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Tom Brady & Gisele: Still Going Strong

Tom Brady & Gisele: Still Going Strong

Tom Brady and supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen walk hand-in-hand through New York’s West Village as Brady hailsl down a cab on Saturday.

Brady was present when his son John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born last month on August 22 at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. The baby has Brady‘s first and middle names as middle names, though in reverse order.

Gisele, 27, and Tom, 30, have been dating since Christmas 2006.

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    Very awkward situation that man is in.

  • nadyasayang


  • http://deleted susan

    I am glad Brady has Gisele. They seem to be happy. Now if Bridget would quit using there baby to get back at him. I think Bridget still wants him and is trying to use the baby to get him back.

  • [~Famous~]

    Guysele looks just like Dolph Lundgren, yuck.

  • Agree

    Susan, I agree. Bridget definitely wanted marriage and it backfired. She still wants Tom in her (sad) life, so she is using John and she is angry, bitter and hurt. She needs to move on ! What will she do next to stay in the spotlight? Bridget, leave Tom and Gisele alone !

  • http://justjared Momma

    scum bag loser!!!!!

  • J3$$!C@

    Tom Brady is so hot but Gisele is fugz. She looks like Steffi Graff, not a good thing.

  • Tim

    the baby’s name initials are JET. looks like NY Jets to me. i wonder if Bridget was sticking it to Tom?


    OMG, she does look like Steffi! Ahahahaha!! They aren’t gonna make it – believe me.

    Dude, is going to be thinking about his actress girlfriend, and their newborn son — and all that he’s missing, and be outta there.

    I bet Leo is just shaking his head at the predicament this woman is in.

    I can’t even begin to wonder what that must feel like to see the man you love experiencing the joy of fatherhood and holding his precious newborn…

    …and you’re looking on from the sidelines, or out in the hall.

    That must suck.

  • Leeda

    HUH? They have been dating since Christmas 2006?? So when did Bridget get pregnant? And why did her and Brady break up? Was he still with Briget when he met Giselle?

  • sophie

    i always knew gisele wasnt that attractive. she looks like a man in drag here. make-up does wonders.

  • Margaret

    Damned – she is ugly.

  • jack

    Anyone have any idea what hat tom is wearing??? who makes it?!?!

  • neil

    Big Pats and Brady fan. The child’s ititials are JETM not JETS.
    I have great faith in Bridge and Tom. I’m sure that whatever becomes of either of them they will be both good parents. Nothing against Gisel, but she’s a model and who knows, she may last or she might just be a memory a few years from now. But god willing, Johny boy is both Gisel’s and Tom’s legacy.

  • neil

    And when he plays the Jets the fan placards will say, “Go JETM, Tom!”

  • Mark

    She’s Ugly??? Ohh, my God! What envy does…

  • Anna

    I used to be a HUGE Brady fan but now I think he’s a major sleazeball.

    I am indifferent to Bridget but she is smart, attractive and employable. Gisele makes a buck by getting naked and is barely literate – in either English or Portguese. Plus, if Tommmy-boy didn’t want a family, he should have slipped on a condom.

    If you want to see Tom Brady’s true colors, note the baseball cap phenomenon. He wears a Yankees cap while he’s in NY, but then quickly slips on a Red Sox cap when he’s in Boston where his paychecks are printed. A man who can’t even swear allegiance to a baseball team is not a good life partner. Tom Brady is truly lacking in character.

  • Slayer, The

    Gisele is the most overrated supermodel in history!!

  • Giselle Is HOT

    Giselle has more money now than Tom Brady will ever make in his lifetime. She doesn’t need to put up with any of his BS so obviously she’s with him because she likes him, at least for now. I think she’s very attractive. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, keep in mind that she made her mega millions mainly from modelling and in part for being a smart businesswoman. So really for those who don’t think she’s good looking, I would have to say you’re the minority. How many 27 year olds you know out there has a net worth of at least a quarter of a billion dollars? And it’s not from an inheritance either, she’s a self-made multimillionaire, baby!

  • dear Bridget

    Well here’s my old fashion 2 cents. I believe children create part of their self image based on who their parents are and how their parents interact with each other. I don’t think this situation is awkward by today’s standards. It’s happening everywhere-Tom and his women just have more money than the average woman with baby mama drama-Bridget may or may not have been vindictive with the last name. In some states you cannot just give a kid the dad’s last name if you are not married. There’s paperwork to fill out and it can be done before or after birth. Nevertheless, Gisele is the one who is in the bad position-If Bridget is a smart woman-she will let Tom see that baby anytimme he wants. She will encourage him to bond as much as possible-she will encourage Gisele to bond with the baby too-If she is smart, she will leave the “Bi%ch pills on the dresser and focus on being a great mom-Tom was with her for a longer time that Gisele-she need only play her cards right and I believe she can have him-Men really aren’t that complicated-Most can be satisfied with some sex and a sandwhich!

  • lops723

    Wow is he good looking! David Beckham who??? If these two play their cards right they will send those two shameless publicity hounds (David & his ugly pig snout wife Victoria) RUNNING back to the UK.


    THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    I love that Bridget had her son take *her* name instead of his. What a kick to the groin!

    If I was him, I would constantly be hovering around my son, just watching him. Instead he’s out and about like he’s not even a damn father.

  • monika

    no joke. a real man takes responsibility and plays an active role in his child’s life. i can’t believe how selfish some people have become. and the innocent are left to suffer. it blows my mind. it doesn’t matter what giselle looks like…if she were any kind of woman, she’d let the two parents work things out so their child can have a loving home and a decent upbringing, instead of creating unnecessary drama.

  • groundcontrol

    She’s a self made millionaire because she’s a fricking model. Please. What a talent that is. Good thing for her she is tall and that being photogenic has nothing to with your natural looks because she looks like Spiccoli from Fast Times in that picture.

    As for Bridget, she doesn’t seem to want Tom around her at all. Supposedly she wouldn’t see him at all when he came to LA for the birth. She just let him spend time with the baby.

  • john

    lost all respect for this guy.

  • sillyme

    It’s true that in some states, if the mother is not married, then her name automatically goes on the birth certificate. Once the certificate is filed, then it can be changed officially later, if both parents agree.

    Maybe I don’t know all the details of what’s going on with Tom and Bridget, but I like the fact that she’s going to go on with her life and accepts being a single mom, unlike that ho Melanie Brown, who seems to be all about the money. Bridget lives in California and tom on the east coast, so, of course, it’s going to be difficult for him to see the child often. Is she supposed to uproot herself and move to the east coast?

    As for Gisele, I don’t think she’s ugly, but I wouldn’t consider her attractive. She has a man’s face. Nice body, though!

  • remember da truth

    So he breaks up with Bridget, then finds out she got pregnant in the last throes of their three-year romance, so you KNOW she did it on purpose. And some people here have lost respect for HIM?!?!

    I am constantly amazed at the desperation of women. Some here even imply that if Gisele stepped back there would be a “loving home” for the baby. Turn off the soap operas and get real!! For a man to break up, it had to have lost its loving feeling a LOOONNNGGG time before he finally got out of there, And the fact that she was desperate enough to try to use a baby to hold onto him — and some women support that — blows me away.

    Gisele is behaving in a very classy way. She has let her boyfriend have as much contact with his ex as he wants or needs, and never said one thing about the ex trying to break up their new relationship and seek as much publicity as possible for herself at Gisele’s expense. She has made it clear that Bridget’s baby will be in Tom’s life adn she supports that fully.

    Once again, weak women can’t stand an independent woman who is beautiful and has the star guy. They think that it’s much better for two people who were unhappy together to stay together just for their own fantasies to work out better. The child will suffer if the two parents are forced to be together because of the child. Anyone with sense — or even a tiny bit of life experience — can see that.

    I think now that Bridget has settled down and possibly gotten over her bitterness and selfishness, she is understanding that to raise that baby right, she needs to let Tom in her life as much as possible — and also let him go.

  • Miapocca

    1: Women Desperate including bridgette??
    –Hmm she let him go , got on with her pregnancy and doesnt really have any contact with him apart form the little cyptic messages her publicist sends
    Ever heard of Heidi Klum and Leni, then Hurley and son Damien by Bing, Mary Liouse Parker and Crudup…all talented young women with more money that you will ever make raising kids their spineless boyfriends left them with to go boink on some other person..Claire danes already move on froom Crudup..the sorry son of a biatch

    2: Brigette tried to trap him???
    Are you kidding me, do you know sex 101…and the basic primal law governing sexual behaviour….Watch your fucking pipi and va jay jay..who the heck so you expect to keep it clean for you, yo MAMA??

    Speak like a effing arse adult who understand sexual responsibility and the risks and side effect of even SAVE sex practice,..with folk like you walking the earth HIV/AIDs is a bigger threat

    3; Bridgette wants him back???
    Obviously not..she allowed him to see his baby and I am sure he is allowed to see teh baby, JUST NOT BRIDGETTE…if she wanted to use the baby, she would take every opportunity to see him when he come visiting the baby…but the lady probably had enough of the dumb arse jock

    4: If you jut had a baby, would you want to spend every spare time yo have with him../..I mean he could still travel with Giselle and be in LA and stills see his baby…obviously with all the choices that he has, he chose to spend his free time with Giselle…We know where his priorities lie and obviously not with his child…too bad…looking more and more of an arse.,…managed to be late for the birth of his own child ahahhaha

  • brass

    Why honor that cheating a-hole by naming their son after him? Yuck! That’d be the last thing I did. Tom Brady is a scuzzy pig!

  • Jenn

    LOL I find it hilarious that people think Bridget planned to be pregnant around the breakup. I’m sure Tom & her were not fighting when they were haxing sex, lmao.

    “So he breaks up with Bridget, then finds out she got pregnant in the last throes of their three-year romance, so you KNOW she did it on purpose. And some people here have lost respect for HIM?!?!”

    Um, it’s not her problem she got pregnant. They were obviously together when he was conceived. Sooo…that makes no sense.

    He’s walking around with his girlfriend and his son is like a week old.

  • About Steffi Graff

    To idiot posters # 7 and # 9 —–”looks like Steffi Graff…” ???? Soooo????????????? How lowclass are you both? Steffi Graff is ultra-smart, German (Gisele is 100 % German too….raised/born in Brazil), well-bred, ultra-successful and is married and adored by one of the smartest, classiest men in the entire world- Andre Agassi who is Armenian (half) and brilliant! You 2 trailer women are buffoons.

  • Karen

    He’s a punk ass bitch!
    She’s a selfish whore!
    He should be with his sons mother. Raising him and putting him to bed at night. Instesd he trading that in for his own selfishness!

  • hotbitch

    32 About Steffi Graff : 09/03/2007 at 5:00 pm
    To idiot posters # 7 and # 9 —–”looks like Steffi Graff…” ???? Soooo????????????? How lowclass are you both? Steffi Graff is ultra-smart, German (Gisele is 100 % German too….raised/born in Brazil), well-bred, ultra-successful and is married and adored by one of the smartest, classiest men in the entire world- Andre Agassi who is Armenian (half) and brilliant! You 2 trailer women are buffoons.

    She DOES look like Steffi Graff and that ain’t good! So what if she’s successful and blah, blah, blah? And why are you bringing up everyone’s nationality??? Who cares?? Ugly is ugly. I don’t care where you come from. Ha ha

  • oi

    gisele é brsileira!!!

  • crystal

    i love gisele and tom they look perfect together, Bridget needs to get over him.

  • Mike

    Gisele looks like a drug attac

  • http://yahoo michael


  • Carrie

    What’s wrong with the men in Colombia? First Leo, then Tom…….can’t Giselle find a decent man in her own country? Needs to find an American super star to satisfy her ego?
    Go home G.

  • Carrie

    Brazil? I thought G. was from Colombia……..anyway…….same deal, leave American men alone and go home.

  • jennifer

    They suck, jared please stop for a time to put pics of this two here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smi


  • Car Hifi

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  • Bob

    @Nathan: That would be a neat trick for Tom to pull off since they live roughly 3 thousand 500 miles away from each other! LMAO Tom flies his son To Boston a dozen times a year, and goes to California to visit him several times throughout the offseason.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Jenn: You make zero sense.