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Zac Efron: My Mama Gave Me Nothin'

Zac Efron: My Mama Gave Me Nothin'

Zac Efron and Hairspray co-star Nikki Blonsky were recently interviewed by PopEntertainment. Here are some highlights:

What was your high school experience like? Was it comfortable because high school can be really weird?

Zac Efron: Mine was relatively average, because I was a good student. I tried to get really good grades, and I did. I left my high school my junior year, with like a 4.3. I was a great student. I was so focused on academics that I really didn’t have time to worry about the pressures of high school. It really was not a tough time for me.

Where did you study dance?

Nikki Blonsky: Nowhere. I learned I was not a dancer before Hairspray. So all the dancing you see in the movie, I just shook what my mama gave me.
Zac Efron: My mama didn’t give me anything, so I just shook what I had.

Zac, I’m interviewing Vanessa [Anne Hudgens] next week. What do you find interesting about her as an actress and person?

Zac Efron: I love watching High School Musical 1. I didn’t go to see the live show of High School Musical, but I watched the concert DVD. The first time I saw the movie; it jumped out to me how much Vanessa could really light up the screen. She is a brilliant performer. She’s such a kind, caring individual and that just really shows through the character she plays, like Tracy. I like working with girls with charisma and I think Vanessa really has that. Vanessa is incredible, she really stands above the rest of the competition and I admire her for that.

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  • luu

    omg soo funny and yay i’m first!


    You are not the onlyone

  • sarah

    I like nikki blonsky!!!

  • suzy

    He loves Baby v

  • angie

    hes still with baby v?

  • black

    My god what a bragger……………he had good grades in High school?

    Like that counts or anything……..coming from America.

  • torogi

    a 4.3? no shit.

  • Flisbeth


  • Luísa

    Good answer Zachary!
    Nikki: “I just shook what my mama gave me.”
    Zac : “My mama didn’t give me anything, so I just shook what I had.”

    Haha…that was funny! :)

    Aww…it was so adorable what Zac said about V!
    Seems like he is still in love! ^^

  • jenny

    yup yup he loves his vanessa
    hes a good looking guy and she totally beautiful
    soo all the haters out there
    live and let live
    or and the bracelete they swear “live in love”

  • a

    lol @ teh mama part. and SO CUTE ABOUT VANESSA! AHHHHHHHHHHHH, he is so cute.

  • Betch!

    Whatever. I really don’t see what the fuss is about. Hopefully, this whole High School Musical thing will blow over soon. That Zac guy is an alien.

  • LIndalis

    naww.. soo cute(L)

  • zakfan

    I would brag about being a great student too…I wouldn’t brag if I flunked and did poorly though…as written in people mag he was a straight A sudent who was admitted in USC and UCLA (from another source). that is something to be proud of…

  • famouslivingdead

    he is so full of himself…telling the world he is the greatest ever student….what a lame confrontation…eww! grow up man. u shouldnt say that. so immature of u zac!!

  • a

    ^ someone’s jealous lol

  • zac’s angel

    zac is such a nice guy…
    but i’m really jealous of V
    still i hve 2 admit they look gud 2gether..

  • emma

    being proud of being a good student is so fine…being proud of being a loser is totally uncool…he obviously has his feet on the ground…he would surely be attending USC if he wasn’t busy doing movies…hopefully he would still find the time…being the son of an engineer i would imagine getting educated is a big priority for ZAK>

  • Tori

    This is really old news. I saw this interview 2 weeks ago.

  • kat

    love him! SMART AND SEXY

  • duh

    May be old news but it’s actually nice to read some Zac news that’s not about his pants, his car, where he lives and goes to the gym and gets smoothies, or even worse, the creation that is Zanessa.

  • leona

    awwww he is so sweet about vanessa! i bet she read it an was ike awwwww!

  • Abc22

    Why is it a bad thing the guy is smart?…that is a very good thing. Hollywood is full of idiots, isn’t it nice to see someone who if he chooses can become successful without all this fame hysteria…it’s HOT that he’s smart! :)

  • http://JustJared Crash

    Left H.S. your Junior year?? Finish High School!

    You think you’re going to be a teen heart throb forever?? NOT.

    And what kind of example are you setting for all your young fans??

    Go Back To School.

    You will be an idiot and it WILL show.

  • zacsgirl

    If you think Zac was bragging I got ONE WORD!!!


  • zacsgirl

    Some people need to give zac and vanessa space i totally agree with duh

    Did you get that for all the stalkers out there

  • emma

    I read that Zak completed his high school in his junior year because he did the Advanced Placement program, a program for students excelling in high school…he completed his high school earlier and did the AP program.he is that smart and how can anyone be admitted in elte colleges like USC without completing high school first…just for your information for those who already dissed him about not completing high school. the guy isn’t a dork as you can see…

  • Ariane

    People who think that being smart is lame, are true idiots! Would it be better if he was dumb like ..? (well some other celebs).
    and he did not brag he just mentioned it!
    Let me tell you something you are LAME!

  • shannan

    zac is such a sweet and hot guy i wish i was vanessa anne hudgens just because she has an amazin bf

  • Kae

    Wow, so he’s smart. So he has something to fall back on when the teenage poplation stops adoring him.

  • Phoe

    first of all, it’s true that you can graduate high school using the advance placement program, a lot of straight-A students get offered that, but they don’t want to do it because they think it is a shame to be smart, with name calling like nerd, geek, etc. However, there are some colleges and universities that accept junior students because those students applied early and they don’t need to complete the credits or whatever, i should know, btw, true dat, we ALL need to stop obsessing peeps

  • bettybaby

    response: 24 Crash : 09/04/2007 at 2:18 pm

    Left H.S. your Junior year?? Finish High School!

    he did finish school he graduated last year, and was accepted to two colleges, including usc! if you’re gonna comment, at least know your facts.

    thanks for the posts jj, go zanessa!

  • TheGaminGamine

    There both adorable, and I hope that there both here to stay :) Hairspray was absolutelty priceless & Nikki is a doll…

  • el

    does anyone know where zanessa is now? are they both back in America or is zac headed straight to Australia?

  • Steph L

    “he is so full of himself…telling the world he is the greatest ever student….what a lame confrontation…eww! grow up man. u shouldnt say that. so immature of u zac!!”

    dude… he’s stating fact! lol. Seriously though, if he was a good student, he was a good student- it’s something that can actually be proven- and WAS by his 4.3 GPA! It’s not like he’s saying “oh I’m incredibly, incredibly smart”- he’s just saying that he was really focused academically in highschool and got really good grades because of it. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that :)

    before junior year (which really did me in quite a bit), I had a 4.1 GPA and I was proud of it. I like to think I’m not full of myself- trust me, if anything I’m TOO modest lol. But I was proud to say I’d put the work in and did well!

  • Noelle


  • cl

    ugh nikki blonsky, get off my screen.

  • Kanani

    Aww That Is So Cute Wot Zac Said About Vanessa! They Are So Cute Together!!

  • Kanani

    Aww That Is So Cute Wot Zac Said About Vanessa! They Are So Cute Together!!

  • reality

    No wonder he’s with Baby Vanessa…she seems to be the complete opposite of him, in terms of interests, which is why he’s probably really attracted to her.

  • Jamie

    I’m sorry but Nikki has got to go in that picture. I want to X her out…seriously she’s going to be a one hit wonder!!!!!!!!!!

  • Helen

    awwww sooooo cute, its good that he knows that he is a straight A student, some people just pretend they are not for attention, and what he said about vanessa was adorable, so totally in love :D, soo funny when nicky said she shook what her mama gave her, she is great :D

  • Kay

    I just heard that they broke up, is that true?

  • lizzy

    Zac sounds so sweet wen he talks abt vanessa…he just can’t help saying tons of good things abt her…how cute is that!!

  • Tiger

    Zac is funny. I like how he says things so off the cuff.
    I don’t like it when celebrities say boring, uninspiring things because
    they’re too worried that their words will come back to bite them.

    He’s so gracious when he compliments Nikki while discussing his girlfriend. Now that’s class. He was heaping praises on Vanessa, but
    not forgetting that Nikki was in his presence. He didn’t want to make
    her feel like chopped liver.

    Vanessa is probably thinking, “Oh, he’s a keeper.”

  • Le

    really, i hate zanikki!
    zac loves vanessa!!!!!


  • Chelsea

    Who said Zac didn’t love Vanessa? I think Zac & Nikki are adorable together. She has it made traveling all around the globe with zac ;) haha.

    And people need to stop asking if Zac & Vanessa broke up. They are still dating. Believe me if they ever happen to break up it will probably be on the front page of every weekly & teen magazine out so there’s no point in asking it anymore.

  • http://justjared aina

    shes such a fat pig

  • yamini

    ZANESSA RULES!!!!!!!!