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Behind-the-Scenes Wentworth Miller

Behind-the-Scenes Wentworth Miller

Check out below for the behind-the-scenes video shot on location in Dallas, TX at the Prison Break season three photo shoot!

There’s Dominic Purcell overload in the video, but a few great scenes with Wentworth Miller! Dom playfully uses the water spritzer to spray Went during the photo shoot and Went makes a few funny faces before pulling away. If you missed it, check out the first batch of PB promo pics and the second batch.

Prison Break Season 3 premiere episode “Orientacíon” airs on Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX! Check out the first 17 minutes of this episode here with screencaps.

Behind-the-scenes Prison Break Photo Shoot

60+ screencaps inside of the behind-the-scenes Prison Break video…

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prison break season 3 video 01
prison break season 3 video 02
prison break season 3 video 03
prison break season 3 video 04
prison break season 3 video 05
prison break season 3 video 06
prison break season 3 video 07
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prison break season 3 video 24
prison break season 3 video 25
prison break season 3 video 26
prison break season 3 video 27
prison break season 3 video 28
prison break season 3 video 29
prison break season 3 video 30
prison break season 3 video 31
prison break season 3 video 32
prison break season 3 video 33
prison break season 3 video 34
prison break season 3 video 35
prison break season 3 video 36
prison break season 3 video 37
prison break season 3 video 38
prison break season 3 video 39
prison break season 3 video 40
prison break season 3 video 41
prison break season 3 video 42
prison break season 3 video 43
prison break season 3 video 44
prison break season 3 video 45
prison break season 3 video 46
prison break season 3 video 47
prison break season 3 video 48
prison break season 3 video 49
prison break season 3 video 50
prison break season 3 video 51
prison break season 3 video 52
prison break season 3 video 53
prison break season 3 video 54
prison break season 3 video 55
prison break season 3 video 56
prison break season 3 video 57
prison break season 3 video 58
prison break season 3 video 59
prison break season 3 video 60

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  • Emme..

    HAHA.. Cute..

    So when do you think we’ll see this wide end receiver marching in a Gay Rights parade?! :P

  • Bunny

    Thanks again Jared.

    Counting the days as this season is looking very wild.Read where Mahone will be saving Micheal’s life in the season opener.

  • mavi

    first to post! yey!
    i love it!
    i can’t wait to watch this season…

  • mavi

    3rd to post =)

  • Emme..

    OMG! I was like so totally first!!! WOW!!!!!

    haha, sorry.. I couldn’t help myself.. I just wanted to see what it felt like to act like being first was such a huge accomplishment in my life… hehehe


    Thanks for the info!

  • Mink

    So apparently Went doesn’t get to speak anymore. What the f*ck?

  • ashley

    oh thank u jared. went is so cute. I like him very much

  • Julzz

    looks right from a gay porn.

  • Vanessa

    This is great. Where is Sarah Wayne Callies? I have heard she is coming back, but I guess she has not had her baby yet. She must be busy. I really like Sarah on here. She is a wonderful actress, and I want him back.

  • Eliantorin

    He’s going to die in PB3,so the focus is now on Dominic!

    Fox is distancing itself from the “hot potato”, aka Wentworth Miller.

    He has been too difficult lately, some Fox officials hate his guts and are ready to bin him….

  • Mink

    #10, presumably by “difficult” you mean that he no longer wishes to hide his sexuality and have to live a lie, like Fox would like him to do.

    Yeah, those gay actors, they really are a bitch to have on the payroll.[/sarcasm]

    If Went’s being phased out of PB publicity is for this reason, which I’m now increasingly suspicious it is, I am disgusted beyond words with Fox.

  • jib-jab

    Well they killed Abruzzi. Peter’s outspoken too calling TPTB the Fox brain department. I hate Fox.

  • Canadian Fan

    It would be nice to keep the posts about the video that is posted and not deviate to gossip.

  • Cute Icy


    I buy it……
    I see it……
    I love it…..
    I promise you,
    you will freak out,
    you will go nuts, it will thrill you,
    you will forget to breath,.

  • LL

    Since they’re back in prison, and doing what they do best, I have high expectations on PB 3. It’s probably a good thing I’m not the one responsible for Michael’s defence in court, since it would have been along the lines of him being too pretty to go to prison. I’m not sure that would have held up…. ;)
    I can’t wait!!!!! Go Michael and Sara!! And to a lesser extent Sucre and Mari Cruz… Does anyone know when the season starts in the UK?

  • nicole

    I can’t believe that went came out and declare he’s gay. I am so sad. anyway I ‘d like to be the water spritzer in the photoshoot. wentworth is always so simple and sexy. can’t wait for season three

  • cat

    that’s cool thanks
    where is sara? :(

  • Went_worthy

    Let’s face it, we can all say whatever we want to but without Went on Prison Break, things will start to fall apart… He’s the reason why most us watch the show and if Fox decides to kill his character off, that’s a suicide for the producers as they will surely lose a lot of money and it’s not a good busuness decision…

    It is a fact that more women watch PB more than Desperate Housewives, which is a women’s show and Dom was quoted as saying
    “blame Wentworth…”

  • Eliantorin

    12, I agree with you, it’s a cruel world, and FOX is no different from the other majors…
    As far as they are concerned, the next Went Miller is out there, waiting to be discovered.

    Perchance,the next heartrob will be straight (or wiser!)

    I hope WM has invested his PB in a way that will allow him to pursue a career in writing or in production (his first job)

  • Jane

    In the credits Dominic always is the first and Went the second. There are two stars, it maybe be that Dom want more minutes in the show and interviews and betrayed to Fox. I imagine that Dom is upset because always he is asked about Wentworth. If Michael Scofield died Prison Break also.

  • DisIsMe

    He is gay or not gay? Bla bla bla bla bla…it’s so BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111ONE
    Off- Topic :(

  • Maria

    Why, will all have him to die,?
    you are right, without Went…Prison Break is nothing,
    I have all 1-44 on dvd (season 3. is worse, you can look for it.) Damn it’s good, real thrill.


    The big star of the third series will be DOM! He’ll be the hero, have a romantic involvement (a bit hotter than the sexless Sara/Michael thing!)
    It seems there is a change in focus “due to problems with Mr Miller”
    whatever they are.. They’re not banking on him anymore, it seems he is a hell of a “fuss pot”!

  • Sara

    Why all of us see what want to see???? It’s an behind the scenes with an interview to Dominic Purcel. Nobody except himself say a single word.

  • Canadian Fan

    I agree without Wentworth on PB it would not be the same. I think all the characters are expendable except for him.I am interested in seeing Linc on his own this year.No matter what happens in Wentworths’ personal life, he is still the reason I tune into the show. He is compelling actor.

  • avi01

    Video is not working ;-(

  • Sara

    In the first seventeen minutes of 3×01 Wentworth Miller appears how much? 12 o more. What are you talking about? Michael Scoffield is the most important character of Prison Break, all the viewers want to see Sona, how Michael break out and which is the target of the Company about Michael. I mean Prison Break could survive without Linc.

  • Cute Icy

    It’s not a big deal:
    gay or not gay ?
    I think we will, always love…like him…no matter…what.
    we live 2007. for god sake..
    He have to live his life, It’s not our business.
    I just want, to see him HAPPY with a girl or guy…It’s not a big deal…

  • Joseph

    This behind the scenes is before of the famous pics that for me don’t proof anything. Why are we seeing strange things in Wentworth and Fox behaviours?

  • Julia

    I don’t think they would kill him off becasue he’s gay. That’s discrimination plus the fact that he is gay ( which he is and has been for a long time! In June he was featured in French magazine with Luke) doesn’t affect the way he does his job!

  • FunnyGirl

    Argghhh would all you people stop asking about Sara? We love her yes and she’ll be back but she 9 months pregnant you can’t hide that hence she’s not in the photo shoots!!

  • Erika… not the other one

    Why is this even filed under Wentworth Miller when it seems to be all about Dominic? While I’m at it, if they kill off Went then I’ll stop watching PB for sure! He’s the one that got me interested in the sries, he’s the one that kept me hooked on all the episodes & he’s the reason I look forward to season 3.

    Love You Went!!!!


    A behind-the-scene story says that the Fox Party last month was not a bowl of cherries for Went Miller!
    He had to be dragged there and tension was extremely high! His PR said she was at the end of her tether, but managed to convince him to do a brief appearance and to answer several general questions..

    Not surprised Fox has second thoughts about him.

  • ana


    If they kill him off, the show is dead to me

  • Joseph

    To Jamieret:

    What are you talking about? Sorry my ignorance, I think you writes in this blog for first time and today there are several messages and in all of them you speaks about Wentworth and Fox problems. Which are your sources? Your own imagination?

  • Mia

    Is he really going to die in PB3 or is this just speculation?

  • FunnyGirl

    It’s all speculation! Him dying in Season 3 but him being gay is fact!

  • Mia

    I haven’t heard about him being killed off, where’s this information coming from?

    IF he is killed off because Fox wants him no more, I’m done watching.

    IF he is killed off because Went want’s out, I’ll continue watching.

    IF he’s not killed off and continues to grace the screen with his hotness monday after monday, I’ll definitely continue watching!

  • Olivia

    Oh Stop being so dramatic. Ana : ” The show is dead to me if they kill Went off”

    Nobody said they were going to kill him off it’s all speculation on this site.

    If you don’t have facts or proof why even bring it up?

  • Barbara

    If they kill off Michael on PB there is no Prison Break. I would stop watching. So it does not matter who he is or what Fox have to drag him in, I LOVE HIM and many of us love him. He makes the show. Eventhough they are all equal on the show (no one has a big head). Without Michael no Prison Break.


    36 and 37: You’re entirely free to believe me or not because what I told here can be considered as hearsay. But my other half works with Fox (not on PB though) and people speak.
    It is a sad story for Wentworth Miller because he looked promising until he freaked out a bit after his assignement in Korea… He’s not the smooth character we all thought he was. That’s what I’ve been told. Let’s say that the ratings of Season 3 need to be VERY good (better that S2!) to ensure Miller’s character survival. Several options are being considered, and I’m not into the secret!
    So, if you are an avid fan of the hero, watch the show…Mahy jobs are at stake (and I’m not just talking of M.Miller’s contract!)

  • Over30

    I’m with #33 Erika, IF they kill off Went’s character, I won’t continue to tune in, as it’s him that got me and kept me watching. I’ll also be totally, utterly disgusted with Fox if it seems he’s written out for personal reasons.

  • HappyChen

    Wentworth….U r really handsome…..
    Waiting for this new season.
    And I hope you and Sara will be happy.

  • Giulia

    could someone put the YOU TUBE link please? because my fucking slow connection doesnt work with JJ’s video :( Thanks!!!

  • marymi

    alas! pics of our PB “pretty boy” behind bars!!LOL!!!!

  • nicole

    I don’t think that on FOX , they’re considering to kill went. prison break won’t be the same withouth went. to all the people that are saying that they heard it,they read it bla … bla…. bla….. bla…… R U DRUNK?
    went is always terrific

  • susan


    Prison Break without Wentworth Miller is like 24 without Kiefer Sutherland

  • TommyGirl

    Get a grip people they aren’t going to kill him off it’s all speculation! Maybe the last epi of the series they may but not anytime soon.

  • Giulia

    @ 47 nicole : 08/29/2007 at 2:18 pm

    LoL maybe Fox doesnt want to kill Went *___* maybe they could kill Michael Scofield! (LOOOOL) But I don’t think so…. Dont worry ppl!!!