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Jake Gyllenhaal @ Toronto Film Festival

Jake Gyllenhaal @ Toronto Film Festival

Jake Gyllenhaal suits up for the world premiere screening of Rendition at the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 on Friday. (He obviously did not walk with co-star Reese Witherspoon.)

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Jake at TIFF to answer a few questions. Here are some highlights:

What are your expectations for Rendition? A result, you mean? I don’t really think you really look for the result, I think the result is forced on you. I wish that people love the simplicity of this movie, the parable-like quality of this movie. I hope that they see that there’s no simple answer for both sides. Like, people say about Rendition, ”You made a political movie.” And I’m like, well, I didn’t think about that. Like I told you, I wanted to see what it was like when I wasn’t the guy in the truck watching the other guy walk away and being torn up. I wanted to be not torn up. I wanted to see what that would feel like. I didn’t want to be the boy in the bubble. [Giggles] I wanted to see something else.

Have you noticed any differences between your first time [at TIFF] through this one? I think my first experience was just so thrilling. I hadn’t been to many festivals except Sundance, and this was just a whole international world – and with just such an insanely wonderful cast, Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon and all those people. When I came the next time [in 2005], we had just come from [the Venice Film Festival], for Brokeback Mountain, and we had just such an extraordinary response. I thought I was being punk’d! [Laughs] And with this one, I think you find a calm in it. I know a lot of the journalists, I feel like I’m a little bit more part of the in-crowd, the club of people who know festivals very well and know what happens, and I like that.

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty, Adrian Wyld/AP/CP
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  • Ana


  • kellykel

    i like how he conveniently leaves out reese witherspoons name… avoidance

  • the_original_nika

    Oh jake and reese are masters of covering it up. Denial, so simple.

  • ils vont…

    he is really weird looking cant stand it. gotta be brutal for ryan phillipe, an even bigger loser than Jake.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    I would’t like to see this film here in Europe. Yesterday the german police arrested 3 terrorists. They had 780 kg of esplosiv in their house.
    Two of them are really german who became islamist. I would help out with director or actors of this film to provoke such people. Hollywood involve in problems that isn’t your thing. If the director or actors would like to protest against Bush, it would be better risk their lifes not ours.

  • Karla

    I love Jake but these photos of him are TERRIBLE!!!! What happened to him? All of the pics of him here in Toronto, airport and ones we have seen over the last couple of weeks are awful. What is he doing to himself? That haircut and beard is the worst on him. I hope this is not his new style for long. And I am very sorry to say this, but he really does look GAY in these recent pics.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    This film damage the image of americans who became worse day by day. Your image are enough damage all the world!!! USA can bombard lot of countries but can’t occupy them and your leaders aren’t God to control the people everywhere . If you don’t stop provoking the islamist you can have a very bad surprise.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    The gossip about the actors are terrible. Reese Witherspoon used in a Golden Globe… the same dress of Kirsten Dunst used the same cerymony and after that Jake Gyllenhaal decided to make exercise with Ryan Phillipe…and Reese Witherspoon got a divorce after that and quikly became lover of this man. It is absolutelly dirty!!! Reese Witherspoon had an argument with a paparazzi in Disney Park too and …after that this Paparazzi would be assassineted!!!
    All this report in magazine for youth. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Wittherspoon …If this gossip isn’t true is a very very bad joke!!!

  • remember da truth

    This Christiane Vallim chick needs to take some Prozac and get into therapy!

    I don’t know what else she’s upset about, but it seems that she has wrapped up Reese, Ryan, Jake, amd American politics, terrorism, Islamist fundamentalism and celebrity gossip into a ball of anger and irrationality!

    Get a grip, for God’s sake!

  • Lola

    THEY SAID SO – ETONLINE video and article

    “REESE WITHERSPOON and JAKE GYLLENHAAL were both in Toronto Friday at the annual Film Festival to talk about the upcoming drama ‘Rendition,’ but talk quickly turned to their headline-making rumors about them.

    “At this point it’s all just funny,” Reese tells our JANN CARL. “It’s crazy and funny how much people can make stuff up. I’m actually interested to hear what they say next.”

    Reese says the rumors are not an issue between her and Jake. “We never discussed that,” she says. “I just have to laugh at a lot of stuff.”

    Jake also finds the gossip amusing. “There are a lot of very interesting rumors swirling around all the time that you just have to have fun with,” he says. “The interest is flattering but funny too.”

  • Lola

    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Set the Record Straight

  • Jem

    @11 : Sorry, but they don’t really deny or admit to anything do they.No confirmation, no denial.Both would make good politicians.

    @4 + 6 : Like the elegant look, handsome and dapper. For all the hapless brokebackbelievers: Let go, move on. At least he did.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    Remember a truth.

    You must wake up. You live fantasies and illusions world. It is the a problem of american people the lack of culture, lack of familiar structure, intelligence. Every crafty can manipulate this people!!!
    Let’s see the future will be and then you can tell me if I must get into a Therapy…
    You can live in your world and I live in mine. Ok?

  • anonymous

    He is so full of himself. Get over yourself Jake you’re not a good actor and in the business only thanks to nepotism.
    You’re not hot and conveniently make believe you’re gay to please a bigger amount of people and keep your ass in the industry.
    Fortunately some people are not fooled by your desperate PR stunt. A_hole!

  • penny

    Some of you people absolutely need to get a life. And to Christiane Vallim: please stop this idiotic ranting; you almost make me ashamed to be a European. Did you actually see the movie already? I doubt it.

  • Cristiane Vallim


    You really know the subject of this film? I have seen a process of a men whose was kidnapping in Germany against the CIA/Gestapo.
    Have you ever seen the photos of set with a suicide terrorist with bombes?
    After the second war in Europe…a lot of european had lost the identity and your own culture. Do you know what mean to be european?
    You haven’t to ashamed to be european. If you don’t take part of culture of your continent is your problem.
    I protest about the film Rendition and others films and american programs whose I have seen at television with jokes and critics against islamic countries.
    Another thing I don’t like the mix of pornography and violence in normal films.
    I don’t like the private life of the most part of actors of Hollywood and nowadays the television shows this private life
    and in magazine for youth too. My daughter is very young and I have another kind of education at home and I don’t like that worse exemples
    I don’t like the radical islam whose throw stones in people whose are homosexual or people whose make adultery until the death. But I don’t like the way of life of actors of Hollywood. They teach the youth that you can win in your life with prostitution…
    The radical islam is the death and the worse exemple is a illness for society. In our modern world we must have people whose build the society …we needn’t people whose destroy it.

  • Molly

    Christiane, give it a rest. This is a gossip blog and nobody is interested in your rantings.

    @14 – jealousy hurts -ouch!

    Jake looks great -as always. Love his interviews, not one of the usual Hollywood dummies…

  • Monica

    Eu te amo Jake Gyllenhaal!!!
    Te amarei para sempre!!!!

  • Cristiane Vallim


    We are in a democracy. I have the right to say what I think. And you? You don’t have something in your life whose would be interesting? You must gossip about the life of another person to have some kind of entertainment? I take care because there isn’t censure of TV and Magazines and the censure must be at home! I have another kind of interest. When my daughter will grow up and became adult I will never read or see such gossip news again because it is ridiculous!!! You can talk about the films or read for example or walking…
    Q14 Jealousy hurts! I wouldn’t like to be this kind of Hollywood people. Seriouslly! We have only one life to live. I would’t like to have their problems. A divorce is a very big frustation. And… For a women is difficult to find another men. You can’t select your men more. The men whose you find isn’t have lot of differences. Your children would like to be with your ex men and you but they haven’t place more at home because their parents build another life with strange persons. …Deus me livre me guarde desta infelicidade! I would’t like that my young daughter take part of all this unhappness and another kind of celebrities like Paris Hilton or Bridney Spears in magazine or TV. There are environment for each animal in the forest. I defend my place and it is my right. Everybody would be respected but they don’t respect another people. The TVs and magazines come in our house and they don’t ask if we give some kind of permission to go in!

  • anom.

    Jake and Reese aren´t coople! It´s clear to me. They are good actors.The troube is these rumors about Jake´s homosexuality! It´s obvious he can be what he wants but if was true his career will be failure! I mean there aren´t many roles for gays and he can´t do any role anymore! The point is that´s more important for him:come out from closet and to be happy with his pal or having Hollywood in his hands! He ´s too young! I think he must go slowly and always.

  • Kerri

    #14 ANONOM: I agree very much NEPOTISM HERE. Jake & Peter did Jarhead together a couple of years ago and now at it again. Now I hear that Jake & Maggie may do another movie together again! Now Reese is trying to get in on the goods with the Gylenhaals to expand herself! WHAT NEXT !!!???

  • Cristiane Vallim

    #14 anonon
    Exatly you say the truth!. This group of friends are paying the press to make all this gossip to attract attention of stupid people. The uncle of Jake Gyllenhaal is a director of a newspapier too!! They have all control of press!!! I can’t understand why Reese Witherspoon became all this main plays in all films whose she are doing! She must use 1 kg of make up to correct her real face because she isn’t beautiful.. You have seen the big number of competitor the Toronto Festival? But ..they decided that Rendition become the Oscar and Reese Witherspoon the Oscar again!!! This actress has a protection of another group too. The others actors and actress of Hollywood are only extras!
    Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor and all this gossip and NEPOTISM put himself at a advantage but damage his image



  • Canadiana

    Check daily for an inside look at the most glamorous A-listers to walk the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet! Don’t miss exclusive photos, video and for daily blogging on George Clooney, Brad and Angelina, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal!

  • Elijahfriend

    As a Gyllenhaalic I have to say Jake is delicious even with a beard and the shorter hair cut.
    People who interviewed him in Toronto or just got his autograph said what a warm, friendly person he was, and people who have seen him in the flesh say he is even more handsome.
    Looks aside he is a good actor – look at the difference in characerisation between Donnie Darko, Jack Twist and Robert Graysmith for instance.
    Love you Jake xxx

  • jb

    Chris Fisher, Jake’s alleged boyfriend is in the background on the 1st and the 6th picture. It’interesting isn’t it??

  • sema

    he’s sure beautiful and a great actor.jealousy.