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Owen Wilson Celebrates Labor Day

Owen Wilson Celebrates Labor Day

Owen Wilson leaves home with his Australian cattle dog Garcia and goes to his younger brother Luke‘s house for Labor Day dinner on Monday.

The 38-year-old funny man was released this past weekend after a week-long stay at Cedars Sinai hospital following an alleged drug-related suicide attempt.

Earlier in the week, Owen‘s older brother, Andrew, talked to the police right before Owen left his home in Santa Monica. Owen was driven by someone and escorted by the same officer to avoid being followed by paparazzi.

Owen had been expected to join Adrien Brody and the rest of The Darjeeling Limited cast for its world premiere at the annual Venice Film Festival on Monday.

“We all miss having him here very much right now,” said director Wes Anderson, who has worked with Owen on several films. “Obviously he’s been through quite a lot this week, but I can tell you that’s he doing very well and making us laugh. When he’s ready he’s going to speak for himself much better than any of us could. He’s got a very good way with words.”

Get well soon, Owen!

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  • Aibok3000

    first yay!!!!!!!

  • aj/bp lover

    Glad to see him..GOD BLESS OWENS..

  • test

    I hope he gets the help he needs and takes his time about it to do it correctly.

  • Jesse fan

    I wish him well – he doesn’t look too good. Don’t see any wrist bangages. Very sad he must have been in a lot of emotional pain.

  • lalala

    nice to see owen again…hope he gets better..

    First page =]

  • Corleone

    It’s been a week so they had to take the bandages off at this point for the wounds to heal better. See on the third photo how he hides his arms. I hope he’s feeling better.

  • Kira


    Really like you and your site though I hope you don’t run anything more on Owen Wilson so that he can heal in privacy! ….all the paparazzi need to give him great space in the months ahead!

    Those who love him will go to his films….love you, Owen Wilson!

  • cb

    morons. no. it is not nice to see him. the fukarazzi and justjared and all the other blahblahblogs should have the minimum decency to give the guy some space for a while. once he decides he is ready to get back in the limelight and have his oprah interview or whatever, then yeah, follow him around with a camera and what have you. but being trailed and lens-stalked at this point probably just makes him feel badly. great one a-holes.

  • Donna

    ^^^^^^^^ some are crazy!! he’s a movie star and he just tried to kill himself, so of course paparazzi are covering every single of his move right now. if u don’t wanna read stuff like this, don’t even come to jj.

  • M

    no. leave him alone.

    i thought you had a heart, jared…take these down, PLEASE. this digusts me — he has to have a cop escort him so that people don’t take his fucking picture? that should be a sign to back off.

  • Jaxon

    Don’t jump on Jared! He clearly knows that lots of fans care about Owen and wish him well. JJ didn’t take the photo, it’s already out there for use by anyone.

    So, get better soon Owen, hope things look a little brighter.

  • TR

    Celebs are not afforded privacy, part of the gig and you gotta take the good with the bad. If someone doesn’t want the attention, quit the business. While it would be nice to let the guy heal physically and mentally on his own, away from the cameras, it just won’t happen. Show business is just that – a BUSINESS.

    Owen should sneak away somewhere quiet and hope he gets a least a few days without being hunted by photogs but it isn’t likely.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Poor Owen. May God bless him.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Actually, not “poor Owen”. Viva Owen for making it through and being alive. No pity here. He is brave for having survived!

  • Ruth

    I cannot believe that the blogs are already publishing photos of Owen Wilson just a short time after his release from hospital. For heaven’s sake leave the man in peace!!

  • TheIdiotsBox

    Owen is such a great actor I hope he gets better!

  • john

    Man just leave the guy alone already..f*ckin paparazzi.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Jared, this is just wrong.

  • ****

    Yes, that’s it, bombard him with aggressive paparazzi and intrusive press and hopefully he’ll try to kill himself again. Then we can finally get that ‘Owen’s Dead’ US cover we’ve always wanted.

  • omg

    The last thing Owen needs right now is the indecent-idiotic-meanspirited-inhuman-wicked-disrespectful paparazzi


  • patricia night

    I hope he gets better!
    But for God’s sake, leave him alone!

  • fresh

    Inappropriate. Leave him alone.

  • Iris

    #8 cb

    Clearly, the only ‘moron’ here is you for bad mouthing all of these Owen Wilson fans who only want to wish him well. If you feel that stongly about it then don’t comment under the Owen Wilson posts because the more comments it gets, the more demand is created for Owen’s picture. Any ‘moron’ could have figured that out.

    I wish Owen all the very best and hope that he learns to love life again and finds a path towards a happy and prosperous future.

  • truth

    just leave him alone!

  • yb

    hey owen hope you are well!!
    and HAPPY 26th BDAY to my girl BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angelina

    who was the random guy by the cop car?

  • Lillianne

    Jared, I agree with the previous posters who think Owen should be left alone. Please let the man have his private space during a very difficult time in his life. Please.

  • ANonymous

    I’m an Owen fan, too, but unless the media is going to make privacy concessions to all stars who ask, then I saw, Owen is fair game. If this were Lindsay or Britney or Nicole, you would be chomping at the bit for all the dirt. Owen is no different.

    Thank you, Jared, for keeping us abreast of his situation. I guess he is not going into rehab. That is a huge mistake.

  • g


  • JO


  • Babysis


  • Just sayin…

    My god, leave him alone. Anybody who gave a sh*t about him would do just that, especially since he specifically asked for privacy. This pisses me off.

  • Just sayin…

    Paparrazi are scumbags.

  • jess

    29 ANonymous : 09/04/2007 at 9:04 am
    I’m an Owen fan, too, but unless the media is going to make privacy concessions to all stars who ask, then I saw, Owen is fair game. If this were Lindsay or Britney or Nicole, you would be chomping at the bit for all the dirt. Owen is no different.

    Thank you, Jared, for keeping us abreast of his situation.

    I AGREE! I love Owen and hope he heals his body and soul. Sad to say though, he IS a movie star and the paparazzi come with the territory. If someone wants total and complete privacy then they should A) not be in a business where paparazzi is part of the deal or B) sneak off somewhere that is completely and totally private. Period. That being said, I truly hope Owen gets through this and finds peace within himself.

  • fyi

    i hope that owen will use this experience to help others including actors who are unfortunately in similar situations

  • nate

    Hope everything is going alright for him he seems like he’s a really nice guy.

  • Patmycrotch

    what pigs

  • n

    I like Owen Wilson, but I am not buying the story about the suicide. He has no bandages and no scars, sorry, to all of the fans, but it was an overdose and they know that people will be more sympathetic to a suicide than an overdose. Seems to be working.

  • Jesse fan

    39 – yes I noticed not bandages. there is a vidio on Yahoo or x17 that also mentions not bangages or marks on his arms. very strange. So you think it was an accidental overdose?

  • hybrid

    On a more cheerful note, it’s great to see a celebrity with their
    hybrid vehicle. I’d like to see less of the oversize SUVs from those celebs that go on and on about the environment. BP is one of those.
    Put your hybrid where your mouth is.

  • Ha!

    Sorry, but I don’t subscribe to the idea that celebrities should just suck it up (photogs) because they chose this life. I already feel like a voyeur when I come to these blogs and only really feel comfortable looking at red carpet pictures or arranged photo ops. It’s none of my business if someone wants to stop for coffee or go to the farmer’s market or art store with their kid. Besides, why do we care? Its also not news whether OW overdosed or intentionally tried to hurt himself, unless he wants to tell us. The fact that we are on this site at all is the reason photographers take these pictures.

  • hybrid

    Why isn’t he in rehab?

  • Leave him alone

    I love I will be the first to admit that I come here for the smut, but I wish they’d leave Owen Wilson alone. It’s one thing if he’s walking on the street, going to premieres/dinner, etc…but the man deserves to be left alone to recover.

  • malibumom

    owen needs to know ppl love him-a person who tried to commit suicide does not believe that there is anything or anyone worth living for-they usually don’t know how much they are loved-send a card to his agent-I guarantee a million cards will help him heal-

  • its true

    I think people are responding because they care and like his acting.
    But at the same time that feeds the media.