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Prince William & Harry Remember Diana

Prince William & Harry Remember Diana

10 years after Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash in Paris, Princes William and Harry remember their mother at a special ceremony at the Guards’ Chapel in London on Friday.

Leading the ceremony, Harry, 22, delivered a moving speech: “Behind the media glare, to us, just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world,” he said. “We would say that, wouldn’t we? But we miss her… she made us and so many other people happy.”

Diana’s elder son, William, 25, also spoke, reading from St Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

Joining the princes at the private service were their grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, their father Prince Charles and about 500 guests, including Elton John, Cliff Richard and celebrity photographer Mario Testino, as well as Prime Minister Gordon Brown and former prime ministers Tony Blair and John Major. Charles’s wife Camilla decided not to attend amid criticism that it would be inappropriate for her to be there.

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Credit: CNN; Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • blah

    i miss her…if she was alive, she would have been the only celebrity with grace

  • What? no flowers this time

    Wonder where all the crying fans are this time around.

  • blah

    i miss her…if she was still alive, she would have been the only normal celebrity with grace




  • ??

    I loved Diana and her children.
    I will always despise Charles and that mule face azz Camilla,,and the Queen too,,cant stand them..

  • poodle puddle

    I want to fuck Prince Harry!

  • Leo

    princess anne shouldn’t have been there either since she always made fun of diana and wouldn’t bow her head when the hearse went by, thinking she was a royal and didn’t need to even though the queen did. whatever diana was she was a great mum.

  • BBperfume

    The princes didn’t inherit their mom’s good looks.Sadly to say, Harry looks worst. But I admired Diana,i remember her when I was a kid. RIP

  • where are the tons of flowers and hysterical fans?

    Not this time around.





  • You/Me

    I think Diana would be proud of the way her boys turned out. They don’t shy away but honor her as their mother not as a princess.
    People go on and on about how Harry cannot be Prince Charles’ son because he supposedly looks so much like Hewitt…but look at picture #3 and the man standing by Harry could be his twin only older. Obviously a relative!

    Okay, I’ve tried to post this twice if it doesn’t go through I give up!

  • Lauren

    Princess Diana was such a beautiful and giving woman. I think we can all learn something from her.

  • Lillianne

    We KNOW Diana would have loved her boys with a fierce and overflowing love. One day one of them will have a baby girl and she will be named Diana. Diana RIP. You will not be forgotten.

  • kellygrrrl

    Harry = His Royal Hotness!!!!!!!!
    How could such a charming dude come from the seed of Charles?
    DNA test?

  • Jade

    I miss Princess Diana.I wish she could have had a happier life.But the
    two things that did make her happy,were her boys.She would be very proud
    to see these two handsome grown-up sons of hers.She will always be re-
    membered for her compassion of people and people less fortunate than her!

  • cat

    anne did bow her head, it was princess margaret who barely moved her head.

    harry looks like james hewitt.

  • PAM

    harry definitely is looking better than william. william use to be so hot. horse face camilla better not have gone to the service. a lot of Diana’s misery and unhappiness was because of her and charles.


    They clean up well if nothing else.

  • Just Jesse you are the best

    Thank you – you know why. If you ever start your own blog I will be there with bells on :)

  • y.

    Diana had class. I only wish the best for her sons. Charles can go to he11! ,and Camilla’s permanent home is there, we’ve seen her face. Bizth. The Queen was always finding fault with Di.,so I don’t buy into long live the Queen,the mean old hag. If it was’nt for Di’s sons I could honestly care less.

  • seeker

    Prince william was a very good looking person till he was about 22. I guess his hairstyle is the biggest issue, and his face has gotten a bit stretched with age. But he still looks pretty hot. Definitely, the hot prince kind of a guy. You can’t forget his pinup kinda pictures from a couple of years back. Right until he started Uni, he was a damn good treat to the eye.

    Prince Harry, not so much. But his appeal has gotten better. He certainly seems to have caught up in hieght with his brother. Both of them seem to keep fit. Look how awesome they clean up in a suit.

    Harry’s personal tribute was very touching. I think it was very forward of him to pay a personal tribute and not a reading. But William did make a diplomatic move by just giving a reading. I think the media would have just had a field day if he gave a personal tribute. I think he has started to take his role pretty seriously the last couple of years. It’s good that they don’t feel their emotions have to be totally out on the road for everyone to lap up.

    I do think Diana would have been happy with the way the boys turned out. Even Harry, with all the money and media glare, has managed better than what everyone thought when he was in his teens.

  • remember da truth

    Who is the idiot complaining about no flowers? There were loads of flowers at Kensington Palace. Does he still want people hysterical with shock and grief ten years later?

  • ash

    They obviously have different fathers.

  • Marie!

    HARRY is so hot, OMG!! He’s H-O-T! Fuck~~!! I don’t even know what to say, William is alright, they def. have different fathers, and please, Harry is such a tease, love his sexy way, I saw the interview, he’s pure sex, and btw, William is know here in England as the next ‘Queen’, if you all know what I mean… Go Harry, you sexy STUD!!!!!!!

  • Kira

    Princess Diana would be so proud of these handsome and eloquent young men. Prince Harry is definitely Prince William’s equal….
    I’m a mother of a 20-year-old son and whenever I think of these boys tears flow down my cheeks! Diana cherished her sons and they unconditionally love her and the special legacy she left in their hearts as a wonderful mother no matter how others might judge certain aspects of her social life.

    Although Camilla, obviously, fulfills the life of Prince Charles, it was most appropriate and gracious that she not participate in this memorial service as it was a most intimate time for the little boys who have grown into illustrious men!

    I, too, miss Princess Diana. She touches my heart the same way it is touched whenever I hear a John Denver song! It isn’t easy to be an embodied angel and these two were magnificent angels on the earth!

  • angelic fruitcake

    Too bad William is loosing hear at such young age. Like father like son I guess. Harry is looking hotter then ever.

  • gwenfan

    Harry did an amazing job with his words about his mother. I pray they don’t send that man to Iraq. They will carry on their mother’s human rights/charity work.

  • Bettina

    Princess Diana died ten years ago & she is still much loved and missed by the people of UK, especially.

    Diana was a loving mother to both her boys. Because of her maternal touch her boys don’t appear to suffer from the obvious emotional constipation that Charles does. Will & Harry are for the most part normal feeling young men…they make mistakes as all young men & women do.

    The question of Harry’s paternity is ridiculous. Harry has a strong resemblance to Diana’s brother and her eldest sister who has the same red hair and facial features. This cruel issue of James Hewitt is made up by the media to sell papers. They will do anything to sell papers.

    Diana did alot of good for needy people during her short life. For example, no one wanted to touch people afflicted with AIDS, leprosy, etc. until Diana did (purposefully in front of the cameras), this helped to dispel the stigma and prejudice against these people, tremendously.

    No other member of the Royal Family was ever willing to take on these charities (i.e. AIDS, LEPROSY & LANDMINES, ADDICTION). Diana took on these charities and many others. She helped make these causes visible. In a sense, she made it fashionable to care…she made compassion a desirable trait.

    Yes, she had alot of wealth, luxury and priviledge. But she also had alot of pain. Her husband was in love with another woman throughout their marriage. The press pursued her relentlessly.

    She brought happiness and compassion to many people. May she rest in peace.

  • racheal

    Princeness Di was wonderful, loved her and her boys, hate the rest of them.. Charles and that Camzilla can eat!

  • seeker

    I guess William also wanted Harry to have the spotlight this time around. I am sure the speech had inputs from both.

    I have always felt sorry for Charles. He seems like a person eaten by some complex all through his life, looking for acceptance. As a child and an adult, with those around him. I think Diana gave him an inferiority complex. Camilla on the other side, allowed him to be himself without a complex. Can’t blame him for loving her in that reasoning. It’s too bad that his indecisiveness didn’t help his relationships.

  • Jane

    The red-headed guy near Harry in photo 3 is his cousin. I don’t know his name, but he’s the son of Diana’s sister and it’s amazing how much he looks like Harry.

    Harry looks like the Spencers. Diana’s sister was a redhead too.

  • Charles suc-ks!!!

    Feel sorry for that grown -adult- looser- cheating azz man ‘Charles’,, puhleeeese,,he married ‘Diana’ knowing he was in love with a ‘mule’ and picked on her,,cheated on her,, and treated her less than human.
    ITA with whoever said he can go to he-ll!!!

  • http://busrs istanbulgirl

    william is more handsome than harry.

  • beena

    diana met james hewitt when harry was past two years of age. he got his red hair from diana’s side of the family.. her brother, the earl spencer also has the same hair. it is an everlasting shame to diana’s memory to have this cloud of suspicion over harry’s “real” father who is of course prince charles

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    I truly admired her and sad tragedy that she is gone. There will NEVER be anyone like her again – my heart goes out to her boys.

  • H

    Prince Charles is the biggest idiot. He had a young, beautiful, well loved wife who gave him two beautiful sons and brought in so much money and prestige for the UK and gave the monarchy a new found admiration and respect in the eyes of the people and he chooses that ugly old hag instead? If the man were smart he would have realized that he wanted to be king one day and its very important that people like his spouse who will be the queen and to be happy that not just people in the UK but people all over the world LOVED her. He was very jealous of all the attention she received and chose that old hag so she would never overshadow him. SHAME ON YOU CHARLES! I pray that he is not allowed to be King and william becomes King instead.

  • Mee!!

    Why they look all RED!!!!

  • Jekka

    I was in London this past weekend and it was amazing to see all the flowers and cards left outside Kensinton Palace. Even after all these years people still remember Diana and how she touched everyones lives, even those she has never met. She is truly incredible.

    I also think people are being very harsh towards the entire royal family (Queen, Charles, Camilla, etc). Yes I agree that in the past they have come across as snobbish and pompous. But they have also come a long way in the past 10 years and I think that is partly due to Diana and her death. The era of Diana was a low point for the monarchy but I think Britain’s reaction to Diana really helped to open their eyes. It is important for a monarchy to be flexible which they have become over the last 10 years.

    As for Prince Charles…yes he did treat Diana horribly and he did marry her while in love with Camilla. But at the time, had it not been for his position, that would not have been his choice. It was for his royal duty that he married Diana instead of Camilla and Diana knew at the time that he was still in love with Camilla. So it’s very unfair to put Charles completely to blame, same with Camilla. It was a three way relationship and they all knew what they were getting in to. And it wasn’t as though Charles hated Diana…he did after all go to Paris to pick up her coffin which shows a great deal of respect.

    And I think people should be alot more forgiving towards the monarchy. It is obvious that William and Harry loved Diana very much and she was the most important person in their lives. If they can forgive the Queen and their father and accept Camilla, then why can’t everyone else. Keeping in mind that they are heavily set in tradition, they have come an extremely long way and have showed compromise. They are a flexible monarchy who have shown that they listen to their peoples wishes. I’m personally very proud of how the British monarchy carries themselves and their practices (except Williams girlfriend I don’t really approve of, but that another story).

  • warren Le Johnson

    In the name of Mother’s

    Prince William, Harry….


    love you all

    I pray you all, let gods light, his force, wisdom and spiritual DNA, come unto you all, into your physical and spiritual bodies.
    I adore thee, love the doorway to eternity.

    Warren Le Johnson

  • Katherine Andreana

    Both Princes are very very handsome. Harry is the father figure types. He is very lovable person. The types that any girls are diing for and longing for a partner. Prince William is more agrressive but can be very soft headed. He is sensitive like his mommy. He need a girl whom can be very peatient and very lovingly, and so tender to his side. That could be a little problems for a partner. It is take 2 to make things works. He hides allot of his pains. He needs to learn to forgave and go on with live. However, both Princes are very cute, smart, musculen, and Tall. They are very physical fit. Handsome indeed.