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Damon in Deauville

Damon in Deauville

Matt Damon takes his wife Luciana down the red carpet at the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum during the 33rd Deauville American Film Festival on Saturday in Deauville, France.

Matt, 36, attended the photocall for Bourne earlier in the day.

In a recent interview, Matt revealed what he’s working towards: “I would have to think long and hard about that. [pauses] Compassion. That’s my word. That’s what I’m working towards.”

10+ pictures inside of Matt & Luciana looking like the picture perfect couple…

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Credit: The Age; Photos: Francois Durand/Getty
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  • Aeon fan-lurker

    We love you too Matt and Luciana. Very cute couple.

  • http://deleted poi

    I read in some article that she is pregnant again, is it true?

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    damaon is cool and all but his fashion needs some help..he dresses like he is goin to church which is fine but he needs to get more hip

  • [~Famous~]

    awww hiiiiis wife cares enough about him to go to his premieres.

  • Susi

    Sorry, dont like his wife….

  • Orchid

    She could do something with her hair.

  • tequila29

    Of all the smart, beautiful women in the world Matt could get, he picks this bartender. I can’t even call her pretty. Matt is super smart – he went to Harvard and he winds up with this women who poured drinks for a living…I don’t get it. Is this marriage for real?

  • Pandora

    Tequila29 — I had no idea of her origin, but yeah, I have to agree. I see nothing attractive about this woman. He’s cute, but as someone above said he needs a bit of fashion sense (and he’s obviously not going to get it from her!). Guess the marriage is for real because he couldn’t have picked her for looks alone!

  • congrats

    Wow this couple has been on more red carpet the past two months than anyone. They are on a world tour of The Bourne Ultimatum but really, it’s a hit all over. Why do you still need to promote it? Congrats to Matt on that film even though he said he hated doing it, LOL!!!!

  • WTF?

    7 tequila29 : 09/02/2007 at 12:41 pm

    so you marry someone for looks? No wonder the American divorce rate is 50%. GROW UP!

  • lily

    I love Matt, but his wife is not pretty. Her eyes are too far apart and her gummy smile is gross. But she must have a nice personality if he married her. And I’m sure her pregnancy helped move the marriage along.

  • manhattanite

    In addition to her unplanned pregnancy, it probably helped that his wife resembles Matt’s former love, the beautiful and talented Penelope Cruz.

  • Goya

    Lucy is a beautiful woman and clearly Matt adores her. They’ve been together for four years and have a child together for heaven’s sake. She is always dressed appropriately for these events and doesn’t try to overshadow her hubby. Matt may need a stylist but I imagine that will happen when pigs fly. More power to him for not kowtowing to the image makers. He’s an actor not a “movie star.” Also who the hell knows how smart Lucy is?? Lots of Ph.D.s tending bar in this country since we value knowledge so much — NOT!! Lucy was born in Argentina — she may be a doctor for all you know.

  • Julotta

    Matt seems like he’s a really nice guy. I wish the best for him and his family.

  • nanana

    Hey, Nicole cage married a waitress too….

    Maybe some men have this thing for waitress. Maybe they like the ideas of being served

  • toty

    his wife is delicious, she has HOOOOT legs and beautiful skin.

  • LIsa

    I don’t know what he has in common with a bartender either…. Similarities in status and looks between couples are the best predictor of success and this couple doesn’t have it…

    Its not her personality _ I read from someone who knows her her voice is grating and has a South FLorida accent as she has been in the country a long time now

    I for one am getting sick of seeing EVERY opening for Bourne they have in the world. I mean for the world premiere and the American events yes, but do we really need to see pics of EVERY world opening? tHis reminds me of when Cam Diaz was going on the tour for Shrek…over and over again pics of the premieres

  • Christine

    she’s ugly. i don’t know what Matt sees in her. yes she has big boobies. but they look like they’d be saggy without major support. and i can’t stand her pencil thin eyebrows and rabbit teeth.

  • Gusu

    Some of the posts really surprise me. So if you are a waitress or bar tender you don’t have brains? What classist attitude!! When I was in graduate school many of us did waitressing to help pay for school. And some of the brightest people I know had to do bar tendering and such for a living because life circumstances such as single parenthood put them in that place.

    To say that a bar tender is not worth a Harvard educated man…and you call yourselves American?

  • Gusu

    And if you only knew how many looneys got a Harvard education because their daddies were alums or the family contributed $$$$ to the school….

  • http://www// katy

    People stop. I think Luciana is beautiful and that they are a nice

    I think some of you just are so mean.


  • MJ

    I’m always happy to see pictures and stores about Matt and family. He and Lucy seem to be a very happy and compatible couple.

  • H

    So luciana may not be the prettiest girl around but she just has a cool attitude and seems like a nice person and that’s probably why matt fell in love with her. It takes a lot more than looks to have a successful relationship. Looks get old very quickly and its what’s inside that matters in the end.

  • Kate

    I met her once and her voice is horrid. She acted just like a South Florida girl—-not cool, hip, etc. I think Matt wanted something “normal” with big boobs, but he will tire of her as soon as his career stalls and he needs to get some publicity.

  • A Person

    I again, think some of you are just jealous and racist. You just cant stand to see a good white man weith a non-white woman. Just let that all go.

  • Anna

    He’s fat and moley; she’s extremely unfortunate looking; they deserve each other. Matt Damon only buys women who are docile, illiterate, obedient and subservient. His last girlfriend (whom he cheated on with Lucy) was a high school drop-out who he met when she was a driver on a movie set. A very intellectually challenging vocation. Lucy was working in one of Miami’s sleaziest nightclubs when Matt picked her up. She’s also knocked up everytime she gets married. Classy! “Lucy cares enough to attent his red carpet events”? You’ve got to be kidding me – that’s the only reason she’s in this relationship.

    She left her kid with her mom for like 2 years while she trecked all over the world, partying and posing in photos with Matt. Who was surprised when she got knocked up to seal the deal? Right now, her kids are at home in Miami while Matt and Lucy are partying in Deauville (see celebrity blog – Isabella was spotted out shopping with her grandmother). Have you ever seen a picture or read a sighting of Matt and/or Lucy with the kids at Disneyland, a baseball game, library, museum or playground? Never.

    It’s all Matt all the time.

  • A Certain Smile

    Yes, there were pictures of all of them together in Hawaii w/ the step-daughter. Other pictures of him and the step daughter and their own daughter and his mother have been shown on this blog. And Matt even said they bought a place in New York so the step-daughter could see her own father who is still in her life. She probably has visitation times w/ him. All these stupid judgements are absurd.

    That is his job to promote his film. If you don’t like then don’t click on this thread and don’t post a comment. Simple as that.

  • MM

    I can’t think of any celebrity less deserving of that type of cruel remark than Matt Damon. He’s such a nice guy with a lovely family.

  • Zoe

    I don’t care what his wife looks like, Matt seems very happy with her and that’s what’s important. I’m not a big fan of his and don’t go to any of his movies but he’s one of the few celebrities who stays out of the spotlight unless the photogs catch a few pics with him and his family. He seems like a nice guy who’s making a huge effort to keep his family together all the time. Give him a break! At least he’s not keeping the family tucked at home while he’s out fooling around afterhours from making movies like all the other celebs seem to do!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Just because she was a bartender does not mean she had no other aspiration or no brain. I have friends who bartend and worked as waiters to put themselves through college, or to just get by.

    Wy judge her on how she made a living? Are you sayin the only smart peopel are at Harvard? Besides, he DROPPED OUT to become an actor – hardly a Harvard way of living!

    She is pretty with glowing skin. It is refreshing that he married a non-celebrity. It shows that some rich people look beyond wealth to marry. So many rich folks only marry their own kind.

    This is a cute Cinderella story actually. I like her.

  • Margot

    I agree with the above comments about Lucy being a big titted gold digger. Matt has become highly arrogant in recent years and has unfortunately been influenced by George Clooney. Matt is ugly but smart and has sold himself short by marrying this ugly AND stupid woman who’s vocation seems to be getting herself knocked up.

  • Lesley

    ^ Omg…your comments made me laugh out loud.

    Anyway, who cares about Matt’s gummy wife? They’ll be divorced in 2 years anyway, so all this discussion will have been in vain.

  • Maniston

    She is not attractive to say the least.

  • Love Matt

    :D Matt’s looking hunkilicious as always! I dig the way he looks big time (right down to his last freckle) and I think he’s a terrific actor. Love the way he speaks as well. And from the looks of these pics, it seems he might have impregnated his wife again.

  • Love Matt

    That’s what Hawaii does to ya, you go there either coming back pregnant or getting someone pregnant. LOL It’s all the sun and surf and bikini clad bods, gets you all *ahem* hungry. :lol:

  • Anna

    Okay, A CERTAIN SMILE, if you could possibly pay someone to read to you, you would know that Lucy’s baby daddy isn’t from New York you MORON, he’s from Miami. As far as Matt and Lucy as parents, see above referenced comments about the fact that both Isabella and Alexia are in MIAMI right now while Clooney, Pitt, Jolie and MATT AND LUCY are in Europe. Just for your information – Lucy was born in Argentina but she grew up in CA. She moved to Florida after graduation where she was immediately impregnated so she would never have to endure the inconvenience of a real JOB!

  • Britboy

    For the record, ignorant Americans, if Lucy is from Argentina she is most likely white, as the population in Argentina is overwhelmingly white, mainly of Spanish and Italian descent, due to the fact that there were very few slaves in the country and the indian tribes were scattered around, and the influx of immigrants from Europe in the latter half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Contrary to what was said in an earlier post, her suntanned skin does not look mulatto. Also I think she is a very attractive girl, far more so than Matt.

  • pittypit

    Let me say that argentinian girls are GORGEOUS
    I have gone to Argentina last year and loved it ;)

  • brenda

    She seems like a plain and simple girl, maybe Damon is like most guys, they want to feel superior to their partner. Better looking more successfull and so on.. then they feel safe.
    I am a very beautiful blond with everything right, IQ around 150, have been reading a lot and funny as hell, It took me many many years to find a man who deard stick with me :( .They were all feeling threatend by me. But now I’m happy with my fiancee:)

  • T OC

    His wife is an interior designer. Grow the fuck up people. Good looks, if that’s all you have, won’t get you far in a marriage in the long run. You’ll see, when you’re all single and bar flies at age 50. And she is anything but ugly. How about everyone post a picture of themselves on here with their dumbass comments and then we’ll all get to pick you apart as well. It’s been my experience that only insecure people say unnecessary mean things about others.

  • brenda

    she seems nice and kind however, and they seem to enjoy each others company! Good for them and their kids! :)

  • narnia

    he need a makeover..i don’t know why his a bankable actor because all i is only this movie he forefront with made to the box office while the rest is history..he just got lucky on this film..

  • ellen

    Brenda made me laugh.

    I imagine Brenda is atleast several years old, based upon the fact that it took her many, many years to find a man to stick with her despite her vast intelligence and unmatched beauty.

    I am confused or rather amused though at her profesion of possessing a 150 I.Q. With such a large capacity for learning and reasoning, then why on earth has she not has a sufficient amount of time to learn how to appropriately use the English language in a rational fashion?

  • winki

    Sorry, but his wife is not attractive at all. She has always a happy look saying that she is so lucky to marry a money bag

  • Kath

    winki, how judgmental are you? there’s more to life than looks. don’t judge people by just looking at some pictures.

    oh and btw, there’s something wrong with your grammer. its not ‘she has always’ its ‘she always have…’. think before you type.

  • pual

    I think his wife is beautiful, people forget she isn’t a model or an actress but just like one of us and she looks better than some consider beautiful and being paid for it with no real talent like Paris Hilton which i don’t think she is beautiful but hey!!, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • http://justjared Rebecca

    Again, I say, she should have gum surgery with all of his money and an eye brow lift too. She is not pretty at all. Their Isabella is not cute either. She looks like Lucy. How with all the bartenders in the world did he pick this one. When they first started dating, her old bar mgr said she was a great mother. She is never with them except for a few pics here and there. I have only seen Matt holding the baby in France. He may be a nice man, but if he cheated with his former girlfriend, why with Lucy and why would he cheat. I guess enough of his money hushed the last girlfriend so that didn’t make the tabloids.

    Why don’t they bring the grandmother along on trips so they can see their children.

  • ash

    Sorry suckers that YOU didn’t attract a movie star and live the high but normal life.
    she’s very cute and prolly an awesome wife and mother

  • Me

    She’s ugly and has no class or style, I hope she reads all these posts, so she knows what people really thinks of her and daughter Alexa is a ugly child, I’m sory to say it but it’s the truth.

  • ltrane

    People should stop hatin on his wife.
    I think she’s good looking. And yeah, Matt could have any slut in Hollywood whose slept with every other actor, but he found someone who is genuine. He is also playing step daddy. Love MattQ