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Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Kissing Video

Drew Barrymore & Justin Long Kissing Video

Drew Barrymore and Live Free or Die Hard star Justin Long suck face at Izaka-Ya Restaurant at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles around 10PM on Monday night.

Drew, 32, and Justin, 29, will be starring in a film together very soon — the upcoming movie adaptation of the bestselling love guide, He’s Just Not That Into You.

Drew and Justin were also spotted together in Las Vegas late Sunday night. Sin City lured the couple to Light nightclub and continued their lovefest at Jet nightclub (they “made out” in the VIP area).

It looks like Drew‘s days with director Spike Jonze are long gone/ Watch the video below of Drew and Justin kissing!!!!

Drew Barrymore kissing Justin Long [via]
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: E Online; Photos: Frazer Harrison/Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • http://yahoo Yes

    Drew is beautiful but crazy

  • Just

    odd couple

  • [~Famous~]

    two nerds, perfect.

  • Katie

    Drew is a whore. I can’t stand her bed hopping ass!

  • Stella

    Between Drew and BFF Cameron, I can’t keep up with their coupling. At least it’s cute guys. Right? I like to see girls playing the field like guys.

  • ils vont…

    There is no way a guy like that could get a girl like Drew Barrymore, except in the movies. But maybe this is a movie, did anyone think of that? bet not.

  • colleen

    Remember Justin Long on the show “Ed” – he was such a dork! He looks kinda cute now.

  • KC

    I loved Justin Long in Jeepers Creepers. That movie is so cheesy you gotta love it.

  • dancingqueen

    wow…that is beyond invasive

  • Violet

    I liked Drew with Fabrizio

  • EvilLynn

    The Apple computer guy is a “real” actor? No kidding!

  • lola

    Doesnt he have a PREGNANT girlfriend?!

  • zbabe

    32? I thought she was 40.

  • kat

    they make a cute couple, their both dorky!

  • anonymous

    Can anyone say ‘town bike’ The woman’s a whore.

  • jy

    he looks like a kid, certainly younger than 29.

  • Cynthia

    If Justin is a nerd, he’s one hot ass nerd! Love him in ‘Accepted, Jeepers Creepers and Dreamland!

  • Emilie

    There’s something wrong with this! They doesn’t look like a couple!

    But Justin is cute! =]

  • Nana

    Odd. Justin is a cutie

  • Tara


  • Lucas

    ils vont… you’re out of the world. I met Drew and she’s TOTALLY gorgeous! She was in a concert here in Brazil last year with her ex, she’s sooo beautiful, so cute. Omg! I fell in love with her! And I must say that she’s so lovely that there’s NO man who doesn’t want be with her.

  • Uh huh

    Drew seems to have a fab personality, is really laid back and cool! her and Justin make a fab couple

  • well….

    This girl is a player. She and Clooney should write a book.

  • coalharbourqt

    Good for Drew – he’s a cutie! She’s successful and single and can hook up with whoever the hell she damn well pleases.

  • Drew

    My God, can you not see a publicity stunt when you see one??? A new movie coming out, and hey, Drew’s been in the business for years and she knows how to sell a ‘product’. If you need more proof, watch the body language as they first see the camera when they are walking on the sidewalk. Justin, bad acting when you see the camera and go “Oh Shit”. Like you’ve never seen a video camera filming you? The Rest. has a back door if they wanted to get in privatley. And if you need more proof….just look at Drew at the end when she turns around and quickly spots the video camera, she quickly goes over to Justin and starts kissing him. Also, look closey to what she is saying to Justin…..he then looks around to see where the camera is and lo and behold!!!!….lets kiss!!!
    I just feel a bit sorry for Justin. He’s still wet behind the ears but with all the new money he is now making, he’ll get over it. It’s too bad, I have met Justin before and he is really a down to earth dude but too much of listening to what Hollywood tells you, you end up believing it, when you want it that bad.
    Drew (not Barrymore).

  • diixie

    Drew is such a SKANK! Can you say EASY? Good grief..she is to young to have been with so many guys! She is a good actress, but doesnt need to whore herself out to get recognition!

  • victoria

    very cute.

  • the_original_nika

    could someone explain me, as why shes a bitch !? I donĀ“t get it.

  • john

    damn justin is 29!!! I thought he was 16-17…wow

  • Helen

    she’s just a person like the rest of us, she eat,shits,sleeps,farts,kisse,& yeah fucks too!
    All her life, starting as a child she has not been able to live like we do, a normal private life, LET HER BE!!!!

  • Emma

    I just don’t get all of these negative comments about Drew. As I recall wasn’t she with Fabrizio for about 4 years. This doesn’t seem like a woman who is always sleeping around. She’s 32 and has been in the spotlight since she was a little girl. Of course it might seem like she’s been around but who at that age hasn’t had quite a few relationships.

  • Dylan

    I think they are just both playing the paps & the media… they do have a movie together!

  • Carol

    I hope so, Dylan.



  • perry

    I heard Justin was gay

  • aldera


    I never thought that they would go out.

    She’s a babe and he’s a geek (no offense)

    and whats all this talk about Justin being gay??

  • laurie

    Drew is such a slut.

    Didn’t she like date 5 different guys this year so far

    they’re truly an odd couple (a geek and a former crackhead)
    lets see how long this lasts

  • springtree

    Whether Justin is gay or not is no one else’s business but his

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • david10006

    she’s always been(and still is) pretty damn adorable but she has the most insane, goofy taste in guys i’ve ever seen.mmmm..maybe i have a shot yet.

  • adam

    I agree

    wasn’t she married to Tom Green

    i guess she likes them nerdy

  • Carol

    Except for Tom Green and some others guys I LOVE Drew’s taste in men. Hahaha. I love Spike and Fab! And Justin is cute, but I don’t think I like his personality. I love Drew, I really do, but she moves on too fast, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean you have the right to say she’s a slut. She’s a babe and deserve respect just like the rest of us.


    Drew Barrymore is a trip. I’ve never heard of this guy though………..

  • james van der beeks forehead

    Warren Cheswick and Drew Barrymore! I friggin loved him in Ed and i’m a brit so that took hours of afternoon tv dedication as a student. Im sure its not a publicity stunt, i think PR has come along a bit better than that, they look happy, justin long is a wicked actor…i’ve been happily watching his rise ever since the days of warren.

  • devon

    I think this is a publicity stunt
    Some have said that Justin may be gay??

    Meaybe she is his beard

  • toni


  • MR GSL


  • Pati

    why gross? it is cute.

  • toni

    what’s cute??

  • tania

    I have never seen a picture of him with any girl

    I wonder why
    I think this whole thing with Drew is a publicity stunt