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Simpson is Sleek 'n Slender

Simpson is Sleek 'n Slender

A sleek-looking Jessica Simpson jets off to New York Fashion Week from LAX Airport with her pup Daisy and an assistant on Tuesday.

After the short flight, Jessica walked into the SoHo Grand Hotel, where ex-beau John Mayer was apparently waiting around.

According to OK!, John just happened to be visiting a friend who was staying at the hotel.

Jessica‘s assistant Adrienne Sands coordinated with hotel staff to ask John to either go to his friend’s room or leave altogether. An insider said John was more than willing: “John laughed and said, ‘Sure.’ He didn’t cause a scene. He said to give Jess a big hug for him.”

25+ pictures inside of Jessica looking sleeker than ever…

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jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 01
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 02
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 03
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 04
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 05
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 06
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 07
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 08
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 09
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jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 11
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 12
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 13
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 14
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 15
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 16
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 17
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 18
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 19
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 20
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 21
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 22
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 23
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 24
jessica simpson ny fashion week 2007 25

Photos: Gabo/Dean/Bauer-Griffin
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  • KittKatt

    Sleek? She looks like a linebacker to me.

  • KJ

    KittKatt –i soo agree! Nothing much feminine or sexy about this one. She is still an air-head bimbo though.

  • Bite me


  • youjackass

    Sleek, but not slender… whoa chubs!

  • Mel

    I’m not going to say anything bad about Jessica because she’ll crush me like a tin can with her massive arms.

  • [~Famous~]

    holy shiit! manson’s really trying to give biel a run for her manly muscular money.

    this biishes face is fucked!

  • cassandra

    i say it she is tore up from the floor up! i cant stand to look at this worthless excuse for a woman. they talk about angelina jolie, at least she is worldly and doing good things, these sleaze bags like jessica paris and britney and that slime bag lindsay just run around with expensive clothes on showing how stupid they look with a two thousand dollar purse and those dumb ass looks on their dumb ass faces.

  • Ha!

    She has obviously been working out and she looks amazing. I don’t think a woman with toned arms looks manly at all. She looks great! Hell, I’d take looking like this or Jessica Biel over, hmmmm, who do you think actually looks good…Angelina Jolie? Paris Hilton? who?… ANY DAY of the week. My lord, these people can’t win with you guys. If they’re not 6 feet tall, slender and weigh 120 lbs. with pilates-sculpted muscles, they “look like linebackers”. Give us a break, will you? Not everyone looks the same. Not everyone has the same results from working out. We’re not SUPPOSED to all look exactly alike. Body types should not be “in”.


    Ex means ex to her huh?

  • TR


  • RK


  • lj

    First of all, it’s not a short flight, it’s about 5 hours! Why is she wearing something like a cocktail dress on a plane? Yesterday, she’s wearing a tshirt and short cutoffs. I agree with
    cassandra, she’s worthless, all she does is shop and eat. Nothing to look up to, plus she’s stupid.

  • lj

    The story about John Mayer is hysterical. Like he cares. It looks like she wants to pick up someone on the plane with the low cut neckline with her boobs sticking out.

  • Regina

    Cheap, fug hoe.

  • Kara

    Doesn’t John live in SoHo? Why would she even stay at the SoHo Grand if possibly running in to her ex boyfriend is such a big deal to her? It’s incredibly weird that the hotel staff would even ask him to leave on her account.

  • Truth

    I agree that she looks like a linebacker here. She must have cheated on Nick with that Jackass crew cause is it my imagination or does bad karma seem to be coming her way in droves……

  • amybaby

    She has clearly been working out too much. She looks like a man. Look at those shoulders! And those pipes!

  • Eme

    Wait…. is she on the “Jessica Biel” diet now? What happened? This new trainer of hers… moron. Lean? BULKY and un-feminine…. YUCK.

  • eileen

    ewww, slender?! are we looking at the same pictures? she looks like a freaking man. she is way too toned. she looks disgusting as ever.

    and i can’t believe a hotel staff would ask a paying customer to leave on jessica’s account…her “assistant” must have bribed big bucks.

  • meh

    Her dress is too long even with her heels, and who wears a getup like that during the day?? I thought it would get caught in the escalator. I wonder who tipped off the photogs that she would be there? (daddy) Well tip them off that I heard she’s dating a UFC fighter. Maybe we can get some pics of her with her new short blond boyfriend.

  • loida

    she looks like a wrestler.


    come on who looks really good at the airport?
    she looks ok to me and her arms looks like madonna’s

    plus jessica simpson is not like paris lindsay or britney
    she doesn’t make silly things as the others drug addict

  • JC

    People trust me this is fake Fugs and Jugs are faking this, they are very dishonest. This is a show to trick the media. Please do not fall for any act they put on. JS is always the a$$ of their act, now I guess the two decided to make JM the a$$. She is getting fat again.


  • JC

    Jessica in NO BETTER THAN Paris, Lindsey, Nicole, Britney. Plus they look better than Jessica to. Jessica and John act like low class clowns with no chracter at all.

  • Stellartes

    She is nasty!

  • KD

    Needs to lighten up on the trapezius.

  • sandy

    I remember that dumped article that was written, He found that funny.
    He sure made her look desperate and stupid.
    I also agree Jessica is nasty and WORTHLESS. Her talent is shopping and eating. She is NOT SLEEK ‘N’ SLENDER.
    yuck! yuck! that thing looks like a man. NO WAY WILL I GO SEE ANY OF HER CREEPY MOVIES.

  • wantbyc

    according to john’s blog, he’s in mexico on vacation. perhaps he came home early.

  • Mary

    Tranny much. If she is looking bad this young-imagine what she will look like when she reach 30. Adam of Maroon 5 rejected her.
    Mayer is trying to build up a big fan base, because that means more money, if he come out with JS as his girlfriend he will lose fans. Mayer picked career over JS she takes the back seat to be used as his tool

  • Mary

    Maybe they came home early after another big fight like the last trip?


    it’s very pathetic to see that you all think you know who she is or know who is good and bad just because you’re reading celebrity magazines
    at least we didn’t saw her using drugs ,driving while she is not allowed,making racist comments or showing her vagina.
    that s why i think she is better than the others

  • Cynthia

    She looks better than she has ever looked in her life. She needs to put her arms closer to her body. She doesn’t look like a man anymore thank God! The nose break was the best thing that happened to her.

  • Samantha

    WOW. She looks so amazing. Just flawless. I’m so jealous.

  • Lou

    She is posing for pictures not being taken! I think she is totally stupid and this is a set up.

  • G

    I don’t think she is like Britney, Paris or Lindsey she may shop, but she gives to Charities as well

  • Jessica is a stupid hack

    Who wears a long dress like that to an airport.

  • mel

    Wow she looks amazing all that working out is really paying off. I don’t understand any of those with negative things to say about a perfectly tight body???? What gives?

  • pittypit

    she looks fantastic
    Haters, why would you even say horrible things like that about someone you don’t even know? It says a lot more about you than it does about her, and she’s out there making millions just being herself so all you haters are really the losers, truth be told.
    Get a life and try not to be so jealous

  • wantbyc

    no, she’s not there with him. she came from cali. he wrote a blog on sunday saying he was on a much needed vacation and it was posted from mexico. i would guess he’s still there.

  • Truth out

    John is A-list. She hovers between C and D list. Nope would never work.

  • riiight

    what has she done to her FACE?! Too much plastic surgery and isnt she only like 25?! she looks like that hulk hogans wife. damn she got really UGLY!

  • bataglio

    more cardio, less weight training = less bulk
    who certified her trainer anyway?!

  • Masculine wit a crooked beak nose

    Shes traveling to her wrestling match. Shes on the ticket, but she wrestles men. Chinathe wresler comes to mind with those shoulders she has now.

  • shoes4life

    What I like to know is, if this is true, who the hell do she think she is that she can tell someone to leave a hotel because she is there!!?? That is pure crap. What John should have said to her ass is unless you own this darn hotel I am not going anywhere, actually you can do just as I am doing ignoring your no talent ass. That’s what John should have said to her, again if this is true.

  • Taylor

    She’s gained at least 20 pounds.

  • Jenna

    John came up there to see her in his usual way.
    She must be mad about the Cameron thing. I wonder why Jessica and Ashlee do not hang out together, no one wants to really hang out with this chick huh she must be a nightmare.

  • mary

    she looks like a troll

  • j

    She is SO naturally gorgeous,she looks stunning here. I love her LV bags =)

  • lj

    Looks like her botox ran out! She used to not be able to move her forehead. I just saw a before and after of her and she’s had too much work done. Like someone said, she’s fake and putting on a front. And why isn’t she and Ashlee together, like someone said, she doesn’t have any friends. Viva Fox? Her stylist? Pathetic.

  • Cindy

    #37 I’ll tell you what gives….Have you seen pics of Halle Barry, Jenifer Aniston, Kate Hudson – just to name a few – all are very toned (even a little muscular) but no where near “man looking” Her shoulders look like they belong on a body builder. The guy who trained her for “Dukes” did her justice. This guy obviously is a trainer that believes “you can’t put on too much muscle” Fire your trainer Jess – Pronto! I never liked her (I still don’t) Every intelligent person knew the whole John Mayor thing would never last…she can only have a few tricks in her pocket for so long after that her true intelligence came out and they woke up one morning and she said “like, huh?” And he was outta there!