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Shia's Smoke Break

Shia's Smoke Break

Shia LaBeouf takes a smoke break outside a cafe in Toluca Lake, Calif. while chatting with a much older male friend, his manager John Crosby.

Shia‘s upcoming film, the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures, doesn’t come out until May 22, 2008.

His rumored love, 19-year-old Umbrella singer Rihanna, recently denied reports that she and Shia, 21, are an item: “Me and Shia, we are just friends, you know, we barely even know each other.”

10+ pictures inside of Shia smoking…

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shia labeouf smoking 01
shia labeouf smoking 02
shia labeouf smoking 03
shia labeouf smoking 04
shia labeouf smoking 05
shia labeouf smoking 06
shia labeouf smoking 07
shia labeouf smoking 08
shia labeouf smoking 09
shia labeouf smoking 10

Photos: Bm/Zfi/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Bite me



    That bad habit just decreased his looks and life span 30%.

  • Les

    Just lost a lot of respect for this kid.

  • ils vont…

    He seems like the real deal…Hollywood could use some talent these days as it is overrun by a bunch of hacks.

  • palo

    he’s nice but …he smoke !

  • sandrea

    he aint a kid nemore.. he’s a man! he came a long way from bein the funny kid on even stevens.

    so rihanna and him isnt dating? rihanna is only 19? i thought she was waaaaayyy older than dat

  • palo

    I know he’s 21 he can do whatever he want

  • tara

    you lost respect for him cause he smokes? jeesus who cares? if he wants to kill himself slowly, that’s his choice ;)

  • Johanna

    HE’S SO HOT!

  • loli

    If he wants to smoke that’s his business! Don’t judge him because oh that!

  • Les

    #6 That doesn’t stop people from making really stupid PR moves. When there are cameras virtually everywhere, I would make sure that I didn’t make such a reprehensible habit known to my public.

  • Les

    #7 – Yes, I did. I thought this kid had a modicum of intelligence and sense.

  • Pikes

    Cool, He smokes!

  • blabla

    HELLO he said that he had stopped smoking

  • [~Famous~]

    LOL @ smokers saying eww to smoking.

  • Iris

    Cuter without his cancer stick.

  • Cougar4Shia

    He never said he quit smoking.. he said he is young and on set he gets bored and smoking has been a habit since the days he had to take his Dad to AA.

    Because of his Dad’s history of drug use.. at least you won’t see him f’up coming out of a club like the Paris and Lindsey’ of the world. He isn’t going to burn out.

    If smoking is his only vice at this age.. good for him. He will grow out it.

    Man.. I just wish I was 16 years younger!! Grrrrr!!

  • sizz

    so what if he smokes…hes still insanely talented and gorgeous!!!

    Shia Rocks!!

  • jade

    he’s a sexy smoker

  • Julian

    he is not hot but money makes people hot ;)

  • Regina

    Haha the idiot. Showing off that he’s smoking. LOSER!

  • shiashit


    are you kidding?
    He’s so average you’re all brainless people
    who are influenced by magazines which are owned by hollywood studios
    (as he is for them “hot” what a joke!!!)

    im so tired with all these new actors who are sell as hot while they’re not

    to sum up he’s maybe a good actor but he isn’t hot

  • neil

    Cigarette smoking is, well….embarrasing.

  • michelle

    i dont care if he smokes…. shia is so hot!!!

  • tyler

    Zac Efron, Shia Labeouf… We’ve come a long way since Paul Newman, Orson Welles and Marlon Brando. These are Hollywood’s “hot” “actors” for today’s retarded adolescent masses. Shame.

  • lolia

    damm i hate smokers.. but Shia is too cute!! love him…

  • prettierthanyou

    Ugh. Come off your fucking high horse’s people. The smokes gonna drift up there anyhow.

  • the_original_nika

    You know when someone has made it big, papz start to follow ya to take pics. And good I say.
    Hes such a hottie!

  • ya ya

    XXXXxThey say that he might be the next Tom Hanks. I don’t know, he seems kind of cocky or something. I thought he was cute, but now that I know he smokes, well I don’t think that he is so cute anymore. Ugh, sloppy.

  • Patti

    I absolutely love Shia!!!!!!!!

  • B & L 4 eva

    My husband looks exactly like Shia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ann

    sry, but Shia isn’t very talented… a capable actor? yes. But nothing great. There are others in their 20s that are much better and much classier. (James McAvoy, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, etc)

  • Sara

    Shia is so fiinee!


    :) love you shia

  • angela


  • Hey you

    All I can say is YUMMERS! He’s such a hot piece of ass. Love this kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey you

    YUMMMERS! He’s a total babe~!

  • Brittney

    Shia Labeouf is hot and I love him!!! Along with Johnny Depp!!! Both hot and sexy!!! Transformers comes out on DVD on October 16th for those who didnt know! :)

  • Strepsi

    Check to everyone saying things like, “That bad habit just decreased his looks and life span 30%.” and “Just lost a lot of respect for this kid”, you obviously have ONLY been to blog-world and never to a place called reality. Every star smokes. Pretty much EVERY SINGLE ACTOR SMOKES. They need to keep their weight down while standing next to a catering table for 4 hours at a time waiting for their next take — appetite suppresant + time-killer + stimulant = smoking. As for smoker’s skin, that’s what makeup is for.

    They all smoke — if not cigarettes, then pot — so if you can’t handle smoking, please don’t go looking to “respect” celebrities because there is pretty much not a single one you’ll be able to.

  • posh mini me

    Some people DO think smoking is a turn off, some DO think it’s a turn on. I don’t care if he’s a smoker. If someone smokes it’s their choice and doesn’t bother me. I wont think less of a person because of that. BUT, Shia is a very good looking guy. A very unique look that makes him hot. He is a pretty good actor too; my opinion.

  • Fashionista

    Shia is my new Hollywood crush – there is something about him that I find sooooo attractive – could be his personality. As for the smoking thing its cool at least he’s not smoking crack or doing heroin.

  • Jess

    Callme naive or just inocent but..I never knew he smoked before. Although I do remember him saying he went to a cigar bar w/ his friends for his 21st birthday, and they stood out like sore thumbs.

  • jamie

    he smokes parliaments?!!!! that’s funny… he’s soo cute

  • dtq

    He looks extra hot in these photos.

  • Lori

    This is the first time i think he’s been papped doing normal things? he seems to be a private type person.

  • catherine

    okay i think i just stopped loving him.

    i dont like smokers.

  • Creature

    He’s such a smart, talented, good-looking kid, I can’t understand why he continues to smoke. Can’t someone whip him into shape? He’s surrounded by people who I wish would really get on his case about it. After watching him grow up, I hate to now have to watch him get hideous lines on his lips and gross teeth, lines on his forehead and a toad sounding voice because of it. Trust me, these things’ll start showing up on him in just a few years if he doesn’t stop. Come on Steven Spielberg…slap the cigarettes right out of that boy!

  • shea

    Shia is so Hott.
    im obbsessed.
    i look him up everday
    idc if he smokes.
    hes still Super Fine.
    and the ppl that think its gross that he smokes
    get a life its his choice.
    so shut up

  • Mary

    i love it. he’s 21 – leave him the fuck alone and let him smoke.

  • haley

    OMG you people are stupid for saying that you hate him just because he smokes. who cares! hes still the hottest person ever!! He doesn’t drink or party so thats good. love you shia!!!!!!