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"Grey's Anatomy" Season Four Promos

Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 promos have arrived!

Pictured: Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Katherine Heigl as Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, T.R. Knight as George O’Malley, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan and newcomer Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey.

The season 4 premiere episode “A Change is Gonna Come” of Grey’s Anatomy airs on Thursday, Sept. 27 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

20+ promos inside of season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy

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greys anatomy season four promos 01
greys anatomy season four promos 02
greys anatomy season four promos 03
greys anatomy season four promos 04
greys anatomy season four promos 05
greys anatomy season four promos 06
greys anatomy season four promos 07
greys anatomy season four promos 08
greys anatomy season four promos 09
greys anatomy season four promos 10
greys anatomy season four promos 11
greys anatomy season four promos 12
greys anatomy season four promos 13
greys anatomy season four promos 14
greys anatomy season four promos 15
greys anatomy season four promos 16
greys anatomy season four promos 17
greys anatomy season four promos 18
greys anatomy season four promos 19
greys anatomy season four promos 20
greys anatomy season four promos 21
greys anatomy season four promos 22
greys anatomy season four promos 23

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  • Patmycrotch

    Mcdreamy & Mcsteamy yummo!

  • kelly

    YES MCDREAMY WITH SHORT HAIR NOW THATS HOT but MCsteamy will always be hotter

  • Just

    yay i cannot wait for this season to start

  • Rox

    Chandra looks incredible! TR, not so much. Looks like EP is adopting KAte Walsh’s hair style for this season. Good. Never really liked EP (Mer’s) hair.

  • LanieCroft

    I’ll miss Addsion/Kate already. She is just the best Doc on Grey’s.

  • elodie

    Justin chambers look so hot!!!

  • Marie


  • reba

    YAWN. I’ll be watching the office.

  • Amanda

    Dude….Ellen looks soooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

    I also LOVE Patrick.

    I can’t wait for Season 4!!!

  • emily

    o gosh eric dane is sooo hot. but group shot is very weird without addie and burke, ill misss them, greys is not gonna be the same, lets hope they can sort the show out tho.

  • Diana

    Justin Chambers is absolutely gorgeous!

    Thanks for the pics Jared. :)

  • Colleen

    Ellen & Patrick look great. I won’t be watching this show anymore though. LAst season sucked.

  • Violet

    Ellen and Patrick are amazing!!!

  • Charlene

    the group shot looks the same as last year, thought they would mix it up a bit, oh still cool promos thanks

  • LJM

    Everyone looks good in the pics. Even though I know she is apart of the cast now, im not feeling CL(lexie) being in these promo pics. I don’t think she has earned it yet.

  • Two Buck Chuck

    Damn. I wouldn’t kick Eric Dane outta bed for eating crackers.

  • Kate

    Ellen looks amazingly gorgeous!

  • Lisa

    Oh yummy – little McDreamy and McSteamy for my desktop… yummmmmmmmm

    LJM – I agree; “Lexie” doesn’t belong in the promos yet….

    And Kate – yup, I agree it’s a great picture of Ellen!!!

  • Lizzie!!

    i cant wait yay!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the pics, Jared. (But the watermark in the middle of the group shot sucks lol).

  • TheGaminGamine

    Ellen looks adorable, & Patrick’s not to shabby either, I don’t know if I’ll watch this show or not come the new season, last season proved pretty disapointing :(

  • ew

    I think the cast pic looks awlful.
    Ellen Pompeo is so ugly. Dumb lisp girl.
    Katie Heigl looks great though!

  • exgafan

    Im so done with this show.
    Ellen Pompeo needs to lay off the botox her face is horrible. yuck.

  • robin

    wow, what a depressing cast photo? Everyone looks dead, except Sara.
    No thanks, im watching the Office this year.
    I agree with the above post, Ellen Pompeo need to lay off the botox or her Felons crack. Ugly bitch.

  • Ryan

    Justin Chambers and Sara Ramirez look SMOKIN’!

  • themouth

    i heard they were gonna lighten things up this year, but wow, everyone looks so glum, except for sara ramirez. she breathes so much life into these photos. gorgeous, real-sized woman with that devilish look in her eyes. and btw, scrubs have to be the most unsexy garb imaginable. blech.

  • wtf

    Who the hell died? I agree themouth, SR looks gorgeous, the rest look terrible.
    Ellen gets uglier every season.
    I was going to give it a chance but ive changed my mind.

  • Lulu

    WTF what is Lexie doing on the promos, I hope she does not last all season. I mean really the writers have to give Mer&Der a break no one has that much bad luck. There has to be something we can look forward to, not a step sister or what ever the hell she is stealing Derick from his true love.

  • ugh

    My gosh, they cant even take a good cast photo. This show has gone to the crapper.

    Ellen Pompeo looks like shit. As always.

  • Tam

    EP looks gorgeous, dont like CL still go away!

  • HellYes

    I’m sure Ellen Pompeo look better than all of you haters ass shit face combined!

  • lyns

    I hope they kill Mer/EP this year.

  • emily

    They cant kill her EP needs the job to support her loser fiance.

  • Kate

    they all look so sad. Ellen and Katie are very pretty.

  • gabrielle

    these patrick/derek photos aren’t season 4. they’re last season’s.
    where are the new ones???

  • Kate

    the patrick dempsey pictures are from S2

  • Mary

    horrible promo!
    i hate to see everyone sad!

  • dumb

    Patrick Dempsey looks so dumb sitting there in the front.

  • jamie

    katherine heigl looks beautiful!

  • Dana

    the only one I like is McSteamy and I’m still hoping he goes to PP

  • lyepre

    They always look angry in their promo photos. Can’t wait for the new season.

  • Cindy

    OK Grey Anatomy fans only…. Do you remember the episode when Ellen P. was crying to her mother…this is a quote from my friend (she looks evil when she cries …she can not cry for an actress and she can not act….) My friend really hates her….I don’t know why some actors do that to people. Either you click with the audience or you don’t. When Eric Dane came on for that one episode I swear I never had more sex dreams in my life – I was praying they would keep him as a main character – Thank You Shandra!!!!! Love the show – can’t wait for new season.

  • Julesey

    umm Ellen Pompeo seriously is one of the most BEAUTIFUL women ever…im jealous and she’s soooo talented.

  • MAniston

    TR Knight looks ugly as always.

  • MAniston

    TR Knight looks ugly as always.

  • jamie

    it’s nice to see washington not in the group pic.

  • Sara

    OMG, I love this pic. It’s totally reflecting on everyone’s feelings from last season’s finale.Everyone lost something dear to them or they were heartbroken. Callie was the only one that endded the season with s bit of happiness. Hince why she looks happy and bright compared to the others! BTW Sara look’s amazing, as always! I love her to death! She’s the only reason I continue to watch the show!

  • Sara

    The season hasn’t even started yet and I’m already sick of Lexie.

  • Rosalia

    Why is it they have used McDreamy’s same promo pic for the past 2 seasons?? Dont get me wrong its hot but its old!!

  • malibumom

    C I told ya! Damn writers won’t listen to me. They coulda worked the Burke thing out! Burke and Walsh coulda exited at the same time! Rival Hospital, Shut seattle grace down! That woulda got the ratings back-Burke and Addison -friends-lovers-surpirse baby! the christine wants to come back to him! I know what works! This show won’t get same ratings-chemistry is off off off!-Derek and Merdiths half-sister just ain’t enough juice! You gotta go deeper ppl! C I wanted to bring George Clooney on too! Yep! Just for a few episodes to spice it up! Yep!