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Nicole Kidman - "Vanity Fair" October 2007

Nicole Kidman -

Nicole Kidman bares all for the October 2007 cover of Vanity Fair, as photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Here are some highlights:

On her miscarriage while still married to then-husband Tom Cruise: “From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies. And we lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic. And that’s when it came that we would adopt Bella.”

On hubby Keith Urban’s rehab stint: “I’ve learned an enormous amount having a relationship with someone who is in recovery. I’m more than willing to walk it with him. … We were in a very, very, very bad, painful place and have managed to step through it, and I hope that gives some people some hope who may be in the same place. And that’s enough said. Anything else is overindulgent and unnecessary right now.”

On handling a long-distance relationship: “Two weeks is still too long for us (to be apart). We like one week. We start to hurt after seven days.”

On having kids with Urban.: “I’m yearning to have one. I think I would be very sad if I wasn’t able to have a baby. Keith knows I want one, and he has been getting there slowly.”

On her children with ex Tom Cruise: Isabella, 14, and Connor, 12: “I called Tom (from Australia) and said, ‘Guess what? Bella wants blue hair.’ I go with my daughter to the hair salon to get it dyed blue, and I look at her and I think, My God, it’s cool!”

On her personality traits: “I get engaged and I get married — that’s my thing,” Kidman says after revealing that she was engaged to a man she declined to identify after her split from Cruise and before she hooked up with Urban. “I wasn’t ready. We weren’t ready.”

Nicole‘s Vanity Fair issue hits newsstands in NY/LA on Wednesday and nationwide September 11. The baby-in-the-jacket shot is the hotness!!!! (It’s her niece Sybella.)

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  • HH

    she’s not hot. All botox out.

  • Apple

    She’s too white.

  • Dieter

    Wonderful – any pic of her pooper inside ?

  • +++

    That baby is cute. who’s that baby ? her niece or nephew ?

  • Dieter

    still the hottest chick with best bum in the world right after Cam Diaz !!!

  • josephine

    not hot thanks to the botox. her face is frozen.

  • minxx

    Is this Antonia’s baby daughter? So cute! I hate the cover but other pix are nice. I guess we should just accept the fact that Nicole will always be frozen and airbrushed within an inch of her life.

  • Sarah

    I thought it was Scarlett Johansson at first glance!

  • Dieter

    Nicole has an IQ at about 160 !!!

  • Daisy

    That is Antonia’s daughrter & No she is not frozen. People need to sweep their own doorsteps first.

  • Tia

    the guy she was secretly engaged to was Lenny Kravitz

  • jj

    I think I’ll start a petition against women exposing themselves gratuitously for the sake of selling magazines.

    I was dismayed and shocked with Alicia Keyes. I’m astounded with Nicole.

    Sheesh. Enough!!! There’s no need anymore. You paid your dues. Where is your SELF RESPECT??????????

  • jj

    PS about 30 years ago, people who’d expose themselves like she’s doing in that photo would be called flashers and exhibitionists, just FYI.

    It’s cheap and makes all women look like whores. Women wake up! You don’t need to cave in to media pimps anymore! Time to set down some new rules.

  • Bite me

    shot number 3 is my fave, hotness indeed

  • MM

    She’s beautiful, but I think she has blood circulation problem…she’s too pale. She needs more blood.

  • melissa

    i like her but sometimes trying to get the public from her private life she comes across as cold. she’s going to talk abou the the miscarriage she had while divorcing tom cruise tonight on access hollywood, and other stuff about tom cruise.

  • nona

    how sad that someone of kidman’s stature has to flash her tits to get the cover of vanity fair..

  • [~Famous~]

    another chick who renounced the sun. she still hot, but really needs to dead that zero!

  • Eathan

    October issue is already out on September 11th? It should be September issue, i hate that they do that.

  • lili

    this is so sad that she has to pose like that just to get more magazine and ticket sales. women really do need to wake up and realize that exposing yourself is not sexy nor is it necessary to get attention. feminism might as well never happened. thank you women of hollywood!

  • http://- slm

    Have you noticedin commercials her forehead doesn’t move? she’s had something done, it’s unnatural for someone to have no expression, especially when your an actress.

  • noah

    I think to get the cover of vanity fair you have to talk about your ex husband sad but true.

  • Dieter

    a love her pooper a lot !!!!

  • ils vont…

    Since when does anybody really care about Nicole Kidman. I cant think of any movies she has been in lately. I only think of her in the Hours with that funny nose.

  • Bunny

    so ugly and faded now. Why still sell herself sexually when she’s so old.

  • n

    She realizes that the strategy worked for Jennifer Aniston and Hilary Swank. If it was private when it happened, then respect your past relationships enough to remain silent.

  • Stella

    I like Nicole’s acting because she takes chances in her work. That said, why oh why did she get work done to her face. In every photos, her face has the same expression.

  • Pikes

    I’d rather read the artical about Bush’s failures in Iraq!

  • Jacobe

    girl is so ripping off tom cruise’ pose with suri, with the whole baby in the jaket thing! whats with that?!?!

  • Steph

    9 Dieter : 09/04/2007 at 12:11 pm

    Nicole has an IQ at about 160 !!!

    Yes, she was too smart for Tom Cruise. He was also threatened by her acting skills. Now he has someone that is not smart, cannot act, and is not beautiful like Nicole….

  • natalie

    She is so classy – NOT! Her children must be proud. What a great role model for Bella. Nice comments about the marriage – ah yeah – it sounds like it is a real solid marriage – what a joke! She is also a big fat liar – they don’t see each other every week. KEITH flies out to see her every two weeks. She hasn’t gotten her arse on a plane to see him once while she is filming in Oz, and please don’t use that as an excuse – she films for three weeks and has a week off!

  • michelle

    Interesting that she is going to try to have a baby with Keith. Why didn’t she have one with Tom. I mean obviously he can get someone pregnant right? That’s his baby with Katie. Even though Suri looks so much like Bella Travolta it’s creepy! I hope Nicole gets pregnant to really get the rumors flying over Tom being able to have a baby.

  • Prada

    So why is she bringing up the past now like 10 years later?

    Is her career going that slow that she needs to ride on Suri’s tide?

    With the rant all I hear is Jennifer Aniston. Shut up already Nicole Tom is your past, Keith is your present,,, focus on that please!!!!

  • natalie

    I have one more comment – glad to see Keith has the common sense to say no kids right now – whether it is because he is not ready, because of his recovery, or he just doesn’t see a future here. If he isn’t ready for a child, she shouldn’t be demanding a child from him. Consider yourself blessed that you have Bella and Connor – spend time with them for a change!

  • [~Famous~]

    its so nice of Tom to still answer her phone calls. he such a nice guy.

  • JoAnn

    #29 Jacobe – “girl is so ripping off tom cruise’ pose with suri”???

    Didn’t realize Tom has a copyright on that pose. LOL!!!! Actually, Tom was copying the pose of Paul McCartney, who held his baby just like that for a Vanity Fair cover.

  • JoAnn

    #31 Natalie – how do you know so much about her work and travel schedule? Are you stalking her?

  • natalie

    JoAnn – don’t make me laugh – it’s called reading articles, and you can also look up his tour schedule – there’s your proof that he goes more than a week without seeing her!

  • pr person

    Ahhhh… Nat just can’t stay away. Nat, Nat, Nat, like you know exactly how often Nicole and Keith see each other?! Just like you know how much time she spends with her children….. Please! Also, I didn’t read that as Nicole “demanding” a baby from him. She wants one, he is getting there. That is what she said. Stop being to dramatic!

  • Andreia

    SHE IS HOT!!!! Nicole is the greatest actress and she’s a great person, she is classy, sweet and still very cool…she gets her daughter’s way of thinking, she is not a snob, she is like everyone of us!!!
    She rocks and you got to deal with it!!!!

  • pr person

    Ahhhh but Nat… Nicole didn’t say that they see each other every week. She said that they “like one week”, anything longer hurts and that “two weeks is still to long”. So before you go calling Nicole a liar… maybe you should make sure you read what is printed first.

  • natalie

    Here’s your proof pr person! Right from the horse’s mouth!

    They have joint custody, but Kidman admitted Bella and Connor prefer Los Angeles and being close to Dad.,2933,295647,00.html

    pr person – since you admire her so much, please share with us why she would have to exploit her niece again? I can see Tom and Paul posing with their children, but why did she have to bring her niece into the picture – why not have her children since you seem to think they have spent the whole spring and summer there? (By the way, they have been at CofS camp while Tom has been in Germany.) She uses the words yearning and that she would be very sad if she didn’t have a baby – I call that a guilt trip on Keith if she doesn’t have one!

  • becca

    i love nicole kidman! she is soo beautiful!

  • pr person

    Nat….. because I question you knowing how much time she spends with her children, you throw out there that I seem to think that they have spent the whole spring and summer there? Tsk.. Tsk… you are putting words in my mouth. Who cares if the children prefer LA?It doesn’t take away the fact that they ALSO love their mother, and do spend time with her. Which IS MY point. I also read that the children have been at a Scieno summer camp…. so what?

    Regarding the picture with her niece… you say “exploit” (a little drama again)… I say who cares… the baby’s mother obviously didnt….. and it is a cute picture.

  • alexie

    I don’t care what others say, for me Nicole is an actress first and foremost and she is a good one. I don’t care if she botox for the rest of her life!!!

    I would too, if I can afford it and its maintenance.

  • natalie

    I have no problem with the kids going to camp, so why wasn’t she photographed with her own kids – why does she have to use her sister’s kid and then cry about a miscarriage she had over 10 years? Funny, Tom was in last year’s October issue!

  • wezzy

    Most of you guys are very mean and rude to her!

    Nicole is 40 and still looks fabulos and beautiful,the pictures are gorgeous and show an amazing actress that doesn’t deserve to be seen in such an impolite way!I wish I’d look like that when I’m her age!
    I don’t know whats wrong with you people.

  • natalie

    So what are we suppose to believe VF October 2007:

    Speaking about her experience, aged 23, the Australian star said: ‘From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies.’

    or . .

    Hello Magazine 1992

    “It’s funny. I’m not opposed to having children. I definitely want them at some stage. Just not right now.”

  • Rog

    She is truly one of the most beautiful woman around. I think she is very nice and not sure why people like to put her down. I am always sad when I don’t like a film she does, but I feel that way about all my favorite actors movies. Can’t win them all!!!

  • pr person

    Who knows why she wasn’t photographed with her own children. They are older; maybe the mag wanted a pic with a baby to go with the article, Nicole wanting a baby, and the babies that she has miscarried. Who knows ….. seriously what is the big deal?

    Nat, what do you care that she “cries” about a miscarriage from 10 years ago? It can be a traumatic experience for many women, as it obviously was for Nicole. Good for her to be able to talk about it!