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Momgelina's Playground Family Fun

Momgelina's Playground Family Fun

Angelina Jolie spends the morning with her two middle children — Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 – at a park playground on New York City’s Upper East Side on Wednesday.

She sure has strong arms to carry both kids at one time!

Angie wore a black cardigan, gray pencil skirt and Michael Kors nude flats while Zahara wore a pink knit sweater and Pax wore a blazer.

Both Angelina and Brad Pitt were spotted taking their son Maddox, 6, to a French school in New York City on Tuesday morning. Mad, who’s losing missing his top front two teeth (maybe more), swung his way into school on Papa Pitt‘s arms.

UPDATE: Angelina dropped Maddox off at school this morning (Thursday). Ange wore a her fave Chanel shades, a white tee, white pants and nude Christian Louboutin heels. Mad looked mighty dorky in his uniform — white buttondown and gray shorts!

Bigger pictures inside of Angie, Mad and Zee!

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angelina pax zahara park playground 01
angelina pax zahara park playground 02
angelina pax zahara park playground 03
angelina pax zahara park playground 04
angelina pax zahara park playground 05
angelina pax zahara park playground 06
angelina pax zahara park playground 07
angelina pax zahara park playground 08
angelina pax zahara park playground 09

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  • aww

    Love they spend so much time with their children, rock on BAMZPS

  • myles

    Whoa!!! This is super nice!

    (…and am i the first? on an Angelina thread? amazing! :))

  • aileen

    Love love love them

  • myles

    Wow! So nice!

  • lynn


  • melanie

    check those legs, they are so skinny :(

  • missouri girl

    number one…………….all people spend time with their kids if there halfway normal………….

  • 2985

    Glad to see the kids having a fun day out with Mom, yeay! When you’re committed to each other, you make sure one works while the other is there to support you, just like Brad and Angie, they take turns, it’s so nice to see. :)

  • Leonie

    I love this family!!!

    sooooo…cute. Love the fact that Z isn’t in white, that she is in pink!

  • Kat

    GROSS! What the hell is up with those pitiful legs? The once so beautiful Angelina is withering away before our very eyes and the bitch is taking the once beautiful Brad with her.

  • anne

    i knew there was some brangey threads coming our way– LOVE THE JOLIE PITTS

  • Griffith

    Check melanie…she’s an &ss

  • filipino fan

    jj, thanks again for the pics. glad to see they are enjoying in n.y.








  • curious

    JJ this photo are not from today they are from yesterday.and Brad was at work and Mad at school.

    but LOVE you Angie more than ever.

  • anustin

    cute to the max.thanx j.

  • jordan

    she is so strong mom.loooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Angie and your beautiful family.

  • Ellen

    Good Morning everyone !

    Lovely family, Thank you JJ.

    Hiya filipino fan.

    This is going to be a lovely day again for all BAMPZS fans .

  • luv Angie

    Angie is so strong girl.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

  • anustin

    yeah,skinny legz,but papa pitt loves those skinny legz to wrap around hes body.

  • anne


  • s.r

    she has a very beautiful smile.Love you angie and your family.GOD bless you all.

  • Candy

    Has becoming a father transformed your life? Yeah.

    It’s hilarious. It’s the funniest, most lovely thing I’ve ever taken on. And the biggest pain in the ass as well [laughs] And I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.


    No going back for Brad. Only the present and the future matters!

  • Be real

    Just like clock work.

    Angie’s PR agent “Alright paparazzi, Ange is taking kid 2 and 4 to Blank Park at 12:25. They will be at the monkey bars until 1:10 then off to the slide”

    Also, SOMEONE make that psycho eat!

  • I love Angelina

    Angelina you are the best and I will pray for you all the time.JJ I`m waiting for more picture.

  • tammy

    thank-you again JARED i love this family because they are good people,and they are raising a beautiful family,blessing to all the fans,and the jolie-pitts.

  • Peaches

    30 d.j. : 09/06/2007 at 9:50 am


    Why are you here? I get that they are not your cup of tea, everyone doesn’t have to like them. But don’t you think it is a little sick that you post multiple times in every thread about them? I mean you raced to this thread to post about them, we are still on page 1 and you have posted about 3 times already. You sure seem obssessive about people you claim not to like.

  • Dina

    Hi All… Check the website below, there are some interviews of Brad from Venice… though the website is in Spanish, the video – in English…

    Gracias a brangelinaenespanol!!!


  • abigail

    If d.j & missouri girl finds her gross & fugly. I do not what makes Jennifer Aniston? I’ll take Angelina hands down than a manipulative bee-yotch like Aniston.

  • Galia

    She is so skinny, i hope she is OK…

  • anne

    i wish i had as many louboutins as her…

  • Alexanderina

    Morning Jared thanks for the new thread and pictures of Angie, Z and Pax; the other thread was crazy and I got a feeling this one is going to get crazy as well, thank goodness am not going to be here for it lol.

    Have a good day Jared

  • Iris

    Do they live in NY now? They are everywhere al at once!

  • I love Angelina

    27 Candy

    of course he can`t even imagine it in another way.they are a happy couple and I`m so happy for both of them to find each other.

    and to who ever want to say that it is for PR .no this can`t call PR b/c this kind of works are the works that each mother and father will do for their children if they are at home and they are free from work.

    NO they can put themself in their home just b/c some of you think it is for PR.NO people can think what ever they want but their works are like any other normal parent which can be new for you as a troll in celebrity world.

    GOD please accept my prayers for this family.

  • anustin

    did papa pitt loves those toned legz of vajenjen?NO!b/c those legs can not afford to cross around.

  • anne

    i love her but:
    shes going to develop back problems because she is constantly holding her children which are now probably heavier than her especially because she is soo skinny

  • tammy

    10 kat: don’t you know when you have long slim legs you can wrap them around your husband in bed,nothing like getting as close as you can to your man.talking as a long time wife.

  • Lets just be happy

    You know, it’s nice to come on here, see cute pics and say “love the family! Love the kids”…everyone just being positive and happy about this family and then this starts…

    26 j.d. : 09/06/2007 at 9:53 am

    and it makes everyone look bad.

  • gigi

    anne – Angie is not the only mother that carries her kids…you are kidding when you say that the kids weigh more than her right?

  • d.j

    40 anustin

    do you want stop lying?how many times you want to say you are holly`s sister when you are not.but no body will believe you anymore.If you are holly`s sister I`m Brad pitt.

  • rex

    I love this woman because she has not one ounce of vainity. To all those who say ” her legs are gross” to her they are just legs are thank God she has them to walk and run and do all the things they are meant to do.
    Angie doesn’t waste time of stupid nonsensible things.

  • Ellen

    Patiently waiting for more pictures, JJ.

    Thank you, and Good morning to you and have a great day !

  • jordan

    I really like Pax`s is so fashion and lovely.

  • Dr. Philli

    you can tell most when B&A are together he seems to have genuine smiles but hers are all forced and fake. She only truely happy with genuine smiles when she’s with her kids. awhile ago Brad was asked about Aj never smiling when she’s with him… of course he gave some lame lie as an answer. He was prob. surprised at the question.

  • Kuky

    Jared you are the N°1!

  • Ameena

    Good Morning Jared, thanks for the new thread, I can’t wait to see the additional pics.

    Love how they go about their business, taking care of their children while the haters still continue to wish for a reconciliation between Brad and the Ex. It ain’t gonna happen… Brad is happy, he is where he wants to be, with Angie and their children.

    Got to go to work now, I can’t lurk at work anymore:cry:

  • tammy

    32 Dina :Thanks Dina.