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Britney Spears @ LAX Nightclub

Britney Spears @ LAX Nightclub

Britney Spears arrives at the grand opening of the LAX Nightclub at the Luxor Resort & Casino early Saturday morning in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Brit was reportedly paid $100K for the appearance, and scheduled to walk the carpet at about 10PM. At about 10:15, notice came out that Britney had not yet boarded the plane in Los Angeles to fly to Las Vegas, about a 45 minute flight.

At 12:10 a.m. Britney arrived at the carpet, more than two hours late. With about a hundred press waiting for interviews and photos, Brit decided not to do any interviews and blew past everyone.

The owner of LAX, Steve Davidovich, president of Pure Management Group, literally jumped into her path as she arrived in front of the photographers.

Steve stopped Britney and had her pose for the cameras. After posing on the carpet (about 15 seconds later), Britney decided to exit the carpet without looking back. She was quickly surrounded by security and escorted into the club, where she reportedly danced to her new single “Gimme More” (download mp3) off her upcoming album, due out Nov. 13.

She traveled by private jet and was back in Los Angeles at 1:30AM via Van Nuys airport. Brit‘s back, ya’ll!!!

15+ pictures inside of Britney @ LAX nightclub…

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britney spears lax nightclub 01
britney spears lax nightclub 02
britney spears lax nightclub 03
britney spears lax nightclub 04
britney spears lax nightclub 05
britney spears lax nightclub 06
britney spears lax nightclub 07
britney spears lax nightclub 08
britney spears lax nightclub 09
britney spears lax nightclub 10
britney spears lax nightclub 11
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britney spears lax nightclub 15
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Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty
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  • Apple


  • lori

    Her stupid hair! Can’t she buy hair that looks good???

  • JADE

    still looks like crap, why does britney look like she does not bathe?

    ps, love the site jared

  • Apple

    She should not use fake hair.

  • james

    I’ve seen this dress before. Didn’t LC wear this dress way back in April but in black?

  • paty

    britney is insane, she look horrible,no will be the same with her career , this is the end for britney… stupid ,sheet,perra!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tzy

    her new song gimme more is going to be no 1…cant wait!…wish she would wear a better wig though!!

  • Kat

    I know she has extensions and all, but can’t she get a hairstyle? That crappy hair makes her look even worse than she already does!

  • Kat

    I know she has extensions and all, but can’t she get a hairstyle? That crappy hair makes her look even worse than she already does!

  • Ida

    I like the dress!

  • so what

    At least shes not showing her ass, I do like her new single tho…

  • d

    kelly clarkson wore a similar dress but it looked horrible on her…i love the dress hate the hair, hopefully brit will get that fixed before the vmas…i can only imagine why she didn’t want to do any press talk but i’m glad she followed through on her commitments to LAX

  • http://- soph

    She’s so pretty and talanted. Sure, she’s crazy but I just love her!

  • wez


    She looks especially nasty while chewing a gum.

  • Sprinkles

    It’s Britney B@tch! Yay! She’s back! Thank God! Woo! Woo!

  • Taylor

    I wonder if she’ll skip the interviews at the VMA’s. MTV will be pissed if she does.

  • Apple

    She still looks good… remember this woman been pregnant twice.

  • Lol

    I really hope she does interviews at the VMA’s, if she goes. Tons of people want to hear what she has to say about everything going on..

  • a mess

    Her voice is horrible on that song,..lots of inside studio magic helped with that song&..her nasally voice, ..also the better version of the song is with ‘TI’ rapping,.. without him ,,listening to her voice will cause deafness…she really can’t sing yal..the music is okay..

  • b

    her song is awesome, and she looks great.

  • Les

    Um, #17 you do realize that this “woman who has been pregnant twice” is not only extremely young but has had a tummy tuck as well. Please, do not be deluded enough to think the look is “natural”.

  • yuehun

    i think she ‘s in chanel dress!

  • Grow Up

    Give me a break people. Whether you think her new song is good or not, she’s not making a comeback – she’s just staying in the press b/c she has nothing else. DYS and KFed are coming after her kids and she’s wearing cheap hair extensions to make an appearance in Las Vegas. Buh-bye Britney. I grew up, you didn’t

  • Tatiana

    She looks terrible :/

  • Sharon

    Britney seems to be on her way back, I am not a fan of hers, but I like her new song. I think she has a million dollar hit.
    I can see how all of Brit’s haters, K-Fed (who is trying his best to get more money out of Britney because his free ride ends in november) Shar who if K-fed don’t get money out of Brit she and her crew will not have money. Brit’s Mom and Dad who have been cut off. I can see why these people are mad about the millions they will not get in the future, are trashing her so bad and have brought up child abuse issue. The only way they can get her money is K-fed take her kids and get child support so they can all live off it.

  • Kara

    She has so much money I would think she would look more pulled together than this. And her skin is just awful. She also has meth-face.

  • Mary

    puhahah i like what Kara said…”meth-face” it’s true though. I don’t like britney anymore. I think she’s full of her self now and dont give a crap about anyone else.

  • Bo

    Brit Song really slams I like it and she looks hot to me.

  • Violette

    She’s so unprofessional. I don’t understand how someone in her position can be such a wreck. On the other hand she doesn’t look too bad, although she should loose the hat.

  • leana

    She looks like a crackhead. Look at those eyes. talking about doped up.
    And that song I will admit that it would be a good song if someone else did the singing. I’m sorry but that voice of her is so bad.

  • Violets Auntie

    Unprofessional twit. Casinos, get a celeb who earns her money.

  • Nana

    She looks good! Her song is really catching up to me (:

  • pancakebottom

    im sick of those hats already.

  • [~Famous~]

    ROTFLMAO thank you brit, you alway make me laugh.

  • ji

    those eyes!!! this woman is soo drugged up, she looks so demented and sad. i don’t understand how these celebrities can’t seem to get their acts together when they have all the resources in the world to get the best help possible. it’s aggravating.

  • http://d lucy.

    I love her new song, its so good.

  • Sue

    She looks beautiful! Are you negative people even looking at the same photos I am? She looks healthy and tan, and for you people saying she looks like a crackhead and on meth, you have no idea what you’re talking about! Tummy tuck? Where do you people get your information from. What about of Gossip Hens!!!!

  • BBperfume

    Yuk, her hair looks like it’s already Haloween ! I think her two singles sound too much like Gwen Stefanie-ish, and bubble gum pop is out of date.It’s clear her voice is overdone by studio technology. Can’t Brit realize that she should show her mature self now, and taking her music to the next level. She’s trying to shove the same sound we heard in 1999 down our throats but it’s not working anymore. And her posing on the red carpet looks retarded.When she was having babies, red carper posing became more glamorous. take a few lessons from frenemy Paris!
    I do hope she improves her music and her image before coming back!

  • Jay

    Britney I fucking love you!!!! Your new song is dopee!!!!! Your going to be #1 baby!!!!! Don’t let anyone put you down!! Britney’s back BITCHES!!!!!!!!



  • Kacky

    I hope they cut her pay, 2 hours late & no interviews!

  • AB

    You people are so damn negative!!
    Atleast shes trying!
    I think she looks great =).

  • Stella

    Britney did great dressing herself but she still needs to do something with the hair. A lot of hollywood stars have weaves but they get it styled. Brit needs to do the same and also use a professional makeup artist for public events. But the dress is a step in the right direction.

  • Tracy

    She is seriously one homely, homely woman.

  • Miapocca



    1: Quit paying money to the freeloader..yeah more money for an hourly starbuck drive through and more cars for JJ and SP

    2: Release MYSELF…my ALBUM..please say its called “dont let the door kick you in the arse on your way out”

    3: Buy might expensive extensions that can survive play time with teh boys

    4: YEEOOOHO.,..Perform perform perform!!!


  • Julotta

    Britney looks cute and her new song is great. She doesn’t let anything keep her down. K-fed has been a very responsible father lately but now I think he’s just trying to get as much money as he can out of Brit.

  • Naomi

    whore with no respect for herself an others whatsoever. her album is goin 2 BOMMM big time!!!

  • shaddap

    She looks like a lunatic. If it walks like a duck…

  • Sarah

    I think she looks good, but it’s nearly ruined by the awful hair. Btw, this is coming from a person that’s not a fan.

  • thatz right bitch