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Brad Pitt @ Venice Film Festival 2007

Brad Pitt @ Venice Film Festival 2007

What’s on the menu for today? BRAD PITT!

Brad worked the photocall for The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford in a light herringbone suit and aviator shades during day 5 of the 64th Venice Film Festival on Sunday in Venice, Italy. The world premiere of his new western will take place later today.

Variety is giving the film two big thumbs up: “At least as conceived here, Jesse James is the biggest celebrity in the land, and Pitt generously endows the character with the droit de signeur he switches on at will. Thesp emphasizes Jesse’s mercurial nature, but in a way that suggests much of it is calculated, a strategy that, until the end, he uses to manipulate events . It’s a layered, continually interesting performance.”

10+ pictures inside of Brad at the Venice Film Festival…

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brad pitt venice film festival 05
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Photos: Franco Origlia/Chris Jackson/Getty, Andrew Medichini/AP
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  • Rayt


  • Rayt

    woo first

  • cj

    can’t wait for him and Angie on the red carpet!

  • omg

    Hot in every sense of the word =)

  • Dinas

    wow!!! I’m first too… He is HOT!!! Hope to see him with Angie tonight :-)

  • http://deleted poi
  • PP


  • steph


  • filipino fan

    thanks jj for the thread. excited to watch taojj. it’s been awhile since we saw brad in a western movie.

  • curlikues

    man! i just moved to mizzou where brad pitt did his undergrad and we went to this bar shiloh near cammpus that he apparently used to frequent (i think they have pictures) and the joke here is did he name his kid after the bar?! but anyway, i like waking up a nice picture of him!

  • PP

    This man deserves to be on the TOP of Lainey’s Freebie Five!

  • KK1

    For all those idiots who say he has lost his hotness, FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS!! This man at 43, father of FOUR little munchkins, is still THE MAN!! Angelina is his fountain of youth.

  • cristine

    tonite is the premier cant wait to see what angie is wearing.they always look gorgeous together! will definitely see taojj showing here in cali on sept.21. i love brangelina forever!

  • truth

    he is happy b/c angelina is not around.

  • d.j

    I wonder how much make up can make him look so?

  • Sarah

    he is happy b/c angelina is not around.

    Haha I agree! Also Hothothot.

  • KrungKrung

    posting this one from the last thread.

    KrungKrung : 09/02/2007 at 9:13 am
    pic 8, the tat to me looks like a BP and above it are two japanese symbols, watcha think?

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. BP looks hot, in a good way. I am looking forward to seeing the Movie. Peace to all.

  • Apple

    13 truth :
    You stupid, idiot, boring human being. You’re just always complaing about JP, and people are just sick of you. GO TO Hell. you’re such a satan.

  • LLM

    Thanks JJ, any live video now. Just found out new thread.



    I can’t wait to see Brad and Angelina later today. Mommy Jolie must be getting ready while watching the kiddies.

    Brad looks Fantastic.

  • Sarah

    Hollywood Reporter gave the movie a negative review. They called it pretentious.

  • LOVE

    Where is Angie?!

  • KrungKrung


  • LOVE

    I miss my girl Angie!

  • yuehun

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  • Sarah

    LOVE, you stupid idiot. It’s a photocall for Brad Pitt’s movie. Angelina Jolie would not be there.

  • LLM

    Stupid morons, he is “promoting” his movie of course he is smiling.

  • Meli

    Does he look good or what?I can’t wait for the pics tonight on the red carpet!

  • KrungKrung

    That is why this site is not working well becuz there’s too many VIRUSES floating around bahhahahahahhaaaa.

    and oh, they are multiplying very very fast too, ohmigod.

  • KK1
  • buggey


  • Beeloved

    This guy is looking great. There is always a time and place to dress up. :lol:
    When he is a father, he dressed up in the way best to take care of his kids.

  • take5

    Cool. I’m on the first side!!!!!! :)

    I hope to see Brad with his beautiful Angie tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can see the whole family the next days visiting the great city Venice.

    Oh my gosh!! I’d like to be in Venice right now. Grrrr. I’ve been to Venice this year ( two months ago!!!!!)

    Have a nice day and enjoy the pics ( I hope there are a lot of pics ) this evening… =)

  • Audrey

    he is talented,gifted,beautiful. love him!



    Why not?! Angie makes pics beautiful!
    Anyways, I just hope he is NOT USING TOO MUCH BOTOX like @ Cannes FF
    or much more makeup then her!


  • The real lou

    Truth/unhappy/d.j is really mental!Notice how he/she/it here most of the night and day typing the same dribble and posting tabloid artices.Seek mental help because you are obsessed!Please ignore the crazy and try to enjoy the day.Brad looks really good!

  • Sheri

    Brad is one fine man! Thank you Jared! Your the best!

  • piper, with a low

    Brad’s sporting a vest… takes me back to A River Runs through it and Cannes. ;)

  • Slayer, The

    I really hope Angie will be with him at the red carpet for the premiere!!

  • Hollywood Reporter hates Jesse James

    Hollywood Reporter gave the movie a negative review. They called it pretentious.

    It was more than that… they destroyed the movie.

  • polencheck

    30 KrungKrung : 09/02/2007 at 9:23 am
    That is why this site is not working well becuz there’s too many VIRUSES floating around bahhahahahahhaaaa.

    and oh, they are multiplying very very fast too, ohmigod.
    You need to shut up with ur virus crap u f’in idiot

  • Gerodene

    Oh…I love him… I absolutely love him.. I would sell my soul to be Angelina for the one night only.Only for one night!

  • Hollywood Reporter hates Jesse James

    Bottom Line: Pretension and vacuity sabotage a potentially terrific tale of celebrityhood.

    Venice International Film Festival

    At the heart of “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” lies an obsessive, destructive relationship between two disparate yet oddly similar men. One will eventually kill the other. Yet this fascinating relationship gets smothered in pointlessly long takes, repetitive scenes, grim Western landscapes and mumbled, heavily accented dialogue.

    The self-indulgence begins with director Andrew Dominik and infects much of the cast, who deliver meandering, unstable performances. Instead of contemplating the moral dimensions of novelist Ron Hansen’s portrait of outlaw paranoia and obsession, a viewer can only think of waste — the waste of good material and themes, a talented cast and, most crucially, the viewer’s own time.

    Coming from the production companies of the film’s star, Brad Pitt, and Ridley and Tony Scott and based on Hansen’s well received novel, the film’s pedigree probably means a solid opening week, However, word of mouth may kill the movie faster than Robert Ford killed Jesse James.
    For the record, Ford, played by Casey Affleck, doesn’t shoot Pitt’s James until 132 minutes into the 160-minute running time. Strangely, what happens afterwards is at least as interesting as what leads up to the murder. So the film also suffers from an imbalance: Too much time is lavished on the inevitable and not enough on its aftermath.

    In 1881, Jesse James, age 34, is at the height of his fame as an outlaw. Bob Ford, 19, is the restless country rube and younger brother of one of James gang. He has read every nickle novel written about the infamous gang and is drawn to the scary, charismatic Jesse, who heads the gang along with his older brother Frank (Sam Shepard, who’s barely in the film despite being third billed).

    Most gang members are wary if not frightened of the moody Jesse and his explosive, often murderous temper, but Robert is irresistably drawn to him. It’s never clear to either man whether Robert wants to be like Jesse or destroy Jesse or, somehow, become him. The film is nothing if not a meditation on a fan’s obsession with a celebrity, a phenomenon now called stalking.

    But Dominik, who also wrote the script, drags out this poisonous courtship with protracted scenes either virtually empty of significance or redundant. Clouds roll swiftly over western skies. The weeds flap in the breeze. Men grunt and spit and stare at one another in mockery or fear.

    Then there are those accents. Whether they accurately reflect the country rube-cracker speech of 19th century Missouri or not, they frequently land on 21st century ears as unintelligible sounds. Couldn’t this have been cleaned up on the ADR stage?

    The film grimly — but no doubt accurately — portrays one of the most famous outlaw gangs in history as a collection of hicks, petty thieves and psychopathic murderers. Pitt’s Jesse is a born killer who sometimes covers up his brutality with nasty humor and bursts of generosity. He’s naturally paranoid and shoots anyone he suspects, whether he has reason to or not. If Robert didn’t kill Jesse, Jesse surely would have killed him and his brother Charley (Sam Rockwell).

    Affleck’s Robert is the most interesting character here. Affleck does something to his voice that makes him whiny. He talks in a whimper, and his body moves in odd, halting angles. He is handsome but doesn’t seem to know it. He alternately exudes great enthusiasm or sulks. He is a man forever auditioning for a role but uncertain exactly what it is. Then he finds his role — and learns to hate himself and the act that made him famous.

    Charley is a lackey, but after the killing turns morose, hateful and suicidal as the two tour the country in a stage show where they re-enact the killing, with Charley playing Jesse. Meanwhile, two gang members, played by Paul Schneider and Jeremy Reener, carry on a feud that proves lethal for both. The women in the lives of these men, Mary-Louise Parker as Jesse’s wife and Zooey Deschanel as a sympathetic friend acquired during his “stage career,” are barely glimpsed.

    Missouri circa 1880 in this Canadian-shot production is a raw, untamed land of rough beauty and mean accommodations. One thing of note is Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ music. They have produced a languid, often mournful score that is almost a durge. Cave, the Australian singer-songwriter, also appears in a saloon scene to sing a well-known song from that era about Jesse and Robert.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Mr Braddy is looking mighty fine! Thanks Jared for the new thread and pics.

  • Variety loves Jesse James

    Variety loves Jesse James.

  • Preggy-Jolie

    Where the hello is angie :(

    He looks good!

  • think positive!

    He looks soooo FINE!!! I love his suit and hair style!!! This man knows when it’s the right time to be a HW A-Lister and when to get away from all that and be a father of four!! His biggest and toughest role of ALL!!

    Did I said that he looks great??? LOL!!! You go Brad!!

  • Sheri

    Morning Lady G! Brad is wearing the hell out of that suit! yummy!