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Reese Witherspoon @ Toronto Film Festival

Reese Witherspoon @ Toronto Film Festival

Reese Witherspoon walks the red carpet in a Jean Paul Gaultier black strapless dress at the Rendition world premiere screening during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the Roy Thomson Hall on Friday in Toronto, Canada.

The Canadian Press reported on the playfulness between Reese and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal during the press conference earlier on during the day. While fielding questions from the media, the pair passed off questions to each other:

“No, go ahead,” Reese told Jake.

“Oh no, you go ahead,” Jake replied gallantly.

“I have a terrible cold, you can have it,” Reese said, coughing and giggling at the same time.

10+ pictures inside of Reese for Rendition

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Photos: Evan Agostini/Getty
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  • Tina

    Where’s Jake…no sight of him…anyways, she looks stunning…love her lots

  • ariel

    Jake was there but they did not walk the red carpet together.






  • Loony bin


  • Here’s The Deal

    Wow, she’s glowing. Gorgeous.

  • chin

    that chin–how do people say she’s pretty/beautiful?

    she sells a perfect image that isn’t real

    fake fake fake

  • Coco

    You’re right about the perfect “image.” It is just that…an IMAGE. She may look perfect and act all noble but she’s got her issues too. Unplanned babies, divorce… but all the same I still think she’s gorgeous! Just wish she would wouldn’t act like she is above everyone else!

  • mari

    she looks gorgeous!

  • [~Famous~]

    if it wasn’t for her chin and forehead she might actually be normal looking.

  • faith

    boring. this is just a black version of her Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards dresses and all sleeveless.

  • the_original_nika

    nice reese.

  • true

    “boring. this is just a black version of her Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards dresses and all sleeveless.”

    true. i think that represents her personality

  • charlotte

    gorgeous. she looks so natural and i love her hair like that. the dress is beautiful even if its simple. sometimes, being simple is the best fashion tip. i also look her peep- toe shoes. love her!

  • Amy

    I don’t think she acts above other people. She doesn’t actually say things that are “above” anyone. Just because she doesn’t try to smear her personal life over the tabloids doesn’t mean she’s a snob. And her chin is fine. It’s a strong feature.

    She has her own issues but they’re HER issues and if she chooses to keep them private, that’s not an act, likes how people are supposed to behave. You don’t air your dirty laundry.

  • Toni

    I don’t like Reese either. Its all a big IMAGE. I think she is very FAKE & PHONEY and little miss GOODY TWOSHOES. She is NOT a pretty girl and is definitely NOT A GOOD ACTRESS. Most of her movies, she plays the exact same character (SNOBBY & STUCK UP)!! I am DEFINTELY NOT going to see Rendition and waste my time or money on these two goons.

  • Me

    She is a bitch, but hot as chili.

  • Lola

    THEY SAID SO – ETONLINE video and article

    “REESE WITHERSPOON and JAKE GYLLENHAAL were both in Toronto Friday at the annual Film Festival to talk about the upcoming drama ‘Rendition,’ but talk quickly turned to their headline-making rumors about them.

    “At this point it’s all just funny,” Reese tells our JANN CARL. “It’s crazy and funny how much people can make stuff up. I’m actually interested to hear what they say next.”

    Reese says the rumors are not an issue between her and Jake. “We never discussed that,” she says. “I just have to laugh at a lot of stuff.”

    Jake also finds the gossip amusing. “There are a lot of very interesting rumors swirling around all the time that you just have to have fun with,” he says. “The interest is flattering but funny too.”

  • Lola

    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Set the Record Straight

  • Not telling the truth has a video of Jake coming out of a restaurant in Toronto and being picked up by a black suv and Reese is in there waiting for him.


  • anonymous

    Fake bitch trying to fool everybody with her fake image. But people in the industry know who you really are Reese, so don’t try so hard.
    Regular people may fall in your trap but not the ones who know like myself.
    Don’t try so hard. You’re an arrogant brat. You’re pretentious. You’re a diva trying to make believe you’re an american sweetheart…But some people know the truth Reese, so don’t try so hard….

  • Jeanette

    Resse is so pretty!

  • anonymous

    I don’t like her.
    She falls in love with every actor she works with.
    I am glad she learned about family planning. Jake could be a daddy by now!

  • meg

    Could she be more gorgeous? She has never looked better!

  • Cinthia

    And she says she has a cold!? She’s never looked this good. Dang, I wish I had cold now!

  • sopapia

    Honestly people take a look back in photo time she really doesn’t look much different just alittle older. She def has the fake image thing going I wonder how much more appealing she could be if she gave some actual honesty instead of fluff for an image. That can be done without airing your dirty laundry.

  • lexy

    She is acutely aware that she has a reputation as a cold calculating bitch and she is trying to over-manage her image to be something else. She made a point in every Rendition interview when asked about how she chose the script to say that her decisions were not calculated to look for certain projects and vary serious Oscar-worthy subject matter with lighter box office winners. Which of course is not true. She is really trying to come across as sweet and basic and she just isn’t. She should embrace her smart sarcastic inner bitch. At least it would be genuine.

  • lili

    what is wrong with u ppl! she is not fake. what part of her is fake? she is a smart talented woman who doesnt have to whore herself out to be famous. and she does not fall in love with all her co stars. she was with ryan for a very long time. jesus u are the ppl that worship angelina jolie yet u make fun of reese for leading a somewhat quiet normal life. im sick and tired of ppl calling herl ugly when she is not. far from it. it gets me so angry that someone of her caliber is called mean names while others are praised for doing dumb shit and dressing like hookers. you wouldnt know class even if it slapped u in the face! grow up ppl she is the real deal. nothing fake about her!

  • Kira

    Reese Witherspoon, an ethical, empowered, and beautiful young woman. She should serve as the perfect role model for parenting in the world of entertainment!

    IF Jake is a straight man and dating her, he is very lucky indeed!

  • gizmatage

    She looked really good and pretty.

  • Billygoat

    lili people can have whatever opinion they want. Why don’t you STFU and give your fingers a rest. How many 100′s of REESE LOOKS STUNNING AND CLASSY posts have you made today? FREAK!

  • lili

    um only one jackass.

  • mythoughts

    Reese is absolutely stunning..loaded with charm and class. That is a great image for young people to follow..thank goodness we have actors that care about how they present themselves. Her children can look back on pictures like these and be proud of her. I keep hearing how stars and models make the standards so rough for our young people to dieting problems, feeling fat or ugly or concerned over a single flaw. But, from where I stand it is the cruel comments of the general public that shoot direct hits over appearance. Reese was born with that “forehead” and “chin” and she is stunning. I see nothing but beauty in them. People talk about children being cruel in school to other children..let’s give it some deep thought over where these little ones really learn this behavior. I truly hope that none of your children, sisters, brothers, etc. have to go through this kind of verbal abuse..people have it tough enough. I see a lot of ugly here, but it is not in Reese..

  • oceansriver

    Prettiest girl in the world!!!!

  • Darlene

    Hello Reese !st off I want you to know I love your movies. however I now need your help and do not know how to go about finding a certain actress that is my step mom ,that we lost touch with other after my dad.. any way I’ve seen her in a couple of movies and I still am not able to reach her. please get a message to her to call me .. I’m sure you would know how to get the message to her that I am trying to contact her . Her name is Barbara Barnes- Hopkins she played in the movie Reedemtion as jamie fox’s mom and the movie One Tough Cop.. produced by Toronto Film .. My name is Darlene Renee Briggs my # is 770-783-0701 in Georgia .. Thank You so so much.