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Kate Walsh Wedding Pictures

Kate Walsh Wedding Pictures

Grey’s Anatomy cum Private Practice star Kate Walsh married movie executive Alex Young on Saturday.

Kate, 39, wore a custom-made Monique Lhuillier wedding gown to the ceremony, where she exchanged vows with Alex, 36. The wedding was held at Ojai Presbyterian Church in the town of Ojai north of Los Angeles and the reception was held at Spanish-style estate Ojai Valley Inn & Spa’s Casa Elar.

Guests included Grey’s co-stars Katherine Heigl (with fiance Josh Kelley), Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez (she was in the wedding party) and Justin Chambers (with wife Keisha), as well as the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes. Also in the mix were The O.C.’s Tate Donovan, actress Kate Beckinsale and her director hubby Len Wiseman.

According to People, a gospel choir sang “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts at the beginning of the ceremony.

50+ Kate Walsh wedding pictures inside…

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kate walsh wedding pictures 01
kate walsh wedding pictures 02
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  • jim

    I hate to say this but the groom looks better than the bride in this wedding. Boring photos. Nothing special about this post at all.

  • Jaxon

    Wow, check out the first photo, the bride already looks disgusted with the groom. Looks like she’s gritting her teeth already and she made sure her bridesmaids were drab as can be too. No out shining the bride.



  • dudette

    Thanks for the wedding pictures Jared!

  • sarah

    kate and alex are great!!!congrat to them!!

  • liz

    Wow! That woman looks like ONE COLD BITCH! Either that or she is just totally unhappy. It looks like the wedding is all about HER, but she just can’t be satisfied. I agree with Jaxon – she looks disgusted with the groom, who actually looks totally in love with his wife. What a fool of a guy!

  • queen

    Not a fan of her gown but she’s still beautiful.



  • wendy

    IMO, It’s the bitch face that actresses use for pictures, you can see it at the red carpet a lot.

    It doesn’t mean they aren’t in-love.

  • zoe

    when n where is the honeymoon?

  • allan

    wish they will last.

  • liz

    She could sure as hell have switched off that red-carpet bitch face for her wedding day. At least for her husband. She’s got no class, and I’m not even sure why she’s famous. She’s not particularly attractive and her talent is mediocre at best. Guess that’s Hollywood!

  • allan

    Umbrellas? It rained on their wedding day?! No wonder she looks pissed! No one should mess with a girls’ wedding day, not even mother nature. harhar…….

  • sarah

    shut up liz!!get out here if you say bad thing to kate!

  • Sarah

    I hope they divorce.

  • eunice

    She’s far from perfect but I’ll take her anytime over Paris Hilton, LL, Nicole R. and any of those young hollywood screw-ups.

  • Chickha

    Divorce gets one of them more money and more news articles babe.

    If you don’t like her, pray for her peaceful and quite life and not tabloid grabbing life events.

  • Jill

    Here the groom is kissing on her and the bride looks upset. Then when the camera is up to them she is smiling. The groom does look pretty handsome. On the other hand Kate Beckinsale and her husband are looking very happy and gorgeous.

  • dina

    WTF is Kate Beckinsale doing there? Can’t get a movie that doesn’t stink?

  • reanne

    maybe she’s not smiling just to piss off people who act like their happy pills are taken from them just because she didn’t smile a lot. ;)

  • sarah

    every married ladies look stressed the big day!!!It’s common, and in my country too, all my cousin looked stressed in their wedding!Deosn’t mean she’s unhappy!!!!And I reapeat again, bassically, it’s not our business, her private life, and her feeling, and her mind!!!You are not in her head to know what happens!!!!merde
    Although, thanks JJ for the pics!!kate looks great!!!

    And calliope, I’m expecting your shitty comment in order to make my day: “another moron here”!

  • jamie

    Thanks JustJared! Kate looks gorgeous as always. Alex and Kate look so happy. I think Kate is just emotional and crying. I wish them all the best.

  • Free me

    who shelled out the big bucks for this shenanigan? the bride or the groom?

  • JJ fan

    JJ you’re the best!

  • Izzie

    Thanks so much for the wedding pics JJ, omg wow she is such a beautiful bride!

  • viva diva

    The wedding looks nice and intimate and no unnecessary hooplas.

  • KateFan

    Kate looks so stunning. She is just upset and emotional which is normal. Best wishes Kate and Alex.
    Thanks JJ.

  • rae

    I like her hair, she should have thrown the veil away.

  • Truly

    It’s not like they’re going to read this but Congrats to them anyway and wish they’ll last.

  • Animals_Rocks

    Thank you Just Jared for the wedding pictures.

  • bella

    Best wishes.

  • Souhila

    Love the spanish style of her weeding , simple and classy at the same time … love the house too , looking like a hacienda!

  • Souhila

    Love the style of her wedding, simple and classy at the same time… and love the place, looking like a hacienda!

  • meg

    She is gorgeous! Very beautiful wedding. Thanks!

  • Taylor

    Kate looks beautiful and I’m a huge fan of hers, so it kills me to say that I really don’t like her dress.

  • superkleb

    At first, I wish Kate and Alex all the best (personally I think they married too soon, but I hope it will last).
    And second, we only see like 5 pictures of her – so how will you know she isn’t happy? Maybe these were just some moments where the stress was too much. A wedding isn’t that easy to handle and its just natural to look a bit stressed and upset. And I’ll bet you wouldn’t look happier if a helicopter is flying over your heads on such a private day!

    greetings from germay

  • bella

    Looks like a lovely wedding. Good for them.

  • gabe heart

    Hate the dress. Like the wedding venue. Love the bride. Looking forward to her show. Now go work girl. :)

  • hannah

    they look smitten to me.

  • LIsa

    Myabe she was stressed because it rained on her weddding day. Don’t they know that means good luck? It rained on my wedding day and its true. Maybe in cali its so rare they don’t come up with a back up plan. I got married in new Orleans, we were supposed to have the reception in a New Orleans hotel courtyard but had it in their banquet hall instead. I wasn’t upset but my groom was!

  • Key


    they’re so cute!
    loved the pics!
    Kate’s gorgeous and Alex is handsome too!
    wish them the best!

  • amy

    I’m so happy for them! I wish them the best!

  • robin

    She is beautiful! I cant wait for the official pics. They are adorable. Wish them the best. I Love Kate.

  • Dougie

    KH couldn’t refrain from smoking?! She is such trailer trash….not surprised at all that she was invited to this media event…she craves the spotlight as much as KW. ad that they equate success by being a celebrity not an actor…PP will bomb so bad and then KW will be out of a job!!

  • kathy

    talk about shotgun this won’t last.

  • sabine

    congrats Kate and Alex!! :) Thanks for the pics JJ, Kate looks beautiful and Alex looks handsome. hehe. Not a big fan of the too-traditional wedding gown, but the bride looks as gorgeous as ever! Omg she’s actually married! *sniff* I feel so sad and yet so happy, like a mom. Heh. I hope they remain married for a long, long time. If not forever. :)

  • Preesi

    Appreciate the wedding candids Jared!

    I’m a fan of Rascal Flatts and Kate Walsh so the song was perfect for the wedding.

  • Animals_Rocks

    Poor dog having have to breathe 2nd hand smoke from those smokers. Have pity for the dog! :(

  • lil me

    I was hoping to see a picture of their wedding cake!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the pics JJ :)

    I think the umbrealls are just protecting the bride & groom from the helicopters – you can tell the first lot of pics are taken overhead. I’d be annoyed if that happened to me LOL.

    Kate looks stunning & Alex looks totally head over heels in love with her – which is only right ! Best of luck to them both.

    For those who says it’s a shotgun wedding – who cares ? If they’re in love & want to start a family soon, best of luck to them. No marriage is guaranteed to work, they have the same chance as anyone !