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Sarah Wayne Callies Nixed By Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies Nixed By Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies is not returning to Prison Break this season, reports TV Guide.

The 30-year-old actress, who plays Dr. Sara Tancredi, was reportedly on maternity leave but apparently that’s not the case!

This doesn’t make much sense creatively for the show as Prison Break spent two years building her relationship with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), but we’ll see how the writers spin this one. Who’s going to be Michael’s new love interest this season???

Back in January, it was announced that Callies would be expecting her first child, with husband Josh Winterhalt, in late summer. No news about the birth has officially been announced yet but the baby is reportedly a girl.

UPDATE: A publicist for FOX just issued a statement exclusively to “Actually – the network and studio has not confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies has departed the series this season. Dr. Sara Tancredi plays a significant part in the storyline this year.” So the question still remains — will Callies return as Dr. Tancredi?

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  • meemee

    WHAT!!!!! This is shocking… How will the writers explain her absence? Is her character going to be replaced with another actress?

  • nicole

    nooooooooooo. WHY??? it can’t be possible!!! we need an explanation.sarah is a very good actress

  • Kevin

    I actually wouldn’t miss her character on the show, I thought it didn’t ”fit” the show in its second season anymore.





  • Olivia

    They have just lost a viewer. It’s writing suicide the whole Michael Sara thing is one of the reasons so many females tune in. It’s such a loss and mistake

  • Vanessa

    This is totally writing suicide. Perhaps it is just for this season. What is going on? I hate this. I want Sarah BACK!

    This totally sucks!!!


    I can”t wait to see her with Wentworth Miller


  • phouse1964

    WTF? I knew something hokey was going on.

  • tanique33

    YES. i couldn’t stand her. so long, farewell. thanks for the news, i hadn’t heard it was permanent. hmm, i might have to watch this season.

  • Lola

    NO No No!!!!! this is crazy…….many women tuned in because of the love story……Big Big mistake…….i loved their chemistry on t.v. ….i am not sure i will watch……too bad…..

  • esmeralda

    toooooo’s impossible to elimine her sudenly after scofield go to jail becaus eof her in the 3rd season….that sucks

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    Did PB drop her or was it SWC decision?

  • Kellie

    NOOO!!! They’re taking away my favourite story line.
    I don’t think I’ll be as interested in watching now.

  • Layla

    I love her! I hope this isn’t true!!! :(…….

  • Missy

    Bye bye PB !!! The season 2 was good but not enough for me to continuing to watch the show, what was motivating me was the conspiracy, lincoln’s freedom and michael and sara, so I’ll just say BYE PRISON BREAK !!!

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    I bet they replaced her character with a guy since Wenty is light in the loafers. He probably refused to have his love interest be a woman! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • kelly

    No F*ucking way Completly gutted

  • blabla

    To bad :(

  • lily

    I don’t buy it. Ausiello is not reliable. The show and the actress will come forward and deny it soon for sure.

  • ils vont…

    Maybe his new love interest will be a guy? what do you think?

  • Nika

    It’s really disappointing how easily they are willing to destroy such a great chemistry (betw. Sarah and Went) they have on and off screen.

    There won’t be any new Sara – can’t imagine that Michael will love somebody else again.

    To Sarah’s child: Didn’t Ausiello confirm that Sarah gave birth?

  • Tara

    Important people @ PB, you F*$ked up this time…BOO……

  • lily

    Oh please, the actress dumped the show. It’s not Prison Break’s fault if she refuses to come back.

    Why is it their fault if she would rather be with her baby?

    The show didn’t destroy anything. If anybody destroyed something it’s the actress herself.

  • Olivia


    How do you know it was Sarah’s decision and not PB’s?

  • tanique33

    damnit jared. let’s hope her death, is what makes story.

  • MiSa love

    a recast would make this even wors …
    an actor IS the character … you don´t replace them …

    seriously, all that talk “Michael and sara will take care of each other”, “it is going to be a rollercoasterride” “i´ll be back, for sure” makes it so difficult and out of the blue …

    why not just say in the beginning “we´ll see how my pregnancie goes and all … i won´t say anything for sure now” … but no … SWC WAS GOING TO RETURN … so this is scandalizing …

    i´m deeply hurt and angry.

  • blue

    they are stupid,no one else with Michael makes sense,they were building this relationship for 2 years…bye bye Prison Break!

  • lily

    Of course it’s the decision of the actress. Why would the writers want her out if they don’t even have an exit storyline shot.

    No, if she is gone, she’s definitely the one who dumped THEM, not the other way around.

  • nicole

    please we need an update!! did she have a baby? when?

  • Blythe

    That update is ridiculous JustJared. The network is spinning, spinning, SPINNING because they don’t want to spend any real time premoting this show. What a nightmare! There is an easy answer to this question, she’s either in or out. Which one is it Fox!? She can’t possibly play an important role if she’s out. What idiots. They need to fire their publicist.

  • me

    ok so she is still on?

  • Tommy Girl

    I think SWC liked being the only female on the show and now that they hired a couple of new hot women she’s feeling intimidated!

  • sarah

    until sarah’s rep confirms, i dont believe it, i mean everyone knew she was taking time off at the beginning of season 3 for maternity leave, however if she does confirm it it would be best if they killed her character off i wouldnt like to see anyone else play the role but it would be a shame as the michael/sara relationship is one of the strongest in the show, perhaps now she’s had the baby maybe she feels differently about her career and has decided to becomea full time mum for now.

  • birgit

    I already think the Sona/Season3 plot looks like it sucks big time, but this decision will make *my* decision NOT to watch PB anymore very easy.

  • bree

    Probably they are both lying. She is probably trying to squeeze more money out of Fox and Fox is trying to not give her more money and now they are both lying about her not coming back.

    I bet my ass she’ll be back.

  • shel

    I remember watching an interview with SWC earlier this year and she mentioned something about PB only being TV and whatever happens happens. I think she’s more interested in making movies…Whatever happened I wish her the best, if she truly decided to not comeback b/c she’d like to be with her baby, I think even more of her!

  • blue

    she always said in interviews how much she likes working on the show and with Went,maybe she will be back in the second part of season,cause spoilers say that something about Sara causes a rift between the brothers

  • Keys

    She’s probably not coming back, but to save face before the start of Season 3 the publicist is being wishy washy so PB doesn’t lose any Season 3 viewers come Sept 17! Enough of the games FOX….Like #31 said she’s either in or she’s out, it’s that simple! Which one is it???

  • Mama Bear

    She can’t be gone…how will we have MiLiSa?

  • blabla

    It will be weird if she won’t come back. But I guess they’ll found a way to make the show good

  • itsnotyou

    I bet she’s a huge bitch underneath that smily face

  • Harper

    If I were SWC I’d just cut the bullshit and make my own announcement and end all this speculation.

  • Pheebe

    WTF???? O_O
    I don’t care if she’s pregnant… SHE HAD TO COME BACK!
    Sarah W.Callies IS Sara Tancredi, and after two seasons they can’t delete the character or change the actress! PB fans love her, and Callies can’t do this!!! They’ve to find a solution!

  • Mimi

    Maybe this explains why she wasn’t listed on the opening credits on the 17 min promo. I’m sure they wouldn’t take her off the opening credits just because she’s on maternity leave, no?

  • SBristow

    Oh, I think PB will lost a lot of viewers if she wouldn’t come back. I’ll be the first one.

  • AMé

    What a disaster. If that is true I won’t probably watch this show anymore.

  • adsfkhak

    it’s her fault

  • shelly

    I should say that I can’t find this news anywhere else – no one at Entertainment Weekly, The Futon Critic, USA Today, Variety, Yahoo!, or any other entertainment news source I’ve checked is reporting this news. And I would think this is major enough that everyone would be reporting it because casting news usually spreads like wildfire. The only place I’ve read this at is Ausiello’s blog and Kristin Veitch from E!. My guess is he either made a huge mistake or the writers are purposely leaking fake spoilers to the press.

  • NesseGirl

    I feel bad now. Because I’m happy!! I probably shouldn’t be, but whatever. I HATED her character, and when Sarah and Michael got together I almost quit watching the show; but kept watching for the hotness that are the Scofield brothers. I won’t miss her if she is indeed gone, though it would be interesting to see how they write her out. If they do.