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Lauren & Audrina @ 2007 Teen Choice Awards

Lauren & Audrina @ 2007 Teen Choice Awards

The Hills stars Lauren Conrad (in her own design) and Audrina Patridge (in Le Rok) stopped backstage to speak with for a little bit about their love lives and the upcoming season of their reality TV show. In between interviews, Mac commercial model/Live Free or Die Hard star Justin Long ran up to hug the girls, saying, “I love your show! My friends and I watch it together all the time!” Audrina and Justin took a picture together! Here’s the interview:

Audrina on her love life: “I’m dating someone but you’ll see everything [on 'The Hills'].”

Lauren on her dating life: “I’m not dating any ONE . . . . ”

Lauren on where they’ll put their surfboard: “On a place on our wall. Because it matches the colors of our living room!” (Lauren picked up for Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star, and ‘The Hills’ won for Choice V Cast Video.)

Audrina on her relationship with Shannon Leto: “That was like two years ago! They filmed it but they didn’t show it. We’re still friends. He was just busy. He’s a really nice guy but I’m still so young. I wanna have fun and not be held down or committed. And he’s always on tour. Way too hard.”

Lauren on her recent lunch with Jen Bunney: “It’s a bummer. The paparazzi keep taking pictures of stuff that happens! It gives it away! There’s a reason that we’re meeting, though. Dun dun dun.”

Lauren on her butt slip: “When I was a sophomore in high school, I was in ASB (Associated Student Body) when we did the pep rallies. We couldn’t get people to participate in the activities, so they would pull the ASB kids out. I got called up to do Blow-Up Twister. That’s when the REALLY low-rise jeans was in and mine weren’t stretched. I was doing some really weird Twister move and I bent and my pants [motions] and my butt came up. And I was wearing granny panties! It was filmed and some girl on yearbook staff really didn’t like me. So she decided to replay it at the end of the year like the yearbook video, so that will always haunt me.”

Interview continued inside!! Plus 20+ pictures inside of Lauren and Audrina at the TCAs…



Audrina on her job at Epic Records: “This season, I’m more involved. I’ve worked with Sean Kingston, Cartel… I’ve been working more with the artists. I was a receptionist but now I can’t give too much away. You’ll have to watch and see what happens.”

Audrina on ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby: “No one’s going to like him [after Monday's episode], which is kind of sad. But he’s a nice guy. He just hates the cameras and can’t be himself in front of it.”

Lauren on her strict upbringing: “I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16. I got walked into high school parties. I had very strict parents. I lost a lot of boyfriends.”

Lauren on her ‘Laguna Beach’ little sister Breanna: “She’s moving to Utah for college.”

Lauren on a bad habit she’s trying to break: “I always play with my hair and it’s really annoying. It’s HORRIBLE. I have to watch it all the time on camera.”

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  • A:L


    I am almost 30 and I am addicted to The Hills.

    Why wasn’t it on last week? Damnit.

    I love The Hills. Stupidity at its finest.

    I also love Laguna Beach too.

    Someone please help me!

  • riiight

    i don’t give a f*u*c*k about these horribly spoiled, shallow, narrrow-minded s*l*u*ts! why dont they contribute to the world through charity or diplaying an image to younger girls to not not act basically the way they act. Thier behavior is the demise of the younger generation.

  • KC

    TEAM HEIDI AND SPENCER. These two Fugs are boring.

  • Nessa

    team lauren
    heidi’s….ACK i just dont like her
    and hopefully it isn’t justin bobby that audrina is dating :X

  • Stacy

    I love the Hills!!! I watch it every Monday. I cant wait to see more of Laurens clothing line when it comes out. I always love her style!

  • SamNme

    A:L – the hills is on every week including last week. got to to mtv to see when it re-airs which is pretty often..

  • Nana

    Lauren looks great! (:

  • justme

    “why dont they contribute to the world through charity or diplaying an image to younger girls to not not act basically the way they act. Thier behavior is the demise of the younger generation.”

    riiight, why don’t you get your facts straight BEFORE you start bashing.
    Lauren and Audrina have both done a number of charity events this year.
    They are the only kids I know on ANY show that work full time and in Lauren’s case also go to college. Part of why I personally like the show is because I see how important it is to stay focused on your career and ambitions. And yes they also balance in the fun. Key word – balance.

  • Astrid

    Where’s Whitney?! She’s the pretty one with brains.

  • Leslie

    AWESOME interview Jared. Thank you!!
    Love Lauren & Audrina and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hills.
    I hope they the show gets back on track soon and stops airing footage of Speidi -
    the last episode was almost all about them – blech!
    There hasn’t been enough Lauren time this year or Whitney time either!!

  • audrey

    love them! thanks jared for all the coverage on the hills :-)

  • myself is me am I me?

    Lauren is FAT and Audrina is just nasty. She got hit with the ugly stick ONE too many times…

  • beef curtains & bus.hes

    beefy fame gross..lauren is extra biggie beefy sized..

  • Sarah

    Hoedi(Mr. Ed’s daughter) and Spencer are the fug ones. Love Lauren and Audrina. They both look gorgeous.

  • helen

    blech, lauren looks super sized! she needs a facelift. gross. And Audrina’s mouth is gross.

  • chan

    Lauren needs to dump jen bunney for good, shes a backstabber and a two faced bitch.JEN IS A SUCKY PERSON, LAUREN.

  • Peachy

    Why are they famous again????

    Really why?

    This is a D list Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton.

    One is ugly one is chubby.

    GO AWAY!

  • Marie

    They’re two really charming and sweet girls. I also love that they don’t subscribe to the “mean girl” mentality at all. I don’t see them being evil or trying to hurt or bother anyone, so that in itself is refreshing.

    Good luck and a lot of happiness to them both. I hope they enjoy a Spencer and Heidi-free existence for a good, long time.

  • frannie

    Lauren is gorgeous and all of a size 2. She is nowhere near being fat!! Stop hating!!

  • Vicki

    I love Lauren and Audrina. They’re both beautiful and they’re both ambitious.
    It’s great to see nice “normal” girls in place of all the Britneys and Lindsey Lohans running around Hollywood. You girls rock!

  • kat

    It’a bad enough that a guy would use that vile name for Lauren but for other girls to go around using it is beyond disgusting. Do you have no respect for yourself and for other women? Where were you raised? By maggots?

  • marc

    Lauren looks beautiful as always. I want to see her line and see what she came up with. I ll bet it is going to be trendy, classy and simple.

  • Shamika

    Great interview Jared. Lauren and Audrina are beautiful girls -inside and out. I’m loving that Lauren’s getting more confident, it totally shows.

  • Dad2girls

    What I like best about Lauren is that she is always thinking about her future, what she wants to achieve and how to get there. Of course, my daughters like her because she’s hip and pretty but even they will admit they like that she’s smart too.

  • Lissabee

    L.C is such a gorgeous person! and she looks amazing!

  • carli

    good job jared. i love lauren and i’m dying to know w/ that meeting w/ jen was a;; about. are they friends again or maybe jen is doing the right thing (for a change) and asked her to lunch to tell her about all the stuff heidi’s been saying..

  • Yana

    love lauren and love the hills!
    great interview with the girls.
    And thanks for asking my question about Breanna!!
    : )

  • teachme

    Lauren is beautiful. This girl is a class act!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! Team Lauren for ever

  • extraf flab hanging nas.ty lauren

    Heavy @ss Ms. Black Unibrows Lauren needs to go see a plastic surgeon and get all that extra- extra skin, hanging off her arms,chins etc.,cut off..
    btw she still looks fat as heck as fuggy as he11 too..
    Do your roots you fake bizch!

  • Mrs.razor blade

    Lauren shaved off her under arm hairs and pasted them to her brows.
    Her brows are like a straight long mustache uh yuck.
    LC needs nair and several razors+shower gel. And she is sooooooo fat.

  • unibrow police

    Lauren’s dress is the ugliest frock I have ever seen. It looks like a…well, a CURTAIN!!!

  • melinda

    It is the same person making all these nasty comments. probably spencer because unlike LC he does not have a job. LC looks gorgeous as usual so does audrina.

  • lzornow

    I love the way these girls (and the likes of Paris, Lindsay and whoever blows kisses to the camera) act like their movie stars, Movie stars, celebrities don’t exist anymore, people with cameras and computers do. Hollywood died a long time ago. It’s just white trash LA now. Go to my Tube. do something someone will watch then blow into the camera, your now a celebrity…LOL! Can’t wait to see you in 10 years, washed up like the rest of them. The only thing LA has to offer the world is super ficial people and great drugs… NY rules bitches! The Hills is a great show to get stoned to and watch we laugh our asses off at these girls, there voices kill us, we really get roaring. Oh and the clothes, too funny…and the big fight between the girls, hysterical. So keep on blowing people to get on camera, so you can then blow into it…God Bless America, go do something with your lives, no need to comment, I’ll never read it! LOL! Oh you all kill me…

  • lurvelauren&audrina

    Lauren is obviously the mature and sensible one in this show. She thinks about her future and is a great role model for young ladies.

    Heidi on the other hand just need some time to grow out of the stage she’s currently in. Once the magic is over she’ll soon realise there’s much more for her to experience before she should commit to marriage.

  • lurvelauren&audrina

    i simply adore lauren in this show. She’s obviously the sensible and mature one and constantly thinks of her future. The girl has the perfect balance in her life at this age.

    Heidi on the other hand just need some time to grow out of this stage she’s currently in. Once the magic is over she’ll realise there’s so much more that she needs to experience before committing to marriage. At the meantime just let her be and let her live her own life. If things are meant to be as they are now then congrats my dear for finding your true love at such a very young age!

  • Kira

    omg you asked Audrina my question!! That’s really cool that Shannon & Audrina are still friends.. it’s really cool.
    Heidi is just making a big mistake, but when she finally realizes about what is happening i won’t be missing it

  • Just Jared

    Haha, Kira. I totally did. Thanks for that!!!

  • aldera

    Is Justin Long gay or Bi?

    he seems like it

  • denara

    He does keep his personal life very private.

    but if he’s gay or bi

    i don’t know

  • nomercy

    He loves the sausage and loves it up the a s s !!!!

  • perry


    Justin Long worked with that gross child molester victor salva in the jeepers creepers movies..


  • ryland

    oh my lanta aha fashion face off
    isnt audrinas dress the same one ashley wore to the young hollywood awards thing? i think it is it looks exactly like it

    ash wore it best but i still love audrina
    woot goo hills :D

  • Natalie

    This season is the best season so far. You imbeciles trashing Lauren are just jealous that she makes more money than you in a month than you’ll ever make in a lifetime. Plus, she’s not fat you fucktards. All of America is obese anyway. Compared to you asswipes, Lauren is like a stick.

    But whatever, like I give a damn about you guys. Go crawl under a rock.

    That’s cool that Audrina is still friends with Shannon. If I met Audrina, I would’ve asked her the same questions. In my opinion, Shannon was Audrina’s best and hottest boyfriend. When you come from the Leto family, you have probably the best genes in the world.