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Britney Has Different Colored Eyes

Britney Has Different Colored Eyes

Britney Spears hits up her fave tanning salon Epitome in Bel Air, where she stayed for almost an hour on Wednesday.

Brit kept things interesting by wearing mismatching colored contact lenses… or she was just wearing one blue contact lens.

Earlier this week, when asked if she’s been preparing for Sunday’s Video Music Awards, Britney replied, “Trying!”

It’s reported that Britney will perform two tracks – “Gimme More” and a song called “Cry.”

One of Britney‘s dancers, Ruben Dario, has confirmed that magician Criss Angel will help Britney‘s performance out with mirrors, which will help the star to disappear and appear.

Also earlier this week, Brit was cleared of child welfare charges.

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  • Merideth

    well isnt she just specail
    i like just her that she is going to marry that Criss Angel
    does any one know if this is true for sure??

  • Jessica


  • Daniel

    What the heck?!

  • justme


  • Rachana

    LOL. That’s odd. Well not for Britney though.

  • Copperfield make her disapear..

    Yes yes yes make the ska.nk non talent hick disappear from public..and that song is only good when TI raps on it..her nasal child voice makes me cringe…eeekkkk!!!




    I’m sorry, but this bish is so NASTY, comeback my arse, needs a good scrub.

  • [~Famous~]

    those close ups aren’t a good look. ewwww

  • gimme more

    SO! what is your point? Maybe she want her eyes to be that color! So!
    Oh my god, Britney has Has a Red nose, she must of have been blowing it hard, OMG she is a mess for blowing her nose” GIVE ME A BREAK! So what her eyes are different colors!

  • cudahy

    stopp!!!!!!!!! wearin thoses shitty boots

  • shoes4life

    At least her ass is covered up this time.



  • MELI

    WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Halli

    HAHA. Trying to work the Kate Bosworth look, eh?

  • [~Famous~]

    i pray she performs at the VMA’s, it will be the worst performance in VMA/TV history and its going to be hilarious!!

  • sunny

    All of you people must have low self esteem..I could see if she said some racist sh*t, or did something personally to you..I can see if she was Andy Dick, but she isn’t! She is a person that has real problems…just like everybody else! It is someone out there that think that you haters are trash, no matter what color you may be, that you are trash for thinking negative about someone, and hope that they fail, I hope that she doesn her thing!! you dipsh*t!

  • Rebeca Petrovcic

    I LIKED her!
    ‘N I was such a fan when Brit pretended an innocent pure girl, like her songs SOMETIMES or FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BROKEN HEART.

    But now she’s so disappointed me!
    she’s sucks, ridiculous, freak, insane.Totally lost!! That’s my opinion.

    Ps* sorry if has wrong phrases but I’m not that’s it! I hope u all understand me cuz I need practice my English haha

  • Megs

    I really really like that dress!

  • sarah

    she wears color lens!It’s a kind of weird!!

  • Cynthia

    I pray this ugly bitch doesn’t fuck up the VMA’s. Some people just doesn’t deserve the fame they have!

  • Kurt

    omg some of you are beyond needing help with all this retarded bashing.
    Go take up a hobby please.

    Anyway she looks great.

  • James

    Man I love her!!

  • Lila

    She probably doesn’t even know it. Total crackhead. She’s an actual insult to white trash- they have more class than her!

  • sami

    I can’t believe how good her skin looks considering all of the smoking and drinking she does. I guess that is just her youth. Boy, is she going to pay for that when she is forty. She will be a wrinkled up, droopy breasted, black lunged old hag with a partially functioning liver and brain! I guess the brain part already happened. :) Take a note kids, you will pay later for the mistakes of your twenties. I just hopes she fades away soon. What a mess.

  • jane

    All of you people dissing her, all need a life. I mean you call her crack head, white trash all this other bullsh*t you dont know where she’s really coming from. She could be going through some kind of deppression or mental illness and your bashing her. I mean who the heck are we to judge her. her kids are fed have a roof on their head and are taking care of. Also who cares if she goes out and parties everybody and their mother does it, it’s her life style. I’ve seen a lot worse in this world that people have done to their children and nobody says anything but lets diss britney. Who f****g cares shes going through so mush she is probally doing it on pupose to get your attention. coming out of a divorce, having two children back to back. why is it that we look at others and not at ourselfs?

  • javo

    very pretty brit!!! cant wait for VMA’s…some people dont want u but i want u back!!!!!!!!!!

  • ursula

    Like you guys could look any better.
    Her eyes look awesome she must of put a contact in the other eye.
    but serious if ur saying she sucks at singing shes white trash and looks ugly.
    then wake up.
    your not the celebrity remember she is.
    shes a gorgeous ex great singer but at least she famous not like you.
    if you call her ugly i bet shes prettier than you so shut up!

  • lori

    she is so weird

  • tzy

    at least she luks kinda decent this tym:)

  • Yily

    Cannot wait till Britney perform at the VMAs this year. It’s going be sick! Everybody has been waiting for this moment and I’m hoping that Britney will not back out of it at the last minute. Her single “Gimme More” is already a huge hit on the radio and this performance will definitely boost Britney’s career if she can do a good job at it. So far, all of Britney’s performances at the VMAs have been a smash and I bet this one will too heheh.

  • tm

    i really hope she gets her act together for the sake of her children.

  • http://d lucy.

    she looks good again, i love britney.

  • spooky

    What the hell is wrong with her?!?

  • angie

    let me make this clear: im not a fan of her but i dont hate her.

    i dont like those boots but at least she looks okay in what she’s wearing. the dress is actually kind of cute. britney’s recovering and i think its good how she’s doing another album- she’s moving on. isn’t that what we all want? to all those bashers- yes, we know that britney’s messed up bad time but she’s trying to undo that. just leave the poor girl alone.

  • paulie

    Not those boots again!

  • anna

    i agree that dress is nice but it would look 1000 times better on some one with class and an ability to accesorize!!!! Those bl00dy boots are hideous.

  • may

    except the different color eyes and boots
    she actually doesn’t look that bad she looks kind of cute even if i would never think she is hot or beautiful because of everything she did.
    Brains are more important than looks something britney didn’t learned at the mikey club.

  • Emilie

    Yeurk! That’s ugly and scary! =S

    But at least, she has covered her ass! She kind of looks pretty!

    And i want to see her at the VMA!!!!!!!! I hope she’ll be good!

  • sally

    why is she always tanning…but still white as a ghost?

  • d

    some of yall are too much, yall don’t know her story, or why she is the way she is yet follow magazine reports as truth…LET HER SPEAK…as for her look she looks gorgeous, youthful, and innocent…so she repeats her boots who cares really?

  • BeBe

    I agree with you #21

  • Les

    #41 Does she really have to “speak”? Her actions say it all.

    #26 You seem about the kind of class act that would be a fan of hers. Nice language.

  • Bri

    I have to admit, her new song ‘gimme more’ is awesome. Sometimes Hollywood gets the best of people. You shouldnt judge someone you dont know. Look at your own life before you judge other people.

  • Uh huh

    Britney is an absolute mess, and is no way pretty! the reason she has turned out the way she has, is because no one has kept her grounded, people forever telling her she is the shit! also mixing with scum like Kfed contributed to her downfall…what an awful example of a papa to her kids! she is clearly in need of medical attention and I mean that seriously! this come back single will not undo the horrendous reputation she has carved for herself…I mean a sex tape? 2 kids with that nasty Kfed…trimming off her hair? wtf? jacking in paparazzi cars, airing her dirty linen in public on tv, crying like a baby, cheating on Justin! because this woman has so much to be proud of, I dont envy her one bit, I would rather keep my dignity than sell my soul to the media anyday!

  • fat guy in a little coat

    Dear Britney,

    It’s not funny anymore. Now put your damn pants back on.


  • lucy

    i dont really like her myself but i dont judge her like that… you guys should keep the hating to yourself… it hurt`s when people put you down..

    and if you think.. tsk.. it`s only me she wouldnt read it… then think how it all builds up…

  • Ethan

    I hope cris angel screws up on a trick a straitens brittanys mind

  • Samantha


    I don’t think they were engaged, but I believe that they will be in the near future. I believe that love will bring Criss Angel and Britney Spears back together again. I really do believe that.

  • Samantha

    I don’t believe that they were engaged at that time, but I believe that they will be one day. I believe that love will bring Britney Spears and Criss Angel back together again. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I know they’ll be a lovely couple.