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Jake Gyllenhaal: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Jake Gyllenhaal: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps covered up, hiding his face with his Blackberry as he leaves a medical office in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Jakey G‘s upcoming thriller Rendition co-starring on-and-off-again flame Reese Witherspoon is slated for an October 12th release. The film also stars Meryl Streep, Peter Sarsgaard and Alan Arkin.

15+ pictures inside of Jake looking all sorts of fine in his white tee…

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jake gyllenhaal doctors office 01
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 02
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 03
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 04
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 05
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 06
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 07
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 08
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 09
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 10
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 11
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 12
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 13
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 14
jake gyllenhaal doctors office 15

Photos: Danielle/Jri/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Nando

    I love the facial expressions on that blonde girl with the gray dress and black sweater. LOL!

  • anon

    is he checking on the progress of his surrogate’s pregnancy?
    crazy, crazy, crazy!

  • Anon

    What a cutie pie Jake is. Just darling. Shorter hair is nice, but just a little too much beard. When are we gonna hear about his next project??? How come no news on future movies???

  • Sarah

    More like is there a hottie in the house.

  • Regina

    Haha #1, I think she’s confused. “Are they taking pictures of me?!”.

  • Cynthia

    He’s so fug.

  • H

    Thank god Jake looks totally hot again! Is it just me or does he seem to go to the doctor’s office a lot? I hope he’s ok. I read he had cancer when he was younger. Is that true?

  • [~Famous~]


  • shwing!!!!

    Love this man!! But why did he shave his legs!!!! I get he’s doing the bike shit but his hair is the hottest part of him!

  • Roger

    Visiting the surrogate I see. It is the last month of the pregnancy!

    Crap I see the second posting beat me to it!

  • Anon

    I’m so glad that Jake still has a sense of humor about this stuff. Jake didn’t HAVE an appointment there nor was he visiting or checking up on anyone, pulling the bloggers chain again!!!

  • Jakiepoo

    That’s the same doctor’s office he was photographed at with Reese at a few months ago ! Sperm check ?

  • the_original_nika

    Hottie in the house. Finally some pics about him.
    and what the hell… same doctor´s office, he was photographed at with Reese at a few months ago?! Something is going on.

  • passingby

    How about a visit to the dentist.
    If you zoom in on the photos he does have hair on his legs.

    Jake and his people are laughing at the gay baby rumors. Can you see it, A listed actor used top paid A list actress to beard but right as their movie was to debut at TIFF and premiere he decided he was going to come out and announce a baby. That’s just not going to happen. Evelyn O’Neil might be both their managers but she would never hurt her bread and butter Reese like this, never.

  • Roger

    Of course there is something going on! Reese wanted to meet the Surrogate!

  • Roger

    How is Reese going to be hurt by this? Reese likes her privacy and could understand that Jake and Austin would want privacy to. Also Family is a big thing for Reese and that Jake and Austin would want to have a kid despite what it could mean to there careers etc then I could see Reese doing this as a favor. I have grown in respect for her if that is what is happening.

    Look the Sydney Morning Herald has already run this story. Granted it was sourced from a blogger but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something behind it all.

  • Anon

    Roger you are so funny you really should be a comedian.

  • passingby

    For over two years people have been attempting to out Jake and claiming that Austin Nichols is his boyfriend. It just isn’t true and a 23yr blogger JJ recycled toothy tile information isn’t going to make it true.
    This story did not make the cover of one US tabloid this week, none of them. Yes him coming out right now would make her look bad, it would make her look like a lying beard willing to drag her kids across the country to keep the story alive.

    Just because a newspaper picks up a gossip item doesn’t make it so.

  • Molly

    The baby-story is so stupid – I cannot believe that someone with a halfbrain could believe this nonsense….

    I really have missed the “Jake-doing-nothing” pics…he looks hot!

  • Anon

    passingby it would also make them the laughing stock of Hollywood.

  • Jeff23

    Jake and Reese would only be the “laughing stock” if it turns out Jake is in a long-term relationship with a man and Reese was acting as his beard; in other words, if they were busted as “liars”.

    The rumor that holds him seeking to be a father via surrogacy and Reese’s support of an allegedly gay friend are not at all anything to be ashamed about. If that is indeed the case – which seems unlikely but it can’t hurt to dream (!) – then they should be taken to task not for being who they are but for furthering the closet case syndrome.

  • passingby

    Thank you R20
    Folks just seem to think they can just turn around and dismiss this story by claiming they were just friends. After almost 9 months of leading everyone on and refusing to deny the claims they are an item.

    That’s why is so clear to me that there is truth to the Jake & Reese are a couple stuff. Plus there are two things that go beyond the norm, her trip to Martha’s Vineyard with her kids (which then those who said they saw her their in July)and photos of her wearing his blue stones (a gift from his sister)back in April, May. Plus the fact that her divorce is not final, which means her ex is giving her a hard time.

    It’s fine if Jake was gay and wanted to beard, if he was going to come out or adopt a baby. Eveyln O’Neil as his manager could do what she had to to keep him in the closet should that be his choice. But no way she would agree to or offer to have her top star go along with this. Reese’s husband cheats, is hitting the clubs and dating younger chicks while Reese is bearding for her gay friend leading upto promotion of their next movie. She would become a laughing stock and it would only confirm what some think of her, that she will do anything for her career.

  • Anon.

    Although I doubt Jake and Reese are an item as I think Jake is gay I have to agree with # 22 about the fact that Reese’s image would seriously be damaged. She would end up looking like a total and utter fool.

    Someone above said that they could claim Reese was just supporting her gay friend who is in a long-term relationship with a man and father to be via surogate. This is true but these rumors about Jake and Reese together have been floating for more than half a year without any denial from their PR. Wouldn’t the simple fact that they allowed false rumors to persist make them liars in the eyes of the public? Even if it wasn’t active bearding people would still perceive it as bearding.

    I don’t think EO would risk Reese’s reputation at this extent. IMO if Jake wants to come out he will come out first and then have a baby with his partner. The baby it’s just wild fantasy at this point.

  • Anon

    No 23, so you think Jake is using Reese and she has no knowledge of all the rumours?. Riiiight

  • Pilou

    -> Cosmetic dentistry !!

  • Hal

    Of course he might be seeing his shrink who might be helping him quit being gay. LOL.

  • anom

    It seems he is more thin and bit bronzy! Always with a brand new tennis and gorgeous!

    In spite if it´s true or not, he must laugh a lot about theses rumors!

    Jesus! Now, he hat even cancer, milk´s intolerance… What else?

    Maybe for that,he always goes to doctor although he looks like healthy!

  • remember da truth

    What are these rumors about Reese and a surrogacy? I don’t live on blogs and eat up the tabloid lies, so I haven’t heard this until now. Not really understanding what you all are talking about?

    As for Toothy Tile, Ted C. has recycled that old saw over and over, whenever it’s become apparent that he is irrelevant. But he has also said, always, that Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhaal, the two top choices, are not Toothy Tile.

  • I do remember the truth

    “But he has also said, always, that Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhaal, the two top choices, are not Toothy Tile.”

    BS. Jake has never been ruled out and the latest mail just about said jake = TT without saying it out loud.

  • phillyfoil

    I find it interesting that many of the comments quickly cabash the rumors of Jake being gay, adopting or whatever, but like number 22 quickly condemn Ryan Phillipe. I assume he alludes to Abbey Corniche who to this day still contends there is nothing between them. But then, what would be expected otherwise of a Gyllenhaalic.

  • nana

    Phillyfoil, I find it very interesting too that those who support the rumours that Jake is gay, Toothy tile, with Austin Nichols etc are very quick to label Reese a bitch, miss chin-chin and all kind of denigratory remarks. As if, attacking her, their ‘dreams’ come true.



  • Kerri

    #32 NON-COUPLE: Hey you, I have seen your comments on several other sites as well stating you were at the festival and saw Jake & Reese yourself. Just because you think it was obvious that they were not an item does not mean that they arent dating. This is their job – a professional job. They are not going to ruin it by giving any of us anyideas that they are. They will keep that seperately behind closed doors. There would be too much publicity at stake if they did show any signs of it at all.

  • Rob

    Jake is not wearing Nikes….WOW…somewhere nike execs are crying…