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Hayden & Milo's Lovin' Lunch

Hayden & Milo's Lovin' Lunch

Heroes hotties Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia grab lunch together at a cafe near her West Hollywood apartment on Wednesday.

Co-stars that eat together, um, you tell me.

Milo is also the cover boy for the latest issue of Men’s Fitness. He reveals on a recent date, his lady friend asked, “So you’re polite, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you’re a vegetarian, you keep yourself fit, and you’re successful. What’s wrong with you?

More pictures inside of Milo and Hayden out and about…

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01 milo ventimiglia mens fitness
02 milo ventimiglia mens fitness
03 milo ventimiglia mens fitness
hayden panettiere milo ventimiglia 01
hayden panettiere milo ventimiglia 02
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  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    Wait.. so are they an item now?

  • [~Famous~]

    ummm that’s not milo, its tom cruise.

  • sizz

    they totally are together!

  • noni

    you guys are together?!! OMG..but Hayden already got a boi

  • tracycutie

    totally doing it!

  • katt

    it looks exactly like tom cruise woooooooah

  • katt

    he looks exactly like tom cruise in these pictures woaaaaah

  • hr

    i know he only PLAYS her uncle on tv.. but still it just seems so GROSS! plus, she’s barely legal and he’s pushing 30, no??

  • the_original_nika

    I don´t think their an item.. yet. Since hayden and BF colletti are still together. It is possible co-stars to have lunch, and not be dating ya know!
    And might I say.. DAMN MILO, you´re looking hot! Well he is, just, hotter ;).

  • msssz

    Did you see the picture of them from the Heroes World Tour?! If there isn’t something going on yet…there will be!

  • the_original_nika

    “..his lady friend asked, “So you’re polite, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you’re a vegetarian, you keep yourself fit, and you’re successful. What’s wrong with you?”

    So many compliments, and then she ruins it all lol. Thats a harsh thing to say “What’s wrong with you?”. I think nothing is wrong with him, hes just unlucky at love. Call me milo :P.

  • msssz

    Did you see the pictures of them from the Heroes World Tour?! If there isn’t something going on yet…there will be!

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    Hayden is very “friendly” with all of those guys.. it’s sort of really gross. I personally hope her & Stephen Colletti break up because I can’t stand her.

  • Lisa

    milooo, is so sexy.
    that’d be interesting if they get together.

  • steph

    i smell co-star hook-up

  • racy lacy

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if they get together now or someday down the road. They seem to have great chemistry on and off the set.

  • nokia

    hayden is soo cute..

  • tm

    most random hook-up if they are together…
    isn’t she like 18 and he’s like almost 30??

  • Nelly

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they got together. First the tour pictures and now they are having lunch together? Mmm…soon we are going to have kissing pictures.

  • Tata

    they are SOOOOO going out!!

    I love HALO so much *.* *dies*

  • loz

    omg! there has to be something going on. i mean, i know it’s normal for co-workers to hang out together, but after those world tour pics? c’mon. seriously.

    hayden/milo FTW!

  • Gina

    “So you’re polite, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you’re a vegetarian, you keep yourself fit, and you’re successful. What’s wrong with you?”

    He likes to stick his pecker in places he shouldn’t? Everyone has a vice, his must be sex/women. Oh well screw their age. They are both hot. I was a 18 year old girl once and would have totally hit that. When I was 16 I wanted to do Brad Pitt (still do) and that was like 6 years ago. Besides there is always Marylin Manson and his child bride – way more awkward.

  • http://d lucy.

    he is so hot, damn i wish i could find guy that looks like him in my town, i would soo go out with him.

  • NesseGirl

    OMG!!! They so need to hook up! My friend and I have this bet – even though we’re both on the same side- about when they’re finally going to go out. It needs to happen. She’s adorable and he’d f*cking gorgeous!!!

  • fd

    I think they are cute together. Whatever makes them happy. Plus Milo seems like a much more interesting person than that Laguna guy she is dating (was dating maybe).

  • Fouf

    has Hayden any fan too?haha its like a talent.bad voice.ugly face.f.u.c.k.i.n.g body!

  • angie

    hayden looks hot…dont care much about the guy.

  • Violette

    My gosh, he’s gorgeous!

  • Hypa

    NO WAY!

    Hayden come back to your stupid boy and you milo, find a way to spend your time as every guy does -.- please make a better choice she’s terrible!

  • JJ

    If they are really going out, I have lost all respect for Milo. It’s disgusting when a 30 year old perves over a girl that turned 18 a week ago.

  • manuela


  • Emilie

    Milo is HOOOT!

    And i think it’s not because the eat together that they’re togheter! Don’t you have male friends without dating them? She’s 18 and have a boyfriend!!

  • Mehidi

    They are beautiful ! Check the pictures here :

  • sandrea

    he looks hot! but he looks hotter on fergie’s video “big girls dont cry”! no offense to hayden fans, i find her a cutie but i guess she’s ok with boi stephen colleti (who by the way was the former utimate guy in between lauren conrad and what’s her name… my gudness, i forgot! haha), so i think he can find a better woman!

  • suzy

    love milo & she is legal.

  • Jomba

    OMG! I cant believe it! By the way… she’s a BIG slut! and have a BIG HEAD! hahaha!

  • [~Famous~]

    milo seems like a cool guy, i don’t think he’s that desperate. i doubt he has to or wants to date and fcuk a 16 year old girl who’s built like a 13 years old male ukrainian gymnast.

  • A Person

    I doubt that Milo is dating Hayden. He has more chemestry with Adian than with Ms. P.

  • lindsaysucks

    There doing it ftw!

    goo hayden haha

  • Sophia

    If anyone has seen pictures from the Heroes world tour you’ll agree that it’s definitely likely they could be together. A paper over here in England reported on how coupley they looked when they visited, holding hands in Munich, whispering together in press conferences…who knows? It’s the 21st century so I don’t think the age is a problem, they do have chemistry so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were together…

  • julia

    NO NO please milo not her.. you can do sooo much better

  • lauren

    If Theyre 2gether Thats Nasty As Hell

  • audrey

    i think i’m in love!

  • tina

    How Are They Dating…. Didnt The Article Just Say He Was On A Date With Someone Else? I Think Theyre Eating Lunch Together And Thats It

  • naz

    no no no no no
    milo is fitttastic
    shes not!
    and the age thing is creepy.
    and the fact he can do waaaay better
    oh god please nooo!

  • tcgutierrez

    WOW…Milo is a hot piece of *ss!!!!

  • july

    This can’t be true…..hayden dating stephen and in your myspace page still continuos dating him….Milo I don’t think he dating someone.

    In the interview he said want be more adult and dating a little girl??? I don’t believe

  • AD

    These two are sooo dating. They look so cute together. Milo looks really good in those pics and Hayden is cute as always.

  • Julia

    i love hayden and milo is freakin’ sexy, but isn’t there like a huge age difference?! i’m sure they’re just friends haha

    milo… just because hayden’s 18 now hahah

  • Ashley

    Milo totally looks like a young Tom Cruise!