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Jessica Simpson's Multi-Colored Vest -- Yay or Nay?

Jessica Simpson's Multi-Colored Vest -- Yay or Nay?
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  • The High School Musical 2 soundtrack is enjoying its third week at the top of the Billboard charts.
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on Tuesday brought son Maddox to his first day at the Lycee Francais de New York, an $18,000-a-year private school where lessons are taught in French. A source said they were just like normal parents, only better looking.
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  • Lydia


  • neil

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on Tuesday brought son Maddox to his first day at the Lycee Francais de New York, an $18,000-a-year private school where lessons are taught in French.

    I’m not a parent or American. How does $18,000 a year compare to other exclusive schools? Or is it not an exclusive school and that’s just the going rate?
    No big deal to Angie and Brad anyway.

  • whatever

    Yea..Angelina and Brad will keep him in school there, and jerk him out, when they have one of their whims to jet off somewhere else..this poor boy has been in 7 different “schools” in 2 yrs…

    BTW, whatever did happen with them raising their brood in New Orleans and keeping Maddox in school there??Isn’t that where they wanted to put down roots?? Angelina stated that she was getting involved with the schools, to make a difference.

  • Andrea

    How do I love this site? Let me count the ways!

    I am here TOO much! Love your site JJ!

    Angie and Brad need to ground their kids and keep them in one place for awhile. All the school changing, in this city and that city, is too much for a child. Are they thinking of his feelings and sense of stability at all?

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  • LoveFashion

    Jessica Simpson has a great eye for fashion, she doesnt set trends, but she never looks generic.

  • jane

    Brad and Angie are terrible parents. They put their kids needs last, after their jet setting lifestyle!


  • Essie

    Maddox only goes to the Lycee Francais. They are the exact same all over the world so he’s not missing anything. Besides, what’s wrong with traveling all over the world with your kids? Nothing that I can see. Kids of military parents live all over the world and so do kids of parents who work for worldwide corporations (e.g., Proctor & Gamble). Do you think they leave their kids behind? They don’t.

    Kids are adaptable and the Jolie-Pitt kids seem normal, healthy and happy. They have no need for your “concern” even though I know you mean well?? HA!!

  • Jen

    You can tell Jessica’s pr people are trying to keep her name circulating. She is so desperate, Jess needs to find a very good bra she’s not looking right. Her rack is hanging way to low. I feel sorry for her because she think the key to success is her body, really she has nothing in her brains.

  • Cynthia

    Who made Jess’ vest? It’s looks okay, I guess. She lost alot of weight, go Jess!

  • Andrea

    Essie, you have a point. But in all honesty I always hear military children say not so kind words about the continuious moving.

    Most military families are on a tight budget and have no choice but to take the kids and wife to new locations – but not month to month either, like what Brad and Angie do.

    Angie or Brad can stay at home with the children so the kids can get a sense of being grounded. No kid WANTS to be dragged all over the world almost on a weekly and monthly basis, believe me.

  • bored silly

    Jessica is pathetic. Is that some kind of Spanx top that she’s wearing…it looks like it’s 90% hardcore lycra.


    I retired from the military and my son had no problem adapting to all the moves we made in 20 years. As a matter of fact it made him more aware of the world outside of the USA! He was exposed to people and other cultures and knows how to interact with people from all races not just his own. Now 22, He was able to get out of that “comfort zone” at a young age that limited so many people when they were growing up…..myself included. I give Brad & Angie credit for raising children that will be aware of each others cultures. Their kids will have travelled the world and collected more stamps on their passports than any folks here on this board could every imagine…..that is an education that no classroom can offer…..I envy them for that alone

  • Shari

    Can someone tell Jess what a bra is and how much better you look with one onw. Kind of looking nasty and sloppy there.

  • caa

    Did anyone see her on ET? She was slurring her words like Anna Nicole Smith circa 2003.

  • LSAM

    I totally agree with you Essie and NYCINVA, Brad and Angie’s children are so blessed and lucky that they can learn from other cultures all over the world. I am an immigrant from a third world country, finished my masters in the U.S. and travelled in Europe. I married an American from a military family. My husband was born in Hawaii at a military hospital and his parents were stationed to another State when he was nine months. He went to several high schools and middle schools all over the U.S.and up to this day, some of his friends and neighbors still send us Christmas cards and condolence cards when his parents passed away. There is nothing wrong in seeing the world at an early age. You are expose to see what is happening in your surrounding. I know Angie had taken Maddox (since he is the oldest) to some orphanages before. He could see that not every child has a game boy or a nice toy in other countries. I took some classes in human behavior when I was working on my school psychology degree and believe me, kids are more resilient than adults. As long as you give them love and care, their emotional intelligence will grow with them anywhere you go. Kudos to Brad and Angie for being great parents and thank you JJ.

  • Oh Really

    6 jane : 09/06/2007 at 4:09 pm
    Who are you the perfect role model for parents?

  • Jay

    Somehow Jessica wants this kind of image of herself out in the public. Then she wonders why men will not take her serious! Shes a quick lay thats not to be taken serious, thats what it says . Jessica should get a clue. Just to desperate.

  • (‘@’)

    That vest is ugly!

  • MSat

    I thought the Jolie-Pitts were setting up house in New Orleans? Guess the private schools there aren’t good enough.

  • Taylor

    Jessica’s vest is so ugly most of her clothes are ugly. Her hair is ugly to. To claim to be rich her clothes sure look poor

  • future mrs.Labeouf

    I look almost exactaly the same as jessica. that is a pretty ODD looking vest!!

  • Future Mrs.Labeouf