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Jennifer Garner: Her 'Kingdom' Come

Jennifer Garner: Her 'Kingdom' Come

Jennifer Garner (in Couture by Juicy Couture) kicks off the world tour for her new film The Kingdom at Grand Hyatt Tokyo on Thursday in Japan.

Jen told Access Hollywood that she got heat strokes two times during the filming of this drama thriller: “I succumbed to the heat a couple times,” she admitted. “I was still breast feeding my baby at the time and so [all of my fluids were going out]. Everything your body needs, all the electrolytes goes to the baby, and so my system was all screwed up and I had heat stroke. And that happened to me… twice. They gave me an IV, filled me back up and sent me back out!”

The Kindgom, which also stars Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper and Jason Bateman, opens in theaters nationwide on Sept. 28 and in October for Japan.

Jennifer was recently added as a presenter for the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards airing Sunday, September 9 at 8PM ET/PT.

15+ pictures inside of Jen in Japan…

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Photos: Junko Kimura/Getty
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  • Kelly

    She’s gorgeous!

  • curious

    lovely and sweet

  • blah

    amazing what a little time on your hair and some makeup can do.

  • Sarah

    I like what she’s wearing, but I don’t get why people call her beautiful. Her face is so awkward and fugly.

  • Naomi

    sassy!!!! va-va-voom baby!! luv this woman

  • nadine

    Awkward and fugly??????? Must be something wrong with your eyes…

  • Bella

    I thought it was Geena Davis when I first glanced at the picture with her bottom teeth showing!

  • jj

    Are all the celebrities morphing into one another now? They’re all beginning to resemble one anther.

  • tiger

    My husband finds her very attractive.His eye is always drawn to the tv when she is on. I think she is really cute and has a nice smile but I wish she would do “something” with her hair. It would be interesting to see which Hollywood actress would have the nerve to do something really trendy with her hair. Like it or not they are trend setters for the salon industry. I for one am ready for a new look for all of them.

  • Lillianne

    What a smile. Very down to earth and a terrific mom.

  • Bite me

    nice hair

  • Rii

    I adore Jen, she looks pretty, lovely hair. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

  • grace

    she´s still not my type but she looks like a total different human!imagine how ugly and pale she usually looks like.
    How long did her make-up/hairstyle session take?6 hours?crazy hollywood make-up!I want that stylist,he/she´s a magician!

  • sam p

    sarah,i agree with you
    i thinks she is fugly and boring and it weird coz i was a fan till this “i am a married person ,with kid and i am consevative and boring” im not telling her to shave her hair or do drugs but …………..

  • sam p

    sarah,i agree with you
    i thinks she is fugly and boring and it weird coz i was a fan till this “i am a married person ,with kid and i am conservative and boring” im not telling her to shave her hair or do drugs but …………..

  • sam p

    double post,sorry

  • jimmy

    Jen you look great! Kind of reminds me of Angie Davis. Can’t wait to check out your flick because you “do good work girl”.

  • Alias fan

    I love her outfit! And I love her.

  • dgf

    girlfriend is def. channeling kate beckensdale…her rings are gorg anyway.

  • how

    She’s HOT.

  • ll cool

    the movie will bomb..her hair is so biggg!!!same blah face..

  • boredtodayboredtomorrow

    jens cute..i dont think she is the least bit sexy, but she is cute and has a great head on her shoulders, which imo counts for A LOT these days.

  • Mike

    Jen is down to earth and normal. Why should she get all dressed up to go to the market? Do you? Stop expecting celebrities to walk out of their houses looking like a Vanity Fair cover. There is a time and a place… this is one of them, and she looks gorgeous. And if you want to see sexy, go watch ‘Alias’. Anyone see the episode after the SuperBowl?



  • [~Famous~]

    whatthe fcuks wrong with that clowns face? lol

  • Violets Auntie

    Jen’s probably leaving her hair long for the next role she’s doing on Broadway when the press for this flick is over. Acting is a job to her and most other actresses. When she’s not doing her job, she’s like the rest of us. No makeup and in jeans. And off to the park with her daughter.

  • Ashley

    GORGEOUS. It looks like she never had a baby.

  • Ashley

    GORGEOUS. It looks like she never had a baby. Thank god she did though, otherwise where would we get our daily cuteness?

  • Andreia

    She’s a gorgeous lady, you can’t deny it….of course she looks different cuz make up make us look different in a better way but in my opinion she looks good both ways!!!

  • Andreia

    She’s a gorgeous lady, you can’t deny it….of course she looks different cuz make up make us look different in a better way but in my opinion she looks good both ways!!!

  • Cynthia

    She looks young, like her dress, hair, makeup. Go Jen!

  • Terra

    saw her on tv the other day –she has defintitely had plastic surgery, lip-implants, cheek implants (whatever it’s called), something drastic done to her teeth, and at least 2lbs of hair extensions. she looks like a freakin’ MUTANT of the true Jennifer Garner. Not pretty at all if it weren’t for all the feak shit. i agree, they’re all starting to look alike down there.

  • Sinna

    She looks gorgeous, the best I’ve seen her look in a long time. Her make-up looks simple and nice; unlike some of these celebs that cake the makeup on.

  • may

    Sick of this Byotch, she still acts like a little girl with her baby voice, always has a dumb story to tell when she is being interviewed, and she sucks as an people sure love to put this byotch on a pedestal what has she done to deserve it, take her daughter to the park???? she said she would never travel by herself and leave her daughter, that’s how full of sh#t she is, she also said she was quitting acting when she had her baby, she is just likes the the Benjamins in her pockets too much. She is not down to earth, she is not cute, and she acts like a little girl. Why is she promoting this movie by herself???this is not her movie, it’s Jamie’s movie…people will go see this movie because of Jamie…he is the “star”. Oh and she is so down to earth that she is drenched in diamonds…and hair extensions, etc. etc. etc. give me a break!!!!!

  • Jennie

    she looks stunning !

  • Beautiful?

    I know #37, she is a really unattractive woman, her stylist and hair and make-up people worked wonders on her face. For one, they covered her ears, which they know make her look crazy. She has on a ton of make-up which is done to create a natural look, but without it she looks homely.

    I just don’t consider a person who has to work so hard to look even decent to be beautiful or attractive. She’s not a natural beauty, she’s an unattractive woman who has to work extra hard to look pretty.

  • myosotis

    Her breasts and her wonderful life as a mother are all she talks about theses days. Honestly who cares if she fainted, doesn’t she have anything to say about the movie ?

  • Tookie

    I second that, myosotis. The story about her fainting, breat feeding and Ben running to her side is getting old. I thought she was supposed to promote the film, not herself, hubby and Violet.

  • baly

    She is double faced. Sweet on the outside but nasty in the inside. I do not like her.

  • jenho

    Fugifer in a fugly dress.

  • yoyo63

    she looks reli pretty when she dress up, but she normally doesnt dress up this good like now.@@lol.I think she is a really good mother, Ben is really lucky to have her as a wife, better than J-Lo just a gold digger and shopholic

  • Anonymous

    “better than J-Lo just a gold digger and shopholic”

    JLo was very successful and rich before she met Ben. Matt Damon said Ben knew being with JLo was not good for his career but he couldn’t help himself because he loved her. Jennifer Garner is just as much a gold digger, one of her previous boyfriends was an investment banker, she’s likes men with money too.

  • mimi

    She talks like a retard. Not very smart at all.

  • mimi


  • grace

    I totally agree #37 and 39

    and it´s true the “all-happy-family thing” and the breast feading story is so old.We got it now,jen you´re happy(?) and you LOVED brast feading,otherwise she wouldn´t mentioned it in every single interview.I´´m so annoyed!I bet she comes up with all the invented stories for her super mommy show!

  • not buyin it

    Plain Jane. Homely even. Should only do soap operas like she did be4.

  • Taylor

    Her dress is from the J. Lo knockoff collection.