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Rihanna Loves Tattoos

Rihanna Loves Tattoos

Rihanna is an Atlanta Peach in the magazine’s fall fashion issue (on the cover showing off her Sanskirt prayer tattoo going down her hip). Isoul Harris got the dirt on the Barbados babe and her obsession with tattoos:

On where you’ll find her in New York: “I like hanging out in tattoo shops. When I am in New York, after all the photo shoots and performances, when I should be resting, sometimes I get dressed and go to the tattoo parlors in SoHo and hang out. I am so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with friends or just by myself. I get bum-rushed, but I don’t care. I don’t take security.”

On the crazy rumors about Jay-Z and Beyonce: “The week I was signed, in Barbados, they blew it up in the newspaper, and the catty people started saying that I had to have sex with Jay-Z in order to get my deal. I know Bajans, they always talk crap. They never like to see another Bajan succeed, no matter what. But [in America] it got out of hand when they started making a beef between me and Beyonce. Come on! Don’t you hear me speaking about how she is one of the people I look up to? In Europe, they asked, ‘Do you have his number in your phone?’ Of course, we work together! It’s crazy. I just have to let these rumors me.”

On wanting to move to Georgia: “I want to live in Atlanta, seriously. I love people from there [Atlan's C. Tricky Stewart produced "Umbrella"]. There is just something about their spirits. I can have fun with them. If I could move there next week, I would. L.A. is cool, but I think I made the wrong decision.”

On what kinda guys turn her on: “I like bad guys. [They have] the most personality and make you laugh. I love that. I need to have a good time. Happiness is when I get off the phone and I am glowing. I want that person to be my light.”

In a previous interview, Rihanna has described her tattooed body saying, “I have four tattoos. The one on my ankle is a music note. There’s a Pisces sign behind my right ear. There’s a star in my left ear, and a Sanskrit prayer going down my hip.”

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  • Julotta

    Rihanna looks hot! Love the tat!

  • Taylor

    Her tattoo says, I love Shia. LOL

  • Nina

    hahaha, i wouldn;t balme her!

  • Davie

    Shia Labeouf is one lucky man!! WOWZA!!

  • [~Famous~]

    holy shiiit this biish is sexy!!!

  • tiger

    She wants a person to be her light?

    What a bullshit expectation that is to put on someone else.

    She should try to find the light inside herself first. Rather than looking for someone else to give it to her.

    She sounds really screwed up from reading her comments in that interview. Whoever she is!!

  • jack city

    Gawd what a retouch photoshopped fame horse..I mean

  • tiger

    I want that person to be my light.”

    She should find her light from within rather than put that high expectation onto another.

    Whoever she is, she sure doesn’t sound very bright.

  • lawanda page

    I don’t like Shia with her, yuck, he can do much better.
    Let’s see they have taken out her acne, scars, brown spots, she wears fake contacts, another new style wig, and she is selling her azz as usual.Just saw her on tmz and big gurl did’nt look like the fotos.
    I believe she went down low with Bey’s man.,the sk.ank.

  • [~Famous~]

    hey tiger, how about you type that a third time. lmfaoo maybe you’ll believe it then.

    rotfl @ “Whoever she is”. you must not be very bright. hahaha

  • none

    you rock rihanna

  • tiger

    If you are the example of what bright is Famous, I would rather be in the dark than to stand anywhere near you.

  • BBperfume

    It only took Rihanna 2 yrs, fame and money to start stripping herself.What happened to the innocent island girl talk,”evrything I do will automatically be Barbadian”? I’m sure her own people will be shock to see her butt naked on magazines, bcoz it is definitely not her culture.
    Then she strated singing rock, which is definitely NOT BARBADIAN!
    She’s become a puppet on a strings at DEF JAM, and in a afew yrs time she”ll be doing interviews to tell I did what THEY TOLD ME TO DO…

  • [~Famous~]

    come on tiger, say it a third time. then ask who she is again, as if you don’t know.



  • danmyoushia

    danm you shia. you’re one lucky man. danm you to heck

  • rainman

    she should let me under my umbrella. i’d do her good. her lying down i’mma smack that ass and do the unmetionables to her. CHEA

  • shawn

    i’m hard right now

  • nia

    this is coming from a girl..she is gorgeous i cant believe that she is only nineteen i’m just so jelous of her body, her eyes her face and that hot style she has. i’m also glad she’s not a young lindsay lohan or paris

  • what’s your flava

    rihanna ma let me be like milk i’ma do your body good so shut up and i’ll drive if you know what i mean you digg?

  • poser

    She sounds like a real dummy. The bish wished she look like this. We all know she has horible acne. And she is fat. Check her out on other sites with video, she aint even close to this. Oh and she looks 35. Goes to show anybody can be a celeb.

  • la la la oh

    she’s fat? no wonder people are going anorex and she’s 35 please i think your ass is sore from pulling al those facts

  • poser youre a looser

    poser if she’s fat then you must think the olsen twins are really fit right now.

  • [~Famous~]

    lol @ people using ‘bish’ now. i gotta come up with some new ish now

  • Burpie

    Lmao @ people calling her fat….pathetic. She looks amazing. Btich has a booty I would kill for.

  • ViK

    Once again, a celebrity gets in touch with their spiritual side by tattooing something in an ancient language ON THEIR ASS! What a F**KING retard!

    Sanskrit is an ancient language, often associated with Hinduism. Hindus are deeply religious. For one, they enter their temples barefoot as a sign of respect to the gods, who they approach. And in another case of Western ignorance, a revered language has been defiled!


  • what

    You can tell she’s young. She’s gonna regret everything she said next year. I have seen too many women in domestic abuse cases because they had an affinity for “bad guys”. They have the most personality? Um ok. We all can see that she will end up with some lunatic escorting her wherever. Don’t you all just love how she paints all Bajan’s by saying they all talk crap? Where is she from that she gives an interview by using the word crap? Sorry but I put Rhianna in the same class as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and that Foxy Brown. These people were cute when they were teens but when they became women, they are utter disasters.

  • boom

    omg…she is such a hottie.

  • Kath

    dont get me wrong, i love her music and everything but this new attitude thing isn’t really working for me. its too bad. she’s only 19 and she looks like a stripper in those photos!

  • the_original_nika

    “I want that person to be my light.”
    For some reason this is funny LOL.
    To me she tries a bit too hard to be sexy, and ends up being something else. Also, it seems everyone is obessed with tattoos nowadays. First megan fox, now her, whos next!?
    I don´t like her, but, no matter what I said her career will continue to rise. Shia and her make cute couple, but, just.. don´t seem to be right with one another IMO. Anyways, shes into bad boys remember.. so all you bad boys, go and win her heart.. Her and shia are just screwing, no worries girls hes a “good guy” I think lol. Eventually it will be over lol.

  • Talia

    Dont let Shia fool you. He has his edgy streak and im 100% sure he’s making her laugh which is also what she emphasized. GO SHIANNA! Shia’s a hottie btw, and i love HIS tattoos!!

  • omg

    Don’t people have dignity anymore?

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Love her hair but the tramp stamps what a fool

  • jimmy

    A lot of girls say they like bad guys until he treats them badly!

  • Fake

    Famous is the only one posting and reposting positive things then answering himself. ITA that she is sooo over weight thighs head and all, they even gave her a almost normal NOSE, instaed of the extra WIDE NOSE she really has.

  • [~Famous~]

    a ‘tramp stamps’ a lower back tattoo. lol not hip, fool. lol

  • tom

    What a dum hoe~ *Her wigs will hide the other tats. Run Shia Run not herrrr,nooooo!!

  • http://d lucy.

    the second photo has been so much airbrushed it doesnt even look like her, anymore. isnt airbrushing supposed to enhance your beauty? why do they change their facial features? we cant recognize them anymore.. its crazy.

  • http://d lucy.

    the second photo has been so much airbrushed it doesnt even look like her, anymore. isnt airbrushing supposed to enhance your beauty? why do they change their facial features? we cant recognize them anymore.. its crazy.

  • linda

    Why do people have so much hate towards her? She’s 19 years old and in a tough business where she lives under the microscope. And I think it’s great that her new record has some rock undertones to it. It means she’s versatile and anyways an artist needs to bring something new to every record they make because who would want to hear the same thing over and over again?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Stunnorgeous!!!! Stunning + Gorgeous

  • Joan

    I think she is absolutey beautiful. Love her music.

    Just because you’re from the Caribbean doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate different music. Stay at somebodys’ house in the Caribbean and you’ll hear the different types of music flowing from the houses. We love music, and all kinds. Since I was a child I was listening to American, Spanish, Chinese and Indian music in the Caribbean.

    Rihanna wouldn’t be with Def Jam if she wanted to sing purely Caribbean music. She may sing another Caribbean flavored song or maybe she won’t. The choice is hers if she wants to.

    The only negative thing I will say about her is her choice of tattooing. Tattooing is against the word of God. The Bible clearly states that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and tattoos, piercings and cutting of the skin(? plastic surgery) defile Gods’ temple. God gave us these bodies to house our spirits while we live on this earth. We are expected to take care of our bodies and not use it contrary to Gods’ word.

  • piddy

    39 ITA. ITA that she looks like Dionne Warwick.

  • Bleu_jade

    I don’t get why you guys are hating on her. She’s just saying that she wants someone that will make her happy, you know keep her glowing geezz. She’s young anyway. Let her say these things about bad boys now. She’ll learn. And her tatto is nice not disrespectful. She can write whatever she wants on her body in any language she wants. Those are not contacts (old issue) That hair is hers. When it’s longer its not. Remember the chick is not African American. She’s bajan so she has a mixture in her. She does have a large forehead but that makes her diff and diff is good in a static society like america. So one-dimensional. Anyway, lol, you rock on rihanna and i think her and shia are good friends although they would make an amazing couple if they are dating, but i doubt it. Shia is funny though. Hmmmmm….idk

  • Nona

    Well they’re hatin because they’re ignorant, pathetic and wish they had a thimble full of what she has. And come on, you know the poster callin him/herself poser who says Rhianna’s fat is like 400lbs. LOL!

  • funny

    what is with girls loving bad guys i have to give her a break b/c she is only 19 but man once u get a bad guy who is usually more insecure than GOD knows what the relationshop becomes a drag. its sad but u def. have to be careful what u wish for.hopefully someone can help her see the light. i like rhianna no nipple slippage or crotch shots so i like her.

  • Amber

    Rihanna’s a beautiful girl, I guess she’s always going to have haters, that’s part of the game. And her tat looks cool, I just hope she doesn’t go and get too many like Britney. And to the poster who sad Rihanna is fat, are you kidding me? If she’s fat then Britney must be considered obese then, because Rihanna is way smaller than Britney, and I guess you would have to say Jessica simpson is fat too then.

  • Amber

    oops i meant “said”

  • Rainman

    Bottom line she is fake and she is trying to sell the flop of a CD.

    She is a cute little girl with no talent, now they are selling her to make back the money they have waisted.

    NO TALENT……………………………….


    where does it say i luv shia?