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Mischa Barton @ Fashion Rocks 2007

Mischa Barton @ Fashion Rocks 2007

Mischa Barton slips into a silver Versace gown with chain straps at the Conde Nast Fashion Rocks Concert at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall on Thursday.

Chains certainly seem to be the hot fashion accessory of the moment as Jessica Alba wore chains on her dress as well!

Earlier in the day, the former O.C. actress sparkled in a gold and yellow sequined dress at the Save the Children’s 75th anniversary event in New York.

20+ pictures inside of Mischa looking quite metallic…

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Photos: Peter Kramer/Andrew H. Walker/Getty, Shiho Fukada/AP
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  • krungkrung

    i am so sick of this fashion sh!t, good thing i know someone who doesn’t care with this kind of bullsh!t, aycaramba.

  • red

    not sure about the silver, looks like a 2nd place trophy..
    the other one is lovely.
    her figure suits dresses so much better than jeans.
    she’s got a great sense of personal style.

  • lurkersville

    Um…. Mischa is looking kind of wide here. She better watch it. Films add 10 pounds on actors.

    Both dresses don’t fit correctly and do nothing for her complexion. Blah.

    keep the pics coming JJ. You have it all here, films, tv, fashion, sports, music, celebrities…everything.

  • Kat

    The new hair suits her now that she appears to have a bit more weight on her bones.. I hope she gets a starring role in a new TV show soon. I miss seeing her on TV.

  • asho902

    She looks terrible, did she even realize she was going to be photographed? Her hair and makeup look awful and the dresses are a bad fit on her body. Ugh, she’s beyond annoying these days.

  • meamelia

    she looks old..

  • Shauna

    Why? Oh Why? Did I click on your link Scuzzy? I knew what lies beneath, but I just couldn’t help myself. Upon clicking, I actually recoiled and shrieked. You could see that photo a thousand times, and it would still freak you out every time!

  • karen


  • karen




    She doesn’t have the right body for that silver dress!! You can see her flat, wide ass! Also I can see her panty line..

    And she is all shades of FUG!!

  • purple

    i like the silver, it’d look fierce on someone else with a better body. but she doesn’t look too bad in it, she’s annoying but she should wear gowns all the time and only gowns. it’s the one item of clothing thing she looks decent in, covers up those cone shaped legs. then she’s back to her fuggo granny style with the other number.

  • jimmy

    Her face is garbage but her body looks nice in this outfit…

  • Kadi

    Why didn’t someone tell her you can see undie line..
    She was good looking back on OC. what the hell happened to her?

  • Fouf
  • Fouf

    Misha is sooooo ugly with any dress.her dress is damn ugly like her face and her flat a.s.s~!

  • john

    the clothes are crap..but she does look pretty though for the 1str time.

  • angie

    the gold dress is actually quite stylish but it doesn’t work on her for some reason. also the silver dress is nice but again, it doesn’t look right on her. rachel weisz would look gorgeous in that silver dress and it contrasts with her white skin. anyhow, mischa isn’t ugly…its just the choice of makeup, hair style and dress was wrong for her.

  • sandy

    Stick to modeling, Misch. That’s your true calling. Actress, shmactress.

  • Miss Tacky

    she needs to get a better posture

  • anna

    why does this woman continually insist on foregoing all fashion sensibility? she seems to be the sales representative of fashion crap. but frankly, i don’t mind if she wears it. the thing that really troubles me is that other people will wear it and thus taint the world!

  • omg

    Who are we to judge other people?

  • merced

    My favorite wannabe actress and wannabe fashionista.

  • Britney is back………..

    She looks good here! YAY!

    she hasn’t look this good in a long time! YAY!

    I love the back out, that is sexy! YAY

  • remember da truth

    She has a very pretty face, but wasn’t she just on a small cable show for a couple of seasons? Isn’t her 15 minutes up by now? What else has she done?

    Nicole Ritchie has been on her show longer than Mischa, and a big cable channel, yet people act ike Mischa is a movie star or something.

  • nona

    so overrated.

  • henna

    What is with the messy hair? Her head looks like crap.

  • ann

    i love her

  • Anyelina

    She looks pretty god, pasty, but good. I like the yellow dress best, the silver one just doesn’t fit her body.

  • diego

    she´s a queenie. she´s only 21 and she´s beautiful. her eyes are amazing and she looks very gipsy, and i love it.

  • ils vont…

    It is nice to see a celebrity female that actually looks healthy. cool looking dress.

  • shasta

    That dress looks horrible on her. Did she not look in the mirror at the rolls on her sides??

  • jess

    Dress is Versace

    Jessica Alba’s is Versace too, that’s why they look similar

  • Regina

    That is…hideous.

  • haberland

    the poor girl looks fat again. sad. and such a pretty face!

  • Mischalicious.

    @remember da truth.

    Mischa IS a moviestar, she made 20 movies [7 to be released soon],

    Malice in Sunderland
    The Sophomore
    Finding t.A.T.u.
    St. Trinian’s
    Don’t Fade Away
    Closing the Ring
    Virgin Territory
    The Oh in Ohio
    A Ring of Endless Light
    Julie Johnson
    Lost and Delirious
    Frankie and Hazel
    Skipped Parts
    The Sixth Sense
    Notting Hill
    Lawn Dogs
    New York Crossing
    Polio Water

    has had 2 big tv roles, has been on the cover of 186 magazines, and has fashion designers from all over the world waiting in line to dress her. and shes just 21, so shut up and get a life, dont judge other people, who are just living their lives. (:

  • Mischalicious.

    Oh and btw, fat? i dont know what she has to be. then she’s too thin, shes anaorexic!!! and then.. ooooh shes soo fat!

  • Cynthia

    Ugh,she is quite overrated. Her mother is big boned and obese. She better get back on that diet because it looks like the fat gene is creeping up on her.

  • tomatopants

    the silver dress is fly from the front! see she’s not a total lost cause. looks dumpy from the back though. she just needs to tone up what she’s got and she’d be on fire! and she should take some more acting lessons while she’s at it. she’s literally laughably bad in everything she’s ever done. another case of an overrated child actor…

  • lanvin

    why the f*ck would you’s even bother coming here if all your going to do is critersize her and saying how ugly or fat she looks. Obviously you’s are a bunch of jealous fat sh*ts cause she is DEFINATELY not fat and she is absolutely stunning. Get a life f*ckheads

  • chloe

    You are all so nasty. She is only 21 and still young..give her a damn break! atleast she is healthy and not all boney. You look amazing Mischa and the haters can just shut the fuck up.

  • milo

    Wake me up when this girl has managed to act her way out of a designer paper bag.

  • Jenny

    Jesus shit, the only things funnier than Mischa Barton are her fans. When you come across two threads of hate, there’s got to be an actual reason behind it. Chances are its not the majority of the comments that are the delusional ones; Mischa really does just look like crap. And people can comment on that whenever the hell they like, STFU.

  • tmc2007

    she looks better than that bitch bilson that looks like a skeleton

  • Phoebe

    mischa fans are already suffering from mental deficiency if they think she’s talented, so who the beep cares if they throw tantrums when people don’t worship their vaccuous idol

  • sandy
  • leah

    there’s something about this girl that makes me think of rotten milk. she’s nauseating.

  • Marissa

    excuse me… I had enough of all of the idiots who are posy=ting things about Mischa. She is great i had enough……Stop it

  • Marissa

    one more thing everything she does why do you have to say idiotic things. She has a great talent. Your just jelous