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Adrien Brody is Such a Darjeeling

Adrien Brody is Such a Darjeeling

Adrien Brody and girlfriend Elsa Pataky attend The Darjeeling Limited premiere in Venice during day 6 of the 64th Venice Film Festival on September 3, 2007 in Venice, Italy.

Adrien talked about what it was like to work with one of his troubled co-stars: “Owen [Wilson] has a tremendous sense of humour and he’s very mischievous. I would say it was a brotherly thing, we were constantly trying to get into trouble and trip each other up. It was really a pleasure to work with him. He’s also an incredibly talented actor.”

“It was an incredible experience working with Owen and Jason [Schwartzman],” Adrien added. “I didn’t feel like I was working on this film – we worked hard, all of us, but it was a life experience for me. Sharing it with these guys was really special and I will not forget it.”

25+ pictures inside of Adrien and Elsa doing up Darjeeling…

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Photos: Franco Origlia/Getty, Olycom/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Lillianne

    I love that dress she’s wearing.

  • jennifer

    he is not attractive, but his girlfriend is gorgeous. now, how did a guy like that got a girl like that?

  • lula29

    He has swagger, fame and talent that’s how he landed his beautiful girlfriend.

    I like Adrien. I think he’s cool. Him and his girlfriend look fantastic here.

  • chloe

    He’s sexy in his way..come on…talented also.

    what’s so special about her? You can’t go by looks.

  • Judy

    She look stunning, he looks yucky and gross.

  • justme

    Adrien Brody is HOT!!!

  • nanana

    Beautiful dress

  • Anthony

    He’s a lucky guy,she’s gorgeous. But he seems pretty cool

  • minxx

    She’s stunnigly beautiful. They make a nice couple.

  • JFP

    You like him or not but he’s unique looking. To answer to Jennifer, she’s a talentless spanish actress who will never raise fame by herself and Adrian is one of the most talented and recognized actors. So this is how. He seems really nice and clever, i like him. I don’t say that very often but she’s a real bimbo.

  • Joan

    He appears to be a man comfortable with himself. Does his acting job, enjoys it, doesn’t take it too seriously(doesn’t need it to feel good about himself).

    I love how affectionate he is with her. He seems to be one of those men that genuinely love women. Not ashamed to show his affection in public. Good to see in a man.

  • minxx

    I’ve seen her interviews and she seems quite articulate and nice. Not a bimbo at all. Adrien Brody has an Oscar but he’s not that famous or popular. If she wanted to use a Hollywood star to further her career, as you seem to be implying, she could have found someone far more popular.

  • Liz

    I find him strangely attractive. Especially when he grabbed Halle Berry and swivelled and kissed her… takes real balls to do that. :P

  • mish

    Wow! Brody was steaming hot in that white suit! With the hair styled back and all.. wow.

  • john

    she looks hot…he looks like birdman.

  • kennie’s girlfriend

    He’s so sexy! They look cool together

  • Kath

    i dont like the design of this dress but these flowly dresses are nice. other than that, he has an attractive girlfriend. adrien is very talented but he’s not that well known compared to other celebrities in hollywood. he looked much better when recieving the oscar…when his hair was shorter. he looks really weird with that long shiny hair and moustache. please get rid of it!

  • remember da truth

    Adrien is SEXY!!! I’ve always loved him. Sexy is more than just plastic looks. He has “it”. And he stays out of the Hollywood bull****. He is popular in Europe, where he also models for an Italian designer.

    I like that he didn’t get a Hollywood girlfriend, yet still managed to find someone who understands his business. No wonder he holds onto her like that!

  • jenny

    nice couple

  • anonymous

    Golddigger alert. Why didn’t he pick an intelligent and classy woman? She looks like a cheap stripper. Maybe he uses her for sex and will dump her when the fun is over.

  • shiny

    She’s a nice girl and pretty intelligent but her beauty..well she got surgery in her nose, boobs and I think her cheeks also (not sure about this last one though). She did it when she began becoming famous here in Spain. She was pretty but like a normal now she’s stunning but everything is fake lol. I don’t know what do I prefer..

  • isabel

    shiny is right. she is a spanish actress who is famous in spain because she is always in the covers of guy magazines, more or less like jessica biel, jessica alba…… and of course while posing in lingerie she is always claiming that it is hard to be so hot and that “she wants to be taken seriously´´, “like a serious actress´´.
    Starting to sound familiar????
    some time ago se got a french boyfriend very popular in France and she tried to become famous there. She was able to do a couple of films and know she also appears in french covers.
    last year adrien came to Spain to do a film, they met and here she is in Venice. (she also went to the golden globes after parties with him)
    moreover, as shiny said, she used to be a regular girl who operated her nose, cheeks, lips, boobs and also had a liposuction. And she is a bimbo. If you watched a tv interview you would notice it yourselves.
    (sorry for my english, it is not my first language)

  • fan

    Brody is not handsome in the classic way, but he is very attractive because of who is is, and yes, many women DO find him physically gorgeous as well. He stands out with his tall, lanky frame and long nose. He also seems very confident in his abilities. That’s always attractive.

    Perhaps because Brody’s not a Paul Newman, he has a preference for beautiful women. I don’t believe we will ever see him settle with anything less than that, and why should he?

  • sha naynay

    I think Adrien Brody is very handsome. He has beautiful eyes, too.

  • pancakebottom

    i love him,they are spectacular together.

  • Go Halle!


  • mirash

    He’s strangely attractive ad she’s so pretty, but has no talent. She was famous before going out with Adrien Brody but now is even more. Anyway they can love each other just for personality. At the end, beauty isn’t so important. I actually don’t like Elsa Pataky, but I can understand she likes Adrien Brody

  • Britboy

    They make a wonderful couple.

  • dlisted

    She got a nose job and she’s dating someone with a big nose like Brody?
    How ironic.

  • Joii

    She got nose job, cheek job, chin job…. Her face is all operated!

  • victor

    It seems like somebody here has a tremendous jelousy and says silly things about Elsa Pataky who is famous, talented and beautifull. Additionally she is lucky with such an attractive boyfriend. I can understand that frustrated people can hate her, rather than beeing proud of having such a good representative of Spanish actresses. It happened the same with Penelope when she started her career in Hollywood.
    Oh, the Spanish envy is sooo bad!!

  • spruce

    I really hope the couple are happy together. But, if the girl only use him, early or late, he will know, and everyone will know. Follow the link below, you can see their video show at the Venice red carpet. I found that she so enjoyed posing in front of the photographers.

  • victor

    Why everytime a woman is really gorgeous there are people who declare lot of stupid things about? How do you call it , ENVY?
    They are a splendid couple and they look very, very happy togeteher. Good for them!

  • Lizzie

    Yes Victor, envy is bad, but it’s bad in Spain, in the U.S., in the UK, in China and everywhere. Don’t write “Spanish envy is so bad” as if only Spaniards were the most envious people in the world.
    Show a little respect for people from other countries, most of all if you do not know them or their country.

  • Lizzie

    Maybe you are Spanish….if so…le estás haciendo un flaco favor a tu país, dejándonos a todas como unas envidiosas. Sí que las hay, pero como te dije arriba, las hay en todos sitios. Además, no nos metas a todas en el mismo saco. Nunca has oído ese dicho de “nadie es profeta en su tierra”?…pues eso es lo que pasa. En cada país pasará lo mismo.

  • al

    envy is tell the truth about her nose job?well nose,sheen,boobs….just check photos when she started in that serie” al salir de clase”.she is so artificial and stupid.

  • azz
  • mar

    she admited even to use blue contacts,she is so operated,i dont like her for him.

  • meng1709

    well,i believe everyone is entitled to their opinion,but it’s not right to meddle with someone else’s life,what if you’re adrien?or your elsa?would you like it being scrutinized by people?I DOUBT
    have you all noticed the ring both of them used?seems like the love they have for each other is stronger and much stable to be broken by dumb comments :)
    and we all know for those who have loved anyone
    that looks are not the basis of it
    so stop judging,why?do’nt you think if you guys got the money they have would’nt you be changing anything in yourselves?
    be fair,put yourselves in their shoes,then you all can understand better