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Jessica & Vivica's Date Night Out

Jessica & Vivica's Date Night Out

The Few. The Proud. The Blonde.

Jessica Simpson shows off her toned figure as she grabs dinner with Major Movie Star co-star pal Vivica A. Fox, 43.

Jessica, 27, toted around a metallic Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa bag, which features a real deer horn handle.

“She [is] so much of a team player. She [is] gracious and so down to earth,” Vivica has said of Jessica during the filming of Major Movie Star.

The comedy is set for a 2008 release.

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  • yuehun


  • yuehun

    she looks like a old lady!!!

    soooooooooo ugly!

  • uh..not right

    I use to like Vivica til she became a lush, hatchet her face with plastic surgery and has tatas made of saline and bricks.
    Jessica looks like a tranny hoo.ker
    Where’s PETA for that purse?
    Gross, and a straight to dvd or comedy central movie.

  • Bite me

    oh my

  • mrsme

    I think she looks great =) She looks happy and fresh. Leave her alone, Jessica seems like a really fun, down to earth girl that don’t take herself too seriously. You go Jessica!

  • kd

    Man she needs to lay of some of the weight lifting.

  • andet

    Oh my. Jessica, from behind looks like Chyna (that’s not a good thing)

    I’m not really fond of those shoes, either.

    She looks old for 26.

    Geez, nothing nice to say.

  • has beens d-lister

    Pic #2 Cruella Deville ..or a skunk> Jessica’s hair. Her body in pic #4 she on steroids?..she is starting to look masculine and weird..Vivica’s eyes are bulging in the pics. To much surgery, she is possibly drunk. Hope she is not driving.

  • [~Famous~]

    hulkish! lmaoo damn trannys miserable without nick. i just wanna know why she keeps covering her stomach.

  • Nana

    She looks old..yuck

  • Sarah

    You really wouldn’t think that Vivica A. Fox could stoop so low but you read this: “She [is] so much of a team player. She [is] gracious and so down to earth,”

  • YAYA

    good to see Messica make a token black friend that doest work a service job for her,kinda of a shame she is still scared of Viv, she is holding her bag so tight.

  • Monique


  • Angelina



    Great! Now they’d trade Botox secrets!!

  • Actually

    I though it was Victoria Beckum at first. She needs to stop the weight lifting and put alittle fat back on most certainly in her face . Then she will look fine again


    Interesting duo.

  • Pat

    Jessica= animal killer…

  • jenny

    ZAIKEN????..I’m an adult who likes men -who look like men -not gurls…girly girls..Btw Jessica looks strange and manly.

  • nadine

    Why is she ALWAYS holding something in front of her stomach? Is she trying to cover a baby bump or what is her problem????

  • Gusu

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way Vivicia looks. It is hard to be girly pretty at 43. Wait till you turn 40. She looks good for her age. Jessica, on the other hand….

  • ??

    Go to one of those plastic surgery sites and take a look at Vivica be4 & after fotos and you’ll see the difference,it’s huge!!
    Jessica is a mess a real mess.

  • who cares

    jared can u give us more zanessa news!!!!

  • Christina

    i didnt even know they were friends, wow!

  • perez

    PETA will be Peeved
    Filed under: Jessica Simpson
    Not only was Jessica Simpson spotted leaving Ruth’s STEAK House in Los Angeles on Saturday night, but…
    She was carrying around the metallic Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa bag, which features a real deer horn handle.

    Jessica is an animal kil..ler!

  • Leave ‘JJ’ ALONE!! kiddies

    Why oh Why are you teeny boppers bothering ‘Jared’ with your childish requests for ‘Vanessa’ and ‘Zaiken’??
    Jared is in mourning and doing the best he can.
    Leave him Alone> Children!!
    I don’t like the way JS looks anymore..and Vivica looks bad too.

  • lj

    What did Jess do to her hair? It’s the skunk look! She has no friends. I’m sure this is a publicity stunt for pr for their latest movie which is going to tank just like the last. She’s so pathetic. She’s got the “deer in the headlights” look.

  • Violet

    I like Vivica!

  • Stella

    I like Jessica’s dress and the bag is gorgeous. If the animal was killed for just the bag, I think it’s wrong but a lot of people eat deer meat so the horn may have been a by product. Jessica needs to stop with the weight training. She starting to lose fat in her face and that makes you look older. Now, Vivica looks OK here but next time she needs to check with her BBF to coordinate what they will wear because they look like they are coming from two different events.

  • #2

    Gosh.. Jessica looks so ugly now. Ever since she divorce Nick she went down hill…She’s so nasty. I want more pictures of Nick and Vanessa. Now that’s a HOT couple.

  • eh

    Wow, what a bunch of haters. Look in the mirror and think of what some candid shots of you yourself might look like.

  • Kelly

    Jessica ugly? Are you kidding, she looks great! She blows away Vanessa, especially her body. Vanessa should have kept her clothes on in those photos with Nick, what a shapeless, blah body.
    Jessica’s new shape is toned & fabulous – way to go Jess!

  • what

    Jess’s dress looks more like a tennis outfit, except she’s wearing platforms shoes.

  • Violette

    Call me crazy but I think that she looks really good. (Although I’d love a Zanessa update :) )

  • toty

    she looks really good and very fit!! nice legs!! but i hate that taky bag of hers.

  • brenda

    Damn, simpsons got some big feet.


    That is a nice dress, but Why is she always hiding her stomach with her purses? Is she pregos, is she fat, what is it? Messica simpson!

  • Cynthia

    Jessica is not ugly, and she didn’t go downhill either,because of little dick Nick! He had no respect for her, let it go already. she’s lost weight. One minute people were saying that she was too fat, now she’s too skinny. She doesn’t look like a man anymore either, stop hating already it’s not becoming. Love the dress, the shoes, the little makeup go Jess!

  • Mary

    Jessica is a mess, you can tell she knows she is fat, with the way she holds that purse in front of her. Stupid don’t know she is not hidding nothing. I believe this is a pr stunt to. No way am I going to bother to see this cr@p of a movie. I don’t know how John Mayer could have gotten involve with this thing. Vivica Fox should have known better than to do a movie with her, but Vivica is also desperate-thats why she is trying to vouch for Jessica. It would have been better if Vivica didn’t say anything.

  • Lex

    She’s coming out of a steakhouse with a purse made out of a deer’s horn?

    Dude, you know PETA is going to hunt Jessica’s ass down!

  • yami



  • Boohbah

    Uh, deer shed their horns (antlers? Antelope have horns…) You don’t need to kill them for them. :P
    I think they both look good–love the outfits.

  • Shayla

    Boy this chick has really gone down hill, Somehow I don’t think John Mayer is good on a women. That hair choice was a bad idea and I think she is looking like Chyna to. This deal with Vivica is for promoting the movie.

  • Bess

    You notice she never is with any real friends never. Jessica is sad and pathetic. You can see desperate career moves all over her. I notice how in every picture she puts up a silly purse, thats getting really dumb this chick can’t influence me to do anything, because she is so messed up.

  • funny

    im not a big jessica fan but i like fox she is a good actress i wish she just lay of the surgrey for a while. anyhow i think jessica body looks great she is not on steriods some ppl on here must not go to the gym i know some steroid users who are female and believe they do NOT look like jessica. jessia works out hard and i think she looks great and im sure she feels great too healthy and strong. hopefully she can get some acting lessons and a really good movie can come out of her one day

  • (‘@’)

    Still manly…

  • JC

    PR stunt…no way would they be together. No to those legs and that skunk hair do. I don’t know what happened to her but she looks like a cow.

  • JC

    PR stunt…no way would they be together. No to those legs and that skunk hair do. I don’t know what happened to her but she looks like a cow. She got ugly real fast.

  • Jekka

    Do deer have horns?

  • Jekka

    Because I’m pretty sure they’re called antlers and not the same thing. Either way, the fact that the handle of her purse is a bone is a little bit nasty and weird, imo.