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Brad & Angelina's Water Taxi Ride

Brad & Angelina's Water Taxi Ride

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take a water taxi ride through Venice, Italy on Monday with all of their kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 15 months.

If these pictures don’t warm the heart, I don’t know what will!!!

UPDATE: You must must must check out this picture of Angelina kissing baby Shiloh.

50+ pictures inside of Brad & Angie‘s water taxi ride…

Just Jared on Facebook
brad angelina water taxi ride 01
brad angelina water taxi ride 02
brad angelina water taxi ride 03
brad angelina water taxi ride 04
brad angelina water taxi ride 05
brad angelina water taxi ride 06
brad angelina water taxi ride 07
brad angelina water taxi ride 08
brad angelina water taxi ride 09
brad angelina water taxi ride 10
brad angelina water taxi ride 11
brad angelina water taxi ride 12
brad angelina water taxi ride 13
brad angelina water taxi ride 14
brad angelina water taxi ride 15
brad angelina water taxi ride 16
brad angelina water taxi ride 17
brad angelina water taxi ride 18
brad angelina water taxi ride 19
brad angelina water taxi ride 20
brad angelina water taxi ride 21
brad angelina water taxi ride 22
brad angelina water taxi ride 23
brad angelina water taxi ride 24
brad angelina water taxi ride 25
brad angelina water taxi ride 26
brad angelina water taxi ride 27
brad angelina water taxi ride 28
brad angelina water taxi ride 29
brad angelina water taxi ride 30
brad angelina water taxi ride 31
brad angelina water taxi ride 32
brad angelina water taxi ride 33
brad angelina water taxi ride 34
brad angelina water taxi ride 35
brad angelina water taxi ride 36
brad angelina water taxi ride 37
brad angelina water taxi ride 38
brad angelina water taxi ride 39
brad angelina water taxi ride 40
brad angelina water taxi ride 41
brad angelina water taxi ride 42
brad angelina water taxi ride 43
brad angelina water taxi ride 44
brad angelina water taxi ride 45
brad angelina water taxi ride 46
brad angelina water taxi ride 47
brad angelina water taxi ride 48
brad angelina water taxi ride 49a
brad angelina water taxi ride 50b

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin, IMPictures/FilmMagic
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  • Yep you said it

    Great parents is right, love how they pimped the kids for the wkend for his new movie. He even threw out a hand wave, rare that he wave with a SMILE to the paps. Angie even worked out the kiss shot to ensure everyone saw it. I tell ya I admire this family and their ability to work the media.

  • plain thought from a fan

    159 Jill : 09/03/2007 at 8:48 pm
    Famous goes to sleep every night with this picture under his pillow:



    Jill, you are just killing me with the picture. Oh, my God, I just love that “art”. hahahahaha…………….

    Fug face famouse deserves it! The dude really is a waste of space.

  • coalharbourqt

    230 love : 09/03/2007 at 10:07 pm
    I have to disagree on you with that – they have said they want more of BOTH adopted and bio kids, so be prepared to see at least one more of each. I believe Brad said something to the effect of “We’ve just started” in one of the vids that someone posted this weekend from Italy – at least I’m pretty sure someone noticed that on one of the threads. So they are either conceiving or have started adoption proceedings.

  • Too funny

    Zee’s face says it all – “hey ppl don’t you have a life” she is not just referring to the paps, she is referring to the fans that prompt the paps.

  • piper, with a low

    This is probably my favorite picture because all six are in it. It would’ve been better if we could see more of Maddox’s face; but then again, maybe his hiding his face was intentional.

    Even though it’s a pap pic, it is worthy of being in a scrapbook or something, since it seems so natural, given the circumstances.

  • senior

    234 guli : 09/03/2007 at 10:10 pm

    senior–WOW I just read my first post today thanks to you reposting it :lol:
    Hi I am good, been smiling a lot from these pictures and I have promised(myself) to get to bed by 11pm( may not happen). Oh and the foxfire has a spell check as you type so you may lose that title. I am trying to type faster and it shows. I am not quite finishing my sentences. I read your post and a few others. I got it(foxfire) totally by accident I was trying to open a link and I couldn’t and the site download came up. Only took a few minutes. Also if you don’t like it for any reason you can uninstall. I have to confess to getting a lot of pleasure and excitement from the JPs, and I have a life, so it’s not that. They inspire me somehow and with all the negative things really going on I thank them for it. And Jared for these pictures and site.

  • anustin

    poor micky,got sandwich by pax!bahaha!AND LOOK WHOSE # 1!

  • diana

    adorable….you are spoiling us…i love them. my favorite is picture #41.

  • plain thought from a fan

    243 guli : 09/03/2007 at 10:22 pm
    237 plain thought from a fan —Jared has it up, check it out,last pic


    Thanks, guli. I saw the pic that Jared put up. But the picture ohyeswedid put up is a different one from different angle for that kiss and it shows the kiss just a sweetest thing you ever see I promise you! :-)

  • Andrómeda

    Oh Lord..another thread and with the beatiful pics of the family on the boat….Thanks JJ, you are the best!!

  • Rubi


  • coalharbourqt

    249 Yep you said it : 09/03/2007 at 10:30 pm
    GMAFB – if they left the kids behind in the US with the grandparents or, god forbid, a nanny, you’d be b*tching that they don’t spend enough time with their kids etc. so STFU! So do you consider that every other damn celeb at the Film Fests in Italy and France who brought their kids along is pimping their kids out too?

    Keep in mind that they didn’t drag their kids onto a red carpet for photo ops – water taxis are the main mode of transportation in Venice (not that you would probably know that). This family lives together and travels together and you’re just pissy because your parents were probably too damn embarassed to ever take you out in public. And with that attitude, I wouldn’t blame them.

  • R

    I completely compliment these 2 on their adoptions and for the birth of Shiloh, but if they are thinking about adding a lot more kids, how realistic is that? If they are already going on zero sleep and are probably stressed now, how will a 5th or more children help that? The more they add, the more the kids will have to rely on nanny’s and other people to care for them. With their work load and all the obligations they have traveling from country to country, they will not possibly be able to keep up with a bunch of more kids. Is that really fair to the children even if they are getting this wealthy lifestyle and the 2 of them as parents? Seems like some cons exist. I don’t know, seems like they may be overextending too fast. They added 3 kids in no time at all and I know they project an image of these bionic parents, but it has to wear them down. Plus they have little to no time to focus on each other at all and that can wear down on the relationship. I know she said that they decided to do everything backwards with kids now, them later, but I don’t know how that can always work. Hope they don’t go warp speed and ruin a good thing while they have it. A lot of couples who jump into tons of kids don’t end up together forever due to taking on too much too fast without trying to focus on them first. They work well together as a couple and it would be a shame for them and their family. I’m sure I’ll get flack for this from others, but it’s something I thought about when Brad hinted about child #5.

  • brangelina obsessed

    hey papz….these pics are awesome but as a reminder….pls try to keep your distance and don’t scare the babies*wink*
    no wonder shi always have that look thinking why the hell these ppl screaming at her*smirk*

    love this family!

  • senior

    241 LOVE ANGELINA : 09/03/2007 at 10:21 pm
    Oh, OK, I was wondering. Congratulations on your 60th. I can’t wait to see your video.
    Not until 2009, that’s why I am starting now. The video I plan to finish first is for my granddaughter, she is nine. I been going decade by decade, I figure if I make it, I will torture everyone who celebrates with to a 60 minute video ( 1 minute for each year(smile)). Also, I can still remember most of the dates. Her video can be done in 5 mins.(10 mins with all her pictures) My videos so far are 30-40 mins long and only my friends and I care enough to watch! I would not even think about torturing a good young person like yourself with my video. (smile)

  • lurker opinion

    Wow another thread. Thanks Jared.

  • anustin

    #138 wow,ur shocked that shiloh smilling?u’ll be shocked for the rest of ur lyf!!!

  • plain thought from a fan

    Oh, my god, guys, I was checking out the previous thread which is “Brad and Angie in American Film Festival”. Someone at post # of 400 posted a link of Dlisted showing a picture of a woman “attacked” Brad some time earlier. Is it true or just some photoshopped picture from hater or a hater site? Did anyone hear any story about it? What the hell happened? I’m worried.

  • Dancer


    I know many share your concerns, but what about families like the Dugers (is that it?) where the wife just had her 17th natural child. They are featured on TLC or Discovery with their family. Or many of us on this list that are older come from larger family (I had four sisters and a brother). Or people who have sextuplets (FL this week) or two sets of triplets (happened sometime this week).
    They’ll be okay. I envy them their large family and if I had the money and could do it (age wise)–I would! They have large hearts and large $$$$…they’ll do it. Their kids seem well adjusted and just like kids.

  • Cindy

    HAHAHAH. Lovely pictures. The only funny thing is that Angelina is NOW finally holding Shilo. And NOW Brad is holding Zahara. Look at pictures from a few months….Angelina gave more pictures to her adopted kids than Shilo.

  • baly

    What happened to Shiloh? She looks miserable.


    What happened to Shiloh? She looks miserable

    she’s laughing at your fake concern troll

  • jolierocks

    Gosh! You ar amzing JJ! :) thanks thanks thanks for all da ANGIE newwwwwssssss

  • anustin

    #263 R,dont worry,i’ll help them for free!they just want 2 more bio and 1 from somewere.thanks for ur post.

  • R

    Yeah Dancer, it was just a concern. I know plenty of families do it, but normal fams don’t deal with the craziness that is Brad and Angelina on a regular basis. The 4 kids do seem well adjusted. I was just wondering how adding more kids will affect everything. They have a precious fam and I would hate to see it end because they overextended way too fast. I was thinking aloud :)

  • guli

    257 plain thought from a fan—Hey thanks for telling me I’ll go and check.I’ll be honest too many picks and videos plus links and I’ve only logged on a a few hours ago. Hey there, you know i will end up shortenning your name sommahow :lol: I don’t know PTFF or PTFAF well I’ll let you know :lol:

    LA-where have you been, I know you have been busy at JJB’s but give me a shout sometime. How is school going?

    senior-I’ll try that foxfire,I’ve seen it as well.
    But Sheri and Coal (Cola, Carl, diet pepsi) might have a problem. You see eventhough they are my cyber-friends they get a huge kick out of my innocent typos :lol:
    Granted, my typos are due to my unfortunate luck almost always imply something I never intended… :-)

  • katie

    I stumbled upon this gem while searching for music by Antonello Venditti. Here’s a gorgeous Angelina in what must’ve been one of her early acting gigs, an Italian music video. The song is seductive and the guy who plays her love interest will make you swoon (sorry, Brad!). Enjoy!

  • Z



  • LLM

    hopefully this link work.
    Look at how angie look at his man.

  • You/Me

    Man, you just have got to LOVE them!
    If for nothing else the fact that they are loving parents and these four children are incredibly lucky to have been blessed with parents who truly care about them.
    Then, of course, there is the humanatarian work they do, the films they make, and the hotness and love between them,lol.
    But it really, really touches the heart to know that Brad and Angie feel so much for their kids. :-)

  • lurker opinion

    I don’t know why some people are in such an uproar about Brad’s answer about having a 5th child. Brad has said he wants a soccer team. But that did not mean they were adopting or Angelina was pregnant at that moment. Maybe he was simply sayinig that they have not finished adding to their family. This does not mean today, nor tomorrow but someday.

  • SLB

    plain thought from a fan -

    That incident was also shown on ET. The fans here said she looked like Aniston.

  • LLM

    sorry not his man— should be her man.

    another one.

  • mezgelina

    thank justjared now i’m going to be late to my lecture but still tons of love from me!!! lol love this family!! more videos plz

  • sorry

    I am very sorry, but five kids under the age of six is too many.
    I hope they stay with four or five. No more than five.

  • Z

    279 LLM


  • sharon

    283 LLM : 09/03/2007 at 11:01 pm
    sorry not his man— should be her man.

    another one.
    omg, that look, she is so in love with him.


    Hi, guli. I am sorry for not saying hi. I don’t start school until Sept. 17. I am taking late session courses. Its gonna be good. I have all these labs I get to go to and take with computers so thats exciting.

    How is everything with you? I see you have been just as busy as me posting pics. I love em.

  • Andrómeda

    Pax is so sweet…did you see the pics where Mike is helping him?
    And what about the pic where Brad is holding Shi so she could see the water?, and -of course- the one with Angie kissing Shi…
    I like all the photos…
    While I look at all the pics again and again I smile…Great parents, beatiful family!!!

  • Juno

    164 Juno : 09/03/2007 at 8:52 pm
    Thanks Jared. Take care!

    Aaaaaahhh….. excuse me, but I am the original Juno. Please kindly pick out another name. Just because I don’t post that often, doesn’t mean you can take mine.

    The ORIGINAL Juno

    P.S. and thanks Jared for the awesome pictures.

  • j

    I cannot get enough of this family! Love them! =)

  • angelah

    OM effing G (again), these pictures are so cuttttttttteeeee! thanks a bunch j@red!

  • MD

    I wonder if they will run into Michael Douglas at that film festival while in France. How weird would that be…

  • becca


  • sam p

    yesterday dress was haute couture
    64th Annual Venice Film Festival

    The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

    Premiere – Day 5

    Angelina Jolie wearing Bvlgari.

    See the film trailer with husband Brad Pitt at

  • To Maury

    Jane Goddall wrote the foreword to Angelina’s Notes of My Travels(I think I messed up the title of the book) but Jane name came up in that book.

  • A Certain Smile

    The logic about family size is ridiculous. If a family is poor people will say they should not have children, regardless of the fact the children would be loved. Here you have people saying they should not have children because they are famous and paps follow them? WTF!!!

    Really some of these trolls are so absurd. there are plenty of children of famous people who are normal and well-adjusted. you just don’t hear about them because they are. Liz Taylor had 3 kids. she and Richard Burton adopted 1 and He had a daughter w/ his ex-wife. his daughter is an acclaimed character/stage actess (Kate Burton). The adopted daughter all she ever has is fond memories of her father and is close to her mother. the other 3 are still close to their mother and happen to be just living their lives. I have seen worse people who grew up in a middle class home where the mother was home every day. One girl actually became a crack ho. These generalisations are pathetic. Large families have been around since the beginning and a lot of people manage just fine.

  • guli

    Our Gal loves and adores Bradley and our guy loves and adores Angie :-) I love this pic, the way she is looking at him….

  • nanana

    277 katie : 09/03/2007 at 10:58 pm

    I stumbled upon this gem while searching for music by Antonello Venditti. Here’s a gorgeous Angelina in what must’ve been one of her early acting gigs, an Italian music video. The song is seductive and the guy who plays her love interest will make you swoon (sorry, Brad!). Enjoy!


    HOT! the guy is hot too

  • delilah

    Shiloh is the most gorgeous baby in the whole wide world. She is indeed an cherub.