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Jennifer Lopez - "Do It Well" Music Video

Jennifer Lopez -

Jennifer Lopez spices things up as David LaChapelle directed the diva in the video for her new single “Do It Well”.

Jennifer has said of the video: “It’s basically me, coming into this situation where people are oppressed in a way, and kind of being a liberator, like setting everybody free but beating everybody up.”

Leather, chains, S&M… and of course dancing!!! Watch Jennifer‘s “Do It Well” music video below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s new music video — does she do it well?

Jennifer Lopez – “Do It Well” Music Video
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  • SaRaH

    # 1

  • Nawel

    thank’s for the video!!

  • mike
    fergie’s new magazine
    please pick up

  • Lill

    Nice video, but she doesn’t fit in. Just not her style.
    The song is rather boring too…

  • Bite me


  • blabla

    Good song, bad video

  • Ha!

    The video is retarded.

  • Kevin

    The video really reflects David LaChappelle’s ”style” though they liberating theme thing doesn’t really work :/
    I love the video though, the atmosphere and everything… huge David LC fan :) (though this somehow reminds me a lot of Christina A. dirrty video :p)

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Pretty face. Can’t sing, can’t dance. Video is BORING!

  • pancakebottom

    not feelin it.

  • ttt

    LaChappelle suxx

  • Two Buck Chuck

    You couldn’t pay me enough to click the play button, sorry.

  • [~Famous~]


  • P Late

    that video is absolutely terrible

  • Ms Katie

    omg! great song! I heard she killed it in the video and danced her ass off..i see barely any dancing..the video sucks and david LaChappelle is washed up and boring now!

  • Starbucks Addict

    Thanks for the video – I hadn’t seen it yet. Love J-Lo!

  • creativegirl

    i don’t like this at all – it just doesn’t seem to work together. The song is “okay”, I think with a better video I would like it more. I don’t think this will be around too long – hopefully the next song released will be better. I would expect more from her, she’s always got great dance tunes and videos to go with them – why choose DLC???

  • danny

    I agree. The song is rather boring, and the music video…boring too. Does remind me a lot like Xtina’s Dirrty video (although that one Christina was able to pull off). This one, seems rather forced.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • pokeman

    can’t freaking stand her. low class J HO and that monkey husband. although he sings better than her.

  • whatever

    I love love love the song but hate the video.

  • Regina

    Ironically, she didn’t Do It Well.

  • Staffo

    The song is OK but the video doesn’t fit with JLo’s character at all! I don’t like her like this, it doesn’t look cool, it looks ridiculous! And the choreography is like… ughhh!!!

  • Sandy

    The song, video and dancing has no harmonization, and, this video really exposed her talent-less self in a major way. how much did it cost to make this hideous video anywy ? just wcurious..

  • Onurenu

    WOW WOW WOW DAME !!! #1
    Jennifer ur the is awesome. video is flying.absolutly it is always be another place other ass video. this is jennifer lopez.
    and do it well is better and better million times than brit’s shity

  • Fiona

    JLO, has really proved everyone right she can’t sing or act,

  • me

    Brilliant. I don’t get it.

  • Ali

    Flat, repetitive song – stupid video. She’s a very good actress, and probably a decent enough singer and dancer, but this just looks cheap. Why go for this “brittany-esque” style? so not her and so demeaning to women. I think the public wants to like her – she has that going for her – so she should elevate her place in the public mind, not denigrate it. She needs to go more classy, sophisticated, and related. And the music needs to be fabulous – we’re tired of this JT retread – we’re tired of it from him and from everyone else who is copying him.

  • KarenA

    That video, is unfortunate. I just heard this song yesterday and when I did, I thought the video could be a throwback to “If You Had My Lovoe” with her in baggy pants, a fitted top, sneakers. I think she’s a very good dancer and could have used this song to showcase it. But, instead we get this crap. What was that?! That was bad, all wrong and will surely not help the song, which I think a straight-up dance vid, could have. Another misstep (oh!) for Ms. Lopez.

  • the_original_nika

    I hate it. This has got to be one of her worst songs and videoclips.
    Im sure there will be people that will buy it.

  • Angelgurl

    The video isn’t bad but the song isn’t very good.

  • Melissa

    Her song sucks and the video certainly doesnt help it either. It looks very cheap and just doesn’t go with the song at all. Its just horrible lol

  • M.LaCapione

    When is her label gonna tell her she can’t sing…DAMN worst song, horrible voice, the video is retarded. Plus her dancing is so mechanical….and I am not a J.Lo hater just think this one is all wrong.

  • lula29

    The song is crap and so is the video. It’s all too cheesy.

    I hate how she uses recycled beats. I keep think “Lights, Camera, Action, got me sayin’ I’m sorry Ms. Jackson.”

  • Jennifer LoAss


  • jules

    hmmm don’t like it. not even little

  • Rose

    I like it.

  • Gusu

    I liked the song a lot. but the video is not good. They should have used her gorgeous body and the dancing skills to better use.

  • sally

    Jennifer Lopez never lets us down…she’s once again showed how awful a singer she is. That song is total CRAP. The video is so ridiculous…at what point in someone’s life do you realize that you are getting too old for this? I like how she piggy-backed her husbands tour. He has a sucessful singing much so that he actually convinced a few that he is that’s a voice! People please…this is c r a p

  • mel

    Doing it God-awful!! Dang!


    Well, the video is like all the rest of her videos. Is she still doing the music thing? I thought that wasnt working so well for her. Guess I was wrong…

  • Brandy

    This was a very stupid video. It’s like she’s trying too hard now. I like more of her old stuff, basically…she needs to stick to acting.

  • Zoe

    She didn’t do this well. The video sucks. She should act & sing her age and quit getting her dance moves from MTV. Madonna is another one I’m sick off who should act her age too. Not a 50 year old trying to be 16 again.

  • ana

    she thinks she’s still young…! she’s OLD for this kind of stuff
    and she better find a new job soon, no acting or singing is right for her anymore….

  • sex sells

    Well of course it will do well because of the visual content and the lyrics. Real genious would be able to produce a song and video without stooping to the lowest common denominator.

  • dante

    the song is really cool, but the video is ridiculous… who can imagine J-Lo beating people up??? hahahaha those parts are stupid, but she looks hot…

  • MIMI


  • http://drownedmadonna Dominic

    I think David LaChapelle has everyone fooled. I mean what does he do decide as he goes along what my look cool. Thank goodness Madonna didnt work with his for her Hung Up video, because that was genius & contemporary.

  • Kelly

    Love JLo screw you haters the end was so cute

  • Gingerot

    It’s not good…. It sounds like LL Cool J’s other song… and she still can’t sing and she’s getting stiff on her dancing now…

    The song sounds just like every darn hip/hop song out there at this moment… Boring!

    I have to say that Britney’s Gimme More sounds much better than this… At least her beat is not the same as these songs nowadays.

    Well, I hope other songs on her album will be good… for both Britney and J.Lo.