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Jake's Jar-ing Dinner Date

Jake's Jar-ing Dinner Date

Jake Gyllenhaal grabs dinner at Beverly Boulevard restaurant Jar in West Hollywood on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old actor dined at the snazzy steakhouse with a mystery male before going their separate ways.

When inside his car, Jake motioned to paparazzi to stop taking pictures.

We’re a little more than a month away (Oct. 12) until the release of Jake‘s highly anticipated thriller Rendition co-starring Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, Peter Sarsgaard and Alan Arkin.

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Photos: National Photo Group
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  • a


    and maybe they should stop taking pictures then. duh.

  • yuehun


  • gzd

    yav hayyyret bişe ya,ne bu hollywoodun hali..gelen geçen gay çıkıyo..önce wentworth sora bu genetik bozukluk,bütün yakışıklılar gay ınaaaam bıktım yaw…


    He is cute and good looking

  • yuehun

    he’s not gay ,right?

  • Julz


  • Les

    I eat dinner and lunch with female friends all of the time. I guess that automatically makes me a lesbian. Just don’t tell my husband and son that bit of info.

  • lori

    Les, exactly. I dine out with my girlfriends all the times. There must be something gay going on then.

    Poor Jakey.

  • [~Famous~]


  • passingby

    He could have been eating with anyone, his dad, an agent or a friend.
    Reese was out with her friends the other night, does that make her gay?

    Why not say Jake Gyllenhaal ate out with a friend, instead they say unidentified male.

  • julie

    he’s hot.

  • clued-in in seattle

    “Why not say Jake Gyllenhaal ate out with a friend, instead they say unidentified male.”

    If Jake was out with a woman it would say a mystery woman. Why not say Jake ate with a friend in that case as well? Double standards suck, don’t they?

  • dani

    Those gay rumors became so ridiculous it’s funny. Everytime we see him with a guy, he must be his boyfriend. LOL He’s cute. Thanks for the pictures!

  • Smarter than the Average Bear

    A clue hidden in the post? Every think of that?

    Mystery Male — Man of Mystery?

    Think Think Think

  • yeah

    ~Famous~ is gay.

  • Gyllenhaalic Forever

    Good heavens, he’s gorgeous!!

  • yeah

    Famous is gay

  • b.

    who called the paps to take pics of him? We didn`t see photos of him such a long time, and now the release of his film is near,now every day? That stink.

  • Gay guy

    Well hello there Famous! [wink]

  • yvrgwm

    the plot thickens

  • dani

    “who called the paps to take pics of him? We didn`t see photos of him such a long time, and now the release of his film is near,now every day? That stink.”

    The reason is he is now back in L.A. He was almost all summer in Martha’s Vineyard! Therefore no pics!

  • Monica

    What’s next?! Jake is really a woman?!

    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!

  • yomama

    wentworth miller and jake would make the hottest couple ever .

  • Hal

    Actually there were pics of him on Martha’s Vineyard, one especially with his buddy Chris at the start of the footrace. What is odd about Jake is that almost all pictures of him are with either his parents or a guy. The only gal he has been pictured with recently is Witherspoon and those may be related to their forthcoming movie. If Jake wants to shake the gay rumors the best way would be to be seen with some gals for a change. As of now he doesn’t seem to care much for female company and that obviously makes one wonder.

  • The Obvious

    Look Jake probably purchased the rights to the pictures with Austin in them and part of the deal is to leave Austin unnamed. The paps know Jake and Austin don’t want a lot of photos of them together, at least for the next little while. It isn’t like the paps would get a lot for these pictures even in the current climate. They probably didn’t cost Jake a lot but still in the order of thousands, not a bad night for pictures of two guys walking out of a restaurant.

    Remember the pictures from last September of Jake and Austin getting coffees? Jake sneaks a look at Austin to see his reaction and Austin is suddenly hightailing it out of there. Austin knows that most every time they are photographed together it could cost Jake money.

  • dani

    Hal, maybe he just doesn’t give a damn about those rumors?

  • Bee

    ^^^ give it a rest already!! Just bcz Jake’s the most beautiful creature in the universe DOES NOT MEAN he is gay. What it means is that lots of gay men are attracted to him and would like him to be gay. But too bad, he’s not.

  • Regina
  • passingby

    Jake has been photographed with women as well, it’s just blog sites get more attention or reaction (hits) when they hint at him being gay or they spot him with a female star. They aren’t interested in him when he is out and about with non-famous women.

    So anytime he is out with a male friend they will play up the bogus he’s gay story. Or he is with Austin. Interesting that Jake has not been seen with, reported to be seen with or photographed with Nichols since may and yet the believers still continue on. They had a dream that he was on the Vineyard with Jake, but that was not the case, he was getting a DUI in Michigan.

  • the_original_nika

    Oh more jake. HoT.

  • Hal

    How do you know that the “unidentified male” was Austin? And if it was, why would Jake not want the pictures shown? He needs to show support for Austin now after the latter’s arrest. If he doesn’t he can’t be a very good friend. In fact, what he needs to do is call the paps, get Austin and when they are ready, give Austin a good big buddy-hug for them to photograph. If he won’t do that, he is a coward and just a good-time friend who disappears when there is any trouble.

  • IWasThere

    I was there that night – the mystery man was that weird guy who was on John from Cincinnati. Only mystery doesn’t even begin to describe that show or his role on it.

  • ya ya

    Dinner with a mystery male? Funny how there are never any pictures.

  • Hal

    The problem for Jake with Austin is not the gay rumors, probably untrue but still good publicity, but rather the fact that Austin is far less successful as an actor. Jake is quite a success; Austin is not. That must create a bit of tension between them. Envy mixed with admiration on Austin’s part and probably a bit of guilt and awkwardness on the part of Jake. How does he befriend Austin without seeming to be patronizing? It is possible, but rare, for very unequal people to be good and comfortable friends.

  • Joette

    I love Jake and don’t care whether he is gay or straight. He is nice to look at. I am so glad that he was not having dinner with Reese that night. I hate her!!!

  • Dennis

    The guy with Jake was not Nichols – it was someone I have never seen on pictures with him before. I had a meeting with some friends at JAR that night. Jake left alone because he obviously did not want his friend being harassed by the paps.

    There are always paps hanging around this place – if he does not want attention he should chose another restaurant.

  • Anon.

    Hey people, chill with the gay vs.straight stuff. Neither of you know whether he’s gay/bi/straight. Whatever his preference might be it’s his bussines. And who cares? He’s hot and that’s it. Peace!

  • dani

    Dennis thank you for the information!

    “There are always paps hanging around this place – if he does not want attention he should chose another restaurant.”

    I love me some Jakey, but i agree with you!

  • Ana

    I dont think it would be fair to him to not be able to go to a restaurant that he likes to eat just because of the photogs. He shouldnt have to change his life just b/c the idiots want to take pics of him.

  • WeHo Gal

    I saw Jake walking in West Hollywood last weekend with another cute guy. They were smiling and laughing.

  • me

    WeHo Gal did you recognize the guy?

  • Barb

    ^^^ WELL SAID #38 Anon!! I think that one day, some day, all this crap will be in the past, and Jakey will have some peace.

  • anom

    To number 4: Everybody here understood what you writed.

  • Laura

    Jesus, even if was gay, any guy with he met would be his boyfriend! He is a phenomenal! He dates three (or four) guys at same time under spotlights!
    I agree with number 27. He just doesn’t give a damn about those rumors.
    He has a stronger personality. I love him!

  • axe

    leave the poor guy alone.he could have a relationship with ANYONE and that would be none of your business.

  • Amy

    Having dinner with another guy does not make you gay. It means you can be tolerated by people of the same sex and have friends. If Jake was in the closet he wouldn’t have a public date with another guy.