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Heidi Montag Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

Heidi Montag Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

Heidi Montag goes wedding dress with pal Jen Bunney in Beverly Hills over the weekend. Jen ate lunch with Heidi‘s nemesis and co-star Lauren Conrad last week (Jen and Lauren are on-and-off-again best friends).

Heidi and Jen were closely followed by an MTV film crew, as Heidi tried on several wedding dresses at the L’Ezu Atelier Bridal Boutique.

The Hills star recently got engaged to co-star Spencer Pratt and is set to drop a pop album later this year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heidi’s potential wedding dress?

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  • P

    Despite the desperate attempt to be attractive the beyatch just isn’t :/ Something about the way she looks is very annoying. Ugh and that douche she is with is even worse. No wedding dress can save her ass from looking fug.

  • nothanks

    That’s Jenn from The Hills/Laguna Beach with her!

  • …..

    Why the long face?

  • 43

    Ptruuuuu, HORSIIIEEE. XD

  • MMM

    I like how her and Jen both got plastic surgery around the same time. Maybe they got a 2 for 1? Jen is nearly unrecognizable (looks pretty good) while Heidi still looks like Heidi after her surgery.

    Oh, and the strapless style looks good on her, but that dress is blah and off the rack. She should get an ivory lace dress strapless dress. A true white gown will wash her out in combination with her overbleached hair.

  • Just sayin…

    I don’t care.

  • almost…

    the dress isn’t bad but marriage won’t last.


    She need another plastic surgery

  • julia

    please jared stop posting about her !!!!!!!! PLZ

  • 128

    I am surprised that Spencer allows Heidi to hang out with Jen because Jen talks to Lauren. Don’t they cut people out of their lives who talk to Lauren??

    That dress doesn’t do anything for Heidi. I can see her wanting something that will show off her fake boobs.

  • Ugh

    It’s so fake and staged. Isn’t her ring fake and worth about $20? I bet she’ not really engaged. It’s just for the show. If they really do get married, it’l llast 2 months.

  • victoria


  • melissa

    love the dress hate her!!!!!!!!!

  • Cinthia

    This girl just seems so fake. But that’s besides the point, wtf is she?!

  • kate.

    i hate her.

  • Marr

    good thing shes wearing the veil to hide her devil horns….

  • joe

    throw the girl some hay she looks like the horses on her farm
    jen bunnney is looking good however

  • Patmycrotch

    Who the F cares about her, seriously??? bad enuf that ppl with no lives long after celebs now they long after ppl are even celebs?

  • …..


  • andrea

    the dress is very cute but i dont like her or her big teeth

  • chrissypoo

    hmm should she be wearing virginal white?

  • tahl

    Looks like she’s posing for a bridal magazine. God, she sucks.

  • ils vont…

    Wow that looks original. She has gotten less and less attractive every episode. Not sure why this is the case but she is getting really hard to look at. She makes Audruna look interesting.

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    I love love love these, thanks Jared for posting these! Despite the negative comments I know tons of people who LOVE these two! Keep posting Heidi or Jenn pics!

  • reba

    I only recently caught an episode or two of The Hills. Can someone please tell me WHAT is attractive about Spencer Pratt??? He is a to’ up douche.

  • dean

    I know of two people that LOVE Heidi and Spencer……..and those two people would be none other then Heidi and Spencer themselves!!!!!!

    They are a fake couple. Everyone knows that Spencer is a tool and he is SO IN love with Brody.
    But Brody doesn’t share the same kind of LOVE. Brody loves his women!!!!

  • jenn

    What did Jen Bunney have done? She looks so different and so much better! I dont remember her looking different in the first episode. Too bad plastic surgery didn’t help Heidi!

  • jenn

    What did Jen Bunney have done? She looks so different and so much better! I dont remember her looking different in the first episode. Too bad plastic surgery didn’t help Heidi!

  • jenn

    I also like how you can see her belly ring through the dress.

  • L in Philly.

    nice to see she wants a cheap dress from davids bridal to go with her cheap, fake diamond engagement ring.

    reaaaal classy.

  • Bibi

    I know Jen since she was 10 years old. She was always a petit/pretty girl, I don’t think she ever had plastic surgery.

  • Kate

    I feel sooo very sorry for Heidi’s parents and family. They seemed liked loving, hardworking and SENSIBLE parents. Are they wondering “what did I do wrong that she would bring this fake boy home”? You betcha!!! Get a grip Heidi!!

  • Tealeaf

    Look it’s new noses AkA Jen and Heidi

  • Shanna

    Jen is HIDEOUS.

  • shannan

    i haet heidi such a bitch i’m on team lauren heidi could go suck spencer’s dick for all i care if spencer even has one

  • Cynthia

    It’s true, they’re really tying the knot huh?

  • shannan

    yes they are really getting married with the fake ring she got

  • Amy

    Jen definitely had a nose job. She used to have a bump in it and now it’s gone.

  • mvk

    in a word: ew.

  • amy&todd

    what do i think? i think she’s an ugly beeyotch!!

  • sierra

    that bridal shop looks so tacky but oh so fitting for speidi!! notice the water cooler and the over-stuffed garbage can in the background! lol



  • Ashley

    OMG! I so just threw up, those two make me so sick, poor Spencer he is never going to be famous and heidi is never going to be pretty.

  • shannan

    that dress looks cheap just like her i mean cheap as in a fugly S
    L U T

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    I love those two. It’s really sad that a bunch of LC fans come on here just to talk shit about Heidi/Jenn. You’re pathetic, consider a life.

  • El Dorko

    It’s hard to tell on that show what’s real and what’s the fabrication of the producers, but if the real Spencer Pratt is anything like the one we see on TV, he’s an insecure, manipulative, self-involved little bitch, and this relationship can only end in heartbreak. Hopefully the heartbreak precedes the baby. Then again, if Heidi is too stupid to see what’s so obvious to everyone else, maybe they are perfect for one another.

  • Marie

    Ohmigod! I didn’t even recognize that HAG, Jen. Oh, this is so perfect! How well they suit each other, those two skanks.

    It’s so funny, too because of course they had to become friends! No one else will take them! LOL Just like with douchespence – he and Heidi have to stay together because no one else will have them. Like a last man and woman on the earth scenario!

    Man, poor, LC. One new best friend betrayal and one long-time friend betrayal…I really hope she’s wisened up when it comes to choosing friends. For anyone who doesn’t live here I assure you those two only represent the worst of Los Angeles.

    I don’t care how much Heidi and douchespence kiss Ryan Seacrest’s butt it won’t change anyone’s mind.

  • Danielle

    Jenn obviously saw her big nose on tv and couldnt stand it anymore. Now her nose looks like a square.

  • Jess

    Hey ring is made from “lab frown” diamonds, which retails for under $800. This engagement is such a sham.

  • cudahy

    ugly and ugly go hand in hand