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Sarah Wayne Callies Nixed By Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies Nixed By Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies is not returning to Prison Break this season, reports TV Guide.

The 30-year-old actress, who plays Dr. Sara Tancredi, was reportedly on maternity leave but apparently that’s not the case!

This doesn’t make much sense creatively for the show as Prison Break spent two years building her relationship with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), but we’ll see how the writers spin this one. Who’s going to be Michael’s new love interest this season???

Back in January, it was announced that Callies would be expecting her first child, with husband Josh Winterhalt, in late summer. No news about the birth has officially been announced yet but the baby is reportedly a girl.

UPDATE: A publicist for FOX just issued a statement exclusively to “Actually – the network and studio has not confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies has departed the series this season. Dr. Sara Tancredi plays a significant part in the storyline this year.” So the question still remains — will Callies return as Dr. Tancredi?

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  • angell cakes

    i unno guys, i just dont believe this. i mean i watch the show because of her, well others too like mr. miller

  • AliceF

    Please sign up the petition for Sarah again!

  • anon

    Better not be true!!
    one of the main reasons I watch PB is for sara/michael…would be ruined if she left!!

  • Myra

    i bet shes not leaving and for comment
    100. A

  • Patto

    I agree with you Myra PB is her bread and butter she’s not going to leave a show that’s making tons of cash.Her husband doesn’t even have a job how is she going to support her baby with two people not bringining in alot of income no way is she leaving imo!

  • A

    Question: Regarding your item about Sarah Wayne Callies not returning to Prison Break, Fox put out a statement saying she plays a significant part in the storyline this year. So who have I to believe? — Claire
    Ausiello: Believe us both ’cause it’s all true. I’ll have much more to say on this shocking turn of events in the very near future.

  • sonny

    What the heck…..?
    Calm down people. Ausiello is not always a credible source. As long as there is no statement from Fox or from Sarah i still believe she’ll be back this season. How can you imagine PB without Dr Tancredi. I don’t believe the writers after having spent two years building Sarah’s character are ready now to kill her off. The magic chemistry developed by WM and SWC is one of the great success of the show.
    So my advise: just wait… :)

  • Helena


    i mean, do whatever you can and make her stay in the show!!!!!!!!
    pay her more if you need to -.-, sara can’t simply disappear from the show!

  • Wilson

    OMG prison without sara =\\\

  • andy

    i would do the same thing , i wouldn’t leave my baby recently born for any show , she has to take care a little of her baby , the thing i am shocked because i invested my time in the michael and sara that is what kept me looking this show but if they kill her of the show i dont know if i am gonna watch it anymore , too many shocking things in this show , first the lawyer who was defending lincoln now sara ? this is too much

  • lola


  • misa fan

    oh nooooo!i was so shocked!they cannot do this!prison break is not the same without the mi-sa story!it`s their story why I and so many other people watched it.they had just a few moments but the fact that they were rare made it so interesting and it made you feel their love.”wait for me”…
    guys, I understand swc totally that she wants to be there for her lil baby every single minute.
    but: couldn´t she make a deal with her fans? somethin like:
    as the whole season will have 22 episodes she will just come back for the last 5 episodes?or no the last 6 no 7..;)
    I mean PB will make a break (as it happened in the last seasons) that´s obvious, so enough time to give tancredi a comeback!!!
    what do you think?is this possible???????????????????????????
    otherwise PB will loose many many viewers. the first episode of season 3 was so boring!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Fox needs to bring Sara back back, whatever, however, unless Fox needs this series rundown.

  • alex

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!i hope this is not true

  • Eva

    What on earth??? Bring Sara back!!!

  • Dan

    Bring Sarah Wayne Callies back coz the ratings are plummeting to non existence!!!

    Hey FOX!!! News FLASH!!!
    Prison Break is at the bottom so to speak.

  • Michi

    noooo!! you cant do this FOX.. your show is so good.. dont destroy it by killing sara..!! please dont!!!

  • Joey

    I can not believe what I am reading.
    I think all of us were waiting to the reunion between Michael and Sarah, because it was the only reason with LJ to Michael to be in there and to try to escape.
    I can not understand this decision.I personally believe that is a huge mistake, and I think PB is going to loose a lot of viewers.
    I love PB and I loved the relationship between Michael and Sarah.

    Last, I only want to say that I am sorry my english; I am not an english speaker.

    ¡¡Please, it is vital that Sarah come back to the show!!

  • Cindy

    I really can’t believe they did it. Not only have they killed a main character, but they have killed any possibility of a GOOD ending for this series.

    What bloody IDIOT at the network thought that this was a good idea!!?? They have KILLED the show.

    What is Michael going to do… get suicidal? vengeful? Yeah… that’s great. Michael scowling is a good look on him… but after 3 seasons, giving him NO REEASON to ever smile again? It’s not only TOO dark… it’s TEDIOUS.

    This show was different and you KNEW no supporting character was safe… but THIS is disgusting and ridiculous. They have pushed it TOO FAR.

    After watching religiously for 2 seasons I now feel like I’ve WASTED all that time and energy on this show. What a betrayal! I’m just glad they did it early in the season… The only thing WORSE than this would have been investing MORE of my time with this crappy outcome.

    They have violated my trust. I’m not going to watch a show where anyone and EVERYONE could die in the end.

  • Adil

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! PB fired her … open this link

    it proves everything and that lily is wrong

    they said she might come back!!!! that wud be awesome!! if she doesnt im not gna watch prison break!!! and plus its their own lose!!! prison break will lose if they kick her out!!! so there is possibility she can come back!!! lets all vote for her to come back!! CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adil

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! PB fired her … open this link

    it proves everything and that lily is wrong

    they said she might come back!!!! that wud be awesome!! if she doesnt im not gna watch prison break!!! and plus its their own lose!!! prison break will lose if they kick her out!!! so there is possibility she can come back!!! lets all vote for her to come back!! CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she had her baby in july 2007 … name Keale!!!

  • real

    i mean the lady is obvioucly taking care of her family..having a ababy is not easy u know…

  • Amy

    They NEED to bring Sarah Wayne Callies back… I mean, I love her as Sara and can really see no one else playing her! But I must say, to know that Dr. Sara Tancerdi isn’t actually dead makes me VERY VERY VERY HAPPY!!! Now all we need is for SWC to come back!!! :D:D:D

  • james

    bring sara back
    this season of prison break lost it attraction
    i was ready to watch 10 seasons of the serie but now without sara
    i”m not interted at all….

  • Raj

    Ok, there’re a lotta shitheads in here who are basically ******* this whole thing up…. Let’s be honest, for the time being we know Sara ain’t coming back…. Yes, that’s true, BUT FOR THE TIME BEING…. It’s become a huge issue, and the writers of PB know, they ain’t deaf or dumb !!! Polls show more than 40 % of the fans (male or female) have cut down or totally stopped watching the show because of inhumane way Sara was removed from the show…. Go to and snoop around a bit, u will know sumthing’s cooking…. Knowing how the things have turned up so far, there’s every chance SWC will come back…. Haven’t any of u Einsteins realized that the head in the box DOESN’T look like that of Sara ???? Infact I think u guys should compare that head to Angelina Jolie, hell Angelina Jolie alive has more similarities with that head than SWC dead !!! I really doubt it if the writers won’t come around and bring SWC back…. And there’s something I have for all the assholes who don’t want Sara back: You think Sara was an awkward character and the romance was crappy and not fulfilling, well it seems to me like a bunch of losers who don’t understand anything about love or emotions…. This show isn’t abt LOVE ??? Hell yea u can kiss my ass ******’ bitches…. This is abt Michael’s love for his brother Linc, then his love for the girl he cared for all throughout…. Without this **LOVE** this show wouldn’t have started u ******* douchebag !!! It isn’t like Michael is already incarcerated and wants to break out, he gets IN to get himself and his brother OUT… God, how dumb do u have to be to miss that ???!!! People in here who say Sara was a crappy character, well I guess u like to watch whores and ******* play the lead role because u can imagine woman in negative roles…. The fact that Sara has a dark past (with the addiction and drug abuse) makes her character more than just black and whites ; she has multiple shades of different roles and in my honest opinion [inspite of the fact that I am blinded by my love for Sara and SWC ;-) ] I think she has outdone most other characters…. I mean Mahone, T-Bag (yea ok the villain thing but stupid insensitive killing around a few scenes wow great acting *snore*), and Kellerman ?? (Kellerman is NOT I repeat NOT dead) THis is bull ****…. Just think abt what I said in here and if u really have brains rather than balls apologize for all the **** u came up wid here…. Let’s hope SWC comes back and no bullshit abt rebound loves and new character in place of Sara, can any of u honestly forget ur first love ?? If u answered yes, then that was never love…
    I repeat Not watching Season 3 any episodes because of the news that Sara is dead….
    Bring back Sara, I love u…. Miss you….

  • lama

    AWWW they should bring her backkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    Ya iz Armenii,pomogite ya ne ponimayu po english,obajayu Saru…che zdes napisano??? :(


    Sarah has yet to appear in the new season and it is up to ep 8 here in the UK the show is not the same without her but we are living in hope that she will return in the second hal of the season or even the next season. Oh and she had a baby girl back in July 2007.

  • doll

    that bad news….i loved the work of sarah in pb…..ummm sad… :(

  • brandon


  • Kennett

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found your blog. thanks