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Momgelina 'n Maddox Pandemonium

Momgelina 'n Maddox Pandemonium

Angelina Jolie creates quite the spectacle while dropping off her oldest son Maddox, 6, at his $18,000-a-year private French school in New York on Friday morning. New Yorkers and out-of-town-ers lined the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of mother and son.

Mad was dressed in his usual uniform — white longsleeves buttondown with gray shorts. Ange wore head-to-toe black including a pencil skirt and flats.

The mother-of-four walked out with an official school calendar before hopping back into her car.

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  • teyxo

  • angie

    hot mom, adorable kid!

  • teyxo


  • Bella

    Cute! Aww…Mad looks so adorable in his uniform!!

  • daisy

    Wow!!! No comments yet. My fave family…

  • angie

    whats with the ‘…’ teyxo?
    anyhow, they both look really great. i wonder how mad really cope with all this attention- he’s a little celebrity himself!

  • teyxo

    please don’t tell me people went there because they knew maddox will be going to school?! doesn’t that school have another entrance?

  • billy


  • teyxo

    angie : 09/07/2007 at 11:21 am
    whats with the ‘…’ teyxo?
    anyhow, they both look really great. i wonder how mad really cope with all this attention- he’s a little celebrity himself!

    i was wondering if i was first…

  • bobo

    What a family!

  • curious

    oh GOD haters

    people really hate her no!hahaha

  • jojo


  • Tamar

    waw you guys wonderful love you take care Angel Angelina

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Mum is very beautiful. Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LB


    Does anyone seriously give a shit about seeing her drop her kid off at school or taking them shopping for the zillionth time?! It’s great they spend so much time with their kids, but do we need to see every minute of it? It’s not interesting. In fact, it’s boring as hell. And Angie looks like a broomstick.

  • Sophia

    I do love this family however can anyone explain to me how you sign up a child for school and then pull them to go traveling? If Maddox is enrolled in this school shouldn’t he finish most of the school year there? How do you drag a child from school to school? If your going to do that for crying out loud have the children home schooled – there’s more stability there. I would be shocked if her children stayed in one place for more than a few months….Although I agree with her and Brad’s efforts to help other countries but now that you have kids you have to be there for them. THAT’S THE REASON YOU HAD CHILDREN! They have enough money – send an assistant to certain places to continue your good efforts but please keep your kids stable!

  • teyxo

    she looks great… she has this glow which was present when she brought mad to school while pregnant with shiloh…


    Then WTF are you doing on this thread LB you dumba$$! If you dont wanna see that or give hits to this site, STOP COMING TO A THREAD LIKE THIS! Geez. Some people are really stupid.

    Thanks JJ for the new pics.

    Mad looks adorable with his little school uniform.

    I think he’s gonna be in this school (which was the same school he was in in Prague) while Brad is shooting the movie in NYC.

    Cant wait fot Toronto Film Fest pics!

  • Jess

    god, i really hope she starts gaining back some weight soon…she looks unhealthy. especially her legs.

  • curious

    why she put that calender in front of her belly?did she want to hide something?

  • nicole richee fan..

    love her and Madd all of the family yayyyyy

  • Some people post stupid post

    to #14 LB

    Well, serious enough for an insignificant being like you to post on a celebrity blog. That just kill one of my boring minutes.

  • Sophia

    BTW My kids go everywhere with me because I don’t have the luxury of a built in babysitter. But it’s normal to have your kids with you – that’s what a parent does!

  • Leesh

    Poor Mad, always changing schools and friends :(

  • charlotte

    curious, if she wanted to hide her belly, than she would’ve for the other picture. ever thought of the possibility that somehow when this pix was taken, she was swining the calender?

  • krungkrung

    i don’t care what Brad and Angie do with their life and especially with their kids, none of my buzzinezz y’all, i love and support whatever they do, KAPISH?


    Maddox looks the absolute cutest.

  • Frenchy

    Nice. It’s back to school for everyone. Mes compliment Angelina et Maddox.

  • curious

    18 Jess

    you are not her fan so If you were one of them,you would knew that she always had a thin legs and arms and will have thin legs and don`t worry about her.

  • charlotte

    before you want to insult someone jojo, check your spelling. what did you do, fail english?

  • love aj & Niole richee

    I wished that was me seeing her but then I’d feel bad doing it.

  • Tamar

    Please Angelina get some weight on you you are ok like this but you’ll be much more beautiful when you get more weight please! And everybody who talkes or says that Angelina is so thin and ugly Man you all are wrong and jealous from her. She is #1 STAR

  • charlotte

    *my bad for comment #24, its swinging, not swining.

  • SARA


  • New Yorker

    She looks like any other Upper East Side mom which is weird considering it’s Angelina Jolie. It’s really something that she can fit in just about anywhere in the world. Not too many people can do that.

  • curious

    23 Leesh

    If they don`t take their kids whereever they go then I`M sure you will come here and will say how bad parent they stop complaining about everything.

  • angel

    wow i was about to go,thanks jj,what is angie hiding,baby no 5

  • smozan

    Poor Maddox… his life is such a three-ring circus. The kid doesn’t even get to go to school without being hounded. Regardless of the kinds of parents Brangelina are, those kids are going to grow up to have major issues.

  • angel

    she looks beautiful,just doing a motherly duty,God bless this family

  • diana

    i hope I’m on the first page…I wonder what time in the morning is the drop-off..I would love to see them..Love this family..

  • angel

    37,this is a new thread,pleaseb stop acting like a moron

  • dancingqueen

    OMG…are you gonna do this same post every freakin day now. She is dropping off her kid at school, that’s all. Lets not have a repeat of Prague.

  • Heather

    I wonder if she calls the press or has one of her many assistants do it.

  • http://deleted why

    poor kiddies, if brad no tell the interview magzine all this shit, so much less paparazzi would be today in the school, the paparzzi want be angie faces, later brad interview

  • Mimi

    Wow..I can’t believe ppl just line up for somebody taking their kid to school on a normal day, that is so disgusting and it almost seems like an invasion of someone’s privacy and right to go on day to day without having a herd of sheep gawking at you. I feel badly for them, especially for the kid.

    I’ve never understood the mentality of these ppl that go line up. A premiere? Sure, that’s what their for, catching glimpses of their fave stars….but a person’s daily life? How pathetic.

  • Frog

    OH YEA – How pitiful for these kids – they can’t get much more attention so they have to throw Jennifer Aniston in to there screwed up life – Brad get a LIFE – you are one screwed up person!!!! Jen hates you

  • Morning

    well, that must suck. what the hell is the big deal? Those people need to move it along and let her be a normal Mom . jeeze and of course she’s trying to be polite with the fake smile when she really must just wanna tell everybody to F off. lol

  • ANON

    Now she use the calendar to hide her baby bump … :D

  • Holle

    I wonder if she calls the press or has one of her many assistants do it.

    I don’t think so, I work near the school and the papz were there since 6:30am.

  • J.M

    Wow what school is that $18,000 a year is not bad for a good private school. I mean my high school was almost $45,000 and my parents pay almost $25,000 for my brother that’s Mad’s age.