say, how much more in your face do you need it?

    Go kick a puppy so you can sleep well tonight.

  • Celeb_Star

    are people going to want something fun or something serious?
    -how about no music at all. i know that’s want i want-

  • Rat’s Nest on Brit’s head=A Mess..

    umm..that”s some ugly @ss horse tail, on her rat nest head,
    she’s wearing..I mean Dayum it looks toe up..
    Pic #2..what’s beneath her thighs looks like iodine or bruises??..did she get it rough again or what da hecks going on??..A Hot Mess..
    Title of New Single”I really Cant sing Yal’.. then she can Sing her @ss away from single..’I cant fool Nobody Anymore,Yal,..I’m Toxic..Thinking of her singing makes me wanna barf as I type..gross..

  • Virginia

    Her “hair” looks gross, the boots NEED to go and I thought that black was supposed to be slimming. Apparently not.

  • omikase

    I looking forward to Britney’s new music. I can’t wait until she is back on the music scene.


    This should be good. I wish the girl luck though, she’s damn sure had nothing but headaches over the last year. Maybe this will be a good turn in her life.

  • QUEEN OF POP!!!!!!

    wowwwwwwwwww haterz babies u all are trashing over and over but u never fucking forget that her FANS ….and this word will make u all get a sore fucking headache in the ass b4 the head………….we all are dying and i’ll be waiting till the death 2 hear her music ….she got fans ppl she has FANS AS HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….BRITNEY WILL NEVER FAIL …..SO GET A FUCKING JOB YA’LL IDIOTS !!!

  • Gian

    This fat w,hore has no chance. She looks terrible. With all the child abuse controversy, she will be hated all the more. she s over. and it’s nothing more than she deserves.

  • Matt

    All Shitney’s fans are as trashy as her!

    Please take her along with ALL of you and go to a desert island or Hell. Never come back.

    Its frightening that trash like her is a role model and have fans!

  • skank alert


  • girl from kazahstan

    i think she is disgusting

  • ariel

    I fell sorry for her kids. I hope she’ll be more aware that she’s a public figure & whatever she does will reflect to her as a mother.



  • sandrea

    lolz! ridiculous! more haters i can see.. and to the one hu says she has lotsa fans? where r they? they should be here defending her in times like these

  • Belle

    cant wait for her album. i hope its awesome! go brit, ignore all the haters and bullshit. we know you love your sons.

  • SCHoli

    she looks different these days, much better

  • ohmy

    Let me guess..her ‘sources’ are her publicists.

  • We The Fans

    To all you haters and hatresses,

    We the fans dont wanna waste our breath defending Britney (I dont think she does either). We the fans care-fack what u think. We the fans will support Britney not because of who she is but because her music rocks (be it machine-produced or whateva). You can yap-yap and woof-woof as much as yal like….we dont GIVE A FUCK!! In the end, Britney still stands, she still breathes and she will most definitely not be vapourised by your ignorant comments!!

    We the Fans have spoken,


  • Raquella

    Everone seems to be forgetting regardless of whats going on and what she has been upto the girl was in Forbes magazine and thats a statement especially at her age. I personally only like her last album and I wish her all the best. Next time u wanna critisize u try having 2 kids at her age, in the spotlight, with fed-ex in this world we live in


  • Kath

    im not surprised to see the overwhelming haters and lovers crowd around this page. im not dissing anyone!

    i stand neutral between this britney thing. personally, i dont care much about her. she messed up her life and she could’ve done something to prevent all this chaos from happening in the first place. however, the damages are done and they cant be removed. but we do see britney trying to move on with her life- and thats a start! im not a fan of her but its nice to see her back in her career. she does look much better these days- she actually looks quite nice!

  • Lulu

    How can “the source” compare this tramp’s non existant music with Justin’s.


    I think that all of the haters are disgusting!

    I think that you have issues with yourselves, and You just love sitting behind your computer monitors..bashing a 25 yr old..for her mistakes..which is stupid! because all through life people make mistakes…I think that you people are racist..due to her upbringing! You people don’t know just know what the scumloids report..which is a bunch of BULLSH*T!
    It is messed up..when you double standard people! You know..OWEN wilson has been taking drugs….that is a major mistake..WHAT? I don’t hear people bashing him, or AMY WINHOUSE..this chick is on every drug in the book! WHY is it that British people get cut slack..for their misdeeds, but Britney..people actually want to see her slit her wrist..WELL they wanted JESUS to die to..people was snearing at him…butevil never wins..I can’t wait until she come out with this single, and sell records..Maybe then you confused souls will attempt to jump back on the band wagon! FAKE B*tches!


    because Britney, has had issues..that doesn’t mean that she can’t get down! haters! haters! just kill yourselves right now…because that is all you do is hate! It is a diesease within a disease!

  • austingaona

    u guys shouldnt give her such a hard time she hard time

  • gini

    I am sure she will impress everybody

  • Nonnie

    You can’t help but wonder why Britney turned down a song with Justin T and went with this unheard of so called Timbaland protege Nate “Danjahandz” Hills to produce her new single? Maybe a member of her (Britney’s) entourage encouraged this–like the loser –Alli Simms. I have a gut feeling this is going to be a bomb of a disaster.

  • [~Famous~]

    lol @ her dirty redneck fans ignoring the GARBAGE music she put out already.

  • Two Buck Chuck

    A few things:

    1. Typing in slang and using numbers instead of letters in posts that use the term “haterz” is quite amusing and I don’t doubt for a moment that you guys truly ARE fans of this trainwreck.

    2. Britney is NOT a good mother. Otherwise she’d be home with her kids, not yukking it up at clubs more often than not and wouldn’t have CPS up her @ss. Anybody that thinks she is a good mom obviously isn’t one or keeps their kids locked in the Harry Potter closet under the stairs.

    3. She’s going to have fans regardless. Let them waste money on her CDs and downloading her craptacular attempts at a comeback. She’s just going to waste her royalties on beat weaves and fugly clothes.

    4. I don’t bash Amy Winehouse because she’s nothing more than a junkie and doesn’t pretend to be. She’s not a mother- all she has is her rat’s nest hair, her crack pipe and her drugged out husband. She’s not responsible for anybody else. Britney is and is doing a pisspoor job of caring for them.

  • runawaynow

    TMZ is unreliable for any kind of news

  • timo

    she will blow your mind!!!!!!! sure she will…

    haters we dont care…

  • Patmycrotch

    LOL comparing her to JT, please! I never thought I would say this “I hope Kevin gets the kids”

  • ????????????

    is her whole new sound as funky as she is?????????????????

  • luke

    hello everyone ive got the song email me if you want it

  • malibumom

    This is what a lot of moms deal with when their daughters hit the teen years. Brit just has the money so she can do what she wants and tell her parents to go to hell because she has the money to survive-Sadly, money is the least important factor in this big picture we call life-sometimes it pays to be humble more than it pays to be right!


    You are all horrible people. And it’s all coming back to you.

    Brit’s gonna rock again and all of you are going to stick your big ugly, Angelina Jolie idol worshiping feet in your big fat ugly Angelina Jolie worshiping mouths. GROW UP!

  • Ebba

    Don’t like the wig, why all that fake “hair”?
    She’s not a good mother.

    why to I even type this?

  • warrior of britney

    For all of you who don’t have anything nice to say just remember she doesnt even read this because she doing what matters in her life. An all you guys are doing is sitting on your fat asses and critiqing a woman who puts nothing but smiles on peoples faces. When the only reason why you have time to do this is because you guys do all job’s america calls low income making less then 20 g’s a year.Customer service bull! remember thats poket change to her and to make this a more exciting comment i will buy everything she comes out with to make her richer,make me happy and to make you all angry and more poor.

    sucks to be you doesn’t it ?


    can’t wait to hear her new music! and i can’t wait to watch the VMA’s!! hopefully she performs! ^_^

  • Yara

    God bless
    GOD protects you
    GOD illuminates you
    GOD gives peace to you
    and much wisdom…
    GOD this with you

  • anonymous

    I lov britney shes not a bad mother she jus met the wrong guy and hes trying to say that so he can get more of his grubby hands on her money. because hes a low life notin that doesnt hav a job or anything going for him………britney was going fine be4 that asshole came along he was her downfall… and the worse thing that eva happend to her….. But I lov her anyway…Shes great and has accompliced so much in her short life. How sucessfull she has been in sold out tours and albums is incredible and she breaks records……..shes great…… If any of u haterz accompice 1/4 of what she has in her life you will be doin good for yourself. Stop hatin god….. u all make me sick…. Lov u britney hope ur new album does great

  • gigi

    i miss the old britney, i hope she’s getting better