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Keira Kicks Off Venice Film Festival

Keira Kicks Off Venice Film Festival

Keira Knightley (in Chanel Resort 2008) helps kick off the the 64th Annual Venice Film Festival on Wednesday in Venice, Italy with her Atonement castmates — James McAvoy, Vanessa Redgrave, Saoirse Ronan and director Joe Wright.

Keira and James, the in-demand duo, are already generating Oscar buzz! Wright helped Knightley score her first Oscar nomination with Pride & Prejudice.

Atonement opens in UK theaters next Friday, Sept. 7 and US limited release on Dec. 7.

30+ pictures inside of Keira kicking off the Venice Film Festival fun…

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venice film festival keira knightley 01
venice film festival keira knightley 02
venice film festival keira knightley 03
venice film festival keira knightley 04
venice film festival keira knightley 05
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venice film festival keira knightley 07
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venice film festival keira knightley 23
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venice film festival keira knightley 25
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venice film festival keira knightley 29
venice film festival keira knightley 30

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Chris Jackson/Getty
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    I’m not sure what to think about that dress.

  • Avgi


    Keira and all the cast is just GREAT!!!

  • Actress


    I’ve seen better pics of hr but she actually looks wonderful here as long as she doesn’t smile showing those British teeth. That second picture is really nice. She’s a good actress. I know people will comment on how skinny she is but whatever……

    Thanks JJ.

  • Anon

    This chick ain’t that cute. Why all the fuss?? Her blonde locks maybe??

  • Joi

    Thanks for the pics and the post – she’s gorgeous!

  • caro

    she’s so skinny… it’s scary!

  • Anglomania

    She is an uber fabulous actress. She looks so different …so young. she was dressing a little too mature for her age but these pictures are lovely.

  • [~Famous~]

    ROTFLOL god did this dude dirty. To many things to insult, so I’ll end with a – FUG.

  • ils vont…

    She looks awful, I wonder if she also has a coke prob and a dark side. The red carpet photo ops take all the integrity these “artists” have and flushes down the toilet.

  • abilene

    She’s quite beautiful. But the dress wasn’t a good choice. It creates an awkward silhouette on her. Makes her look flat as pancakes and draws attention to her mid-section, elongating it. Gives her a stick figure which she definitely does not need to emphasize.

  • Helene

    Keira’s the best and she looks amazing. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I am the only one? I find her fug and she loks like a 12 yr old boy.

    What happeend to the hot sirens of old Hollywood? The Soophia Lorens? Monica Bellucci? Jessica Biel. This girl Keira is fug. Sorry.

  • gini

    too skinny!

  • Miwanna

    Queen of the Bobble-heads

  • tina

    She kinda looks like Winona Ryder without knockers :) Innocent looks. I don’t think she is anorexic skinny. Looks like she has a small bone frame which is quite unsual for English women, she’s lucky!!! She’s flat chested too that’s why she looks skinnier. I like her though. She seems down to earth and easy to get along with.

  • Mimi

    I agree with the too skinny part, but wow, she has a gorgeous face.

  • remember da truth

    My gosh, she is stunning! SUCH a beautiful woman. And a true talent. Sorry all you jealous people out there!

    Team Lara Croft, she is not ‘fug’, just not shaped like the women you describe. She is ripped — have you seen her six-pack? NOT skinny at all — just small boned and toned and strong! As an Angie fan, you should understand that. All the fuss over Angie’s weight now is becoming just the trendy thing to say — go back and look at her in the Lara Croft pics. Or Beyond Borders. She was thin then, too, just more toned. She’s lost some weight but it’s not dire. You see her lift Pax and Z at the same time and those stills from Wanted — those guns are HEAVY and you see she’s strong. Same with Keira Knightley.

    I agree though — I miss the hourglass! When that waist goes in from the hips and there is a big bosom — SOOOO FREAKING SEXY!! Jessica Biel is WAY sexier than Alba. Love Sophia Loren!! Raquel Welch. You have Scarlett Johansson now, and Kate Winslet and JLo with those bodies. But just as people didn’t think Audrey Hepburn was ‘fug’ for having a different body, Keira isn’t either. Just not your type.

  • Ashley

    She looks pretty and i love the way she keeps her fixed it is pretty she needs to give styling tips i would love that and i would love if she does a movie in texas and can come to mineola and come to my house i would freak to tell you keira you rule i wish that i had a friend like you. keep up the good work. best wishes on your career.

  • KC

    I really like Keira but she does look like a boy dressing up as a girl. A young Tranny.

  • riiight

    no im sorry people she is waaaaay to skinny. and no im not a fat-ass either, but she dosnt look healthy. she also reminds me of the “poorman’s” natalie portman, however she is a pretty girl.

  • Connie

    She’s a good actress, except for the Pirates movie and I don’t think she’s too skinny just incredibly flat chested.

  • Cinthia

    dear heavens, the girl is a walking skeleton!

  • toty

    nice face body no so in proportion.

  • James

    Too skinny ;/, she seriously needs some curves!

  • Marta

    dress looks bad on her
    and what about this totally ridiculous face (sucking cheeks)

  • edge239

    “What happeend to the hot sirens of old Hollywood? The Soophia Lorens? Monica Bellucci? Jessica Biel.”

    monica bellucci and jessica biel are old hollywood? what are you like 11 years old

  • audrey

    someone get her a sandwich. hurry!!

  • Ola

    i love Keira, but actually i start to worry about her, she’s so skinny…anyway she looks amazing!!!!!!!

  • Ola


  • Sarah

    Beautiful Keira gives fug teeny-bop Vanessa Hudgens a run for her money.

  • Elle

    Why do people keep calling her ‘too skinny’. It’s her natural weight, get over yourselves.

  • Lou Lou

    A person’s neck and shoulders don’t look like that at a healthy weight. Something is wrong – she does not look like a grown woman, but rather appears as a young, pre-pubescent girl. She appears to be someone with perhaps an eating disorder or a drug problem. These young hollywood actresses talk about being “naturally skinny,” but after puberty a girl’s percentage of body fat doubles – that is average and healthy and necessary for menstruation, cycle of life, etc. Curves are a part of womanhood, and if you are a woman without any curves at all, then there is something you are doing to keep that from happening, i.e. not eating, sapping nutrients from your body with drugs, obsessively exercising, etc. I have known women in my life with anorexia, and it’s a baffling disorder, with denial as the number one defense mechanism.

  • j


  • not enough

    Wow she needs to gain some weight. Too skinny.

  • PAM

    The dress looks hideous on her. She admitted that anorexia runs in her family (her grandma and another family member had it) so why is she still in denial about her own eating disorder? She looks gross, too skinny! Someone please give the girl a double beacon cheese burger!

  • whocares

    One more proof what a casting director mother can do for her child….
    Beside the fact that she is not beautiful, not even cute, personally I don’t like her as an actress. I don’t think that I liked her in any of her movies. She is incapable of having chemistry with her fellows actors, and she had the chance to be part of some very good movies, and some very good and cute actors.
    Sorry guys! She is just so overated….

  • Kath

    i actually love this dress…its so gorgeous but im not sure if it looks right on keira. keira’s really beautiful here but the dress seems too long…it makes her look too long and skinny. keira is naturally skinny so don’t say she doesn’t eat! she also needs to do something with her chest…its way too flat and it makes dresses look weird on her. otherwise, she looks beautiful!

  • remember da truth

    Lou Lou, you don’t know what you are talking about. Curves are something the hourglass type has, not ALL women. I was very “skinny” as you put it at her age. The hips continue to widen until you are in your late 20′s. Flat-chested does not mean you are taking drugs, what a stupid thing to say! Have you been looking at too many fat chicks and fake tits? I supposed Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz also have taken too many drugs? Get real! Some women are flat-chested!
    I had a friend who was about a size 8 all over but so flat she had to pad an A bra! She got a boob job and she looks perfectly in proportion now — with D breasts!! So a small-boned woman with a flat chest is going to look really thin, but it doesn’t mean anorexia.

    if you really know what anorexia is, you would notice that she has muscles — and anorexics don’t. She is just THIN, that’s all. Get over it.

    What ignorant, jealous people!

  • anna

    she looks horrible in that dres. If she does know that she’s skinny, then she’s supposed to choose her dresses carefully. That dress makes her ├╝ber thin.

  • Joe

    I have been known to praise her at the drop of a hat- but she looks like a dude. And that dress isn’t doing her any favors. She looks better in the pink one. Here she is pure tranny.

  • Alice from paris

    Does anybody see how skinny she is ? That’s awful. Anorexic, anorexic anorexic that’s all it is, and she’s ill.

  • skinny poice


  • Kate

    I will always be a fan of Keira’s, as long as she doesn’t pull a Britney or a Paris. She’s an excellent actress, beautiful, young, elegant and thoughtful. However she has lost some weight since the first Pirates movie. Maybe it’s just a phase.

    If the media let her be, she’d look in the mirror instead of avoiding all the photographs and gossip about her in the magazines.

  • Kate

    PS: I don’t like that dress. =/