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Owen Wilson Takes People Cover

Owen Wilson Takes People Cover

After the lovable star’s shocking suicide attempt, friends open up about the dark side of a funny man who had it all…

Owen Wilson naturally takes the front cover of People this week two days after being hospitalized for an attempted suicide. It’s a bit more of a dignified approach to Owen‘s “addition, despair and secret pain” compared to Us Weekly‘s salacious cover. The world needs both apparently!

Owen, 38, also just dropped out of the DreamWorks’ ensemble comedy Tropic Thunder, according to Variety.

Ben [Stiller] and Owen have made eight movies together,” a source close to the project said. “And he can’t wait to work with Owen again. It’s just not going to be on this film.” Stiller began shooting the film in Hawaii six weeks ago.

Tropic also stars Jack Black. Bigger Owen cover pic inside…

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  • Susan

    To say a funny man who HAD it all seems wrong to me. He still has it all but just needs some time to get through this dark time in his life. Come on people, talk like that isn’t appropriate. God bless you Owen.

  • Lobo

    I agree with Susan. He needs to heal and to be left alone to do so. There is certainly nothing ugly about Owen Wilson and I’ll be there to see his next movie if and when he choses to make one. Our prayers are
    with him and his family.

  • lilkatie79

    Hmmm… I wonder what he meant by “privacy” – I guess the media perceives it as let’s splash his story everywhere and then we’ll leave him alone (once we sell our ad space)!

  • Miwanna

    Jeez, how do they get this to cover story in just two days? Talk about intrusive. What the fuck does people know of his “secret pain?” They just know how to make a buck off it.

  • Bite me

    i giess he made every tabloid cover this week.. shame about what his going through

  • Astrid

    Suicide is so selfish. I’m glad he didn’t succeed. His family must feel just awful.

  • poor guy

    he’s so hot. I hope he gets better!

  • Yikes!

    Hope the JP freaks take a long hard look at reality – ppl may seem happy on the outside and lie and say they are but deep down there is obviously not happiness.

    He and Ben rock together! Get well

  • Deb

    2 Susan : 08/29/2007 at 12:05 pm
    To say a funny man who HAD it all seems wrong to me. He still has it all but just needs some time to get through this dark time in his life. Come on people, talk like that isn’t appropriate. God bless you Owen.


    I agree with you Susan. It is so sad that people use a time like this to kick some when they are down just cuz they really don’t like themselves. May God bless you always, Owen.


    9 Yikes! : 08/29/2007 at 12:48 pm


    Your attempt to be poignant just missed the mark.

    Grow up or get a binkie.

  • Jim

    I’m not surprised at all. A lot of comics who earn a living making people laugh are sad when it comes to their private life.

  • Patmycrotch

    Sad story so many funny men struggle and sadly we have lost many (Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Jim Belishi) but luckly he made it through and seeks help

  • omg

    I wonder how these paps and magazine editors would feel if people did this to their families…have some respect for God’s sake!

  • Lillianne

    If he had a secret, he doesn’t anymore. I really didn’t expect this from People. This is National Enquirer material. I will not purchase this magazine and hope others follow. Don’t make money off of someone else’s pain.


    Poor guy, now he’s going to be paranoid too!



  • Smilehexe

    I agree to Susan, Lobo and Miwanna.

    It’s absolutely tasteless of the tabloids now to try to make money of the suffer (whatever it is which led him to do that) of a man who should be left alone now by the public to have time to spend with his family and with people who really matter to him and to reorganize his life.

    Such magazines should be boycotted and NOT bought.

  • Maria

    why do brilliant minds (talented and geniuses) always have a dark side? either got drug problems or mentally instable? Owen was a brilliant writer and he was also succumbed to this?

  • Miwanna

    Excellent suggestion Lillianne and others who suggested not letting People profit from Owen’s pain. I won’t be buying or reading this week. Heal in peace Owen.

  • Lolly

    I am really disgusted with the press on this intrusion, and I’m boycotting ET, Insider and Access H’wd, I don’t buy all those magazines anyway. They won’t respond to respectful appeals for PRIVACY. There is no need for the public to know everything about this RIGHT NOW!!!

    Thank goodness for his family and friends, not to mention members of the public like the people above that wish him well.

  • omikase

    I agree with you Lilianne but we live in a society that loves to rake people over when they are not on top. We have this feeling that we have the right to know and then everyone gives their opinions about it like it’s facts. I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity for anything in the world. None of these rags or blogs would profit if we didn’t read their material.

  • carolina

    Sorry to hear that People has now stooped to the trashoid level as BSWeekly, In Touch, Life & Style, Star….the list is endless. Praying for Owen to get the help that he needs at this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his friends and family.

  • Dumdums

    He went to church to ask for help, God blessed him in the most exposed-humbling way!

  • Dumdums

    He went to church to ask for help, God blessed him in the most exposed-humbling way!

  • wendy

    Prety sad shit…


  • malibumom

    Maria, I think most comedians suffer from a chemical imbalance-They seem to exhibit signs of bipolarity-when they are manic, they are hilarious and they can really bring the house down with laughter. But when the depression hits, it’s very hard to dig out of until they have the opporunity for the mania again. There seems to be some chemical release that’s tied to laughing-this same chemical must be a extreme low levels in order to facilitate the deep depression. I think VInce Vaugh, Dave Chappelle and others have it. It exhibits itself just like bipolar disorder (type II)- Anyway, I believe many comedians use the drugs in order to deaden their depression and or to numb themselves. The reason I think this is because of the type of drugs these ppl use-they all have the same affects on the brain-Oddly enough, a well balanced nutritional diet and rigorus exercise should produce the same type chemicals as laughing which eliminates the need for drugs-This is my humble, non-professional opinion, but I believe I am close-

  • malibumom

    Additionally, Owen needs to eliminate tv, mags, radios and other forms of communication at this time-He needs to be given proper nutrition and plenty of rest-His urine and blood should be sampled on a weekly basis-But most ppl just want to prescribe pills and that’s it-Celebs waste money at these rehab facilities-

  • Corleone

    Malibumom is almost right. It is no secret that Ben Stiller is Bipolar too, for example. He’s said it and everyone who has worked with him know how bad he can get too. In Owen’s own words: “You kind of have to put on the kid gloves because you never know which Ben is going to show up on set.”

    The only way to help this is by going to regular therapy sessions with a psychiatrist (not psychologist) and take antidepressants for a while. I should know, I am manic depressive, but since I am on antidepressants my life has changed. They DO work, there are many myths about them, but they seriously cause NO side-effects (most of the time, anyway).

    I feel so bad for Owen, I know what it is like not wanting to live anymore. Anyone who has not been through it, who has not been close to taking their own life, they just can’t understand. And if you can’t understand, just imagine this: think of how bad a person must feel to want to take their own life. It is horrible, but you CAN get help. It DOES get better.

  • Rocky

    I can relate in someway what he and his family might be going through. Being depressed is nothing to take lightly. About 3 years ago I swallowed a bottle of 30 Ambien and 28 Zanax, I almost died, and cannot image the strain I put my family, especially my mother. It was a dark time im my life. The thing with this is those pills is that they are so addictive, because you sleep and don’t want to think about your problems, but once they wear off the pain is still there. The thing with people who are funny or are expected to be funny, they hide their problems with humor…I did it all the time. I spent three months in an inpatient clinic, which was one of the best thing I could have done for myself (although I had no choice). The sad part is, people will label you and associate you with what you did. When ever I get upset, certain members in my family would automatically assume Oh my God, did she take her meds. I’m not bipolar, just went through a very difficult time and dealt with it in a bad way. I have and still go to therapy, which is a good thing.
    I wish Owen all the best, and hope that he gets throug this. As someone said suicide is a selfish thing to do, when you are going through those feelings, the only person you think about is yourself and you feel that taking your life is the only way out. It has nothing with money, or having everything…it’s a state of mind. Good luck to him.

  • Kira

    Yes, it’s time to stop buying the magazines!

    Owen Wilson, we love and support you through the private and personal healing ahead! We have witnessed your inner beauty and know your light will burn very bright after your forward process!

    Positive affirmations on behalf of Owen Wilson!

  • sami

    To the author of comment #7 –

    Suicide is not selfish. Sometimes it is a person’s only way to ask for help. If you have ever spoken to a person who has attempted suicide, you would know that they are experiencing such a feeling of hopelessness that they don’t know how to go on living. The depressed person is not trying to hurt anyone, they are just trying to take away their own pain. If everyone would understand that depression is a medical condition and it needs to be treated like any other medical condition there would not be such a stigma attached to it. I have helped people with depression, most of these people of wonderful, loving individuals who are lonely and sad. There are many people in this world who could benefit from a little Prozac!

  • lurker opinion

    31 Kira : 08/29/2007 at 6:30 pm
    Yes, it’s time to stop buying the magazines!

    I have not read People but the cover does seem quite tabloid. You would think that People mag would have enough respect for Owen Wilson to not cover this like they cover Paris Hilton.

  • suicide is a dead end

    Just posting a truism – I wrote a paper on this subject years ago and did a lot of research – this saying was on a poster at a conference about this subject. Jared – my IP is blocked or something – others have used my computer in the last few months. Now I am unable to post. Can you fix it please?

  • Moonlight

    #32 Sami, you said it yourself. When someone tries to commit suicide, they are only trying to take away their own pain. They aren’t thinking about the pain that they’ll cause their loved ones with their actions. It definetly is selfish.

    But I also know that they can’t help it, and like others have said, depression is an illness like any other, that needs to be treated. I feel for anyone that has to go through it, and I hope that Owen recovers fully from this.

  • Corleone

    Trying to commit suicide is not selfish. I was very close to doing it several times, and it has nothing to do with selfishness. You really shouldn’t assume that if you don’t know what it feels like to want to take your own life.

  • ****

    I’ve got secret pains…down there.

  • Andi

    re: 13 Patmycrotch : 08/29/2007 at 1:08 pm
    Sad story so many funny men struggle and sadly we have lost many (Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Jim Belishi) but luckly he made it through and seeks help
    ____ _____ ____ ____ ___

    Please do not include Phil Hartman as someone who struggled and did not make it – his wife killed him, then herself. Unbelievably sad he’s no longer here, but it was not due to his own struggles or not seeking help. To suggest it was personal excess is inaccurate and disrespectful.

    Best wishes to Owen as he gets the help he needs.

  • anon

    forget musicans and artists comedians are notorious for having a dark side peter sellers and cook, dudley moore to name but a few hes just another one. Very sad i hope he does get better soon nothing is too bad to end your life over.

  • Daniel

    I’m an aspiring stand up Comedian, and trust me being funny is usually the sign somebody is nuts. A lot of times the extreme good spirit and happiness is half of bipolar disorder, and the other half of the time you’re a wreck. Also It might be a cry for help, I (sadly) know people who attempted suicide because they knew it was the only way to get sympathy and to ask for help. If he just wen’t to consuling a lot of people would just say “Take it like a man”. There is a lot of psychology in this. i only hope that Owen (who is one of my favorite actors) gets through this.

  • Jonathan

    His nose is so flat you could land a helicopter on it ;)